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BY : Lioncourt
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Disclaimer: I do not own the film Martin(1976) nor any of the characters from it. They belong to George A Romero. I earn no money writing this.


Not meant to be serious...cringe ahead


I think one of my favorite things about Martin was the fact that he was so… responsive. I never had to wonder whether or not I was getting him off. If he wasn’t expressing it vocally, his body language gave it away.  It was like that even before things changed and we started doing what he referred to as the sexy stuff.  I would brush past him just barely and his entire body would jolt alive. I’d playfully ruffle his hair, and in that brief instant he would be leaning into me, static electricity emanating from his skin drawing me close.  We would be walking together down the street, his arm would brush against mine once and then again. Soon enough his hand would be bumping into mine, our fingers entwining together. His whole demeanor would shift. He’d be more relaxed and at ease... confident even. He was really sweet when he wanted to be. Sweet would not necessarily be the word to describe him in this particular moment, however.


I let my eyes linger on him for a moment as he lays back against the pillows, damp hair clinging to his brow. His legs were spread knees slightly bent, leaving him completely exposed. After a moment, he lifts his head, watching me through a thin veil of lashes.  “I-Is this okay?” he asks hesitantly, color rising to his face.


“Absolutely perfect Martin…”


He nods, chewing on his lower lip urging himself to relax.


I watched the steady rise and fall of his chest. Eyes roaming over the faint muscles of his abdomen contracting. My hand ghosts over one of his thighs landing on his knee urging it up higher. My eyes move to his cock completely hard and laying back against his stomach, pre-cum had already began to leak from the reddish purple head and I could instinctively feel my walls contract. I trace my fingers across his hip bones, ghosting over his legs as my eyes travel lower.I place both my hands on his knees urging them further apart until he’s lewdly displayed in front of me. My eyes linger on the tight ring of muscles dusky pink just below his sack. It was only when he cleared his throat that I realized I had been leering at him the entire time.


There’s a somewhat annoyed, nearly perplexed look on his face though his eyes were hooded with lust. His kiss-bruised lips formed a pout and finally, he asks


“Are you just gonna keep staring at me or are you gonna---” He seems to catch himself... Suddenly aware of what he was about to ask.


He flushed an even deeper shade of crimson, I could see he was mulling over his words, unsure exactly how to phrase what he wanted. That was a first. Despite his perturbed tone, his nipples were hard as rocks, his cock twitched with excitement as another drop of pre cum leaked onto his stomach. I already knew that in a way, he liked to be seen and on display. After all he was the one who always insisted on doing it with the lights on.


I let out a brief chuckle. “Oh Martin.. I’m Sorry.”


Leaning in I kiss him briefly and he instantly melts into me. Lips parting under mine, as his fingers entwine in my hair, gently tugging.


“You just look so perfect right now... you know that?” I whisper lips inches away from his. He tries to close the gap but I draw back. He lets out a sigh of protest. Instead, I bring my lips to his neck, dragging my teeth over his racing pulse. He shivers lightly, letting out a soft moan. I can feel the vibration against my lips.


“Do I?” he whispers.


“Mmhmm...beautiful Martin...” I say as my hand moves to my center. Im soaking wet at this point, that familiar dull empty sensation.  



He hadn’t really done anything. He just removed the towel as I instructed him when he emerged from the shower. His skin was still damp, a faint citrusy scent emanating from the steam wafting into the room. I took my time getting him ready, making sure he was relaxed.  Everything that I needed was right on the bedside table. I sucked him off only briefly, just enough to get him hard, I wanted this to last as long as possible. I teased him for only a moment, making him slick with the lube, fingers lightly pressing at his entrance. At first he recoiled at the unfamiliar sensation, I stopped, asking if he was really okay with this. He of course urged me to continue. Soon after a few well-placed kisses, words encouragement and copious amounts of praise, he began to relax. He was moaning pressing himself against my hand in an attempt to get my finger inside him. It was not going to be that easy… He had to be patient.


I allowed my hand to linger between my legs for only a moment, before I pulled back, arousal sliding down my fingers. “Do you see what you do to me?”  I bring my fingers to his lips, making them glisten.


His tongue darts out immediately drawing my fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean with a moan of appreciation. His other arm encircles my waist pulling me closer. I can feel my face flush, arousal dripping down my legs.  He doesn’t seem to want to let go of my fingers, his tongue emulates a very familiar action against the digits. His tongue swirling between them probing. Only when I lean in close does he release them from his mouth, lips crashing into mine kissing me deeply.


He pulls me flush against him rolling his hips against mine grinding himself into my heat. His movements were slow and tantalizingly precise. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was breathing heavily, a breathy moan escaping his throat every time the underside of his cock brushed against my aching clit. He was hot to the touch, the sensation of his breath against the crook of my neck caused me to shiver. His hands moved to my ass, holding me in place as his pace quickened. He was thrusting himself against me desperate for more friction. There's a familiar warmth pooling at the pit of my stomach. I could practically feel him throb against my swollen clit and it takes all the willpower in the world to pull myself away from him.


“Martin wait…” I whisper


“What?” he breathes,  leaning in to kiss me again.


“There time for... this later… Did you still want me to---”


He’s blushing again, chewing on his lip anxiously.


So precious


“It’s completely up to you Martin.. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.” I say sitting back on my knees.


He opens his mouth to speak before closing it again. God I really hope that he did... I had literally been thinking about it for weeks. Honestly,I don’t know why I was so apprehensive about mentioning it to him in the first place.


He was never really shy when it came to saying what he wanted when it came to sex. Or flat out showing me. He was really blunt sometimes with his phrasing, it was endearing in a way. That was one of the things that I still struggled to wrap my mind around. How he could be so... gentle, soft spoken, uncertain in his mannerisms sometimes. And then others-


“I- I want you to…” he said finally.


“Yeah?” I asked shifting down his body.


“Mmhmmm” He sighs as my hand wraps around his cock.  


“What do you want me to do?” I draw a hardened nipple between my teeth and he gasps, moaning as my tongue swirls around it. I begin stroking him a bit faster my lips moving across his stomach, biting, kissing, feeling the muscles move beneath my lips...contracting as he shivers. I press a kiss to each of his hip bones before I move to settle between his legs.


His breath hitches in his throat as my tongue swipes across the head... slight saltiness mixed with the taste of my own arousal. I take him halfway into my mouth humming around his cock, my fingers lightly tracing over the delicate skin of his scrotum. He lets out a moan as I sink lower taking him deeper into my willing mouth, his fingers wind themselves into my hair. I make sure to slick him up as much as possible, saliva slides past my chin. My eyes water only slightly when I feel him reach the back of my throat. The noise that escaped his lips told me that he really liked that. I continue to bob my head over his shaft for a few more seconds before I release him with an audible ‘pop’ He lets out a sigh of protest. I move my lips over his pretty much hairless sack, running my tongue over each of the orbs, nuzzling them as my hands spread his legs wider. I sit back slightly to admire the lewd scene in front of me. His cock glistens with a mixture of my saliva and his own arousal, his balls sit up high against his body telling me that he was probably closer than I thought. His cheeks are flushed, the tiny pink starburst seems to stare at me expectantly. I could feel my mouth water. I never dreamed that he’d let me do this. Or that I would want to for that matter. He was beautiful to me, simply beautiful. He left me wanting to give him whatever it was that he wanted. Devour him. Exhaust him in the best possible ways, leave him panting, satiated, utterly spent. Just the sound of my name on his lips, with the right amount of desperation...   Im startled out of my thoughts and realize I was staring again when I hear him call my name. I was about to apologize, but his voice did not hold the same annoyed undertone.


“P-please touch me…” He breathes.


I look at my hands resting on his slight hips. “ I'm touching you right now Martin…”


“You know what I mean..” he huffs


I’m stroking him again with feather light touches, and he lets out a frustrated moan.


“Like that?”


“MmnhHhh  tongue… with your tongue…”


God his tone... The neediness in his voice causing my clit to throb and sent a new flood of dampness between my legs. I bit my lip in an attempt to keep my composure.  His cheeks were flushed, chest heaving, he had one arm draped across his eyes as he always did for some reason when incredibly turned on.


“Okay…”  I shrug running my tongue down his shaft. Another frustrated sigh


“I want you to lick me---” He pants


“ Martin you’re not being fair, you have to be specific…” I chide as I begin running my lips along his undercarriage, tongue leaving a trail of saliva that dripped down to the underside of his balls. He shivers slightly.


“D-don’t make me say it…” he pleads, voice heavy with lust.


“What is baby?” I whisper as I alternate... leaving lingering kisses on each of the delicate orbs. I allow my hand to travel lower, bringing some of the moisture with it, fingers lightly pressing against his quivering hole.


“unnff…I- I want ahhh I-”  I was lightly massaging him now thumb pressing at his entrance. I honestly felt bad… he was being so good for me already. Why not. I sigh before I lightly ask


“Do you want me to lick your ass Martin…”


“Yes!” He exclaims instantly as though this was some twisted game of charades and I, his ever clueless partner finally had the answer.


Without hesitation I lean in, pressing my tongue against the tight ring of muscles swirling it around as I move to spread his legs wider. I can feel him shudder against me as his back arches off the bed. Fingers grip the bed sheets tightly, and I press forward burying my face against him.


“Ohhh..ohh god thatss----”


I begin pumping him again, with short shallow motions, lingering at the head as I  caress him with my tongue. Gently probing sweeping circles, pressing into him. He’s panting chest heaving. Moans falling from his lips freely in a variety of ranges and volume all depending on the motion of my tongue. I sit back suddenly, and he lets out a shaky moan. I move up to the bedside, breasts hovering over his face momentarily, grabbing the bottle of lube again. I pour a liberal amount in my palm before my hand travels between his legs.


“If it gets to be too much’’ I start


He nods briefly, biting his lip, as my finger gently presses into him, slipping past the right ring of muscles ever so slightly. Pressing further, his flesh incloses around me like a vice, warm and perfect. He lets out a slight whimper and I pause. “Is that okay..”  


“Yes...yes.. Fine that’s good..” he breathes, wriggling down to meet my hand.


“Good.”I say pressing in deeper, before sliding out slightly. I continue this for a few moments, just testing him, stretching him a bit getting him accustomed to the sensation. His hands grip the bedposts behind him his spine arching off the bed. I manage to slip two fingers inside of him, pressing down, and then up down again until


“hooOhh god…” He moans nearly convulsing against my hand.


I repeat the action and he nearly bucks against me. I can feel him, contracting from the inside as my other hand wraps around his cock. I continue to thrust my fingers into him pressing down on that special spot all the while he grinds against my hand. He's visibly flushed, panting... sweat clinging to his brow, lips parted in a silent moan.


“It’s so unnfff… soo good…’’


“Is it?” I ask, my fingers working faster. His breath hitches in his throat. I can feel his cock twitch and stiffen beneath my hand. He’s moaning again, shamelessly bucking against my hand, pre cum slides down his shaft. I can hear the sound of my hand gliding over his rigid flesh,the slightly obscene noise of my fingers plunging into him. The bed springs creak below as I shift, pressing my thighs together. The throbbing sensation intensifies, slickness dripping past my thighs. I bite my lip, there’s a look of near tortured pleasure on his face, his brows knitted together kiss bruised lips.  I can feel him shiver, contracting as he undulates against me...convulsing. I can’t remember the last time, I’d seen him lose control like this. Had I been one to believe, I might just start to think that he really did need some sort of divine exorcism if you will.


“Ohh g-... ohhhh god I’m gonna…”  


“You’re doing so good baby…”    


The words and noises falling from his lips had become intelligible, he had both arms crossed over his eyes now, his back arched like a bow, I worried for a moment that he might throw something out of whack. Seconds pass and he lets out a choked cry and I know he is completely done for.


Hands grip the bed sheets tightly as pearly white rivulets sleep between my fingers, one spurt landing on his stomach, another on his chest. I don’t resist the urge to lean in, swiping my tongue across one of the droplets, then the other. Kissing, biting my way across his stomach with fingers still inside of him until he finally starts to soften.

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