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Disclaimer: I do not own The Interrogator from Closet Land, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is in response to the weekly sentence challenge on ARWOW. Since I have been bad and not done it for many weeks I added all the sentences into this one story that is still unfinished.

The door creaked open slowly, and he stepped in...hoping not to wake her.

They had recently dragged her in from the holding cell. His patent leather shoes softly squeaked on the floor, it was an effect he did enjoy.

Holding cell he mused to himself, made them sound so offical and police like, but they were nothing as nice as police.

'Yes, she would be wishing for those shiny badged people in several moments' he whispered to her as she lay on the floor.

Standing he stepped back and lifted the large bucket full of chilled water, being careful not to wet his crisp white shirt and black dress trousers he threw the water on her prone form.


The cold water hit her naked skin that was already showing the signs of the low temperature in the room.

Snorting softly to himself as she sat bolt upright from the rude shock of the cold water.

She sat their gaping at him, her eyes wide with shock and fear. He did not stir nor make any sound. He would give her nothing to focus on but his marble like features.

Blinking rapidly she tilted her head, studying him very closely. He was the only real focus point in this strange room that just messed with peoples' senses.

The room itself curved up into what appeared to be a mountainous hillside and where they were positioned was in a valley, cold breeze somehow blew around them. The floor was painted to look like grass but was cool like marble.

Finally she found her voice and asked the question they all asked when first finding themselves in this room.

"W-Where am I?" she stammered, drawing her knees up to her chest in such a child like manner that amused him so.

"Here" he clearly stated, his features schooled to show no emotions and made sure to stare her directly in the eyes.

"Here? But where is here?" her voice rose, indicating her confusion at her current situation.

"You are here. Where here is, no one really knows" letting the game begin. His voice was a tone that he had used many times in the past to get the 'party' thinking he was telling them some great secret of the world.

"What city am I in?" shaking her head trying to get her bearings and began to rise onto her feet.

"City, do you see a city here?" he asked her with a sweep of his hand indicating the mountain vista all around them.

"It is just a room" she yelled at him, clenching her fists and stamping her foot.

"We are here. That is all" waving her off like she could go now. Begun to study his fingernails in a very dismissive fashion.

Spinning around, her gaze could not find any door, no window, Nothing that would let her leave this weird room. Once again she shook her head, tears coursing down her cheek.

"Let me out of here" she screamed bouncing on her feet in that universal way of fear and total frustration.

Carefully he reached out and brushed away the tear that was coursing down her cheek.

Licking his tear stained finger and turning once again from her, reacting to her outbursts no more then an oblivious parent would to a child throwing another tantrum.

Before she could scream again, music began to float into her ear. Frowning hard and trying to work out what song it was.

"Amigos Para Siempre" she murmured to herself recognising the song as one sang by the awesome Sarah Brightman.

Turning and reaching for her gain, he was smiling. This smile did not touch his eyes.

Grabbing her arms he pulled her into a dance hold and began to push her around in a tango.

"You scream at me and then, announce we are friends for life" he whispered seductively in her ear, making sure his lips brush against her skin.

"Let me go" she cried out and finally remembered some of her stranger danger course and stamped hard on his foot.

Pain shot up her foot as she swung her around, tripping herself she fell to the floor where he crashed on top of her.

"Such a bad girl. Treat a lady to a dance and you attack me. Tsk Tsk" his voice no longer the seductive tone and once again the cold emotionless manner.

Gracefully he climbs to his feet,straightening his shirt to sit neatly on his well set frame and dusting his pants off before dramatically pulling a length of fabric from out of his pocket.

Without much preamble he leaned down and tightly fastened the fabric over her eyes, in a very effective blind fold.

She reaches up to drag the painfull fabric from her eyes and her reward is a stinging slap to her hands.

"Stop" she cried out. "Please let me go. I have done nothing wrong" she pleads her body begining to shake.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh yes Dear writer you have done so many things wrong" he shouted at her true anger not ringing in his voice. He had slapped her tear stained cheek with each proclaimed Yes.

"I shall recite some of your work shall I" not asking at all, and finally getting some enjoyment from this interaction.

"…she was grabbed from behind and screamed in pain as the knife was plundged into her heart." he made disaproving sounds at her and gave her a slight kick in the leg causing her to cry out.

"You go on to describe the pain so well and the persons reaction to being stabbed that one has to assume you actually have done this heinous deed." Pacing behind her so he could watch her wriggle in horror and fear.

"No, it was all from research. I have never harmed anyone" she told him all chocked up, if she found not being able work out where she was unnerving then not being able to see where he was, well that was just even more horrifying.

Snorting his amusement at her obvious confusion.

"That is not what Billy Baithwat told us" he boomed down at her, getting a light thrill to see her cringe and finally having stopped from trying to remove the tight blind fold.

"I do not know anyone named Billy Baithwat, I swear it" her voice had turned back to pleading and was on the hesterical side.

"So you do not even learn your victims names before you kill them with your words? Billy commited suicide because your books told him to set himself free" he had walked around her sitting form, as he boomed his voice loud,so it bounced off the walls of the room. It had so been designed to do just this.

With a sharp rap to the back of her head, he efficently had her out cold and carried her from the room, his limp doll, one whom he wished to continue to enjoy.

Pain throbbed in her head as she opened her eyes, once more the sight confounded her already on edge senses.

She gazed at her tormentor once more, saw what he was looking at and this did and could not make sense to her.

The wind blew through his hair as he looked out over the sparkling water.

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