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The great Van Helsing, a knight of The Holy Order, the Left Hand of God, the archangel Gabriel, exiled to Earth in the human form for his self-will and lack of submission, was being mercilessly tortured by nightmares again. He saw horrific, hideous piles of corpses and hacked and slashed bleeding bodies, showing awful wounds, cut heads and limbs, covering the battle-field; he heard terrible screams and moans of intolerable pain, groans of agony of the dying. Blood flowed in torrents, turning the green grass into red, saturating the air with its heavy nauseous rusty smell. Every moment it was growing stronger and stronger, causing him to begin to suffocate. Torrents of blood, having flown together, became a river, which then turned into a sticky red flood, engulfing him. He was drowning in an ocean of blood…

With an abrupt jerk, the heavy breathing man woke up, his body covered with cold sweat, his heart loudly pounding in his chest. Carl was peacefully snuffling in his bed across the tavern room. The monster hunter reached out his slightly trembling hand and grabbed a bottle from a table. He took a gulp of absinth. That calmed him down, and in some minutes his heavy eyelids lowered, closed, and soon he fell asleep again. However, his sleep wasn't quiet again: Dracula came into his dream.

The count said, burning him with a flame in his eyes, "Gabriel, you must return: last time you, having turned into a werewolf, were in a deranged state, and we couldn't talk properly. We must meet again for this. I mean no harm for you. Really, it's true. I'll be waiting for you at the Valerious castle, which, after Anna's death, is fully mine again. Don't you want to finally learn about your past and what are those sins for which, as a penance, you lost your memory? Don't you indeed want to get the much desired answers? Come back! And I'll give you back your life, your memory, yourself… And as a bonus —release from your nightmares. If you agree, I promise to not kill people, they will stay alive, but if you refuse, their deaths will be on your conscience. Come, I'm waiting for you, my angel… waiting with impatience…"

Van Helsing started in his dream and woke up again. He was awfully anxious and dismayed by this dream. It was realistic, not as ordinary dreams. Have Dracula really returned to Earth? It wasn't really that impossible: If Satan could resurrect a man in the form of a demon, hadn't he been able to revive his beloved son and wouldn't he have been eager to do this?

Having sighed heavily, the vigilante turned on his back and put his hands behind his head, clasping them and resting his head on them, staring at the dark ceiling above. What connects him with the vampire? And now he knew they definitely were connected. Cardinal Jinette said that in Transylvania he might find the answer he seeks, but he has lost his chance, having refused to listen Dracula out. That was a mistake, and now he regrets it. Can it be really true, and the demon didn't lie, that he is the knight that killed the prince of Wallachia in 1462 year, the Left Hand of God, archangel Gabriel? That is hard to believe in, but, on the other hand, this can be confirmed by his fragmentary remembrances of the ancient battles, taking place many hundreds years ago, and also by his strength and the unusual physical abilities he possesses, which he displays while hunting alone various monsters and maniacs —those acrobatic stunts he performed at Notre-Dame de Paris when hunting for Mr. Hyde, couldn't have done any other man.

The Vatican emissary recollected how Cardinal Jinette was showing him the images of the house of the Valerious—the royal family of Romania—and how he then simply froze before the ancient portrait of the prince of Wallachia for some moments. He didn't know him, but he seemed strangely familiar to him, and more so…

The nobleman was charismatically handsome. He was astounded by his magnetic visage with vivid, unforgettable features, majestic aspect and noble countenance, reflecting a critical, discerning and independent mind and subtle intellect. His big, beautiful eyes under the arches of the eyebrows, as if drawn with a brush, mesmerized. They shone like the lamps of the mysterious fane. Their perspicacious, profound, penetrating look seemed to pierce a viewer through and looked into his very soul. These expressive eyes glowed with diabolic pride, passion, iron willpower and wisdom through the faint veil of lurking sadness. The thin lips of the aristocrat were willfully and somewhat grievingly pressed. From under his ruler's headwear, resembling a turban, over his shoulders flowed his long gorgeous hair and covered them as a luxurious baldaquin.

The vigilante remembered that looking at this image, he felt a strange dull, aching pain at his heart. He couldn't explain it and was at a total loss about this feeling.

His future victim, the king of vampires, son of the Devil, count Dracula was as different from those creatures he usually dealt with as a star is different from trash.

The monster hunter recalled how Dracula, using his demonic, supernatural abilities—for all his fingers are in their place because he possesses vampiric regeneration—had been accusingly demonstrating him his cut finger. But why did he kill him back then and why was so eager to get the prince's ring that even would cut the finger off of his dead hand? He didn't know.

"And what did this term of address 'my angel' mean?" the man thought. "A taunt? But it was said with tenderness…" Van Helsing was perplexed.

In the morning Van Helsing said to the friar, "Carl, you go to Rome alone: I've got to go back to Vaseria,"

Carl, of course, was surprised by this totally unexpected decision.

"But why?! What for?!" The Vatican scientist looked at him wide-eyed in bewilderment.

The vigilante didn't want Carl to be worried so didn't tell him about his dream and just limited himself to a laconic statement, "I need to do this"

Seeing that Van Helsing wouldn't want to tell him what caused his intention and just informed him of it with set determination, the friar, not guessing the reason for it and so not worrying, decided not to be intrusive and didn't insist on telling him why. Therefore, he didn't argue with the great Van Helsing and agreed. They separated: Carl proceeded to Rome and the monster hunter returned to Vaseria.

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