Nick and Rory

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The ride to the mall was silent. Every few minutes Nick would look over at Rory concern filling his eyes. Rory couldnít help but think about her mom and her friends. What was she even doing here? Nick was right she didnít know what she was doing. She had no idea what she had gotten her self into. Her thoughts drifted back to her mom. Her lip started to tremble but she bit down on it to control herself. Before she could control it a tear slipped down her cheek just at the moment Nick looked at her. Still driving, Nick couldnít take it anymore he had to know what was wrong.
Nick: Rory whatís the matter?
Rory: What? Nothing just allergies.
Nick: What did I tell you about lying to me?
Rory: Really Nick nothings wrong.
Nick rolled his eyes but knew he couldnít do anything about this now because he was in the middle of traffic. Rory tried to stop herself from crying but she couldnít control it any longer. About a few minutes before they reached the mall Rory completely broke down.
Nick: Thatís it! Damn it Rory what the hell is the matter?
Rory: Nothing please can we just get this over with.
Nick took a deep breath and counted to 10 backwards to control his temper. He knew that if he brought Rory into he mall crying they would get weird looks from people.
Nick: Here wipe your face.
He said taking a handkerchief out of his pocket and handing it to her. Rory took it started to wipe any trace of tears from her eyes.
Nick: Will you please tell me whatís wrong.
Rory: I just want to go in there and get whatever we have to get and go home.

The time they spent at the mall was in complete silence. Rory showed no interest in what was going on. Nick ended up picking out all her clothes and every once in a while he would check the tags on Roryís clothes to find her size. The ride back home wasnít very different. But, this time Nick was furious. Didnít she appreciate anything he was doing for her? Was it him? He thought to himself.
Nick: Well that was fun wasnít it?
He said this as more of a statement than a question. Rory only glanced at him. This time Nick had with her attitude he was going to put her in check and let her know that this was not going to be something he would tolerate.
Nick: Thatís it Rory Iíve had it with you.
He said as he walked over to the couch and sat down.
Nick: Come here now.
As Rory walked over to him she felt fear rise in her stomach. Nick took her by the arm and pulled her over his lap and yanked down her pants and panties. When this happed Rory started to panick. She had never be spanked in her life.
Nick: I have done nothing but cared for you. I gave to a place to liveÖ
Rory: Please stop it hurts!!
But Nick held her tight to him so she couldnít move. All she could do was kick her legs.
Nick: Food to eat and I even bought you knew clothes.
Nick: This is the thanks you show me? Youíre stupid little sassy attitude?
Nick: what do you have to say for yourself?
By the 10 spank Rory felt like her butt was on fire.
Rory: Itís not that. I'm very grateful I donít know what I would have done if you didnít take me in.
Nick: What did I tell you about lying to me?
By this time Rory had tears pouring down her cheeks.
Rory: It's my mom.
She said sobbing. At this Nick automatically stop the spanking, but kept his handing rested on her ass. Her little bubble butt that was once white was now a dark shade of pink.
Nick: Get me the lotion itís in the bathroom.
Without a word Rory climbed of this lap to find the lotion. We she got back, Nick motioned for her to lie across his lap again.
Rory: Whatís that for?
Rory asked nervously.
Nick: If I donít put this on now you wonít be able to sleep on your back tonight.
Rory nodded and relaxed across his lap.
Nick: So this whole attitude you were having today was because of your mom?
Nick asked as he started to rub the lotion on her plump little cheeks. At this Rory nodded and moaned. The cool lotion felt so good against her hot skin. As she relaxed her legs spread a bit. Nick reached his hand to separate her buttocks a bit when he did this he saw that her anus was still a little swollen from the attention he had given it during her bath. He took a tiny bit of lotion and started to massage it on her pucker. Rory moaned but did not protest she was so exhausted from everything that day. After this was over Nick sat Rory up on his lap and held her close to him. She simply closed her eyes and relaxed against him. Rory started to tell him about everything that went wrong with her mom, Logan, and her grandparents. Nick felt pang of guilt in his heart.
Nick: Have you tried to call her?
He asked looking down at her and stroking her hair.
Rory: No I couldnít bring myself to do it.
Nick: Does this just have to do with everything that happened or is it also cause of me? Are you worried she might find out about what are relationship is like? Cause if it is I want you to know that no one I know knows about this so if you want to keep it a secret Iíll be ok with that.
Rory: Thanks.
Nick: If I knew you were upset about something like that I wouldnít have spanked you.
Rory: I know.
Nick: Why didnít you just tell me what was wrong instead of dragging in on like that?
Rory: I don't me guess I was just ashamed of everything that I did in the past.
Nick: Ok, but from now on no secrets deal?
Rory: Deal.
Nick chuckled and kissed her nose.
Nick: Everything will be alright.

It was late by the time things started to calm down. Rory noticed that Nick didnít buy her any pajamas so she borrowed one of his shirts to sleep in. She then stepped into the bathroom to change. By the time she was done she found Nick sitting on the bed and taking his shirt of. When she saw this her breath caught in her throat. Was it even possible for someoneís body to be that god like? She thought to herself. As soon as she came out of her daze she walked over to the bed and sat next to him.
Rory: Nick whatís that on your leg?
Rory said pointing to the scar on Nickís thigh. She saw his eyes darken and become distant.
Nick: Whatís that? Nothing for you to worry about sweetie, go to sleep.
Rory: But itís only 11.
Nick: Now Rory. Do I have to spank you again?
Rory: No. Iím going to bed now night.
Nick: Night Iíll be there in a minute I just have to make a call.
Before he left the room Nick went over to Rory's side of the bed and pulled the blankets up around her. He smiled down at her and tenderly stroked her hair. Rory thought her heart would melt. She couldnt believe that in a situation like this she still felt so safe and secure. Rory eventually closed her eyes while Nick was still watching her. He waited till he breathing was softer and more relaxed. Once he knew she was asleep he turn of the lights and left the room shutting the door behind him.

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