A Star Is Born

BY : flameboi
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Title: A Star Is Born
Author: Flameboi
Archived: You want it? Go for it.
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: M/M - Brian Slade/OMC
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Fifteen years old, and bored, Brian Slade wandered the streets, wondering why he'd cut school in the first place, at least without recruiting some of his mates along first. Now he was bloody deadly bored, and couldn't even show up at home for another three hours without getting every shade of hell from his mum. And then later his dad. Not to mention having to duck and hide every time he saw a copper. Finally, at the end of an alley, he saw a shop, one he couldn't recall ever seeing before somehow, a tiny little place, with dingy windows, and a drooping, faded awning, with an incongruously new sign proclaiming 'Curiosities And Antiquities Of The Ages, A. Landemere, Proprietor' /Oh. BORING./ One of those shops for the blue haired ladies. /Yawn./ Then Brian heard a familiar sound, the clip-clop of one of the mounted policemen atop his horse, and yanked open the door of the shop, and ducked inside. It might be boring, but it beat being nicked for truancy.

Brian's first impression was the scent of patchouli, faint, over the stronger scent of sandalwood, and his second was that he'd never seen such wall to ceiling clutter in his life, as every inch of the shop was packed with junk, and thick with dust. He inched inside, looking around, and nearly sent himself sprawling as he ran into a bin of small items half in his path, stumbled, and found his arm caught in a firm grasp. Brian gasped, startled, and looked up, into eyes as bright as emeralds, that seemed to burn with a cold fire. The man was not the old duffer you'd expect for this sort of shop, was one of his first impressions; the others were longish auburn hair, and height- the man was at least six feet tall if not more.

The strong hand released Brian's arm, and brushed off the sleeve of his school jacket, the handsome face smiled, and a voice as deep and rich as honey, spoke, "There, no harm done." Brian only nodded, startled still, and staring- the man was not merely handsome, Brian decided, but gorgeous, downright stunning, and regal, and the voice was accented with what the cinema had taught him was American Southern. He was slender, and yet, as he stepped back a pace to look Brian over, he moved with a grace that spoke of strength, and though his aquiline face was unlined, the boy couldn't place his age any closer than somewhere between twenty and thirty.

The man spoke again, "Cat got your tongue?" He smiled, his tone teasing, and went on, "Well, you aren't the usual sort of clientele, are you? Have you got a name, perhaps?" Brian nodded, and after a moment remembered it, "Um, Brian," he replied, inwardly cursing himself for sounding like a damned git, but the man only nodded, "And I'm Alexander, but all my friends call me Xan. We're going to be friends, I'd think, so you can start there." Brian managed a smile, and murmured, "Ok, Xan."

The gentle, but powerful, hand was on Brian's shoulder again, and he found himself being steered, easily, through the maze of massed junk, to a small and cozy back room, set up much like a small parlor. "Have a seat," Xan offered, pointing to one of the armchairs, "Would you care for a drink? Tea, soda?" Brian sat, and shook his head, "Um, no, I'm fine, thanks." Alexander sat in the opposite chair, and crossed one leg over the other, leaning back and studying the boy, his eyes sparkling as he asked, "So, school let out early today?"

Brian shook his head no, for some reason he did not feel like lying to Xan, didn't even feel it was necessary, as he noticed the man's clothes for the first time, something, usually, he would spot right off, a sort of dandified offtake on the Mod style; "I just didn't want to go, today," he offered, an explanation that sounded lame, and dumb to his own ears, but something seemed to be keeping him from thinking clearly at the moment. Maybe the sound of his heart pounding away in his ears, or the erection that kept threatening to spring up for no reason at all- Brian crossed his legs too, with the slightest blush. Xan chuckled softly, "That's as good a reason as any I suppose. And ducked in here to hide from a cop?" he guessed, correctly, making Brian's eyes go wide, as he nodded.

Xan leaned closer, to Brian, suddenly, and the boy felt himself caught in the gaze of those emerald eyes, and gasped softly; Alexander's leg brushed his own, ever so softly, and the man's words were a velvet cadence, "So, then, you don't know whether there might not be an officer right outside in my alley. Which means, you're more or less trapped here for the next two and a half hours or so, aren't you, Brian. At my mercy, you might say."

Normally, Brian would be up and gone at that sort of talk, or a little wildcat in full out tantrum mode that would make anyone back off, but, not this time. For some reason the idea was very intriguing, exciting, and he shivered with a little thrill of delight. "So what are you going to do with me, then?" he asked Xan, his voice trembling only very little, and as he said this, Brian leaned closer, too, staring up at Alexander's intense eyes, except for the moment when his glance dropped, checking out what he thought was a growing bulge at Xan's crotch.

Xan laughed, softly, his hand reaching out and caressing Brian's cheek, ever so gently, then stood, reaching around and tangling his fingers into Brian's short hair, pulling him up, the rough almost pain of it making Brian gasp, not entirely from discomfort, as Alexander leaned close, bending until his lips just brushed against Brian's, sending an electric shiver straight down the boy's spine and into his groin. Xan's honeydrip voice was a purr, now, "I think I'll fuck you senseless, Brian," words that made Brian whimper softly, unaware of making that sound, as he pressed his lips to Xan's, kissing him, then darting out his tongue, meeting the older man's tongue, their tongues entwining in a dance of wet, hot,

Brian's mind seemed to drift away, nothing left but sensations, and all the sensations centered in his dick, hard and aching, with Xan's fingers tight in his hair, and their bodies now pressed hard together. Alexander's other hand drifted down between them, caressing over Brian's crotch, making him moan, before undoing the zip on the boy's trousers, and then the button, tugging them down, one handed, over Brian's slender hips; Brian was wearing nothing underneath, and moaned again, louder, as he felt the hand close around his cock, and stroke along its length, slowly, until after a few minutes, Brian felt ready to explode.

Suddenly Xan's hand was gone, and Brian, whimpering for the return of the sensation, felt his cock brushed as Alexander undid his own pants, and pulled out his hard dick, and then murmured, "Suck, Brian," the hand in Brian's hair practically forcing him down, except that Brian hardly needed to be forced, sinking to his knees in front of the other man as Alexander sank back down, sitting, in the armchair; Brian leaned forward, curling his fingers around Xan's dick, and slowly licked around the head, lapping up the sticky drop of precum, wondering how to go about this, because while he had experimented with blowing one of his friends, Alexander's cock was much larger than the other boy's had been, both longer, and thicker, still, there was no way to find out if he could handle it but try, and so Brian licked his lips, letting his mouth full of saliva, and then bent his head over Xan's cock, letting it slide between his lips slowly, making sure to keep his lips over his teeth.

Barely, Brian could manage, but it felt damn good, this big cock in his mouth, sliding back into his throat, even the gagging sensation wasn't bad, really, as he pulled back and then repeated the motion, and hearing Xan groaning when he sucked a little less tentatively was plain great. Brian tried to ignore the choking sensation, and get as much of Xan's dick down his throat as he could manage, though he couldn't begin to handle all of it, and picked up speed; Alexander's fingers tightened again in his hair, and he began to thrust his hips up slightly, fucking Brian's mouth, making him choke and gag for real, but Xan didn't let up, not until Brian thought he was either going to be sick, or pass out, and then, he pulled away fast, glaring at Alexander and wiping the spit off his lips, "What the FUCK do you think you're doing mate!?" Brian demanded angrily, gasping for air.

Alexander just laughed, softly, his eyes glazed with a feral passion, and stood, grabbing Brian by the shoulders and hauling him up, then, without a word, turning the boy around and pushing him forward, so that Brian stumbled, half kneeling, over the other chair, his face pressed against its back, and his perfect round little ass sticking up in the air. A strong hand was on the back of Brian's neck, and holding him down, though he struggled, now, demanding "Let me the FUCK UP!" and "GET OFF ME!" as he realized what was going to happen, feeling the larger man's cock sliding along the cleft of his asscheeks, and then the head of it probing at his tiny asshole, "NO!" Brian yelled, struggling harder in panic, he was a fucking for christ sake cherry virgin and that thing was FUCKING HUGE, it would rip him to shreds!

Brian felt both of Xan's strong hands grab his arms, pinning them tight to his waist, held like that, as he felt the most hideous pain, like being impaled by fire, and he screamed as loudly as he could. "Brian. Just relax. Push back. It only hurts more if you struggle and it only hurts at first," came Alexander's voice, soft and hoarse with lust. Brian felt the tears running down his face, and knew, if he could get free that moment, and manage it, he'd gladly kill Xan for this, but knew that was not going to happen, too, and, sobbing softly, tried what his rapist suggested, pushing as if taking a shit, and groaning in agony as more of the enormous dick slid up his tortured passage. Another thrust and Alexander's cock was buried in the crying boy's small ass to the hilt, and he stayed completely still, allowing Brian to adjust.

Brian closed his eyes, determined to endure this somehow, and gasped for breath, it did hurt a little less, now, but then Xan pulled his dick almost out, and thrust it in again, and the pain came screaming back, and again, but that time there was another sensation, a shock of almost overwhelming pleasure that shot sparks straight through Brian's balls and up his cock, bringing it back to full erection, and stealing his breath in a moan. Each time the dick in his ass slid back and then in again, it hurt, and badly, but the pain was fading under the most wonderful sensation, and Brian could hear Alexander moaning, and other moans, too; he realized with a shock that those were his sounds, and the next wave of ecstasy made him moan louder, and now Xan was pounding into him harder, and Brian was sobbing again, but this time in pure pleasure, and crying out, over and over, begging, "Harder, faster, oh please harder!"

One of Xan's hands dropped from prisoning Brian's hands, and reached down to curl around the boy's aching, dripping cock, and began stroking it, pumping it in rhythm with the fast, almost animalistic thrusts, and Brian screamed, wordless sound of ultimate bliss, as his cock spurted his load onto the chair, and the intense tightening of his asshole around Xan's cock touched off the other man's own orgasm; Alexander thrust into Brian one last time, as he came inside him, groaning. When they had both finished, Alexander lifted Brian, not pulling out of him, and stepped back, sitting down on the chair in back of himself, with the panting boy, whimpering softly in dazed aftershock, on his lap, his dick still buried to the hilt in Brian's asshole.

After perhaps a minute, Brian stirred, just enough to slip his arms around Xan's neck, and kiss his cheek, whispering in an amazed, little voice, "Good.. so bloody good oh my god.." Alexander chuckled, and petted the boy's soft brown hair, smiling to himself, answering, "Yes." The next several minutes passed in silence, and Alexander bent his head to look at Brian, getting another little laugh when he saw that the boy had fallen fast asleep right as he was, with the most angelic smile on his beautiful lips.

Perhaps two hours later, Brian felt himself being awakened, by something wet and deliciously warm on his thighs, and stirred, moaning a little, and opened his eyes to see Xan gently cleaning him, with a washcloth, and his tongue; Brian smiled sleepily, and murmured, "Want to do it again?" Alexander laughed, "No, not right now, Brian, you need to be getting home soon." Brian nodded, but was perfectly glad when Alexander contradicted himself, waking Brian completely in the most beautiful way, sucking the boy's cock until he came, and then helping him up, and getting him dressed. Those last moments seemed somehow blurred, dazed, but all too soon, Brian found himself on the street again, dressed, and sore, but with the most beautiful erotic aching, remembering a last sweet kiss, his own promise to come by the shop again, soon, and Xan's teasing laughter, his odd comment, "If you can find it, my darling boy."

Brian slipped into the house, his mum not realizing a thing had changed, let alone her son's entire universe, murmuring a vague, "How was school dear?" and Brian's answering, "Fine." Brian walked to his room, and stood, for the longest time staring into his mirror, into his own blue eyes, recalling the even odder comment that Alexander had made just as Brian had left the shop, "Oh, and Brian? Give my regards to Jack Fairy when you meet him." What on earth could all that have meant?

Back in the shop, the man who for this decade and this place, called himself Alexander Landemere, but whose true name was also his title, Meddler, pulled a huge, and dusty, antique ledger, its sheets bound in rings of iron, from a shelf, and turning the pages, found the entry he wanted, on the page headed with the title 'Jewels of Enchantment', his finger tracing to the line which read- 'Brooch- grants Fame. Also Notoriety, Wilde, O,' connected by a curved bracket to the next entry down, 'Item Previous. Fairy, J,' and then picked up an equally ancient quill pen, and dipped it into an inkwell, and with ink that looked very like the color of dried blood, drew another connecting bracket, and wrote, 'Item Previous, Slade, B,' and stood back to admire his work. In a moment of whimsy, with a chuckle, the Meddler reached into his cluttered desk's top drawer, and took out a foil sheet of gummed stickers, stars, golden ones, and affixed one, point slightly down and to the left, next to the name of Brian Slade.

Blocks across the city and half a world away, Brian, still transfixed on his own reflection, smiled, then, and whispered, for only himself to hear, "I am going to be the biggest, brightest star this world has ever SEEN!"

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