One night of feeling.,

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Warning, Graphic sex, rough sex. Cursing.
This take place during the movie, I pretened That mary never was lol. so deal with it :)


John Preston walked down the silent hall listening to click of his shoes echo off the walls. The building was a mess, there were holes in the ceiling and the walls allowing moonlight to spill into the empty house. Preston found himself unclipping his collar, the heat was almost unbearable; then again he didnt really know if it was truley the heat or his nerves that were making him sweat.

He kept his slow pace trying to make as little amount of noise as possiable so he could listen. Preston climbed the stairs taking two at a time as soon as he hit the top he heard the crunch of a footstep. Looking to his left and right he relized the noise came from the left coridoor so he made his way there. He reached for the handle and turned the knob, he was surprisenly happy to find it unlocked. He always did like to have the upper hand and the element of surprise in everything he did.

Preston opened the door as slowly, peering inside the room. Once he didnt see anything he step fully into the dark space and shut the door behind him making sure to lock it. He scanned the room once more, he couldnt see into the corners but he knew it was where she stood.

"You are quite loud Cleric Preston, I could've shot you dead without even breaking a sweat" The honeyed voice filled the air.

Even though he couldnt see her, he could hear the grin on her lips and he felt his hand twitch in response. He was proved right once she step in front of the only window in the room, her features seemed to glow in the blue moonlight. His hand twitched again while his eyes started from her feet and roamed up to her face. Preston felt his loins tighten and his mouth went dry.

"Augh, Cleric Quatermaine Are you so sure about that?" he questioned.

He remembered the day they met as if it was yesterday, it was the day he had stop taking his shot, he remembered it took every inch of his strength to keep his face blank when he met her. It was even a bigger shock when he found out a week later that she was off of the shots for almost a year. It brought a small grin to his mouth when he thought of those days and now here she stood in front of him, all his. He had a snuck a kiss or brush his hand along her skin whenever he could, keeping caution high. It was never enough and he was tired of the sleepless nights, along with stroking himself in the shower to the memories of her in his head. Oh was she ever a beauty, he nearly groaned right there in front of her.

Anna Quatermaine stood at 5'7 she had curves that could kill along with her superiour skills. He would even admit she was nearly as good as him, Her skin was creamy white and her eyes were a mix of green and brown. Her lips were full and crimson red, her face was framed with her long chocolate brown hair that fell in waves against her back.

Preston took a few steps towards her removing his gloves and tossing them on a desk. The room was empty except for the desk against the wall beside the window and a chair a few inches away from the desk. Her hands were on her hips, she was still grinning.

"So what was the emergency you said you needed back up on?" She inquired
"There isnt one" He responded blankly.

Anna moved to stand right in front of him he was taller then her,her eyes came up to his nose so she only had to tilt her head slightly to look into his eyes.

"And what may I ask is the reason you asked me here for?"

Preston let out a soft sigh while his eyes trailed down to her lips.

"Is it not obvious to you?"

Anna's heart started to speed up, secretly she was hoping that this moment would come. She played dumb not wanting to have made the mistake of misreading his letter but now she was trying to control her breathing before it gave her away. God only knows she was tired of lying awake all night and having exotic dreams of him.

Her tounge darted out and licked her upper lip, she turned her back to him taking a step away.

"what makes you think I want what your suggesting?" She asked

Preston didnt even think, he just grabbed her upper arm and pulled her against his chest, with his free hand he pulled her hair to one side and placed his mouth beside her ear. Anna could feel his breath tickling her neck and his arm snake around her waist. Her breath hitched in her throat and her body became so tense it made her muscles ache.

"because if you didnt you wouldnt have come, Your not stupid Anna" He whispered in her ear, he licked her ear lobe just with the tip of his tounge. "But if you really want me to stop, Just say so" He trailed kisses down her neck softly biting and nibbling back up to her ear.

Anna let out a low moan, her body was on fire and her lungs burned for air. His free hand slid around to cup her left breast. He lightly massaged it while contrasting it with harder bites on her neck. She gasped and melted into him, her breath was now coming out in short gasps.

"Oh god John, I;ve been wanting this for so long."

Preston groaned at the sound of her whimpering his name, He couldnt believe he lived so long without his emotions. Sure the anger and hurt he never wanted to feel but this, this desire and need was so strong. The feeling of possessiveness, of knowing that no other man could touch her, that he was the only one to taste her, to feel her. Most of all the feeling of love. It nearly made him want to cry, little did he know she was feeling the exact same thing.

Anna let out a growl which surprised Preston, not as much as her feverish demand, "Stop toying with me, I need you. now."

It was all it took to make him snap, He whipped her around and slammed his mouth to hers, His tounge demanding access to her mouth, Battling with her tounge. She had all the buttons on his shirt undone in 2 seconds flat and was pulling it off to reveal his smooth chiseled chest. Anna brushed her fingers against his flesh, while she was working on his pant buckle, he had her shirt and pants already off. Leaving her in only her black bra and panties, she kicked her shoes off and trailed her mouth down his neck and chest returning the favor of lightly bitting.

Preston let out a hiss and grabbed her ass, lifting her up off the ground, her legs wrapped around him and he slammed her against the wall. She let out a gasp and a soft laugh as he set her on the desktop beside them. He smiled at her and removed his pants and shoes, standing naked in front of her he stared at her for a second. Her lips were swollen and there were tiny bite marks down her neck. She was still smiling at him when she reached behind her to undo her bra, she tossed it at him laughing when it hit him in the face. He tossed it aside and stood in between her legs, he pushed her torso back lightly, making her lean against her arms. He trailed kisses down her neck again and down her chest, his mouth lingered on her breast. The noises coming from Anna's mouth were making it hard for him to keep control, he moved his hand down her flat stomach to her warmth. He slipped his finger inside of her, drawing out a loud moan from her lips. His thumb rolled over her clit making her jump with a gasp, he continued to stroke her clit and moved his finger in and out and a slow pace. Preston looked up at her face, her eyes were closed her lips were slightly apart. Sweat beads poured down her chest and forehead, making her glisten in the light.

"Anna, open your eyes" He demanded his voice sounding hoarse even to him.
She tried to open them slightly but then closed them again.
"I cant" she panted.

He stopped his motions and Anna cried out at the loss, "Please..John Dont Stop"
Preston moved his mouth to hover over hers, "Open your eyes and look at me and I'll never stop."
Anna did so staring into his brown eyes, he gave her a soft kiss and pulled away. He continued his motions, her eyes fluttered shut but in a flash she opened them again. Remembering his threat, her chest started to hurt, it was the way he was looking at her. The look in her eyes acutally brought tears to her eyes, and as her climax started to build, one tear slipped down her cheek. Preston quickly slipped a second finger in her and stroked her g-spot forcefully, while picking up speed with his thumb.
Her orgasm hit her hard, she opened her mouth in a silent outburst, as her vision blurred. She pushed him back a step or two and kissed him hard and fast, pulling away again, she gave him a wicked grin before kneeling in front of him.
'no she couldnt be' he thought "Anna Wha.."

His question was cut short as she ran her tounge up his hard shaft and along the top tasting his salty pre-cum. The groan Preston let out sounding almost like an animal, He wrapped his hands in her hair, moving along with her. Her warm moist mouth felt so good to him, he nearly lost it all right there. He Couldnt continue, pulling on her hair he yanked her up. Smashing his mouth against her again, he could taste himself on her and it only made him more dominate.

Anna was sitting on the desktop again, her legs wrapped around his waist. She could feel his length against her, she tried pulling him closer to her but he didnt move. He just stood there, rubbing himself against her, her hands wrapped around his neck, her eyes starring into his.

"Please John" She whimpered.
Preston softly kissed her lips, "Tell me you want me Anna" he pleaded.
"I want you, I need you in me now, Please"

He slid slowly inside her groaning the entire way, her moan was drawn out along with his. He kept the pace agonizingly slow, his hands digging into her hips. Anna's nails dug into his shoulder blades, breaking the skin and causing Preston to groan again. He took the hint and sped up, pushing in her faster and harder. He became more agressive and demanding, their sweat mingled together their breaths seemed to be shared.

"oh, John oh faster....Harder. oh yes"
He drowned in her sighs and moans, following her every demand, bringing her higher and higher, her body began to shake.
"oh I'm close, oh " Preston groaned and grunted with every thrust, kissing her every second.
He felt her clench around him as her orgasm hit, it brought him over the edge and groaned her name he spilled his seed inside of her.
Anna was exhausted but she held onto him still, listening to their breathing, "Dont move please, just for a moment"
Preston obeyed and places little kisses on her neck, tasting her sweat.
He looked at her brushing the tears away with his one hand.
"Anna, we will suceed in bringing down the father and when we do, I will marry you, i will tell you I love you every day. I will kiss you and never let you out of my bed" He held her face in his hands. "I promise, I love you Anna, You belong to me..Forever"
Anna smiled and kissed him she didnt know where all the passion came from, but she gave it all to him.
They got dressed in silent, held hands while they walked down the hallways and stairs. Before they walked out the door, Preston turned to her and kissed her one last time.
"Same time, same place. 2 days from now?" He questioned.
Anna nodded her head, "Untill then, here you can keep this"
She handed him her black panties with s smile and then walked to her car.

Preston smiled and walked out to his own car, driving back to Libira.

Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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