Padawan Hunter

BY : Shu
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A sleek, black ship began to slowly descend into the jungle planet of Felucia.

Zane Godu smiled as he informed his master in a message, "Approaching the planet now. I will find those padawans and execute them as commanded, Master."

He closed the message and took away auto-pilot on the control panel, flying down into the atmosphere. He had to admit. The planet was beautiful. With colorful plants and interesting alien landscapes, it was an exotic paradise. To avoid risk of his ship being breached, Zane had to jump from the ship. He took his shirt off, knowing the climate was very tropical, and using the Force, jumped out of the ship's door and landing on the ground safely, with no injury. His ship turned to auto-pilot, flying back up to space.

So the hunt began. Zane first checked for tracks along the ground, exploring the different landscape. He finally noticed footprint tracks on the ground.


He followed the tracks, then hid behind a tree. He looked ahead, and at a pond, were two shirtless boys, perhaps 15, bathing in the water. They had blonde hair and blue eyes, and looked peaceful.

And there was a lightsaber at both of their sides.

Zane smirked and slowly used stealth to sneak up towards them. He moved towards one of the boys, then moved swiftly, wrapping a strong arm around his neck from behind and pulling him close.

The other boy gasped with shock and drew his lightsaber, "What the...?! Who are you?! And let go of my little brother!"

Zane smiled and drew a thick vibroblade, "I'm Zane Godu. And I'm eliminate you. Starting with this pretty one here." He stroked the boy who was crying softly in his grab.

The other boy said, "Cal, I'll get you out of this, I promise."

The brother replied, crying, "Help, Cam. Please, I don't want to die..."

Cal said, "Okay, if I drop my weapon, will you let him go?" He shuddered slightly and glared at.

Zane replied, "Hmmm...alright. Go ahead." 

Cal dropped the saber, and Zane threw Cam on the ground.

Zane had a better idea. He waved his hand in the direction of Cal and said, "You will fuck your brother hard, then kill him.

Cal tried to fight the Force Mind Control, but being only a padawan, succumbed to it.

Now with a blank stare, Cal repeated. "I will fuck my brother hard, then kill him." 

Zane handed Cal the vibroblade, and Cal turned to Cam. Zane then sat down and watched the show.

Cam started to crawl back as Cal approached, "C-Cal? What are you doing?"

Cal said nothing as he stripped his pants and underwear down, then stripped Cam's.

Cal went on top of Cam and kissed him passionately, thrusting his tongue inside. Cam tried to resist, but was too weak to do so.

Cal forced his little brother into the missionary position, still with a blank stare. Cam cried softly, "No, Cal, please. I can't do this, I-AHHHHAAAH!"

Tears fell from Cam's eyes as his older brother forced his 8 inch cock inside, until it reached the base. Blood seeped from Cam's hole, onto the grass below.

Cal then grunted animalistically, pounding into his brother violently. Cam let out sobs of sadness, pleasure, and pain, staring with horror at his brother's dead eyes. The forest became filled with crying, grunting, and slapping skin. Zane approached and took advantage of this moment, getting on top of Cal and pushing his 10 inch cock inside forcefully, tearing at the anal skin.

Due to Cal's mind control, the boy did not react at all to the pain, and simply did what he was told. Zane plunged in and out of Cal with a moan, while the boy raped his younger brother.

FInally Cal released a powerful groan, releasing his load deep inside of Cam. Cam moaned with pleasure slightly and gasped, feeling the sperm strike his prostate.

Cal rode out his orgasm, and Zane stopped thrusting to watch. 

Cam panted softly as Cal leaned down until their chests were touching. Cal leaned Cam's head toward him, then plunged the vibroblade in him.

Cam gasped with pain, looking down at the knife in his stomach. "C-Cal, n-no....I-"

His words were interrupted when Cal mindlessly stabbed over and over. Cam looked out of this world, silent and in pure agony as his own brother stabbed him constantly.

Cal laid fully against Cam, so his head was on his shoulder, and stabbed even more times. 39...40...41...

Cam coughed up blood and gurgled softly, before collapsing, still dying slowly.

Cal stabbed several more times, before dropping the knife, staring emotionlessly at the bloody and cummy scene before him. Cal pulled out, before Zane  put his hands on Cal's neck choking him and releasing the mind control.

Cal then immediately realized what he did. He wanted to scream, cry, and wail, but he was being choked.

And now he felt the pain of the cock inside him.

As Cal shook violently, Zane thrust in and out of powerfully, saying, "Look what you did, Cal. You raped and stabbed your only brother. Look at him. You can watch him as you take a little nap."

Zane wrapped his arms around Cal's neck and squeezed as he thrust. Cal looked at Cam's dying body in horror, then gurgled as his neck began to crack and crush. Cam was barely alive, just shaking and gurgling more blood from his mouth, his chest covered with stab marks.

Zane moaned deeply as he released his load inside him, humping hard and fast. "Nice knowing you, twins."

Zane took out his lightsaber and ignited it through Cal's back. The blade went out of Cal's stomach and reached even into Cam's chest, killing both of the boys.

Cal collapsed on his brother.

Zane picked up the two boys and tossed them in the water. The clear liquid turned into red quickly.

On to the next targets.

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