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    How do I get myself into these situations? Desi asked herself as she stood in an alley, waiting for Raph’s signal. Normally, Raph would not have let her be involved in their missions; but for once, this mission involved a skill that none of the boys had - feminine charm. There had been a serial creep going around to the bars around Desi’s neighborhood and drugging women at each one. None of the women had reported the issue to the NYPD due to the department’s track record with these types of assault cases. The only reason the boys had taken this issue into their own hands was because of a conversation Desi had overheard in one of her classes. A group of girls had been talking about some of their friends who had been targeted by this Serial Creep. Desi had whipped around and made sure she gathered as much information as possible, knowing that the cops had not been involved. The girls had been shocked by Desi’s sudden intrusion to their conversation but had given her all the information they had.

Now Desi was waiting in the alley next to the bar that Donnie had estimated to be the Creep’s next target. Raph had adamantly protested her inclusion in the mission, but once Donnie had fitted her with a small camera, embedded into her necklace, Raph had finally agreed. She was waiting for a text from Raph to tell her that all four brothers were in position. As she waited, she fidgeted with her leather skirt and velvet tank top. Her black pumps were already starting to press on the balls of her feet in the worst way. Finally, her phone dinged with Raph’s ringtone to indicate that they were ready. Sliding her phone into the tiny pocket of her skirt, she set off.

The inside of the club was almost pitch black; the only light available was coming from the glow sticks that everyone had in their hands and around their necks. Making her way to the bar, Desi sat down and went to text Raph that she was in position. Before she could even pull up Raph’s contact, a man slid onto the stool beside her. His presence made the hair on the back of her neck stand up and she quickly put her phone away.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doin’ here all alone?” The man called out to her over the music. Desi was never a very flirty person, it was a miracle that she had landed Raph with how bad she was at romance. Of course, she had forgotten this fact when she was fighting to be the bait for this mission. Now, her face heated up on its own accord and she shrugged, looking at him over her shoulder. She could see why he was drugging girls. His neckbeard alone repulsed her almost enough to make her jump ship. His shoulder length, brown hair looked wet from product and his black button up shirt had multiple stains along the front. Of course, she could only assume that this was the dude. But the way he had zoned in on her, alone and scantily clothed, she was going with her suspicions.

“Just grabbin’ a drink, hoping to meet some new people” Desi replied, basically shouting over the thumping music of the club. With her response, his hazel eyes lit up and Desi felt a surge of pride that she was doing her job effectively.

“Let me buy ya somethin’ “ The man offered and raised his hand slightly to call over the bartender.

“What’ll it be?” The bartender asked, his voice already hoarse from trying to fight the music during the course of the night.

“Bloody Mary” Desi responded, a small smirk playing at her lips. If this went to plan, her drink wouldn’t be the only thing that was bloody.

“I like your style…” The man responded, his sentence dropping off as an indication that he wanted to know her name.

“Debra” She responded as the bartender handed her the cup filled to the brim with the red drink. Desi took note of the fact that he had not ordered himself a drink and decided that she needed to turn up the heat a little.

“I’ll be right back, can you watch my drink?” Desi asked, leaning closer to the man and scooting her glass towards him. He nodded wordlessly, obviously shocked at her sudden proximity. With that, Desi sauntered off to a corner she had scoped out earlier. She could see him, but he could not see her. Not even a second after she had posted up in her new spot, the man leaned over and squirted something from a small bottle into her drink. He took the straw of the drink and mixed it in, looking around to see if anyone had seen.

Thank god this is going to be a quick night, Desi thought as she pressed her hands to her cheeks. They felt like they were on fire from forcing herself out of her comfort zone. Thankfully, her red cheeks played well into her next move. She took a deep breath, pushed her plush breasts up further in her shirt and walked back over to the man with a purpose. He noticed her coming and quickly held up the drink to offer her a sip. She took the glass and slammed it down on the counter. She pushed herself in between his legs, a move that she could hear Raph practically screaming over, and positioned her lips so that they were next to the man’s ear.

“Forget the drink, Shuga, let’s get outta here” As she spoke, his scent overtook her and she almost had to pull away. He smelled overwhelmingly of Mac n Cheese and Axe cologne. His hands found her hips and he ground his body, pathetically, against hers. She rolled her eyes and pulled away, her hand trailing down his arm to find his wrist and begin pulling him away from the bar.


“They’re heading our way!” Leonardo announced into the headset as he watched the video feed from Desi’s necklace play on Donnie’s laptop.

“Thank god, Raph’s about to go Hulk on me” Mikey whined into the mic. The sound of Raphael’s raging could be heard through the youngest’s mic. Leo rolled his eyes and pulled Donnie away from the laptop.

“Let’s go show this creep what we think of predators” The leader’s one-liner earned him a quiet groan from his brothers as they all descended on the bar’s roof.


As Desi walked out of the bar and around the corner to the alley, she refused to let go of the man’s wrist. Despite her best efforts in trying to keep his hands off her, he had gotten in quite a few hits to her rear by the time they were out in the cool night air. Once they were in the alley, the man whipped Desi around by the hand she had on his wrist and pinned her to the wall.

“So, Debra, I can tell you like it wild. Let ol’ Jakey show you just how wild I can be” He husked against her neck, the smell of Axe and Mac n Cheese even more overpowering now that they were outside. Desi suppressed a gag as he ran his tongue up the side of her throat and began to palm one of her breasts.
Any time now, guys; she thought with a huff. Not even a second later, the man who was lapping at her neck was torn away from her and pinned up against the wall by Raph’s hand on his throat.

“What the fuck?!” Jake squawked out, his eyes bugging at the 6-foot turtle before him.

“Desi, we can handle it from here, thank you for your help. Mikey is going to take you back to the lair” Leo informed the blue-haired woman as she moved to make Raph loosen his grip.

“Desi?! I thought your name was Debra! You lying skan-!” Jake was cut off as Raph’s grip tightened around his throat.

“Don’t ya dare say anythin’ else ta her” Raph growled as his hand moved back to pull one of his sais from its holster on his waist.

“Oh what? Are you her boyfriend?! Gimmie a break, freak!” Jake flung back at Raph, obviously not understand the level of danger he was in. As the whole alley began to radiate with Raph’s anger, Mikey scooped Desi up into his arms and began to scale the building. Just as they got up over the ledge, Desi heard what she imagined to be the sound of a body being thrown at a dumpster.

“I thought I had trouble w-with girls” Jake called out from his new spot on the ground.

“This dude must want to die” Mikey whispered to Desi as they waited to hear the rest of the beat down play out. Raph didn’t like when Desi saw him like this, but Desi knew she needed to stay to deal with the backlash when they got home. Her Raphie was tough on the outside, but words like ‘freak’ really got under his shell.

“Keep quiet, dirtbag!” Raph responded, followed by the sound of the sickening crack of a bone breaking.

“Ya know, I like bone fractures as much as the next anthropology major, but this is a little much for me” Desi pointed out quietly, her stomach turning as the sound played over again in her head. Mikey nodded and scooped her up again before taking off towards the lair.

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