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Not meant to be serious. 


With a sigh Martin shifted over onto his back, not quite prepared to let go of the final slivers of unconsciousness. Sunlight beamed in through the window, and there was the unmistakable scent of coffee in the air. He could hear Christina moving about in the kitchen, and Cuda’s voice booming from the living room.  As he willed his eyes to adjust rubbing at them with the back of his hand he glanced over to the window. He could clearly hear church bells in the distance and he reluctantly sat up on his elbows. It was Sunday again, and he knew he had to hurry up and get dressed. Get up and moving before his cousin entered the room berating him for his laziness. It was only seven thirty in the morning, and he really didn’t understand why they all had to be up so early to begin with. Service didn’t start till nine and they were less than three blocks away from the church, the walk took less than fifteen minutes.


He stood raising his arms above his head rolling his shoulders slightly. He wondered if Jill was up yet. Usually, there would be the unmistakable sound of her laughter as she helped Christina with breakfast. He couldn't help the slight smile that spread across his face, the flutter of excitement in the pit of his stomach when he thought back to the night before. He could have never imagined. It was really hard to believe She flittered into his life less than five months ago. Speaking to her, being around her became some of the brighter parts of his day. He’d never had a friend like her someone who would actually listen, and she made him laugh. The fact that a friend like that lived under the same roof… he felt lucky. Christina was a good friend too, one of the sweetest people he’d ever met. She listened too perhaps better than Jill, who was often times easily distracted. He was so relieved that he accepted her offer to go ahead and get a phone. He used it almost every night. But Christina was his cousin… and Jill. He didn’t really know what to call her anymore since they started doing the sexy stuff.  As if Cuda didn't want to kill him already if he’d only knew… or just imagine all of the positions that he’d managed to see his Goddaughter in....there was a flicker of anxiety at the thought.  He might as well purchase a coffin and be done with it.


He Managed to shower and dress pretty quickly. Cuda didn’t require that he dress up, only that he’d attend. He didn’t own very many clothes that could be considered ‘dressy’ and something told him that Cuda would have “something” to say about him wearing all black on a Sunday. He settled on a simple  white t-shirt and brown slacks. Something simple, anything to keep the attention as far away from him as possible. As he made his way down stairs, he became aware of the sound of Jill’s voice and his heartbeat fluttered just a bit. Heat rose to his face and he took a couple deep breaths before entering the kitchen. He found her standing at the counter, mug of coffee in hand as she chatted excitedly with Christina. “ So yeah… Then the police car shows up but he was already gone… there was glass everywhere the pole still sticking out the shop window...it was crazy.” He frowned for a moment before realizing she must have been talking that movie she went to see the other night. She tried to tell him about it, but he couldn’t really keep up. One of those cheesy low budget action films that for some reason she seemed to love. He really didn’t understand the appeal but enjoyed seeing her so excited.


“Oh hi Martin!” came Christina’s voice, startling him out of his thoughts.


“Hi…” He offered politely.


His eyes moved over to Jill who was already watching him with an almost amused smirk.


“Hi Jill…” He said clearing his throat.


“Good morning Martin… how’d you sleep?” She offered cheerily


He let his eyes skim over her briefly images of the night before swirling in his head, causing his breath to quicken.


“Good…  really good…” He said


She could clearly see the color rise to his face, and she briefly took in his appearance. Absolutely perfect Her eyes darkened a bit and she quickly glanced away.


“Good.. me too.”


Christina was talking again when Cuda entered the room.


“Good morning grandfather…’’


“Good morning indeed. It’s nice to see everyone up and dressed for once.” He said, giving Martin a stern glare


Martin shrugged before shoving his hands into his pockets.


Eventually they all moved to the table, Martin took a seat directly across from Jill. Breakfast was mostly uneventful.  Martin aimlessly shoved his food around his plate while Cuda went on about the new reverend, and this being his first service. He was adamant that they all make a good first impression.  


“And Jillian… I do hope you plan on wearing something over that.”


She glanced down at herself briefly. She wore a simple navy blue dress that gathered around the waist, it came down just below her knee. With black floral patterns nearly undetectable it was almost modest. The sizeable plunge at the neckline could be the only thing to warrant her Godfather’s concern.


“Oh.. yes.. Yes of course.” She said gesturing towards her cardigan hanging by the door.


“Good, I mean. What will people think? I know that my family knows how to behave... But people wll always talk…  I do hope that Father David remembers to address the importance of---


With a sigh, Jill picked up her glass of orange juice, her eyes cutting over to Martin as he butters a piece of bread.


I mean… that is exactly what we need... A return to basic family values. I mean… this is an old person’s town after all… we need to-”


She can faintly hear Christina snort under her breath and she resists the urge to smile, she cuts her eyes over to Martin again who is already watching her. She playfully rolls her eyes,shooting him a wink. The sooner it was eleven thirty the better.




It was about eight thirty now, they’d be leaving in about fifteen minutes. Christina was in the living room with Arthur, who had arrived Just after breakfast. Cuda was out in the garden, talking to Mr. and Mrs. Bellini whom he spotted from the window. Martin was in his room, nose buried in a magazine when Jill lightly tapped on his door.  “It’s me…”


Martin tossed his magazine to the side. “Come in…” he said, perking up instantly. She entered leaning back against the wall… sighing dramatically. “You ready for a good two in a half hours of pure unfiltered bullshit?”


He laughed making his way over to where she was standing…. “ I guess...” He sighed.


She regarded him with a smile, shifting her weight onto the other foot. “I don’t know how I'm going to keep myself awake.” he says, stopping directly in front of her, she was laughing once again.


“Oh… I could probably think of a few ways…”


He burrows his face into her neck, fingers ghosting over her sides before pulling her to him closely.


“ You look really pretty…” He whispers lips inches away from her own.


She couldn't help but smile. Leaning in, she darts her tongue across his lower lip, urging them to part. “So do you…”


Seconds pass, there are voices downstairs and she’s pressed against the wall as his teeth drag over her neck, fingers flittering over the exposed skin of her calf, her leg wrapped around his waist. “Hey..hey-I “ She gasps as he draws an earlobe between his teeth. More laughter.  “I have a really neat idea..” She breathes. He crashes his lips to hers immediately already flushed and panting “ What is it…” He murmurs between kisses. “You have to promise to hear me out.” He draws back only slightly, his curiosity instantly piqued. There's an all to familiar glint in her eyes and it sends a flutter of excitement to his stomach. This was either going to be extremely exciting, the best thing he’s ever done, or-  “It’ll be fine... I think you’ll really like it…” oh god… Growing impatient. “Jill… tell me!” He urges playfully tickling at her ribs. She gestures for him to come close and she brings her lips to his ear. Warm breath ghosts over his skin, tendrils of hair tickles his face, and his cheeks burn at the words that escape her lips. When she’s done speaking, he draws back trying to read her expression. She wore the same amused smirk, but there was a hint of anticipation. “ A-are you serious?”


“M-hmm.. dead serious.”


“But that’s so--- people will know.”


She gave him a reassuring smile “Don’t be ridiculous Martin.. There’s no way. Besides, you’ve got the perfect poker face.. you’ll be able to keep it together.


The wheels began to spin in his head, as he mulled over her proposition. There was no way.. she was absolutely mad! She couldn’t possibly be serious but in a way he already knew she was.  He was quickly becoming aware of all her little kinks.  It wouldn’t be the first time that she’s shown interest in a certain part of his anatomy that he couldn’t quite understand her fascination for. But then, she showed him a trick. His cheeks began to burn.


“I- I dont know” he said warily.


She instantly leaned in, kissing him sweetly, her fingers entwined in his hair, he could feel himself being pulled in bodies melding together. He’s melting into her completely as the smell of her shampoo clouds his scenes.  Warmth emanating from her skin soothes him, small frame pressed against his drinking in her every breath.


This was definitely not a good idea

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