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Night… A dark, silent night enveloped the dense forest, in the middle of which an abandoned summer camp by the lake lies in its dead silence.

This place has been deserted for years. Or has it? Is this camp really as abandoned as it seems?

Camp Crystal Lake. This name has instilled panic fear in peoples’ hearts. So much blood had been spilled there, so many lives had been claimed. Large numbers of people have met their demise in this place. No one dares to come close to the camp, thinking that this place has a death curse.

And that’s where He lives.

An unfortunate soul of a boy, bullied by peers because of his appearance. But is it really his fault he was born like that? Unfortunately most people just need a beautiful wrap, without caring what is hidden underneath. And that is about him. The poor lad met his unfortunate end in the waters of Crystal Lake that accepted him in its arms, ending his life torture. Of course, the careless camp counselors were blamed for his death. They were supposed to be watching him! But they gave into carnal lust instead, forgetting their duties. And the vengeful Mother did what she had to do – took revenge. Revenge for her son’s death before being decapitated. And that was the beginning of His legend.

Jason. Jason Voorhees, the rightful proprietor of this place.

This camp is his territory. No trespassers are allowed. But for some unknown reason the teens keep coming and coming here. Stupid, stupid brainless morons… They were warned, many times… But no. Are they ever going to listen to the warnings? Believing it to be just a local campfire story, bunches of careless youngsters continue arriving here. They do all those things that were the reason of Jason’s drowning. They all were spiritual followers of those counselors that allowed him to drown.

This is the moment when the Hunter comes out of His hiding spot.

Panic, painful screams, rivers of blood… Oh, how sweet it sounds! How fabulous it looks! The screams of pain that come from those filthy teens are music for His ears. He will enjoy every minute, every second of their torment, watching the life fading from their eyes. And that’s their fault only. No one was forcing them to come here. It’s only their carelessness can be blamed for what was happening to them. The local predator knows no mercy. He will slay each of them, one by one. His inner beast will be satisfied when the steel blade of his machete that shined in the moonlight, comes in touch with their heads. Or maybe He would prefer to show some creativity? He chooses specific death for each victim. What kind of death would await you? You can never know. And there won’t be time for you to think. He is fast and relentless. You won’t even manage to blink when cold blade pierces your body, striking you right into your heart. It’s too late to regret your decision to come here, as you fall from the rage and strong hands of one of the most feared killers.

Jason Voorhees.

Camp Crystal Lake belongs to Him. This is His home. Jason can never die and He will always guard his home. Friday the 13th is His day when a blood-thirsty, vengeful beast comes back. And know this – if you’re here on Friday the 13th, nothing can save you. Your doom awaits you in the hands of Jason Voorhees.

And as time goes by, Jason is still out there. Always waiting… Always watching…

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