Femme Fatale

BY : Keri
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Disclaimer: I do not own Cruel Intentions, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Femme Fatal

Author: Kerimack

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters from Cruel Intentions, but I do borrow and manipulate them.

Summary: After Kathryn’s downfall she designs an elaborate revenge scheme against all who have hurt her. Twists and turns soon arise including a surprise no one saw coming! Kathryn’s POV. Please R&R.

Authors Note: I know, I know another long fic but I couldn’t help myself. Anyway I WILL finish Time After Time this week and then alternate between this and Who Are You. If there is a particular story of mine that you want updated let me know.

Chapter 1: Comin’ Up From Behind

Cruel Intentions

How fucking clever. I wasn’t nearly so flippant when that bitch Cecil handed me a copy of my late step brothers journal. As much as I hated to admit it I was scared because I was aware Sebastian knew things about me. Everything to be more specific. I told him things I never told another living soul so of course that was going to come back to bite me on the ass.

Still as I stood on the steps of Manchester cathedral it occurred to me I really had no idea he despised me so much. True our relationship wasn’t what you would classify as a typical step brother/step sister relationship. We did care about each other; hell I’d go so far as to say we loved each other in a twisted sort of way. He wanted me and I wanted to use that to torture him. We were two of a kind until he went and ruined it by falling for a certain blond hick.

As I flipped through the journal I skimmed what he said about me. Surprise, surprise none of it’s particularly flattering. It actually hurt to read what he thought of me and before I know it I can feel a tear slid down my cheek. At the moment I wasn’t crying because my reputation was shot to shit but rather pathetically because Sebastian hated me.

My eyes eventually looked up to see nearly the entire school looking at me with expressions that ranged from disgust to contempt. Fucking hypocrites! I wanted to scream at them that they weren’t any better. I might have told some lies and screwed some people over but I had never raped anyone or shot a pool boy for screwing my girlfriend like I knew certain classmates of mine had.

Before I could say anything however the new headmaster suddenly appeared behind me. Without a word the freak grabbed my hand and pulled my crucifix from around my wrist. I watched in shocked silence as he unscrewed the bottom sending my coke floating through the air on a breeze. The sanctimonious asshole then shook his head at me while my parents came out staring at me in embarrassed shock. My mother’s eyes narrowed at me before she turned away and marched back into the church. I looked after her and saw the picture of my dearly deceased Sebastian looking back at me. Staring at his mocking face one thought continuously ran through my head:

Well done Valmont

Yes I was very much aware the bastard was dead but I also knew there wasn’t a soul on this planet capable of taking me down besides him. Dead or not I knew he was somehow responsible. Oddly enough this only made me miss him more.

While mummy and my step father went and had a chat with the headmaster about what to do with me I waited inside the now vacant church. Just me and that stupid photo of him wearing his smirk. Walking up to it I wiped my damp eyes and hissed at him “I hope you’re enjoying this while you’re rotting in hell!”

Turning away I began to pace trying to figure out what my next move would be. I looked up at the high cathedral ceiling and thought maybe if I believed in god I would ask for forgiveness. However all my religious beliefs were bullshit so I didn’t see the use. I was on my own.

“This is all your fault” I told him. “If you had never fallen for that virginal hick you would still be alive and my reputation wouldn’t be in the toilet. But no you had to have her…”

I trailed off as a realization suddenly occurred to me. “Of course” I muttered to myself as I turned back to his picture. “You gave her your journal you dumb prick.”

It made sense that sentimental Sebastian would do something moronic like handing over her fate to the headmasters daughter. Annette being behind this also explained why she accosted me in the bathroom. Maybe if I hadn’t taken that bump of coke before my speech I would have realized something was off.

Annette fucking Hardgrove. Apparently she was smarter than she looked. I knew idiot Cecil was no way intelligent enough to pull off such a plan but Annette from the little Sebastian told me about her was. It was the perfect little revenge plot. I have to admit I’d be impressed if it wasn’t my life she was destroying.

I’ll see you around campus. Not if I see you first bitch.

My thoughts of retaliation were interrupted when the heavy wood door behind the pew opened and my parents stepped out. Ever the father of the year, Edward muttered something about going to the office as he walked passed me out of the church leaving mother and I to ourselves.

Arms crossed she looked at me with her typical put upon bored look that told me I was going to have to do some quick explaining. “Look mother I know-

“Shh” she silenced me by raising a finger like she did with her small annoying dogs. “This is what is to happen Kathryn. Headmaster Hardgrove has agreed to not expel you and not alert the police about the drugs if you meet certain stipulations.”

“Like what?”

“For starters you will go into counseling five days a week. You will resign as student body president along with your other student activities. Also you will enter the volunteer work program under the supervision of Annette.”

“What?!” I bellowed interrupting her. “Annette? That little bitch is the reason I’m in this mess.”

Still cool and collected mother replied “that little bitch is the headmasters daughter and if you value any sort of future for yourself you’ll do as he says. Now he has agreed to allow you into the dorms with free room and board providing-

“Wait, why can’t I stay at the house?”

With a cold malicious smile she replied “you are no longer welcomed in my home. I’m allowing you use of the limo for one hour so you can gather your things and leave. If you don’t want to take Mr. Hardgroves very generous offer then find don’t, I don’t really care. From this point on Kathryn you are on your own.”

Hearing this from my own mother was painful but not as much as one would think. I guess you could say mother and I were never terribly close. I was more an inconvenience to her than a daughter. From a young age I always got the feeling she was looking for a reason to dispose of me. Well here was one handed to her on a silver platter. It was also completely legal seeing as I was eighteen. Guess she lucked out.

However as hurtful as she was being I was in no way about to give her the satisfaction of breaking down in tears over it. Instead I held my head up and replied “fine, hand me over my inheritance and you’ll never have to see me again.”

This elicited a deep chuckle from her “inheritance? Oh I don’ink ink so.”

“Daddy left me a trust” I hissed. “It’s mine, you can’t touch it.”

“But that’s where you’re wrong Kathryn. You see one of the clauses in his will was I had complete control over your finances until you turn twenty five. Seeing as you’ve destroyed your name, no meo mention damaged mine I think I have no other option but to cut you off completely.”

My mouth fell open at this news. That trust was one of the only things I had left of my father besides his name sake. Not to mention it was my only means of support and she knew it. “You god damn bitch!”

“Now Kathryn I don’t have time for your tantrums. I have a facial at Elizabeth Arden’s at one. If I were you I’d use my time wisely by going home and gathering your things before I donate them to good will. You have exactly an hour since the locksmith should be arriving then to change the locks.”

Sliding her sunglasses back on my mother turned on her heels and walked out of the church. “Mother” I called out as I chased after her “you can’t do this to me, I’m your daughter for crying out loud!”

As we stepped out into the sunlight she looked back at me and replied “you should have considered your actions before leading your step brother to his death.”

Stepping closer to her I hissed my voice still shaky “you hated Sebastian.”

“Yes” she said smiling coldly “now thanks to you dear daughter I’m rid of both of you.”

A black town car pulled up and my mother walked up to it. I followed after her my brain desperately trying to think up something to say that would make her change her mind. Just as the driver was about tose hse her door she stopped him and looked over at me. My eyes filled with hope thinking maybe she had taken pity on me and realized the harshness of her actions. However instead she said simply “good luck Kathryn, I have a feeling you’re going to need it.”

I’m pretty sure it was at that moment any goodness I might have had in me died. My own mother threw mey liy like a piece of trash and it taught me a lesson: people, no matter how close to you they seem, are not to be trusted. Sure I thought my mother was a bitch but a small part of me did love her.

Another tear fell down my face as I stood alone on the pavement. Part of me wanted to end it right there. I mean what was the point really? No money, no power and certainly no one who loved or even cared about me. Maybe I did deserve to be punished for my actions, karma and all that. I was a bad girl, rotten to the heart.

However the thing is I’ve never been one for self pity. Suicide no matter how tempting it might have seemed was the loser’s way out and I might be many things but I wasn’t a loser. I was also not someone who backed down from a challenge and that was exactly what this was. Just another challenge and I would win.

* * * * * *

As I rode home I made plans about what I would do. I had very little cash on me and wasn’t too keen on the idea of hawking my jewelry at a pawn shop. Still I had enough to get by for a few days and then I would see about a loan.

After arriving home to my seemingly vacant town house, I packed up about half my things from my bedroom and ordered the maid to put them in the hall. There was one last thing before I left this hell hole that I needed, the keys to Sebastian’s jag. They belonged to me, the son of a bitch owed me that much.

Throwing open his bedroom door I was stunned to find I wasn’t alone. Sitting behind his oak finished desk was the former virgin princess herself. As she looked up at me her expression remained calm as she said “I had a feeling you would show up here.”

I slammed the door behind me as I took my first real good look at her. She wasn’t much, just another blond, blue eyed farm girl with no fashion sense. This is what Sebastian choose over me? God he really was out of his fucking mind. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here?”

“Well, hello to you too Kathryn. The better question might be what are YOU doing here? I heard your mother is throwing you out.”

Flinching I responded “yes you’ll be happy to know I’m now homeless and penniless. Is that adequate enough revenge for you?”

Annette got up from her seat and approached me, her eyes cold as she spoke “not nearly. Because of you and your petty jealousy Sebastian’s life was destroyed.”

“Actually” I countered “it was destroyed the day you decided to spread your legs for him.”

Annette responded by slapping me hard across the face. I reeled backwards only slightly before snickering “ouch, I think I hit a nerve. What’s the matter princess can’t take the truth that all you ever were to him was another boring lay?”

“You’re disgusting” she hissed as her small body shook with furry. “No wonder he hated you!”

My smirk fell as I asked “is that what you think?”

“It’s the truth he told me himself. Right before ied ied he made me promise to pay you back for what you did to us and I have every intention of living up to that promise. You deserve to pay not just for everything you did to me and Sebastian but for everyone you’ve ever hurt.”

So Sebastian was behind her revenge, I figured as much. I didn’t want to care that he wanted me destroyed but I did. After all we knew each other for three long years and he threw it away because of some little bitch he knew for three weeks. Still I put my feelings for the past aside and replied flippantly “how noble of you Annette. You’re going to make me pay?”

She snickered “I would say I already have. Look at what’s happened to your life Kathryn. In an hours time you’ve lost your home, your trust fund and your precious reputation. Everyone now knows you for the miserable whore that you are, just like Sebastian did!”

My rage bubbled to the surface as I looked into her mocking triumphant face. I backhanded Annette hard across the face sending her tumbling backwards, knocking into the chaise lounge and falling to the floor. Before she could get back on her feet and attack I acted quickly grabbing the fire poker and holding it to her throat. Immediately she looked down at the sharp edge centimeters from her throat and her eyes went wide in surprise. “What was that you were saying about revenge?”

“Kathryn” she said softly the fear evident in her voice. “You won’t do it, you’re aren’t a murdered.”

Letting the sharp end poke against Annette’s soft skin I asked tauntingly “aren’t I? Sebastian might see is differently.”

“Please” she begged in her whiny voice as she lay pinned against the floor. “Don’t do this.”

I waited for a long moment relishing the look of terror in her pretty blue eyes before pulling the poker away. I probably should have killed her, god knows I would have enjoyed it but in the end it was far too simple and clean. Besides going to jail over Annette wouldn’t be worth it.

Calmly I turned back around and walked over to the desk. I noticed Sebastian’s car keys and grabbed them before turning back to Annette who was still sitting on the ground trembling. “Oh don’t worry dear I’m not going to kill you. As tempting as it would be to shove this poker through your throat I have other plans in mind. I will get my revenge but I promise it will be much more painful than death.” Then with near perfect aim I threw the poker at her and it landed only inches from her head causing Annette to jump back in surprise. “See you later Annette” I called out as I left the room for what would be the final time.

* * * * * *

I was able to afford a small room at fourfour seasons for two nights. Sitting in my room watching bad T.V. I decided on a course of action. A new city was definitely in order; in fact I was thinking another country entirely. However to go anywhere I was going to need money. Since my mother was my only real relative I had to turn to friends. The few I called refused to talk to me or worse yet they got on the line only to bitch me out.

After hanging up with a particular vicious girl who blamed me for her boyfriend leaving her (it wasn’t like I forced the loser to leave her) I realized I really had only one option left. So I checked out of my room and headed to see an old friend.

I’m not sure I could exactly classify Blaine Tuttle as a friend. Before my reputation was tarnished I was one of his best clients but we weren’t exactly buddies. Sebastian and Blaine got along well as I recall. In fact I use to tease him about the two of them getting it on whenever he went to see him. It occurred to me Blaine might blame me for what happened and refuse to see me but then again he didn’t operate like most people. His morals, if he indeed had any were loose at best.

Knocking on his apartment door I waited nervously as I realized he was indeed the only place I had to go to. If he said no I was fucked. Finally the door opened and Blaine appeared on the other side not looking particularly shocked to see me. “Well if it isn’t the merry murdered herself.”

“Hello Blaine” I greeted him. “I take it you heard what happened and hate me too?”

He shrugged casually “no more than usual. Come on in.”

Smiling slyly I followed him into the swank apartment. He took a seat at his desk that was littered with drug paraphernalia and lit up a joint. Taking a seat across from him I guessed “I take it you read that damn journal?”

He opened up his desk drawer and tossed it across to me. “Would you autograph it for me?”

Scowling I replied “it’s not funny Blaine. This fucking thing ruined my life.”

“Well maybe you’ll think twice before destroying peoples lives next time.”

“Gee thanks for the advice but that’s not why I’m here.”

Blaine nodded as he began to flip through the book “I figured as much. What do you need, some merchandise at discount?”

“No” I explained “I need a loan.”

For the first time that evening Blaine appeared surprised. Ri fro from his seat he looked me over and remarked “sweetheart you’re in a $5,000 Gucci dress and you come to ME for money?”

Rolling my eyes I explained “my mother cut me off and I’m completely broke.”

“And you come to me? Do I look like the bank of America to you?”

Slowly I rose to my feet and stood beside him. Staring him dead in the eye I whispered “I know you have money and more importantly I know how you earn it.”

Blaine sighed and crossed his arms to his chest “don’t even try to blackmail me Kathryn. One call to the papers about this and you’ll be headed to the pokey right along with me.”

“Blaine” I seethed losing my patients “I need this money. I have no where else to go!”

“Alright how about this I’ll give you a loan but I want something in return until you pay me back.”

I considered this knowing it was the only option left. There were only two things Blaine ever wanted: money which I didn’t have and dick which I also didn’t have. However I did have one thing left that might be worth something in his eyes. I dipped my hand into my jacket pocket and produced the keys to the jag. Setting them on the desk I explained “Sebastian’s car.”

Leaning over he picked them up and asked “I don’t even want to know how you got your hands on these. How is this any value to me?”

“You hold on to the car until I pay you back.”

“How do I know you’ll come back?”

Looking out the window I remarked “the car has sentimental significance to me. I’ll come back.”

Blaine looked over at me then back at the keys. Finally he caved “all right you got yourself a deal.” He opened the desk drawer and pulled out a check book.

I waited as he scribbled one out to me and handed it over. It was for $200,000 which wasn’t a lot but it would get me to where I wanted to be. Nodding I smiled at him “thank you Blaine, I promise to stay in touch.”

As I stared to exit he called out “where are you going anyway?”

“I hear London is nice this time of year.”

* * * * * *

Kathryn Merteuil was gone.

Standing by my office window looking out at the falling rain, I mourned for the girl I once was. The name alone use to elicit awe and admiration but now was met with snickers of disgust. I needed to get rid of that name and everything associated with it so four years later Kathryn Merteuil became Kathryn Tourvell.

It hadn’t been easy, in fact it had been down rigell,ell, but I had gotten to where I wanted to be. Years of putting up with disgusting men and doing things I never dreamed I would do had put me at the top. All but single handedly I built my own mini empire. How did I do it? Well let’s just say it’s amazing the stock tips you can get while doing stock brokers and business men. Those fools had no idea the women working under them would a mere three years later be writing there checks and demoting them at will.

Yes I was back on top of the social ladder only no one from my past had a clue. I made sure that my photo was rarely taken and it helped that I hadn’t been back in the states in years, only on the occasional business trip. Also I had grown my hair long and on some times dyed in bl No No one had a clue about my past because it no longer existed. I burned all legal records that said Kathryn Merteuil even existed.

Why, you might be wondering, would I go through all this trouble to hide my success? Simple, when you’re going after your enemy it was all about the element of surprise. Yes I had a very long memory and over the years my rage had only fueled my need for revenge.

I planned it out articulately and perfectly. All my enemies would fall and fall hard. Mother, Cecil, Ronald, Headmaster Hardgrove but most importantly the blond bitch herself Annette. I couldn’t help but smirk as I thought about my plans for her. It had been a long time coming but it would be worth it.

Kathryn Merteuil might be gone but I was not. Let the games begin!

- to be continued (Please Review)

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