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Disclaimer: I do not own The Phantom of the Opera movie(s), nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: This story is based on the movie
"Phantom of the Opera," which was released in December of 2004. A lot
of ladies, including myself, didn't care too much for the unhappy ending. I've
decided to continue the story so the Phantom (Erik), can finally find true love
and live happily ever after. He deserves it. The "The Phantom of the
Opera" and the character of Erik are based on the story by Gaston Leroux.
The song lyrics belong to Andrew Lloyd Webber. The character of
"Victoria" belongs to me. The story will be mostly rated PG-13, with
some rated R content.  Please review my story if possible. Any comments
would be greatly appreciated.


(New York City 2005)

The cream colored wedding gown she wore
was made of the finest silk money could buy. Tiny pearls were delicately
stitched throughout the dress. Her veil was in the shape of a golden crown and
trailed ten feet behind her. She held a bouquet of red colored roses. Today was
her wedding day. She would be married to her childhood sweetheart in less than
thirty minutes. The bridesmaids were gathered around chitchatting quietly
amongst themselves. Everyone seemed a little bit nervous. Her fiancé was the
son and heir to the Montgomery Empire, which was worth millions. It was a
wedding made for royalty.

The guests had already arrived and were
seated in the church. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the groom. Victoria
felt a little apprehension growing within her core. Mathew should have been here
over thirty minutes ago preparing for the ceremony. Time kept ticking away.
Twenty minutes until the ceremony. A knock came at the door. Rachel, her Maid of
Honor, answered it.

“Victoria, it’s Mrs. Montgomery,”
she said.

“Please let her in,” I replied.

“Victoria, I am so sorry. I have no
idea where Mathew could be. We’ve tried to reach him by cell phone and only
received his message service. It seems he’s dropped off the face of this
earth. Even his best man is missing,” she exclaimed sadly. “Someone is
checking the house to see if he’s there. We should know something very

Ten minutes until the ceremony….

Mrs. Montgomery’s cell phone rang
causing Victoria to nearly jumped out of her skin.

“Yes… yes, I understand.” She hung
up the phone.

“Victoria… I don’t know how to
tell you this. It seems that Mathew left for Europe a little over an hour ago.
He left a note for you, which they are bringing here as we speak. I am so sorry.
My son’s behavior is inexcusable.”

Victoria collapsed into the nearest
chair. Everyone in the room was shocked. Simple words could not express how they
all felt at this very moment. Victoria was left at the alter on her wedding day.
Minutes passed. Another knock came at the door. The note had finally arrived.
Mrs. Montgomery handed Victoria the condemning piece of paper, and she
reluctantly took it from her hands.

“Could I please have some time
alone?” she asked. They all nodded their heads and quietly left the room.
Victoria sat there in silence; her hands shaking as she slowly opened the
envelope. She took out the note and began to read.

My Dearest Victoria,

I am sorry to have put you through
this agony. I have known for quite some time that I could not marry you. I just
didn’t have the courage to tell you in person. Please forgive me.


Victoria slipped out of her chair and
collapsed to the floor. The note she was holding, fell out of her hands. The
tears that were threatening, finally fell down her delicate cheeks. She raised
her head to the heavens and cried… “Dear God, what did I ever do to deserve
this?” Then everything went black.


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