One For All...

BY : Aggy
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Title: "One for All."
Author: Aggy
Characters: Rogues and various Star Wars Icons
Rating: R
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"One for All."



It is a dark time for the Rebel Alliance..

For thousands of years, the Jedi were the protectors of the Republic. Guardians of justice and peace, they allowed the Republic to flourish to a grandeur few had thought possible. It was a golden age that was shattered all too soon. Shattered by the manipulative evil of Cardinal Palpatine. Slowly, insidiously, Palpatine took over the great Senate, turning a court of fair rule into a tyranny.

His forces, headed by Darth Vader, scoured the galaxy of the Jedi. Hunting them down like animals of prey. Slaughtering them and any that harbored the noble warriors. Within a decade, the word Jedi was only spoken in hushed tones. They became a legend that many thought would never live again.

But not all gave into Palpatine rule gracefully. A small group of Senators protested his rule. Fought against the tyranny that was perpetrated in the name of "justice." Their leader, the wise Queen, Mon Mothma and her Heir, Princess Leia Organa fought the darkness that was steadily devouring the galaxy.

Their forces, meager but determined, harried the Empire, striking minor victories but were never able to gain enough strength to execute a killing blow.It was thought that all hope was lost. That without the Jedi, the golden age of the Galaxy would never again be achieved.

Then, like a prayer answered by the Force, a young farm boy took up the mantle of the lost religion. His destiny blazed like fire across the imagination, fueling dreams that few had dared to hold. But like all fires, his flame was soon extinguished.

The hopes that the Jedi would rise again to their former glory were shattered when Darth Vader destroyed Luke Skywalker. During the great battle both combatants were killed, but the death of the last of the Jedi was a crippling blow for the freedom fighters.

Sure that their forces would soon be destroyed, the Rebellion took flight in an effort to preserve the meager resources left to their cause. During this desperate escape, the Princess Organa was captured and forced into fostership on Coruscant. A prisoner in everything but name, the heir endured a role in court that she despised, puppet for the all-powerful Cardinal.

It was believed that the death of the last Jedi would bring an end to the Alliance, that Palpatine's "guardianship" of the Princess would halt all attempts of freeing the Galaxy of his darkness. But the Cardinal did not anticipate another group to take up the mantle of protectors of justice.

From the depths of the shattered Alliance came a group of intensely loyal individuals willing to sacrifice their lives for the imprisoned Heir. In front of the great court of Coruscant, they offered themselves to Princess Organa as her guards, her Rogues.

She accepted their offer most enthusiastically.

Unable to deny her these protectors for fear of showing the entire galaxy that she was not a willing guest of the Empire, Palpatine grudgingly accepted the presence of the Rogues in Coruscant.

But the Rogues became far more than the honor guard that the Cardinal had anticipated.

Their orange uniforms blazed through the court, a symbol of Leia's subtle attempts to free herself from the Empire's grasp. The orange became the color of the glowing ember of hope that was slowly spreading through the Galaxy. A hope that could quickly turn into another rebellion against the Empire.

Infuriated by the catalytic effects of her loyal fighters, Palpatine quickly organized his forces against the Rogues. He created a guard of his own to "protect" Princess Organa, headed by Ysanne Isard. She and her troops, simply called the 181st, harried the Rogues, quietly but efficiently eliminating them from Leia's presence.

Isard's efforts, combined with the subtle manipulations of Cardinal Palpatine, forced the Rogues into hiding. Their ranks slowly became disheartened by the constant harassment by the Cardinal's troops only three of the Rogues remained on Coruscant. Their presence brought hope to the imprisoned Heir but it seemed that Palpatine was unstoppable. That it was impossible to break the Empire and restore the Galaxy to its proper guardianship.

But what was not anticipated was the arrival of a new player to this world of political intrigue and intimidation. A young man foolish enough to believe in the honor of Heir's Guard, but wise enough to know that danger lingered in every shadow. A young man with the heritage of the Jedi, and the arrogance of a Rogue.

A man who had never forgotten that for the Rogues, the impossible is their stock in trade, and success is what they always deliver..

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