Elizabeth's decision

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About a week had past since Will, Jack, and Barbossa had raped Elizabeth and things had been tense on the black pearl. Of course this was to be expected since Elizabeth felt betrayed by what they had done to her. She had trusted and loved them and they had raped her stolen her virtue like the bloody pirates they were but she could not bring herself to hate them. They had done the worst thing men could do to women and still she could not hate them. If anything she blamed herself she knew the stories people told about pirates being rapists, thieves, and murderers. Why oh why hadn’t she believed the stories if she had she would be married to Commodore now living as the governors daughter and living as a princess in Port Royal. Instead of having been raped by bloody pirates. She threw one of her pillows across the room hitting the wall with it. God she was angry with herself. She spent a lot of time these days in her cabin avoiding the three and crying her eyes out depressed over her lost virginity. Gibbs standing in the door frame asks “what did the wall ever do to ye miss Swann?” Elizabeth replied “oh just about as much as I did to them and yet I took an even bigger beating then I’m giving it.” Gibbs “ye still haven’t mentioned one word of what happen that got ye so bloody. What did happen Lize ye can me. And what do you mean what they did to ye they who and what?” Elizabeth “No Gibbs I can’t tell you you’ll just take their side after all one of them is your captain.” Gibbs bellows “what oh God what to hell did Jack do now.” Elizabeth “fine I’ll tell you. Him and Barbossa, and Will forced themselves on me and beat me.” Gibbs jaw drops to the floor. He sits next to her and takes her hand and says “oh man I’m so sorry Lize. I can’t believe that they did that well Barbossa I can but Will and Jack wow. Although, I want ye to do something ok look deep down inside and listen to your heart they didn’t give ye a choice in the matter and they were rough with you but was it really rape. If it was I can’t blame ye for hating them forever but were they really taking you against your will or were they taking ye against the will of society? You love them all and wanted to be with them romantically and sexually you just didn’t want to lose your standing in society. So really weren’t they just forcing you to give into your desires? If you didn’t have society ideals in your mind telling ye what to believe and feel wouldn’t you have been in their bed long ago?” Elizabeth thinks for a moment and says “yes yes I would have and deep down as much as it scares me I want to be like that again. I want to be helpless at their mercy and I want them to control me and fuck me hard.” Gibbs “that’s because you love them and that wasn’t rape not really. You just don’t like what society will think of ye and don’t like the situation of how it happened but deep down you don’t hate them you still love them and still want them.” Elizabeth nods and says “yes I still want them and love them. Oh what should I do Gibbs?” Gibbs says “go to them Lize I’m sure they love ye to and will take care of your new found needs.” Elizabeth “I can’t do that yet I’m still shocked and a little scared and can you just hold me.” Gibbs says “sure sweetie” Gibbs takes her into his arms and holds her a moment later Gibbs kisses her shoulder and she rolls them over to where she is on top of him. They take off each others clothes and she takes him into her. She rides him till he cumes inside her. She gets off of him and lies next to him. They kiss and Gibbs says “lets go talk to them. I’ll go with you and hold your hand while you tell them how ye feel.” Elizabeth nods and they walk to Jacks cabin (where Jack, Barbossa, and Will were before Gibbs went to talk to Elizabeth and where Gibbs hoped they still were as this would be better done not in front of the whole crew.) They were there and Gibbs and Elizabeth join them in the room. Elizabeth “Jack, Barbossa, Will I want you to know that even though you raped me I forgive you and still love you and I want you to control me and fuck me rough again.” Jack says “I think I speak for all of us when I say Id like that to.” Barbossa and Will nod in agreement. Jack says “we love ye to Lize and I wish things didn’t have to go that way but if ye still want us then we will be your lovers. But there be the question of who you want to be your main master. When a girl belongs to more than one man in a d/s relationship she has a main master that takes the lead and who controls what the other can and can not do to the girl. So that there are no arguments as to has the most authority over bed you must pick a main master.” Elizabeth replies “I want you to be my main master Jack.” Jack and Elizabeth kiss.

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