Sweet Ballet

BY : DuchessLomia
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Authors Note: This is based on the 2005 movie. (Think Gerard :) )

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Erik listened intently as Christine finished her solo aria. She was coming along greatly now that her voice had stabilized. Puberty had given her a husky gravel on and off the past few years, but now she was nineteen and ready to astound Paris. Erik applauded as Christine curtsied to the mirror. “Your lessons are done for today. Please go to rehearsals and do your best. Be here tomorrow morning at seven a.m. sharp.” He told her as he watched from the mirror. Usually after they were done he would leave immediately, but today he felt rooted to the spot. He sighed as she walked to her armoire and began to take off her shift.

She pulled on her pink practice gown and laced up her corset. Erik wished he could be the one to lace it up; he wanted to kiss her shoulders and brush her hair. He walked despondently back to his lair. After nearly twenty-four years of living under the Opera House Erik was growing restless. He was lonely, unbearably lonely and depressed. He knew Mme. Giry had had the best intentions for him when she brought him to the building, but now he was beginning to wonder what lay beyond his domain.

He had absolute power over each successive management, enough money to buy whatever he desired, and the intelligence to dominate Sultans, yet he’d never really had anyone to share that power with. The only people he’d ever talked to was Mme. Giry and her daughter Meg. He’d met Meg when she was just a toddler, and had watched her grow up to the fine lady she was now. She was really his only friend. He came to the edge of the lake and stopped. There was Meg now, smiling innocently. He smiled back and embraced her in a hug. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at practice?” He asked.

“Mother is sick and she told me to come get your list. I won’t be late.” She replied. Erik had forgotten it was November 1st. Every beginning of the month he would prepare a list of necessary items such as food, drinks, paper, etc. and then Mme. Giry would bring them to him. Often Meg would help, and Erik liked her company. “Please come with me, it will be a minute” He helped her into the boat and they sailed along to the gate that blocked the entrance to his lair. Only Erik knew the secret mechanism that opened the gate, and he had often made Meg stand for long times waiting to get in. He held out his hand and Meg stood up. She wondered over to his organ while he grabbed some paper and began to scribble down what he needed. “Are you still working on Don Juan?” She asked. “Oh, that’s a simple song I wrote.”

He motioned to the love duet for Christine that stood open. Meg came to stand beside him. He knew she found him attractive, even Mme. Giry had told him he was handsome on the right side of his face, yet the left side was a complete ruin. He had never shown Meg that side, but she knew he wore a wig. Sometimes when they were together she would run her fingers through his soft, gray hair and sigh. He never knew why she sighed. Meg’s face was only inches from his when he turned around, and their eyes met. She stepped forward and Erik panicked. Meg leaned forward and kissed him gently. “Megan, what are you doing?” He asked. “I’m sorry, just curious I guess.” He handed her the list. “Your nineteen, you’ve got plenty of time to be curious.” He snapped. She shrugged her shoulders, then said “Perhaps, but your nearly thirty-five and I’ve never seen you with a lady.”

He stared at her, “I’m with a lady now.” “No, I mean you’ve never had a girlfriend, or even a courtesan, are you still a virgin?” She asked very bluntly. He crossly replied, “I’ll not dignify that question with an answer.” The truth was, he had never known the pleasures of a woman. He didn’t want the shame of paying a woman to sleep with him simply because no lady would ever date him. He wanted love more than anything. Meg looked down. “I didn’t mean to offend you.” He held her hand and smiled. “I understand your curiosity; it’s a dreadful feminine trait. You need to go to rehearsals now dear.” Meg glanced up, “I really don’t’ want to go today.” She confided. Erik led her over to the couch. ‘Why not?” He asked. “It’s this girl, Loretta, she keeps making me look bad. She puts gum on my toe-shoes and itching powder in my makeup. She say’s I’m just a momma’s girl and couldn’t make it without her.” Erik put his arm around Meg’s shoulder and rubbed her arm with his hand. “That’s childish and rude. Does she have any reason?” Meg snuggled into his chest and Erik stifled a gasp. “She’s jealous because I have better chances of becoming Prima Ballerina than her. With or without my mother.”

Erik agreed. Meg was a wonderful dancer, and he loved to watch her in the operas. He had even begun a solo performance in his Don Juan just for this ballerina. “That’s no reason to skip rehearsal, your performing “Da’ Su’Petite” tonight.” She looked at him. “Don’t you think I can get by with one itty-bitty skip?” She pleaded with her sad blue eyes. “No performer in my Opera House misses a performance Megan Giry, even you.” He reminded her who the real owner of this building was, and he could have her fired in a moment if she slacked off. Above all else, Erik was a perfectionist. However, her sweet lips pouted and before he could stop her she kissed him again. This time it was deep and passionate, and Erik let himself enjoy her fervor. She began to shift down his jaw to his neck, and nipped gently at his skin. He moved his hands down her waist. "Meg, is this honestly what you want?" He asked incredulously. "Erik, I've desired you for quite some time, you don't realize how honestly seductive and sensual you are." Erik traced her mouth with his fingers. He leaned in and kissed her, then lost himself in her scent. He kissed her cheek and her earlobe, and then began licking her ear. Meg moaned as Erik pulled her up onto his lap and she felt his arousal.

Erik continued to kiss down Meg's neck to her shoulder. Meg began to unbutton his vest and he pulled off his overcoat. She reached her hands under his shirt and pulled it off. Erik's mind was in a daze and he found it hard to stop her. However, he didn't really want her to stop. Meg kissed Erik's warm chest down to his trousers, and then dropped to the floor. "Meg" Erik whispered but she hushed him. She began to peel off his pants and his shorts, and he ran his fingers through her hair. She bent down to his throbbing manhood and began to lick tenderly. He moaned as she sucked him slow and gently. Erik grasped Meg's arms and pulled her up fast; she slid onto his manhood in one flowing motion. Erik began to thrust up hard, and Meg moaned. It was obvious she was no virgin. Erik felt his pleasure increase as he rubbed his hands over Meg's breasts and pushed deep within her. They rocked together as their hips ground into one another. Meg kissed Erik intensely, and he grasped her back as he shoved himself deep into her intimacy.

Erik leaned his head back in ecstasy as Meg pressed into him. She began to moan louder and Erik pushed harder; soon Meg was screaming "Erik, please yes!". Erik felt his pleasure rise to a crescendo and soon he felt himself come within her. He thrust upward as hard as he could and Meg screamed. He felt her feminine region constrict and tighten around his manhood, and he cried out in pleasure. Meg began to kiss the right side of his face, and he kissed her lips ardently, exploring her mouth with his tongue. He murmured, "Thank you, thank you so much, thank you Megan." She smiled as she slipped off him and began to put her clothes back on. Erik watched intensely and Meg did a small, seductive dance for him. "I'll come back later." She said. Erik stood up and kissed Meg. "You're always welcome here dearest." She waved as she walked over to the boat, and Erik laid down on the couch, falling into a peaceful slumber.

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