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So this is my first installment of this Story I have had it sitting in my collection for a while and finally decided to post it. Over the next couple of days I will be adding more but please feel free to give me your thoughts. Excuse my liberties I know that he is not exactly in character. Enjoy!



The rain poured from all around dripping over the goggles, but it didn’t hinder his sight as he looked out over the cold barren wasteland. Crematoria, the hell hounds that’s what he had returned for. Those beasts were all he would need to make his team complete. Most of the people left on the last transport that he had provided. He headed down into the dark prison. He had come alone, the grand ship waited up above Creamatoria. He could hear their howls from below and he let his lips curve up. It would be simple to keep the Necro’s in line with them. His personal guards. Trained they would do anything, he would choose four for the guard and six for the breeding inside the ship.


It didn’t take him long to find the ten that he would want, the others he would release on a planet that had plagued his mind for many years. The twenty that remind would wreck havoc on those creatures and label the planet correctly few would deem to go there.


He rounded them all up and once he completed that he walked around the empty prison. Soft scratching reached his ears. He turned to face a door where he assumed the scratching was coming from. Opening the door he found a small hound and it mewed at him and tilted its head.


“How did you get in there?” The scuffling of footsteps gave him plenty of time to grab the pup and avoid the plank that was aimed at his head. The attack was sloppy and when he turned to face the attacker it was a woman. Her eyes were wild and her hair short. The darkness left her disoriented.


“They… they left me in here with that damned monster!” Riddick raised his eyebrow as she yelled and watched her. Eyes darted here and there to find the rest of the guards.


“Who did?” He ran a hand over the hounds head and it rumbled under his fingers completely relaxed. He observed the scratches over her ankles, there were bite marks as well. 


“The guards.” Her stomach growled to show that she hadn’t had much food this only made Riddick smile since she was meant to be food for the growing beast.


“So what are you in for?” The woman looked around noticing that there really wasn’t any lights.


“I… I didn’t do anything wrong.” Riddick sighed annoyed, an innocent one that someone brought as a slave for the guards.


“That’s what they all say.” The girl lunged and he sidestepped, causing her to land on the floor. “Very well, I can leave you here but know there is not a soul here anymore and probably will never be again. This is an abandoned place now.” She started to shake and tears rolled down her cheek. 


“Please don’t leave me here.” Riddick nodded, he had no patience for people that cried and he easily found his way back up to the ship. He knew the girl was behind him for her blunders were easy to hear. As they approached the ship, the sounds of the hounds were clearly coming from she fidgeted and stopped.


“Are you coming?” When he spoke she glanced from the young hound in his arms back to him and then to the ship and finally, her eyes rested on him.


“You have them all on that ship don’t you?” Riddick smiled devilishly.


“Aye.” She shook her head and started to shake more.


“I can’t.” She sobbed and he sighed grabbing her arm and lifting her up off her feet. The door opened to the ship and revealed the thirty hounds and she froze in his arms. Riddick shook his head and released the hound from one arm and shifted her so that her feet weren’t even in muzzle range. He ignored the beasts and stepped around them to the front of the ship where he dropped her in a seat. Only one hound had chosen a spot near the front and she hummed louder than the rest. Riddick checked on the pup and then closed the hatch. He noticed that the girl was still having trouble breathing and couldn’t help but smirk.


“Girl, these Beasts won’t do anything to harm you for the moment they see you as belonging to me and I am of their pack. So it would benefit all of us if you would calm down. Besides if I were you I would be more afraid of me. There are much worse things that I can do than they can.” For a moment she seemed completely scared but then she stopped shaking.


“Why what are you some kind of convict? Or worse a Necro?” He let a soft laugh escape his lips. It wasn’t a real laugh.


“Little lady, I am a convict, murderer, and lord Marshall of the Necro’s.” He could tell her heart stopped and caught in her throat. He could smell the fear pouring from her and it reminded him of the old days when something like that would excite him and draw him in.


“What do you want?” Riddick sighed as she stumbled over her words trying to appear calm. The pup climbed into his lap and curled up.


“To be forgotten, to fade away and never face the light.” She didn’t seem to understand what he had said but relaxed a little bit all the same. As soon as the ship came into sight the comlink buzzed.


“Lord Marshall, we read that you have a lot of life forms on board is there anything to be worried about?”


“Clear the loading deck and the cargo bay as well… Cargo bay two should do and everything is fine… Make sure Lord Vaako is there I want him to witness what will be the beginning.” The link beeped with a reply and then went silent.


“You really are lord, Marshall," Riddick smirked but otherwise did not comment on her words as he landed in the second bay, one of a few hundred, the door closed and he opened the ramp. None of the hounds moved but Riddick spoke clearly as he stepped around the ship.


“Lord Vaako.” As Riddick reached the platform he stopped and waited for the other man to reach him.


“Yes Lord Marshall.” Vaako had barely gotten used to saying it to this new leader, Vaako appalled calling him anything else because it came out with a curse. Even calling him lord felt like he was betraying his Faith.


“I want you to meet my best… Well, let's just say these will keep everyone in line once they are trained.” Lord Vaako shook his head resisting the urge to spit.


“Convicts please sir we have the best team available to protect you.”


Riddick whistled and watch Vaako for any change and he got one just a slight pang of fear. It was all he needed to know. He knew the pack would be standing behind him what he didn’t know was that the little one would ram into his leg. Kneeling down he picked up the little pup.


“These… These are who you want on guard in your throne room?” Riddick stood and turned the pack shifted to either side.


“Yes their loyalty will be to me I will take care of them. There is a planet I need to go to as well. It's not far from here but there is something I need you to do.” The lord Vaako followed him carefully realizing that he didn’t have a choice but to walk through the pack. A few growled but otherwise they did not move. They walked around to the back of the ship and Vaako almost jumped out of the way upon seeing twenty more resting on the floor of the ship. “The girl make sure she is comfortable, as soon as we come to the next port she will be getting off.” The girl jumped slightly as the Lord Vaako walked onto the ship. Vaako held out his hand to the girl and she hesitantly took it. “And Vaako, don’t convince her, she’s been through enough.” Lord Vaako nodded his head in acknowledgment as Riddick called for the rest of the hounds. All of them jumped up as if they had been stung and ran after Riddick. Vaako shook his head and then turned his attention to the girl.


“We should get you a room and then cleaned up Dame Vaako should be able to help you with that.” Riddick listened to his words and watched as they disappeared. Riddick preferred not to be bothered so he went about settling the hounds into cargo bay 2 until he could find them a more permanent placement closer to his rooms. He had at least three rooms near his that were empty but none of them were big enough individually for the pack. Two of the rooms could be remodeled connected for the pack and a door removed than added to his room so that the pack could be connected to his rooms.  It would be nice to have them around as company. The real kind where the creatures actually wanted to be around him instead of these people the fake kind. He sighed something that he had taken to doing recently. There had been many women who had thrown themselves at him in their own way and he couldn’t stand it. Recently because all they wanted was to have his heir or be his woman. Not that, that was a bad thing but he wanted his old life. Where woman were treasured and precious and wanted to be won. These women weren’t a challenge and if there was nothing interesting here then he needed an interesting love life… or at least sexual life. He needed to go to a place where no one knew about Lord Marshall or Richard B. Riddick.

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