A much needed reprieve

BY : Lioncourt
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With her eyes falling on the digital clock, Jill sighed inwardly. It was only 2:17 in the afternoon. Which meant that the house would be completely empty save for Martin until at least five. Chewing on her bottom lip nervously, she seriously debated just driving back down to the lake. Her friends were probably still there, she was the one who wanted to leave early. She cut her eyes back over to the house.

Her heartbeat still thundered in her ears, her hands that rested on the steering wheel trembled slightly. She shifted awkwardly in her seat, pleather clinging to slightly damp skin. The slickness between her legs caused her ears to burn and a new wave of guilt to wash over her.  Images from only moments before continued to flood her mind, causing the throbbing sensation between her legs to intensify. She shifted again, hoping to relieve some of the pressure, as her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly.



Jill had decided to go out to the lake that day with a couple of friends. She usually worked on Friday mornings, but she actually had the day off. Cuda, her godfather, had left for the shop sometime before nine, and Christina headed out not long after. She sat at the breakfast table rummaging through her bag as Martin cleared away the table.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to come with us? I mean it's only three friends of mine coming down they’re all pretty chill, I’m sure they’d be happy to meet you! ” She offered.

He shook his head…

“No.. it’s fine really… besides, I have something to do later… you go ahead..” He said placing a mug in the rack to dry.

She sighed inwardly, she knew that was a lie. He was going to sit alone in his room as usual, or just bump around the house until everyone else got home. She really liked Martin, but sometimes she worried about him. She had no idea why Godfather treated him so terribly. Rather she did, but could not understand how after just spending time with him…talking to him,  he still believed all the bullshit. He was just a boy. A strange one, but he was harmless.

“Alright… Well, I’m going to head upstairs to grab a few things, then I'm gonna head out. I probably won’t be back till around four”

He glances over his shoulder and nods.

“Have fun…” He called over his shoulder.

“ Definitely!  I’ll get the dishes next time… “ She called from the stairs.


Jill really didn’t know what prompted her to come home early.

By the time that she arrived at the lake, her mind was already elsewhere. She was distracted, she had been for the past week or so. Something was at the back of her mind that she couldn’t quite place.  Anxiousness, pooled at the pit of her stomach every morning. Every afternoon she was restless. She was irritable, nervous and elated all at the same time and she just wanted to rest.

She managed to stay at the lake for a few hours before she decided, she was done for the day. Despite her friends’ protests, she said her goodbyes and headed home. Part of her wanted to catch up on some errands, she had not done the laundry in a week, the floor of her bedroom was quickly becoming a stand-in hamper. The other part just didn’t like the idea of Martin being at home, all alone.

 Martin was part of the reason Jill was so distracted as of late. She found herself thinking of him, at the oddest moments of the day. Thinking of him when he wasn’t around. She was aware of the way that he looked at her sometimes. She could feel his eyes, as they moved over her, with quiet fascination. It did not feel odd or invasive. If anything, it left her curious. What exactly was he thinking?

Whatever his reason was, part of her wanted it to be for the same reason, she found herself watching him.

She liked to think, that Martin and herself were friends. He seemed to take a liking to her the second she arrived. It was probably due to the way she quickly took to his defense. Deflecting any subtle jabs or insults Cuda threw his way. Or maybe it was the fact she took it upon herself to show him around town, often times dragging him out in the afternoon, to show him a new spot. They’d go for walks around the neighborhood, often cutting through the park. They’d visit the shops on Main street, or end up at the arcade. More often than not,Jill found herself making excuses just to be around him. There was something comforting about his presence…  



She parked the car in the driveway, grabbing the bag where she stored her wet swimsuit and headed inside.

“Hey, it’s me..” She called.


Her eyes surveyed the empty kitchen, which looked exactly the same as when she left. She untied the plastic bag throwing it in the trash, laying her damp clothes across the small white rack in the corner. She went over to the fridge, grabbing a can of Tab from the side drawer. She raised the cool container to her temple briefly before cracking it open, draining the majority of it in the first draw.

She made her way into the hall, as she finished her drink.

“Hello?” she called again, out of habit.


It was unusually silent… save for the faint sound of a lawnmower in the distance, and the occasional car whizzing by.

Maybe Martin really did have plans today. She smiled at the thought. She headed into the living room, plopping herself down on the couch. She flipped through the tv guide absentmindedly “ Huh.. toxic avenger 2 is coming on tonight”

She continued to leaf through the tv guide for a bit before remembering her main reason for coming home early. With a sigh, she threw the magazine on the coffee table. “laundry… right.”

The further she ventured up the stairs, a strange anticipation that bubbled at the pit of her stomach. Something about having the house completely to herself. It was the same when she went off to college. She had a roommate for that first year and instantly opted for the option of living off campus the next. There was something about the solitude that she really enjoyed. There was always an underlying excitement. The knowledge that when you’re alone, you could pretty much do whatever you wanted.

Jill reach the top of the stairs, eyes darting over to her bedroom, then towards the hall. She paused at the top of the stairs when she was certain she’d heard something. It sounded like a creak. She swallowed thickly and continued up the hall. There was another slight creak and she paused, hand instantly covering her mouth. Her heart began to race. There it was again, It didn’t really sound like the floorboards. If anything it sounded like the creak of a bed, or someone shifting on a couch. Steadying herself, she ventured forward. That was when she heard another sound, clear as day coming from up the hall. It was something between a sigh.. and a moan. Her mouth fell open, “Shit!”

Her attention turned towards Martin’s room which was just down the hall. The door was cracked open, she could see daylight streaming in from his window into the dimly lit hall. Curiosity got the better of her. He was definitely home. Was there someone else there? There was a slight pang of jealousy, which led her forward. Surely not Martin… he wouldn’t..he didn’t… he was so innocent. Or that was what she told herself.

Standing right at the edge of the door, Jill peered inside. Martin was definitely home and was most definitely alone. He was laid out on the bed, completely bare, with one arm draped across his face, eyes obscured under the crook of his elbow. One leg was bent, the other laid outstretched, and his hand was wrapped around his quite sizeable erection. Jill could feel her mouth go dry, as another soft moan escaped his lips. She remained motionless, fixated. Those long delicate fingers were wrapped around his cock, stroking, pulling in a steady motion. Every so often his thumb would linger at the head, his strokes becoming shorter, breath quickening as his hips moved forward, practically grinding himself against his palm.  Every fiber of her being told her to “Leave! this is so wrong, invasive..” The low breathy moan that followed, kept her feet planted firmly in place.

She remained there motionless, watching the steady rise and fall of his chest, the way his hips would move forward slightly, those gorgeous lips that were parted in a silent moan. His hand was moving faster now, his breath was ragged, she could actually hear the sound of his hand moving over slickened flesh. He let out another breathy moan, much louder this time. Jill bit her lip as she felt something coil inside at the sound. There was a familiar throbbing sensation between her legs, an emptiness, her pnties were practiacally soaked at this point. Her face grew hot. She rose her thumb to her mouth absentmindedly chewing on her nail. She stepped back slightly, she had to leave, this was such an invasion of his privacy. She felt disgusted with herself… She began to back away, careful not to make a noise, but that was when she heard him.

“So close…I’m so close Jill…”

She froze in her tracks… Did he just? Had he seen her? Her heart was racing and she had to resist the urge to bolt down the stairs. Surely he could not have seen her.

He let out another grunt of pleasure… before he spoke again.


“S-soo good Jill…” He breathed

Placing her hand over her mouth she carefully eased her way back over to the door… He was now propped halfway up on one elbow, eyes shut tightly as he jerked himself to near completion… He was panting, lips parted in a silent moan.

She could see him grow rigid, the faint muscles in his abdomen contracting, as he let out a choked sob. He came, in several large spurts, the pearl white liquid seeping between his fingers, coating his stomach, landing on his chest as he fell back onto the pillows.  Jill slowly retreated.

She darted down the stairs, keeping the pressure on the balls of her feet as she swiftly entered the kitchen. She quickly grabbed her damp clothes off the rack, scanning the kitchen for anything she might have left behind.

Jill must have sat in the car for about five minutes before she slowly pulled out of the driveway, engine revving only once she got down the street. ~


A breeze drifted in through the window, ghosting over his skin, luring Martin out of his daze. His entire body was humming,, and his cheeks still burned red. He could not remember the last time he came that hard…he was still semi-erect. eventually, he would have to clean himself up, But that was not in the forefront of his mind. Reality soon started to rear its ugly head at the thought of what might have just transpired. He had no idea what came over him, it was almost as though he was dreaming, and whatever he chose to do in the dream had zero consequences.

He heard Jill’s car pull into the driveway about five minutes in. His clothes were pilled at the bottom of the bed, the bathroom less than three feet away. He could have easily made himself presentable or carried out the rest of his business in the bathroom. but he could not manage to make himself stop. The idea of her catching him…what she would think… He found himself more turned on than he had ever been in his entire  life, harder than he had ever been in his life. The idea of her eyes traveling over him during such an intimate act.

The more he thought on his, his cheeks burned with embarrassment, but the flicker of excitement still remained. He would have much preferred had it been her hands… her lips on his skin. He thought of her lips quite often. Envisioned them wrapped around his cock, envisioned her long delicate fingers wrapped around him, stroking, teasing. He envisioned her legs around his waist…How tight she would feel, the sound of his name on her lips.

She was going to hate him.. or at the least think he was some sort of pervert. He glanced over towards the clock. It was almost two thirty. He sighed before hoisting himself off the bed making his way over to the bathroom. As he washed his hands he kept his eyes downcast, refusing to look in the mirror. There was no guarantee that she saw anything… He definitely heard her car pull up, perhaps she left something behind that she needed. He didn’t even hear her come up the stairs. As he stepped into the shower, he gradually turned the water from cool to warm, letting the steam ease away some of the tension in his muscles. It was going to be fine...


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