Secret Love

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Chapter 1 – After The Force Awakens

Snoke had given him the order to abandon the base less than two minutes ago. The rebels were attacking with their fleet – if you could call this unorganised bombardment a fleet. Hux hastily pushed some Stormtroopers out of his way. The last thing he had heard from Kylo Ren was that he had run off into the forest after the rebel girl. Ren had already failed in his mission to extract information from her once and Hux hoped that he would at least be able to kill her.

When he entered the shuttle hangar, the earth trembled, and he would have nearly fallen to the ground. There wasn't much time left, and he needed to find the little dark-Jedi bastard. In the beginning, he had had no idea why he was supposed to work with that masked boy. But it had not taken Ren a long time to convince Hux. He was an ambitious, young man, and Hux had to admit that he was doing his job fine – until this rebel girl appeared that was.

Hux climbed into a small ship and started the ignition sequence. He hoped that Ren would not be in trouble. Despite their common aim to be Snoke's most loyal disciple, Hux had grown rather fond of Kylo. He was only a young boy who wanted to prove himself worthy of his heavy heritage, but Hux had the same goal. He also had a father whom he needed to prove that he was not his little, defenceless son anymore; but that he had grown to become a high-ranked military officer in the High Command.

He piloted the ship cunningly out of the hangar. He could hear the laser fire becoming louder. He stayed low and activated a jamming signal which would make it more difficult to pinpoint his position. He started scans of the nearby forest. There were three life signs, one of them very weak. He landed about a hundred meters away from the two strongest signals. They kept moving, so Hux grabbed a laser pistol from the shuttle and started marching through the snow.

He was wondering which idiot had designed an artificial planet of that size, including an atmosphere even for the uninhabited part, and would forget to put in a central heating as well. With the energy they drew from the suns in order to inhabit this weapon of mass destruction, they could at least heat up the ambient temperature. The earth shook from time to time, and Hux evaded falling trees.

Where is that bastard? That was what he often called Kylo Ren in his head. He wouldn't want to admit how important that bastard was to him. There hadn't been any room for this anyway on the ship.

He heard the sounds of light sabres whooshing un-far from his position. He climbed atop a few rocks and looked down directly on Kylo Ren and the Rey fighting. He was a secret admirer of Kylo Ren's ability to handle the sabre. He was wondering if he was good with other sorts of sticks as well.

Kylo Ren had taken a fall and Rey seemed ready to attack. As any good hero, she hesitated too long for the final hit, and another earthquake made the ground split into two between them. Hux looked back to where he guessed the base to be. There were too many trees in between him and the main building, but he was sure that the planet would not endure much longer. He turned around and made out Rey running for it.

A wise decision, he thought. But immediately regretting not taking the chance to kill her. She would most probably become a problem later. Hux jumped down the rocks and hurried over to Ren who was stumbling away from the rift. Hux heaved him up ungently. Ren's shoulder was hurt and Hux took a long look at it. He somehow found Ren's wound oddly satisfying.

"Snoke ordered us to leave this base at once," he explained.

Ren's glance looked right through him. He was filled with hatred and disappointment. Hux thought they would have time later to talk about his second failure. He supported the wounded Ren and walked him to the shuttle. Ren did not talk. He was holding the mask in his hand. Hux initiated the start of the ship not a moment too soon. The planet's surface below them was destabilising and the snow started to sublimate. As soon as he was a kilometre above the ground, he started the hyperspace drive. Less than ten second later, the planet's surface boiled and corrugate, and a big, silent explosion happened. Silent because there was nothing in space to carry the sound.

"Where are we going?" Kylo asked.

Armitage looked to his colleague. He looked so weak, so vulnerable. "I've set course for the system where Snoke is hiding. We will probably arrive there in two hours," he explained and set the navigation to auto-drive.

He walked over to Kylo who was lying on the ground of the small shuttlecraft. Armitage kneed down and had a closer look at his shoulder. It looked hurtful. Not that he wasn't used to pain either. He knew too well which sorts of cruelty and violence led to what amount of pain. He had learnt first-hand. He grabbed a gauze bandage from the compartment above him.

Kylo took off his coat, his black sweater and his shirt. Armitage had never guessed his skin to feel that soft when he cleaned the wound with a hygiene tissue. He silently admired Kylo's muscles which tensed when the pain got unbearable. Neither of them spoke a word but their glances spoke a thousand words. They expressed an unfulfilled desire that they had never discussed aboard the ship where they had nearly constantly been surrounded by inferior officers or a huge hologram of Snoke.

"Do you have any other wounds?" Armitage asked. His face muscles hardly moved and there was no expression of emotion. But that did not mean that he did not have any. He had learnt from the very beginning that a display of emotion was a sign of weakness. Therefore, the only emotion he allowed himself to show was hatred. But this was not what his eyes were saying right now.

Kylo did not answer but his hand touched Armitage's cheek. He had not expected the dark-Jedi's hand to be that warm. After all, they had just left an ice planet. But his own face was probably undercooled anyway.

"None that you can fix," Kylo said.

Armitage had never noticed his voice to be so soft. "Are you sure?" he asked and bent forward. He could feel Kylo's calm breath and his lips felt even warmer than his hand which was gliding through his short, red hair. Their kiss was long and dry, and Armitage moved his body over Kylo's and pushed him down to the ground. It was not gentle, but neither of the two men were used to or wanted anything gentle.

As a former Jedi, Kylo had been denied any attachments. And even afterwards, he had thought that love was a weakness. But was it really a weakness when the other one was as strong as he was? He had always admired Armitage for his display of power and strength and his commitment to the ideas of the First Order.

Kylo started undressing Armitage's uniform. He had never realised how neat these looked. Black had always been appealing to him and the clothing had given Armitage a sporty look. But he was not prepared for the amount of muscles that he got to see. Full of surprise about the others' athletic bodies, they touched their arms and chests and kissed every part of the others' light skin. Armitage ran his fingers through Kylo's wild, black mane.

Slowly, Kylo turned around facing the ground. He felt the irregular breath of Armitage in his neck. Armitage grabbed Kylo's chest with both hands and played with his nipples which did not need much work to become stiff. Armitage penetrated him very slowly, entering, pulling out, entering, pulling out.

Kylo was highly aroused but he was not used to this kind of work. He moaned in pain and pleasure.

"Tell me when I am too rough," Armitage whispered into his ear.

"Rough is good," Kylo answered and closed his eyes. He rubbed his cheek against the cold and angular face of Armitage. Their breathing synchronised and Armitage was penetrating him deeper and deeper. He worked in him until they reached their climax in conjunction. Their breathing harmonised and Kylo raised his upper body so that his back touched Armitage's chest in the rhythm of their pelvises.

Their breaths caught at the same time, and they exhaled at the same time. They remained motionless for a few seconds, taking pleasure in the moment before Armitage pulled out. They lay down next to each other and Kylo cuddled next to Armitage. Being shorter, he put his head on Armitage's chest which lowered and lifted at an elevated speed. Kylo listened to his heartbeat. Armitage embraced with Kylo's muscular body his left arm and gently stroked his behind.

They lay there for quite a while before Kylo was the first to speak: "No one will ever find out about this."

"No," Armitage agreed. Emotion was a weakness.

"But it was too good to give you up," Kylo added and crawled onto Armitage's body. He caressed his face with those space-Irish cheekbones he had fallen in love with. He turned his head and read the time on the computer console.

"We still have one and a half hours," he concluded.

"We can do a lot of things in one and a half hours," Armitage responded with a smile. A sort of smile he had not had in years. If he had ever had any reason to smile. But now he could. Because there was one person in the whole of the galaxy that he could share a smile with.

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