Sweet Revenge

BY : Predaliena
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Sorrow and rage filled Jade Warren’s heart since the moment when the only man she had ever loved, left her. It was so sudden, so unexpected; and Jade couldn’t get over the shock for a long time. When she found out that Joel was having an affair with a woman named Darla behind her back, Jade confronted him; in the result it ended up with a strong argument, and then he did something that she never expected him to do.

He beat her up.

“I’m having an open relationship,” he said in conceited voice. “It pretty means that I can visit Darla whenever I want. Either you cope with that or leave. Have I made things clear to you?”

“Clear as a day,” Jade hissed through her teeth.

This memory has burned itself into Jade’s soul for a long time, hurting her every time she remembered that. Since that moment Jade left him for good. She wasn’t going to bear the humiliation and suffer whenever her man slept with another woman. It was too much. Jade scolded herself for being so stupid. But then she had no idea that Joel was such a bastard. He seemed very loving and caring in the beginning, but then his mask fell off and he showed his true face. What did he even need her for then if he wanted to be with that woman, Darla? It seemed that Joel almost enjoyed seeing her suffering like that, which was most likely. Maybe Jade wasn’t the first victim of his cruelty, but if so then no one has done anything so far to teach him a lesson, which is weird. The more she thought about it, the stronger was her wish to come up with some revenge plan. Jade was lost in thoughts when a sound of a car engine in the distance reach her ears followed by several male voices. Her heart skipped a beat when she realized that the voices grew louder, and they seemed to approach her house. She peeked into the window and saw four men and among them she recognized Joel.

“Great,” she huffed. “When you remember shit, it always happens.”

Joel and his friends were drunk as hell, and Jade knew that when he took even a small amount of alcohol, he became aggressive. She sure had no wish to deal with him, especially when he wasn’t alone. What could she, a fragile woman, do against four drunken men? And judging by what they were talking about, as they wanted “to have fun”, they were planning to rape her alternatively. Jade felt her insides shaking from that thought, but there was no time to ponder about anything as the unwanted guests started banging at her door.

“Open up, bitch!” one of them yelled in a drunken voice. “You better cooperate, or we can have it the hard way. The choice is yours!”

Jade wasn’t going to wait when those drunken pieces of crap broke into her house and did unholy things to her. She opened the kitchen window and crawled outside, doing her best to remain unnoticed. Lucky for her, the neighbors’ place was located nearby, and she rushed to their house to ask for help. It was evening, but not yet that late; and the windows had bright light in them. The house belonged to the farmer couple, Henry and Minnie Davis; and Jade had always had good relationship with them, so she was sure they would never refuse to help. And in the moment Jade reached the front door of the house, one of the intruders spotted her.

“Hey, there she is!” one of them shouted, but it wasn’t Joel. Jade had no problems recognizing his voice among the others. “Get her!”

“Shit…” she swore quietly, seeing that all four men moved to her direction. She had no other choice but to start banging at the door, and in a moment it opened. Henry Davis stood in the doorway with his wife behind him.

“Jade? What happened?” he asked, seeing her frightened face. Jade was really so scared that she could barely form coherent words.

“Please, help! Those four men are after me!” she pointed behind her back, and the old man could see four strangers moving his way. “They wanted to break into my house or even something worse.”

“Come inside, dear, quickly!” Minnie said, and Jade almost rushed into the house. Minnie could almost feel the young woman shaking while holding her hand. Henry then grabbed the shotgun from the wall and aimed it at the intruders, not forgetting to check if it was loaded before.

“Hold it right there!” he shouted angrily, pointing the barrel of his shotgun to the intruders. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Hey, stay calm, old man,” one of the men said. “We were just visiting the neighbor of yours, and it looks like she is by you. We meant no harm.”

“Oh, is that right? Doesn’t seem so to me, judging by how she is frightened,” Henry said. Minnie then took the flashlight from the drawer and shone it at the unwanted visitors. Her husband then recognized one of them. “Hey, I think I know you. You’re Joel. You can’t trick me, rascal. I know what you’re up to.” He then turned his head to his wife for a second. “Minnie, call the police. Now!”

While Minnie spoke to the police on the phone, Joel and his company still tried to reason with Henry and persuade him to let them get to Jade, but the old man remained inflexible. The police station wasn’t located far from their place, and soon enough the sirens blared through the air. Joel and his friends quickly turned around and ran to their car, but before that he turned to Jade, piercing her with his eyes full of hatred.

“You’re so dead, bitch! It’s not the end yet!”

They left right the second before police arrived, and Henry, his wife, and Jade almost simultaneously pointed to that direction, telling the cops to follow the car that had just left their territory. The police vehicle then followed Joel’s car, and the farmer couple then invited Jade into the living room. She was still scared, but felt better.

“Are you alright, dear?” Minnie asked her. Jade nodded.

“Yes, thank you so much,” she said. “I don’t know what they would have done to me if they managed to break inside. They spoke about “having fun” with me, and that could only mean they planned to take me by force.”

“Jesus Christ!” the old lady exclaimed with indignation. “How can Earth even carry such people?”

“I hope the cops catch those imbeciles,” Henry grumbled, putting the shotgun down. “No, you just look at that impertinence! Trying to break into the house of a lone woman and then threatening her with violence! They should lock him in prison for the rest of his life!”

“Couldn’t agree more,” Minnie nodded. “Jeez, Henry, the poor girl was trembling all over when she walked inside!”

“Yeah, I could see that,” Henry agreed. “Well, at least tonight they won’t disturb us. Oh, and did I mention that they are driving in a drunken state? That’s plus one more trouble for them.”

“Yes, sure,” Minnie said and turned to Jade, patting her shoulder. “Settle down, dear. I’ll make you a cup of hot tea now. It will help you relax.”

“Thank you,” Jade smiled. Minnie then went to the kitchen, and Jade talked to Henry, telling him more about Joel and what his purpose was. The farmer was old and had seen many things in his life, but even he was shocked to find out how cruel some people can be; and the young woman before him was unlucky enough to stumble upon one of them. Joel deserved to be punished, and all three inhabitants of the farmer’s house hoped that he gets what he deserves. Minnie soon returned with a teapot and three mugs, and all had a nice cup of hot tea in a friendly atmosphere. And when the clock showed half past nine, Jade thanked her kind neighbors and got up, ready to leave; but Minnie stopped her.

“Why don’t you stay in our place for this night?” she asked. “You can sleep in peace, and tomorrow then you can return to your house.”

“Um… thank you so much, but…” Jade stuttered “I don’t feel very comfortable. I feel like a third wheel, you know…”

“Oh, Christ, you better stop that nonsense,” Henry laughed. “Throw these thoughts out of your head. There’s a place to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Take a look, it’s reserved specially for guests.”

The old farmer then walked to the sofa and spread it so that it turned to a bed. It was enough even for two people to sleep on it.

“There you go. Make yourself comfortable,” he said kindly. “Oh, and Minnie is already here with the bed sheets.”

Jade didn’t even noticed how Mrs. Davis left the room, and here she was with a pillow, a blanket, and bed sheets in her hands. It looked like they were serious about her staying in their home.

“You better listen to him,” Minnie giggled. “It’s more than enough place. Come on, we insist.”

Jade sighed and lifted her hands in defeat with a thankful smile on her face.

“All right, you won,” she said. “How can I ever thank you? Really, God bless you for your kindness.”

“Ah, don’t mention it, sweetheart,” Minnie caressed Jade’s hair gently, like a mother. “You know, Henry and I have our two children, a son and a daughter; both are adults with their own families. They live in the city, and we sure miss them very much, although sure, sometimes they visit us. You live beside us here, and for us, you almost seem like our third child. No, it really is like that. So you can always count on us if you need help or something.”

Hearing Minnie’s kind words, Jade couldn’t hold her emotions back anymore and fell into the old lady’s embrace. She really needed to feel such tenderness, even if these people weren’t her parents. Long time ago she lost her own family, as father lost his battle against leukemia; and her mother began drinking from sorrow of losing her husband. Jade even started thinking that there might be some kind of a curse on her, that only misfortune followed her in her life. But in the moment she met Henry and Minnie Davis, she grew sure that life wasn’t that bad after all. Finishing the tea, Jade helped Mrs. Davis to wash the dishes and then the owners of this hospitable house went to sleep. Jade went to bed in a moment as well, but her mind didn’t let her fall asleep quickly. She was sure that Joel wasn’t going to leave her alone. If he threatened her like that, he would undoubtedly make his threats come true. Police was after him, but she doubted that they would succeed, at least not that soon. She had to think of something.

And then it suddenly dawned upon her.

In the area where she lived there was a local legend about a creature known as Pumpkinhead, a demon of vengeance summoned by an old witch on people’s request. There were cases during her life when an unfortunate victim banged at the doors of houses and cried for help, the monster being on his tail. But the locals didn’t even try to help the victim as no one wanted to get in the demon’s way, otherwise his wrath would fall upon them as well. The more Jade thought about it, the stronger was her desire to summon Pumpkinhead to kill Joel and his whole company. He had threatened her with death, and death is what he will get instead. After thinking for some more time she finally made her decision.

Just like the rest of the locals, she knew where Haggis, the old witch lived; and tomorrow night Jade would visit her and summon the demon of vengeance, setting him on Joel and his poor excuse of friends.


The next day went on peacefully, no sign of any threat from Joel’s side, but Jade was still nervous. Not so much because of him, but of what was going to happen tonight. She couldn’t stop thinking of the many ways how Joel would be punished, how he would be squealing like a pig before the deadly glance of the monster. Her lips stretched in an evil grin. All she could hope for now was that the deal with the old sorceress goes smoothly.

Jade sat at the window in her house, watching how the last lights of the dusk faded; and as soon as the entire area was enveloped by darkness, she exited her place quietly, making sure to remain unnoticed. The witch lived deep in the forest where people rarely dared to go; only when it was really necessary. Jade never liked to be alone in a dark forest, always frightened that she was being watched in the darkness; but she had to do it. It took some time to reach the destination until the golden light of burning candles in an old hut pierced the blackness of the night. Jade hesitated for a minute or two and then took the courage and knocked at the wooden door.

“Come in,” a screechy voice said from inside. Jade pressed the handle and stepped inside, closing the door after herself.

“Good evening, Haggis,” she said, thinking how to begin the conversation to get to business.

“Come in, Jade, my child,” Haggis continued. “Come in and tell me what’s inside your heart.”

Jade widened her eyes in surprise when the witch said her name. She wondered how Haggis knew that it was her, but considering her respectable age and occupation, the sorceress had her ways of knowing things without even looking at them. Jade then walked closer to the witch and sat on the right side from her.

“You’re thirsting for revenge, my child,” Haggis said and looked at the young woman before her. Externally her face showed no emotions at all, and Jade couldn’t tell what the sorceress was thinking at the moment. But what she said was right though, so Jade decided to get to business.

“Yes, Haggis, it’s true. My heart is full of rage and desire for revenge against the man who cruelly betrayed me,” she said, clenching her fists when thinking about Joel. “I loved him, I really did; and he just threw me out like a piece of garbage.”

“Tell me the whole story first.”

Haggis asked for more details, and Jade was more than glad to share the whole story with her. She told all the truth about Joel, how he betrayed and then beat her up when she tried to resent; and how he tried to break into her house with his drunk friends and how Henry Davis and his wife protected her. The witch listened in silence, and when Jade finished her story, she spoke again.

“Yes, Davis is in fact right, some people can have a really black heart,” Haggis shook her head. “So what you wish now is to summon the demon of vengeance to punish him, right?”

Jade nodded in response.

“Yes, if this is possible,” she replied. “Joel must be punished and get what he deserved. He might be able to escape from the police, but not from the monster.”

Haggis was silent for a couple of minutes and then spoke:

“Now, listen to me, my dear. Your wish to punish that man is pretty understandable. He really does deserve it. But you must think well before you make a final decision. Once the demon is summoned, he will not be stopped until his mission is complete. If you attempt to get in his way or stop him, his wrath will fall on you too. With every victim he kills, you will become one with the monster. Each injury he takes will cause pain to you. You will feel his pain and he will feel yours. Besides, you will feel the pain of every victim he kills.”

“It means I will suffer physically, right?” Jade asked. “In this case, I’m ready for that. No matter how painful it will be, it’s nothing comparing to the pain he made me go through.”

The witch smiled and continued:

“But that’s not all. When the demon’s mission is finished, he will take you with him to the underworld, and you will disappear from the world of the living forever until the creature is summoned once again. Then the new demon of vengeance will be you.”

Jade widened her eyes again, this time both from horror and surprise. That was what she didn’t know about the whole business. She had no idea that in the end it results in death of the one who requested the summoning.

“Yes, my dear, that’s how it works,” Haggis said. “That’s why I’m warning you. I need you to understand the bridge you will be crossing, as there will be no way back. If you’re still determined to continue, we will begin the ritual.”

Jade sat in silence, lost in thoughts. She really had to think things over before making a decision, weigh all the pros and cons. The perspective of dying in the end wasn’t satisfying at all, but, on the other hand, she had nothing to lose. Jade lived completely alone: no friends, no family. She lost her parents when she was ten years old, and now the man with whom she hoped to create a family in the future, betrayed her. Of course, Henry and Minnie Davis will be very sad, but they at least have their own children and grandchildren. It will be easier for them to get over the grief. She lifted her glance upon the witch then and spoke confidently:

“I am ready. Let’s do it.”

“Is it your final decision?” Haggis asked one last time; and Jade nodded.

“Yes, it is. You know my life story, Haggis. I have nothing to lose. If I am to die in the end, so be it; the fate cannot be avoided. At least I will achieve my goal and take my revenge on that rascal; then I can die peacefully.”

“Well, it’s your will, my child,” Haggis said. She still sat in her place motionless, like a stone statue, but deep inside she felt sorry for this maiden that made such a fatal decision willingly. But a deal is a deal, and it had to be fulfilled. “In this case, let’s get to business. See that shovel at the wall behind you? Take it and the lantern on the table, too. All you have to do is go to the pumpkin patch graveyard nearby and find the highest hill surrounded by pumpkins. That’s the creature’s grave. Dig up its corpse and bring it here. The rest is my job.”

Jade obeyed and did all what she was told. The graveyard Haggis mentioned was located within a few meters from her hut. It wasn’t difficult to find Pumpkinhead’s grave as it stood up higher than the rest of the graves. She started digging and soon found what she was looking for. The corpse wasn’t buried too deep, and as soon as she saw it, Jade’s face twisted in a grimace of terror and disgust. The corpse was so disfigured that it barely held any similarities to a human being. It was indeed a dead monster buried beneath this ground. But Jade had a job to do. Holding back her feeling of disgust, she dug out the monster’s corpse, and it took her some time to carry it back to the witch’s hut. And as soon as the dead monster lay on the floor in front of the sorceress, she asked Jade to give her one of her hands. Haggis explained that her blood is needed to make the demon arise from the dead. Jade obeyed once again and stretched her arm out while the witch took a blade and made a cut on Jade’s hand, pouring her blood on the dead creature. Pumpkinhead then began to move and finally came to life. As he stood up in his entire macabre glory, Jade was close to fainting. She had never seen such a monstrous creature in her life. Haggis helped her to stay still while the monster studied the maiden with his eyes; the one that wanted him to live once again. Then he turned his back to both women and left the hut, disappearing in the darkness.

“It’s done, my child,” Haggis said, smiling. “The demon will now do what he has to do. You can go home now.”

“How will he find his target?” Jade wanted to know. Not like Joel was somewhere nearby at the moment.

“Don’t worry about it,” the witch replied. “The victim will come himself to meet his demise. Now go. Stay strong.”

“Thank you very much,” Jade gave a grateful smile to the old sorceress and left the hut. On her way home she thought about what Haggis had just said. The victim will come himself to meet his demise. It pretty meant that Joel was going to come here again to fulfill his threat, maybe not even alone.

But this time someone will be waiting.

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