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"Frost...", the word lingered on her lips as she remembered her first
true love. The one who gave her new life and showed her the REAL
night life. Asya sat in the small-town diner as she planned her
return to him. Frost had told her never to return to him unless she
could redeem herself. Redemption was the furthest thing from her mind
at this time, though. As she thought of all the time she had spent
following Frost, doing his will, being his sex toy. And all for
nothing, he turned her away for refusing to kill the child they
carried with them. Little did he know, that was their child. Asya
couldn't bear to give her daughter the life she had now, but she
would always protect her. The little girl sat across from her now,
coloring and humming to herself. She looked across the table, Asya
gasped. Leraya had Frost's eyes, those haunting, searching
eyes. "Mama, what's wrong?" "Nothing 'Aya. Mama's just thinking about
how long before we can go home."
Frost had sworn that the child must die. He never told Asya why, she
figured that Leraya must be important. She could only think of one
person that could help her now. She must find Blade, he was her only
hope for her daughter's survival.
"Mommy..." Asya turned her focus back to Leraya. "Yes, sweetie?" "Can
I have hot chocolate now?" Asya sat back in her chair and
laughed. "Yes baby you can have chocolate." Leraya nodded her head
and went back to coloring. Asya studied her daughter for a moment.
She had Deacon's eyes, but Asya's facial structure. Where her silky
black hair came from was beyond Asya, though. Asya glanced at the
clock on the wall. Quarter of six. She looked around the diner. There
was an older couple in a booth in the far corner. An old man about 50
or so sat behind Leraya and a young women about 20 sat two tables
back. It had been three years since Frost had banished her. Leraya
was about a year old at the time. Asya could remember the cold winter
nights when she had nearly died from hunger on account of Leraya. The
fact that Leraya did not show any signs of being a vampire amazed
Asya. She was beginning to think that maybe her daughter was truly
Just as she began to get wrapped up in her thoughts, the bell on the
door of the diner rang. Snapped back to reality, Asya looked around
the diner once more. The young women that she had noticed earlier was
intently watching Leraya. "Sweetie, we'll get hot chocolate later,
ok?" Leraya sighed, "OK mommy." Sometimes it amazed Asya how much
Leraya didn't act like a regular child. It sometimes seemed as if she
knew what danger they were in. If Asya said let's go, that was it
with no arguments. Asya paid the bill and left a tip for the
waitress, then they slipped out into to silent snow-filled night.
They had walked a couple of blocks when Asya heard footsteps behind
them. Her sensitive ears told her that whoever it was wasn't
alone. "Aya..." Leraya glanced at her mother. "When I say now, I want
you to stay as close to me as possible. OK?" Leraya gave a slight
nod. "Hey, hey! Lady!" Leraya and Asya began to walk faster. The
people behind them began to run. Asya thought she heard a car engine
in the distance. "Aya, NOW!" They stopped and turned, Leraya stood
next to her mother as she held her hand. "What do you want?" "Look we
just want to talk to you." It was the woman from the diner. Asya
could make out a car behind her. Bright beams of light washed over
Asya and Leraya as the car's headlight came on. "Talk about what? And
who are we?" The woman glance from Asya to Leraya and back. That was
her mistake. Before the woman could say anything, Asya had her pinned
to the ground. All the while, she never let go of Leraya's hand. "You
tell Frost or whoever it is that you are working for to leave me and
my daughter alone!" A deep voice cut through the darkness, "Are you
Asya?" Asya jumped back and pulled Leraya close to her. Leraya could
feel her mother's heart pounding."Mommy what's wrong?" "Nothin' baby.
Everything is going to be all right."
"I repeat, are you Asya?" A man dressed in all black stepped
forward. "Who are you?" Asya's voice trembled as she addressed the
man. "I heard that you were looking for me." He came closer,"Maybe
you recognize me now." As he stepped into the light, Asya
gasped. "Blade..."

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