A day at the beach

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It was all an accident really. Martin surely didn't head up to Jill’s room with the intention of rummaging through her drawers and raking through her unmentionables. He was sent up there for one thing and one thing only, a bottle of sunscreen. He found it, as well as numerous undergarments each one more revealing than the last… and a small black box that was now laying open on the floor. He marveled at the glassy purple object in his hands. It was small... four inches at most, spiral-shaped almost like an elongated seashell with a small dip in the middle. Perfect for latching onto a finger. He knew exactly what it was.

He looked over his shoulder briefly, as though she would come bounding up the stairs any moment, demanding to know what was taking him so long. His heartbeat thundered in his ears, his mouth suddenly dry.  Every part of his brain screamed, “Put it back… put it back now…” Curiosity took over and he held the object up to the light noting the small flecks of glitter seemingly made into the glass. How long had she had this...thing?  As thoughts and images filled his mind his breath quickened and in a streak of boldness, he flipped the switch. The thing jolted alive, vibrating furiously between his fingertips. He visibly flinched, nearly dropping it.

Fumbling for the case, he placed the object back inside before throwing the box back into the drawer. He sat there for a moment cheeks burning red, blood rushing elsewhere, heartbeat pounding. That was a huge mistake.

Martin made sure to place the box exactly as he found it, arranging the other contents of the drawer so that nothing appeared out of sorts. He grabbed the small bottle of sunscreen and he stood, making his way to the door.  With a final glance at the dresser, he slung the messenger bag over his shoulder, making sure it covered his lap completely before heading back downstairs.



The sun sat high in the sky that afternoon. The temperature had reach a whopping 95 degrees with a heat index of over a hundred. The only thing that provided relief was the rapidly moving clouds that would obscure the sun occasionally. Jill had decided to phone her friend Martin, to see if he wanted to go to the beach. He eagerly agreed.

Martin lived about three houses down. When Jill initially moved to the neighborhood, he was one of the first people she met. She saw him one day sitting out on his front porch. When he saw her approach he quickly stood, preparing to go back inside. He hesitated when she waved him down.

“Hi! “ She said a bit too eagerly, fingers resting on the fence.

He eyed her incredulously for a moment  “Hi..”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bother you.. I’m new here.. and I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Jill..” She said leaning against the short metal fence, looking a bit winded.  Martin paused, taking in her appearance. She was dressed in a mauve colored tank top and a pair of ripped up jean shorts. Her black hair was tied up into a high ponytail, with a red bandanna to hold her bangs in place. Her shirt, arms and parts of her legs were covered with splotches of what he would imagine was paint.

“Martin.” he replied quietly.

“Well it's nice to meet you Martin. I’m sorry,  I know I look a bit crazy... I was painting and uh- The fumes.. I had to get out of the house for a while to let things air out.”

He said nothing glancing back towards the door. He knew that his cousin was not home at the moment… Against his better judgment, he offered

“Do you.. want to come inside? I can get you something to drink”

She seemed to light up like a Christmas tree.

“Sure... I’d appreciate it. “ Said Jill opening the fence letting herself inside. His eyes moved over her long tanned legs as she walked up the stairs noting how the sinewy muscles moved beneath her skin. He quickly glanced away, opening the door for her as she stepped inside.

They pretty much hit it off from there. Martin was a strange one, but she liked him. He was just so... quiet. When he spoke, it was by spell, always muted somewhat cryptic. Definitely odd.  She figured his awkwardness at least partially sprang from being cooped up in the house with that old man… whom to her surprise she learned was his cousin

Jill sort of made it her mission to make sure he was out of the house as much as possible. He seemed to appreciate it. Soon enough he was over at her place more often than not. He started to speak more and more. They would go for walks in town, to the movies, the arcade, the bookshop, just spending time with each other. Jill was glad to have made a friend so quickly upon arriving. It also helped that she found him somewhat cute. He reminded her of an old boyfriend she had back in high school.

Martin was about 5 10, really slender, dark medium length brown hair that fell into hazel eyes. His lips were full. She sometimes found herself trying not to stare at them when he spoke. Jill was indeed attracted to Martin. It was really bizarre. It was the strange kind of attraction that left you feeling guilty. Sure Martin was younger than her, but not by much. His twenty to her twenty-four, no significant age gap. He just seemed so… innocent. The kind of innocence that she wanted to protect.

Jill was no fool, she saw the way Martin would look at her. Lingering glances when he thought she wasn’t aware, the way he held onto her every word. The way his entire disposition would shift whenever she entered the room.

Jill would tease him sometimes. Just in her choice of phrasing. Suddenly instead of  “God Martin.. my feet hurt..” as she sat at the counter after work.. it was more “God Martin my feet are throbbing..”Compliments slipped into casual conversation, all elementary stuff really. She sometimes liked to run. She would come back home intentionally jogging up the street from the opposite end so that she would pass by his place first. More often than not, he would already be out on the porch. She’d approach, briefly making small talk, fully aware of her sweaty winded state. The dampness causing the fabric to cling to her skin. She only ever wore white.

Sure it was all fun and games, but it seemed to get the reaction she wanted out of him. His cheeks would darken and he would begin to stammer, visibly flustered... There was nothing malicious about it. She wasn’t teasing him just for the sake of doing so. Jill wasn’t really sure what she wanted out of the situation, or from Martin. She didn’t want to hurt him, not by any means. She just wanted …confirmation. To know if the feeling was mutual. All signs seemed to point towards a resounding yes, but now what? Where to go from there? She wasn’t quite sure how she needed to proceed, figured she would have some answers by the end of the afternoon.



The car door opened and he sank down into the passenger seat. He placed the bottle of sunscreen in the glove compartment, keeping his eyes downcast.

“ You found it… great!” she said  

“Yeah…right where you said it would be…” He said shifting the bag onto his lap.

She cut her eyes over to him for a moment... “You okay? You’re really red..” She asked,  turning on the a/c.

“Yeah. Just… can’t wait to get there..”  It wasn’t a lie...

“Me too.. “ Said Jill, starting up the car.


The ride was mostly uneventful. Martin sat, with his head tilted towards the window, eyes focused on the grass and pavement until it became nothing more than a greenish grey blur. Jill had begun to talk which he was grateful for, he needed a distraction. Occasionally he would turn his attention towards her careful not to appear rude. He watched her quizzically.. she was off on a tangent rambling, something she only did when nervous or overly excited.

“I don’t know, I still think that Bad company is better than the Rolling Stones. I mean don’t get me wrong.. the Stones are great but–”

The wind seeping in through the window sent strands of dark hair in different directions. She would occasionally sweep it behind her ear with a manicured hand, before returning it to the wheel. He could smell faint remnants of her shampoo, and something sweet that vaguely reminded him of bubblegum. Her voice soon became background noise.

Just how often did she use that… thing….  What did she think about...who?  How long did it take?

He was rock hard, straining against the confines of his jeans. He would have to figure something out once they got there to remedy this… situation. Once they changed into their swimwear there would be no way for him to hide it. His cheeks burned with embarrassment. He was disgusted with himself. Jill was his friend.. his only friend… She had been nothing but kind to him, and here he was wondering what she sounded like when she came. He adjusted the bag again, the friction causing him to inhale sharply. It sounded more like a shocked gasp to Jill because she spoke up

“ I know right! People still believe that Mick and Bowie are just… friends.. Get the hell outta here…”

He nodded in agreement, deciding he should at least try to contribute to the conversation. “That’s crazy..” He offered lamely.

The temperature on the thermostat dropped a whopping two degrees… he figured they were getting close. It was gonna be fine. He would head to the bathroom, change… take care of his problem and have a relaxing day at the beach with his best friend

He was quiet for the next few moments and soon enough Jill had stopped talking.

“ I’m doing it again aren’t I….” She said with a laugh.

He turned his attention to her, she looked almost sheepish now.

“Doing what?” He asked

“Rambling…God, I don’t have to make some silly observation every five seconds…” she said with an exasperated sigh.

“ I don’t mind….” He said

“ You have to say that… If I don’t have anything important to say I should just shut up about it.. “

He opened his mouth to protest, but she shot him a wink.

“I think we’re almost there..” she said.”

He glanced at the sign ahead  Cypress Beach 1 mile ahead. She stepped on the gas and the car jolted forward.

“Easy..” He said, hands reaching for his seat belt.

She laughed

“It’s fine…This is gonna be great!



As they stepped out of the car, a warm breeze instantly hit his face. Martin lifted a hand to his forehead, squinting. The sun was high in the sky, but the water definitely did its part to cool things down. It was fairly busy that day, he had no idea why he imagined it would be just the two of them.

“God it’s crowded…” She said, seemingly reading his mind.

He nodded in agreement, as his eyes surveyed the crowd. It seemed to be mostly college kids one or two families, a few older couples..quite an interesting mix. He glanced over towards the public building as Jill wandered off in search of a place to set up.


“Martin, check it out!”

He turned to find her motioning to a rather large rock about three feet down.

“I mean I know it’s slightly farther from the water, but there’s a little privacy. What do you think?” She looked like a kid on Christmas morning. He could feel a flutter of excitement over the fact that she seemed to want privacy.

“It’s nice…I think you found the spot…” he said.

With a quick smile, she began to eagerly unpack… throwing down towels, opening the massive umbrella she had slung around her arm.. so immersed in the task she did not stop to question why he just stood there. Immobile, awkwardly holding his bag in front of him for dear life

“I’m going to go inside for a minute… I need to find a bathroom..”

“Oh.. Okay..” She said before returning to the task of trying to find the perfect place to set the small portable radio.

“Don’t take too long.. I’ve got beer in the cooler!” She called.



He stepped into the heavily air-conditioned lobby and shivered slightly.  It was fairly empty save for a couple of kids hovering near the vending machine. There were several seats lining the back wall, with a large oval coffee table littered with magazines in front of them. A sudden sharp crack that seemed to revibrate off the walls, caused him to wince. He glanced over to the service desk where he found a young woman idly leafing through a magazine. She did not seem to notice as he approached. She wedged the gum between her lips and tongue filling it with air, slowly...resulting in another sharp crack. He stood there for a moment before he finally spoke..


She slowly looked up at him, not attempting to hide the aggravation on her face.  She silently returned her eyes to the magazine, only vaguely gesturing towards a door on the right.

He sighed before making his way to the door.

When he entered the bathroom it was empty. Silent except for an occasionally dripping faucet, and the noise and voices from outside.  There was a small dingy window cracked open, though he could see nothing but trees and bushes outside. He intentionally found the largest stall farthest away from that window and began to peel off his clothes. He traded his slightly damp t-shirt for a  clean white one. He quickly unfastened his jeans, pulling them down his legs. Reaching into the bag, he pulled out a pair of navy blue swim trunks. He intentionally ignored his massive erection, as he quickly rid himself of his underwear, slipping on the trunks instead. Somewhere in the back of his mind.. he figured if he ignored it… it would go away…

It did not, in fact, go away.

He sighed in resignation at the sight of the very obvious tent at the front of his shorts. His eyes moved over the dull beige walls of the stall, surprisingly free of profanity. The flickering fluorescent light humming overhead, combined with the ever-present drip of the faucet suddenly made him feel as tho he had sunk to a new low.  Slowly, his hands moved to the shorts lowering them slightly freeing himself from the material.

With a sigh, he leaned against the door, forehead resting at the crook of his elbow, as fingers wrapped around his throbbing cock. He gasped at the initial contact, and he willed himself to calm. His hand moved slowly at first… cautiously with bated breath..the room was empty but for how long.  He took up a steady rhythm, stroking himself from base to tip.. arousal already sliding down the shaft, making his fingers slick. He lets out a quiet moan, biting his lip. What would she do… If she knew exactly what he was doing right now.. Would she be disgusted…call him a creep? He began to pump himself faster, thumb brushing over the sensitive head causing his hips to jerk forward,before releasing another stifled moan. His face is flushed, skin hot to the touch, his entire body humming. He was so close… His mind began to wander. She was in the stall with him, watching him with vague curiosity. Always the competitive one, she would shake her head walking over, moving his hand away, before sinking down replacing it with her mouth. He would watch as her cheeks hollowed around him, Those perfect lips wrapped around his cock, hot and wet.

He’s breathing heavily, as he pumps faster, hips moving forward as he thrusts himself against his palm. Any shame or hesitation long forgotten…if someone had walked in at that moment, it would not have mattered. The sound of heavy breathing, the occasional moan, and hand moving over slickened flesh, would have made it pretty obvious as to what was going on. He’s tugging almost painfully, he seemed unable to catch his breath. The muscles in his thighs began to twitch and he braced himself against the wall. He was panting, involuntary moans escaping his throat… he hoped to god he would finish before someone walked in. The voices from outside seemed to grow progressively louder as if they were right outside the ground level window.

Within moments, His cock twitches beneath his grasp and he releases… quite violently into his hand.. and onto the wall.. hot sticky fluid quickly coating his palm, sliding down his fingers. He remains there for a moment, knees suddenly weak. steadying his breathing. With his face still buried against the crook of his elbow, he almost dreaded looking up. His cheeks burned fro equal parts shame and exertion.  After a moment, he stands upright. Looking down at his hand in disgust, he quickly grabs some tissue, frantically wiping away the evidence from the wall and his hand before cleaning himself up. Quietly he slips from the stall, bag in hand. He spends a good minute washing his hands, splashing water on his face..which was still clearly flushed. With a final glance in the mirror, he heads for the exit. He honestly hoped she would not be upset that he took so long.

He slips on a pair of sunglasses as he steps back onto the beach… one thing was for sure… he was definitely far less cagey and tense. Maybe this was going to be an overall decent afternoon after all. He was going to enjoy the day with his best friend.. he was going to be attentive, present…

He was not going to let his mind wander off to sordid territory. He was not going to acknowledge how amazing Jill looked, stretched out long and tan, with two red triangles of fabric barely containing her breasts. His eyes moved lower, over the hollow of her ribs, the dip her bellybutton, over her hips, where the red strings were tied together in little bows. He felt the heat rise to his face…and he swallowed thickly. She removed her shades, propping herself on both elbows…

“Took you long enough…” He sank down beside her instantly pulling her into a kiss…



“I'm sorry what?” Said, Martin, as Jill stared up at him with an amused smirk. “I said.. If you would have taken any longer, I would have set up a missing person’s report.”

He laughed as he sank down next to her. “Sorry… long line..”

“No worries… “She said as she reaches into the cooler. She handed him a beer before taking one out for herself.

He looked down at the bottle. never having tasted a drop of alcohol in his life…  As if on cue… “I’ve got other stuff here too… if you don’t like beer… “ She said cracking open the bottle.

“No… this is fine.” he said… as he followed suit. He quickly held the bottle to his nose before taking a small sip. He kept his face mostly neutral, as he took in the foreign taste. It was not bad… and he welcomed the coldness of the liquid.. he took in another mouthful as he settled back… She was talking again.

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