Little Delilah

BY : Angel Marie
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Phantom of the Opera movie(s), nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Little Delilah
By--Angel Marie

--This story continues on the plot line established both in the movie (vaguely) and the plot in my last story ((the flames that consume us)). It takes place at the beginning of the Masquerade scene (what it would be before we actually enter the ballroom scene). Again, this is off the movie story line and I'm sorry if it’s dramatically different than the book. But yes, we will find out le Fantome's name in this story. So go us! Alright, on we go, please enjoy! --


Chapter 1--Mysterious Diseases of the Heart

--A knock on the door startled the girl at the vanity. Her brush fell to the floor as she rushed to answer the door. When she opened it, she was met by a stagehand that gave her a small box, and whom curtsied and left. Confused, she walked back to her vanity and opened the note attached to the lid. Reading it quietly to herself, it said--

Here is a necklace. Simple, I know, but you are not impressed by fancy
treasures as most girls are. It is a trinket of my affections and I hope to give
you more tonight when you accompany me to the bal masque. May this be the
first of many nights with us being together. See you promptly at 8pm.
Yours Truly

After she finished reading the note, she sighed and opened the box. Inside was a simple gold chain necklace with a diamond heart pendant attached by a gold hoop. She stared at the delicate nature of it until a noise behind her mirror drew her attention. One whispered word could be heard from her--Angel.

Christine‘s mind raced with disturbed thoughts. He couldn't have been..Oh damn he very well could have been. Oh how am I going to explain this to him? Grabbing the necklace she threw it across the room and watched it land with a thud against the wall.

‘Damn you, Raoul!’ she cursed. ‘Eric, I have done nothing to spurn him on, I swear!’ she pleaded to no one but she hoped that he could somehow hear her. How could he think that I would go to Raoul after all that we shared? Didn’t he realize that that is what I was thinking about--our bodies together, our touches searing each others skin, the kisses heated with more passion than any she and Raoul had ever shared Hanging her head in her hands, Christine wept softly at her feeling of loss, remorse and confusion.


‘Damn her!’ the Phantom yelled as he stormed down into his home. So our nights together haven't meant anything to her--but how could she..
He broke down and started to cry at the thought of losing something he thought he had had--but obviously did not--her heart and her love. Why did she say those words if she didn't mean them? His heart felt like it would break. Slowly his sorrow changed to anger, his mind racing.

‘The bal masquč is tonight--then tonight I will introduce my opera to those buffoons. And there I will make sure she knows whom she belongs to,’ the Phantom growled, a plan forming in his mind. ‘Tonight my love will remember who she belongs to--and it sure as hell isn't Raoul.’


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