Sinclair Triplets

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Sinclair Triplets

Summary: What would have happened if there had been Triplets, and not twins? Bo, Vincent and Monique? She helps them terrorize the people who come to their town. OC/Blake, OC/Nick, OC/Wade, OC/Dalton.

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Chapter 1, Not so Nice Triplet

“Come on” Carly urged Wade “Let’s go check the church” as the couple ran up to the church and opened the door.

Monique spun around, her golden eyes shimmering with tears of grief. Her long, kinda curly hair fell over her shoulders, her pale skin reflecting off the candles in the church, gave her the look of a drowned person. She wore black jeans, boots and a black tank top.

Bo spun around also, and he held onto Monique’s hand, as he whispered in her ear “New people”

Monique fought back a smile, as she turned away from the couple at the door, as if offended and began crying over the coffin with the fake wax model inside.

“I’m sorry” Wade and Carly said together, as they walked back outside. Bo grinned, a terrible, evil grin. He looked at Monique and said “You know what to do. Go find Vincent and tell him to be prepared, I’ll handle these two”

Monique nodded eagerly, her brown curls bouncing, and he moved her tall, slender figure away and walked out the back door, and ran back to the wax house, ready to pick up Vincent.


Monique closed the door slowly behind her in the wax house, and as she walked down to the basement, the heels of her boots clicked loudly against the wax that was the floor.

‘Great’ Monique thought angrily ‘Just what I need. For Vince to think there’s an intruder in the house’

As she walked towards the basement, she heard loud clattering below, and she rolled her eyes. Typical Vincent. Strike now ask questions later.

“It’s Okay Vince” Monique called out, descending the wax steps littered with candles “It’s just me, Monique”

She opened the door into the room where they carved wax statues out of people, and Vincent was standing there.

Monique looked at the statue of the girl. Long black hair, Japanese looking face, with a red dress on and a silhouette sheet around her saying “Miss Ambrose”

Monique laughed and remembered that that was the girl from two nights ago. “Damn that was an awesome kill” Monique said, smiling her perfect, white, straight-teeth smile “She didn’t put up much of a fight. For a second I thought you were going to let her go. But nope, just straight up revved down that road, stabbed her in the head and threw her through her windshield. Man, Vince, you can drive. I thought I was going to fly out of the passenger seat!”

Vincent smiled, or at least from what Monique could see under his mask. “Did I do well then?” he asked gruffly, and then rubbed his throat.

Monique smiled again and hugged Vincent “Of course you did!” Monique said, running her fingers through Vincent’s hair.

“But now Bo wants you up at the house. We’re expecting people” she said, smiling cockily at him “Time for some fun”


Wade snooped around eagerly up in Bo, Vincent and Monique’s house, searching through some of their dad’s old things. Like that horse foetus and Vincent’s wax masks.

As Vincent and Monique snuck behind the hedges, Monique smiled as she found the perfect weapon for Vincent to use… Garden Scissors. Nice, long, Garden Scissors.

“Take these” Monique told him impatiently, handing him the Scissors. “Don’t forget to use the trap door, okay?”

Vincent nodded, and Monique set off towards the directions of the house back door, while Vincent crept through the basement doors outside.

Monique slowly opened the door, and while pulling her leather jacket on, she slowly closed it. She heard the man from inside playing with her father’s things. She swung her curls back, before walking into the living room.

“Howdy Stranger” Monique said seductively, pulling her jacket close around her. Wade spun around and practically gasped at the sight of her.

Monique grinned. He was too easy. She gave him a sexy, seductive smile and said “I’ve never seen you around here before. What’s your name?”

“W-Wade” the man stuttered, looking at the ground and Monique could tell he was blushing “M-M-My friends and I are c-camping down the road”

“Oh” Monique said reasonably, walking close to Wade “That still doesn’t explain why you’re in my house”

“Your house?” Wade spluttered.
“Uh huh. My brother and I live here” Monique said, purposely stepping closer to Wade, so then he would back away towards the trap door, where he would be easy prey for Vince.

“Your brother is Bo?” Wade asked, backing right up against the door now, and Monique still stood close to him.

“Uh huh” Monique said seductively, pulling her lips against Wade’s. But unfortunately, the kiss was short due to the fact his annoying girlfriend honked the horn.

“Hey listen” Wade said, pulling away from her and holding up his hands “You’re beautiful, but I have a girlfriend who I love, and I really should be getting back so her”

Monique shook her head, and sighed. She thought he was going to be fun. “Okay” Monique said reasonably, walking into the kitchen and she grabbed a knife from the cutlery.

She paused, waiting for the gasp of agony from Vince cutting Wade’s ankle or whatever he could reach.

Surely enough, seconds later, she heard a moan of pain and a yell, as he shuffled towards her dad’s amputation room.

Monique grinned and walked into the room, seeing Wade trying to lift himself up using the table.

“Oh Thank God” he said, noticing Monique step closer to him “Help me! Someone cut my ankle and-”

He was cut off with a scream as Monique lazily plunged the knife she was holding into his gut. Wade dropped to the floor, struggling, with his eyes closed away from Monique.

Monique looked down at him with pity. Stupid asshole. Just faint or something already. Slowly, Vincent made his way to his sister’s side, and they both look down on him.

Vincent sighed and kicked Wade in the face, knocking him out. “Good job, Vincent” Monique said, rubbing Vincent’s shoulder.

“What the hell?” said a voice from behind them. They both spun around to see Bo standing there, looking at Wade.

“Go deal with the annoying girl out the front” Monique spat at him angrily, and Bo raised his hands in defeat, and taking the box he was holding, he marched outside.

“Where’s Wade?” Monique heard the girl say before it was shut off by the door slamming behind Bo.

Monique crawled on top of Wade’s body, and sighed. He was so gorgeous. Shame he has to die. She softly kissed him on the lips, and whispered “I’m Sorry”

But added sarcastically “I’ve been a bad, bad girl”

So Vincent and Monique dragged Wade out the back door and back to the House of Wax, where Wade was about to meet his fatal end.

‘Fatal’ Monique thought as they opened the door to the Wax house ‘And painful’


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