Only Forever

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Title: Only Forever
Author: Flameboi
Archived: You want it? Go for it.
Summary/Notes: Toby is 16 in this fic. Young, yes, pedophilia NO.
Rating: NC-17 (and how)
Pairings: M/M - Jareth x Toby
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Part 1

All of his life, there had been something missing, something intangible but real enough that its absence left an empty ache deep inside. Toby had never been able to put into words what it was that he felt was lacking; only in his paintings and drawings did he feel that he was sometimes close to expressing what he needed. Talented and gifted were words his art teachers had used to describe him, and Toby supposed it was true- the art he created was vivid and lucid, and, when he felt like working in a realistic style, highly accurate.

Sleeping, though, was Toby's favorite activity, even more than his art, because when he slept, he dreamed, and in his dreams, he knew he was touching something of what he needed. When Toby woke from a dream, he could never recall more than the vaguest images, but there was always, for a few moments, a sense of peace. The dreams held the answers, Toby knew. He painted, too, and drew, what he dreamt, images that some people found disturbing, dark and frightening, but which seemed comforting to him, for all their grotesqueness.

Sarah's stories, said Toby's mother, were the source of the images he painted, and, though it seemed a bit ridiculous, now, at seventeen, he still loved to hear his older sister spin her tales for him. Sarah, though, fourteen years older than he, was now a successful screenwriter in L.A., married with a young son of her own, and Toby was lucky if he saw her anymore twice a year. All the same, she had been there when he was a small child, and he remembered the fantastic stories, and still, his favorite image to try to capture on his paper or canvasboard was Jareth the Goblin King.

Toby supposed he escaped to his fantasy world of the goblin kingdom because his life, well, frankly, sucked. His parents weren't unbearable- they fought too much, though they didn't beat him or anything, and they let him alone mostly, but, it wasn't as if he was close to either of them, anymore- he'd grown up, and they'd just grown tired. School wasn't too bad, academically; it was easy, actually, when he could manage to pay attention, and, his art classes were a pleasure.

Everything else, though, about school, was complete and total hell for Toby. He had no friends. The other kids labeled him as every sort of undesirable social outcast in the book, some true, some not, and, when they noticed the tall, slender boy with the long blond hair in his quirky black clothes at all, it was to torment him. Just hell, and Toby hated them, all of them. Dating, forget it. Even if Toby hadn't been a total misfit, he knew, had known for years, that he had no attraction to girls, only guys, and it wasn't like he wanted to make himself any more of a target, even if there had been any way for him to meet a guy, which, in this town, if you were underage, wasn't happening.

The whole issue of sexuality was another thorn in Toby's heart, because, while he knew he was gay, he didn't think he had, particularly, a strong enough sex drive; there was a sort of vague longing similar to the older emptiness, but, no real passionate urge to go and get laid, now. It was as if he was almost preprogrammed to wait. Toby, was, on the other hand, sick of waiting, when he didn't even know what he was waiting for; he grew quieter and sadder as the days passed. It seemed to Toby, more and more, as if there was simply no point to it, at all, no reason why he should have to live through this.

The thoughts of suicide grew in Toby's mind. He was miserable, and knew he'd likely never be a great artist, and worse, he might well never find a man he wanted to be with; most of all, he was tired of feeling that awful empty unnamable longing inside. Toby decided that he would do it in the small woods in back of their development, down by the creek. Toby took his mother's bottle of valium from his parents' bathroom, a bottle of Pepsi, a new x-acto blade, and, Sarah's book that she had given him for his tenth birthday, the one titled 'The Labyrinth'. The only note he had decided to leave was simple, 'Dear Sarah, Mom, and Dad- I am just, not happy. It isn't any of your fault. I am very very sorry for hurting you like this. Goodbye. I love you. Toby.'

Toby washed down four valium with the Pepsi, and sat, against a large old oak, shivering in the winter cold but ignoring it, and reading the book until he started to feel sleepy and disconnected, then, quickly, he took a half dozen more of the pills. Unwrapping the razor blade, Toby went, unsteady a little on his feet, down to the edge of the creek, and knelt by the edge of the water. He had thought that actually slicing into his own arm would require a great concentrated effort of will, but, actually, it was almost too easy, pushing the blade in deep and watching the blood spurt, biting his lip against the pain, and sliding his hand down into the cold water to numb it.

Kneeling there, waiting to die, dizzy with the loss of blood and the drug as twilight deepened towards night, Toby heard a rustling from the tree above his head, and looked up, into the vast, round eyes of a large tawny owl. The big bird of prey met Toby's gaze, and, the boy whispered, because it seemed somehow both sad and expectant, almost demanding, "I did it because.. I've been waiting.. but.." his voice was slurred, and his vision growing hazy, but still he spoke, because, it felt almost as if he had to, "I wish I were anywhere but here. I wish the goblins would take me away." Toby's voice trailed off, and he looked down, to see, floating on the surface of the water, a crystalline globe; he reached for it, but, uncoordinated, overbalanced, and fell face down in the icy creek, a tiny cry wrung from his lips. For a moment Toby struggled, but he was too weak, and very quickly, the world went black, and he knew nothing at all.

Toby, when he opened his eyes, was surprised to find that the afterlife was soft, scented with incense, and involved laying upon a vast bed between sheets of crimson silk. A moment later, of course, he realized he was not dead, but, then, where was he? There was no way this was a hospital room; even if the setting didn't look more like a sultan's bedchamber, he knew no hospital would have people running by in the hall outside screeching and laughing. Unless, of course, and now Toby sat up weakly and muttered, hoarsely, "Fuck," he happened to be in the nuthouse. Though, that still didn't explain this bed, or the incense, or that he was naked under the blanket...

And then the door opened and Toby's dream walked into the room. The tall figure's blue eyes seemed almost black in the faint glow of the lamp, but Toby knew, without knowing how he knew, that those eyes were a shade between turquoise and sapphire. His blond hair framed the most beautiful face, the face Toby had been trying to capture in paint or pencil all his life. The man, smiled, slightly, and there was also both a smirk and frown in it, as there was in his deep, enchanting voice, "Well, you are awake now, Toby. Welcome home."

Toby could only stare, astonishment in his eyes, and whisper, "T..thank you.. You're him, aren't you?" The magnificent black clad being's smirk deepened, and he replied, his voice almost a purr, "Oh, probably."

"Jareth?" the boy asked. The Goblin King came to the bed, and sat beside Toby, his hand coming up for a moment to caress the young man's cheek, "Yes, Toby, and yes, you are here in my castle beyond the goblin city, and this time, you do not have to leave, ever again. What a stupid thing you nearly accomplished. Don't you know that I have only been waiting for you to call me?"

Toby shook his head no, and, looked down, trying with all his might not to cry. "It doesn't matter, you're here now, where you belong," murmured Jareth, drawing the slighter body tight against his own, with his strong arms firmly around Toby. Toby looked up, unspilled tears glistening in his eyes, and he asked, "The emptiness, the piece that was missing, that was you, wasn't it, because, it doesn't feel missing any more?" Jareth smiled, and nodded, and Toby realized, fully, that every word of Sarah's story had been nothing less than absolute truth.

Other questions chased one another around Toby's mind, and he would have asked them all, if all thought hadn't been driven from his brain by the sensation of Jareth's lips brushing his own, of his mouth being claimed, in a first kiss of desire that instantly had him gasping and fever-hot and very aroused.

All too soon, the kiss was broken as Jareth pulled back, and, gently, firmly, pushed Toby down onto the bed, until he was lying flat. To Toby's surprise, the covers pulled up over him to his chin, "Right now, you need to rest. I was only able to heal you: you need to recover your strength." Toby protested, the hardness against his abdomen demanding more, immediately, "But.." Jareth's finger covered Toby's mouth, almost a caress. "No buts. We only have forever, after all."

Part 2

The next days, if days they were, and not hours, or weeks, passed in a blur for Toby; whenever he woke, either Jareth was there himself, or one of the more reliable goblin servants. Toby was brought meals on a tray, soups at first, then full dinners, each strange looking enough that he thought he might not want to know of what they were made, each delicious. He slept long, he recovered his strength, he luxuriated in long, hot baths in a huge sunken tub. Toby was also going slowly crazy, or it felt like it, anyhow.

There was, just beyond that bedroom door, Toby knew, a whole fantastic world, and yet, his world was confined to this room and the bathroom attached to it. He didn't even have a window to watch out of. Worse, when Jareth came, there were sweet kisses, longing caresses, words spoken almost too gently, and then, he would be gone again, leaving Toby cursing with frustration. It was as if the Goblin King was trying to drive him mad deliberately, not something which his smirking eyes exactly comforted Toby against. Sometimes, Toby knew, his door was locked, sometimes it wasn't, but he had so far been discouraged from trying to walk out, even this last day or so, feeling fully well, by the fact that he had no clothes to cover himself with.

Jareth lounged on his throne, a crystal flowing over his fingertips, one in either hand, watching, delighted. On his right hand, he saw Toby's parents, grieving, sure that he was dead after his absence, and the search which had followed, had recovered his note, tucked into that old book of Sarah's. Sarah, on the other hand, had never quite lost her sense of belief, and Sarah felt she knew, strongly, what had really happened to her half brother. Just now she clutched the little volume in her hands and tried to call the goblins yet again. Jareth had already forbidden them to answer; maybe later, the confrontation would amuse him, but for now, there were other matters at hand.

Specifically, his left hand, and what the King of the Goblins watched in the crystal held there: Toby, pacing, long and lithe and gloriously naked, half angry, from one side of his room to the other. Jareth let the other crystal grow dark as he fully concentrated on this one, smiling to himself. Toby was even more desirable than his sister had been, even fierier when roused; Jareth had never really had a preference between the sexes- beauty was beauty, and passion, pleasure, could be found in female and male alike. Just now, throwing a cushion across the chamber and then kicking the wall in annoyance, Toby looked well nigh irresistible, and the king on his throne grinned at one of the goblins, "I think he's all better now. Make sure his door isn't locked," and shooed the creature off to obey. Jareth had a feeling his long boredom was at an end.

Running his fingers through his hair, not feeling like bothering with the silver hairbrush, Toby made a sort of toga for himself with a tied crimson sheet as best he could, and, determined now to escape his confinement even so, tried the door. The door opened, and Toby looked out onto a long hallway of marble and granite, stretching out in either direction- strictly on instinct, he headed up the left hand side of the hall. Goblins, some small as poodles, and one big enough for him to label it an 'ogre', leaped and scampered or lumbered by the boy in the passage, and most gave him hardly a glance, as if he was expected, almost, to be there. Better than being grabbed and hustled back into the room, anyhow, Toby thought.

The hall branched several times, and Toby stuck with the left hand choices, opening doors, peering into rooms, finding wonders and treasures to tease his curiosity aplenty, but so far, no Jareth, and no way out. The corridor ended, ahead, in two great carved doors, and Toby pulled on one, finding it opened easily despite the size of it; it opened into a vast hall with arches and a vaulted ceiling, and there, across the flagstones, was a dais, throne, and on the throne, the King. Toby's breath was a sigh of relief, and then it caught in his throat as Jareth gestured to him, just as if he were supposed to be right here, right now, and the young human forced himself to walk instead of run over to the sitting figure.

Jareth chuckled, low and soft, looking at the gorgeous blond boy in the red silk which covered just enough to make him truly tempting, and, when Toby had closed the distance, Jareth moved very fast, a hand simply there on the boy's arm before he even saw the Goblin King stir, and he found himself pulled down into Jareth's lap, black leather pleasantly rough against his skin through the thin fabric. Jareth didn't say a word; one hand slid up into Toby's hair, tangling almost tight, pulling the boy's head back, and then kissing him, a harder and fiercer, more demanding claiming of Toby's mouth than any that had gone before, and Toby kissed back, hearing a distant little moan, and realizing, tongue sliding on tongue, that it was himself making the sound.

One large slender hand, Jareth's hand, slid beneath the folds of the makeshift toga, caressing skin, stroking. Toby gasped as the hand slid up his trembling abdomen to his chest and sharp-nailed fingers found a nipple to roll between finger and thumb, tease and pinch, a bright hot edge of near pain that shot straight to his groin. Gasps gave way to a groan as the kiss broke, a purring half laugh in Toby's ear, before sharp, inhuman teeth closed on the tender flesh at the side of Toby's throat, a hard and painful bite that nearly broke skin, while Jareth's other hand closed around Toby's aching cock with a layer of silk between them. "Mine," murmured the King, and the boy could only gasp, "Yesss," and was rewarded with another nip, and sucking at his neck, while the hand, tight on him around the silk, slid up, and around the covered head of his cock, teasing where the fabric darkened with fluid, and stroking down again, pausing to cup tense balls, squeeze lightly, ascend again. Neither of them really even noticed the capering goblins pause in their antics to watch them, and neither would have cared.

Jareth's hand on Toby's chest flowed from nipple to nipple, pinching, twisting, while his other hand stroked the hard slender prick through silk; the boy's moans and panting, and the way his skin tasted of sudden salt, sweat, all contributing to Jareth's own arousal, too tightly confined inside the tight trousers, and his hand working Toby's cock sped up, wanting to bring this to another level. Toby trembled, all thought gone, just pleasure, pain that became pleasure as the teeth closed on his skin again, the hand tightened, and he came, shuddering and open mouthed, but silent, breath lost in the surging spurts.

Stroking until the last throbbing pulse of semen left Toby's prick, Jareth then slid his hand from under the silk, and the one on his cock, up, smearing the cloth and Toby's skin with his seed, now licking softly at the boy's ear, until he panted less quickly. Jareth got his arms under Toby's back and legs, and he stood, smiling down at his prize, "Exquisite, and only the beginning, Toby," he said, as he walked across the room.

The doors opened for Jareth, and he carried Toby down the hall, up stairs, into another bed chamber, his own. Though Toby's room had been nice, this was magnificent, the bed twice as large, wider than his whole bedroom at home, canopy and sheets all black; golden glowing globes of light provided a soft sheen of light, and Jareth had to pause a moment simply to appreciate the boy's beauty after he laid him on the bed. Toby, pulling the damp silk off of himself, paused too with helpless hands, as Jareth stepped back and began to undress.

Jareth was pale ivory, all over, once his vest and shirt had been peeled off, revealing a smooth and muscular chest and strong arms, practically hairless except for a pale shadow trailing down from his navel, and his eyes burned like twin gas jets into Toby. Jareth bent, sliding off one boot, then the other, and stood again, unbuttoning the trousers, stopping to watch Toby's tongue flicker across his lips, while Jareth's fingers teased his own nipples, and the boy's hands slid up to his own chest in imitation. The pants, then, were shed quickly, and Jareth was pleased to see Toby's eyes widen at the sight of Jareth's cock, hard and long, once freed from the confines; undressed, he crossed to a cupboard, and took out a small jar, before joining Toby on the bed, pinning him down, pulling off the stained crimson and tossing it aside, kissing him hard.

Toby's legs were lifted up, and he felt cool slick fingers slide between his thighs, beneath his balls; he gasped in pain as two of the oiled fingers found his hole and probed inside. Jareth silenced the human's protest before he could voice them, kissing him, sucking his tongue as he lay beside him, opening him a little, and adding more of the oil, and then it no longer mattered, as the fingers slid out. Jareth knelt between the boy's thighs, coating his own prick with the slick lubricant, his other hand teasing Toby's own cock while the boy only stared at him, wide eyes and parted lips, and a gasp at the touch on his dick, hard again.

It would be easier on the human if Jareth were to turn him on his belly, but the Goblin King did not really care; he wanted to see his Toby's face, and so he simply slid a pillow beneath his buttocks, as he pulled the boy's legs up so that Toby's ankles rested on Jareth's shoulders. Jareth positioned his cock at Toby's anus, his other hand now pressing down on the boy's hip, to hold him there, and his lips turned in a smirk, not quite pressing in, yet, asking "Who do you belong to, Toby?"

"Oh.. God. You!" whispered Toby, and then his face scrunched in pain, and he choked around a scream, as he felt as if he was being forced wide enough to rip his insides, when Jareth, cruel for the moment simply to see that reaction, knowing he would sooth it again after, impaled him relentlessly in a single very hard thrust. Jareth gave a soft groan of pleasure and almost pain, the boy's ass was so incredibly tight, and he quickly caught Toby's wrists and pinned them to the bed, leaning down close to him, staying still for the moment. Toby struggled only a moment, and then he heard his lover's voice, "Toby, stop fighting, relax; breathe deep, push back against me, listen to me now."

Jareth was right, Toby found, when he'd obeyed; it hurt a little less, though still, it burned fiercely. Toby realized his face was wet with tears when Jareth bent him in half and leaned in and flicked his tongue over the damp salty trails, murmuring, "Sweet," making the human boy shiver, and claiming his mouth in a long, deep kiss, just after, swallowing the gasps and little cries as Jareth began to move inside him, slowly thrusting.

Toby's mind was full of the reality of the pain that he was in as he lost his virginity to the Goblin King, and he looked truly startled when Jareth shifted the angle of penetration, breaking the kiss, thrusting in again, and brushing against something that sent sparks of brilliant pleasure up the boy's spine and shooting up his cock; Toby moaned, wanting more, instinctively wanting to reach for his prick, but still Jareth held his wrists tight to the bed, and he seemed caught between a laugh and his own bliss as he thrust, again, again, a little harder each time, hitting that sensitive place inside Toby's ass with nearly every stroke.

Jareth was tempted simply to take the boy, hard and fast, spill his pleasure into him, and rest, sated, but Toby's reactions were simply too delicious, and he slowed down again each time he felt himself reaching the peak, loving the way the human squirmed and sobbed now, struggling to free his hands a little. Minutes spiraled into long segments of ecstasy and torment as Jareth teased them both unmercifully, but finally his own lust was irresistible, and, still not letting Toby touch himself, holding him there, just so, pinned butterfly, angel, Jareth began to thrust again, harder than he had yet, and faster, groaning and panting now too.

Toby's eyes fluttered shut as his lover fucked him, he could only moan and try to find words to beg with, but now, he had no right words, only need and the burning sting at the near violence, and the pleasure that was sharper than any pain; his cock leaked steadily onto his abdomen, and somehow, Jareth managed to thrust in deeper still, and Toby had never felt so fulfilled, or so frustrated, all at once, feeling the pulses of Jareth's seed jetting inside him.

Never, had it ever felt that good, that intense? Jareth could not, now, remember when, if ever, his mind one white explosion of physical joy, shuddering as he emptied himself into that incredible tight heat. Drops of sweat fell from Jareth's face onto Toby's, and the look of 'please' in the boy's eyes as they opened in the moments after was just as impossible to deny as taking him had been; Toby hissed in hurt and loss as Jareth slid out before he'd softened- he sound turned into a moan as his legs were lowered around Jareth now kneeling between his thighs in a different posture, fingers replacing hard prick, stroking Toby's prostrate, pushing down, while Jareth's mouth closed around the human's cock and slid down. The sharp teeth did not touch this sensitive flesh, only tongue, and lips, and then the silk clench of the fae king's throat around the head of Toby's dick; that was all that Toby needed, that and the fingers twisting inside him, and he was arching up and coming so hard he saw stars.

Jareth swallowed, licked him clean, slid up beside him, wiping his hand in the sheets; the goblins would change them as soon as they'd left the bed, and he pulled Toby into his arms, holding him close, one leg draped over his human lover as he cradled him with Toby's head on his shoulder. Once the boy had recovered himself fully, after a little nap perhaps, they would share Jareth's bath, and then, he would show Toby his city and his realm; show his beautiful one off to his subjects, too. He would never surrender Toby now, Jareth decided, then, come Sarah or no- this time there was no possibility that her will in this would be as strong as his own. Petting Toby's hair; Jareth smiled, shiver running up his spine, at the boy's soft words, "I love you."

Jareth kissed the damp blond locks, and murmured, "Yes, of course you do. You're mine, Toby. Forever." Toby tilted his face and pressed his lips to the line of Jareth's jaw, echoing him softly, "Only forever."

Part 3

Two weeks now, Toby had been gone, and, Sarah had no choice but return to her husband and child, her career, her life: Los Angeles, though she was still, sure, that her half brother was not dead. Her father and step-mother, deeply grieving, were, nonetheless, discussing, when she'd left, whether to have a memorial service despite the lack of a body. There was, after all, the suicide note, and the blood; the police, too, were well enough convinced that Toby was dead. Sarah knew he was not, based as much on her own instinct as on the tawny owl feather she had found on the ground after flying back to her childhood home and going to check out the spot where 'he'd done it' for herself. Her brother was alive, and in the Goblin Kingdom, and Sarah had no way to get to him, this time.

Toby was deliriously happy for the first time that he could remember: Jareth called him Prince Toby, to the goblins, and showed him a new wonder every day, so many magical parts of this kingdom they shared now. Better still, the wonders they shared alone, usually in the Goblin King's bed, but sometimes in a grove beneath strange unearthly stars and moons, or in the lake of crystal tears: Toby would say to Jareth, and to himself, just to hear the words, like pinching yourself to verify one isn't dreaming, "My lover." Still, Toby could not help but wonder, and worry, what his parents and Sarah must be thinking, and so he asked Jareth to let him see them, in one of the crystal globes.

Jareth did not want Toby distracted with thoughts of earth, and the life he had left behind, and at first, he simply refused, saying, "It does not matter, now, Toby, forget them, you're mine now," but, Toby continued to ask, once a night, at least, and it was beginning to irk the Goblin King, this one annoyance when all else was so perfect. Finally, one night Toby murmured, "I wish you'd please let me see them," as they lay together in the afterglow of spent passion, and Jareth sat upright, angry now, "Do you? Is that what you wish? Very well!"

The crystal flew to Jareth's hand and burst into light, and Toby saw his mother first, crying, pale and haggard, at the kitchen table, then his father, pacing aimlessly in the den, staring at nothing at all as he walked. Next, Sarah flashed into view, reading to Toby's young nephew; the pajamed boy reached up to Sarah's face, and said in his clear child's voice, "Mommy, why are you so sad?" The crystal went dark as Toby looked away, and Jareth's voice was cold, "There, you have seen. Satisfied?"

Toby couldn't help it- as he realized the pain he had caused, the tears began to fall, though he didn't make a sound at all as he wept, head down. At first Jareth sighed, feeling further provoked by the boy's crying, but, then, even so, Toby was very beautiful, and, he did, truly, love Jareth, worship him in fact: what more could the king ask? Jareth's strong arms pulled Toby close, and held him, one hand going up to pet his hair, gently, "Toby, what's done is done, and can't be undone. This sorrow will pass, I promise you; you will forget."

"But, will they forget, too?" asked Toby, his voice thick with sadness for the first time since he had arrived in Jareth's kingdom. Jareth, thinking about that in the moment after the question was given, had to admit, if only to himself, that he did not know. The vagueries of human emotions sometimes eluded him. The Goblin King sounded certain enough, though, as he replied, "Yes, Toby, of course they will. Given time."

"Could I go, for a visit, Jareth? Just to tell them I'm all right?" Toby asked then.

"No, Toby, absolutely not- I have rewoven the tapestry of your life twice now, and that is all that I can manage," answered the king of the goblins. A lie, but a harmless one, he reasoned, and near enough the truth, even so: each time Jareth reached out to meddle above the earth, it cost him dearly in power.

Toby did not argue the matter further, then, but simply accepted, and wiped his eyes, quietly, his head on Jareth's shoulder. "Haven't I made you happy, Toby? Haven't I been generous, and given you your dreams?" Jareth asked, his turn now to question. "Yes, more than anything, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to seem ungrateful!" Toby sounded half desperate, and felt much relieved when Jareth murmured, kissing his hair, and laying them back down together, "I forgive you, Toby. Now, sleep."

The boy slumbered in the bed he shared with the Goblin King, and the King himself worked carefully, in his adjoining study, mixing just the proper draught of the golden nepenthe. Unlike the case of the peach which he had that worthless Hogbreath give to Sarah years ago, this potion was not meant to steal Toby's memories entirely away, merely dull the edges of his recollections so that the past, the years and the faces before Jareth melted into a sort of dreamlike state. Finally satisfied with his work, the Goblin King poured the mixture into a goblet of sweet berry cider, and, brought it in to sit aside the bed, upon the nightstand at Toby's side of the bed.

The pale silver sun rose over the goblin castle, and, Jareth, now laying beside Toby, slid under the covers to awaken him, smirking to himself, whispering, "A proper good morning, Toby," before his mouth closed around the sleeping human's flaccid member. Toby's arousal was swift under Jareth's skillful ministrations, and he moaned without waking as he arched up into the Goblin King's mouth; a few minutes of suckling, and Toby came awake with a strangled cry as he spent himself into his lover's mouth. Jareth slid up to brush a damp, salty kiss on Toby's parted lips, and smiled down at him, "Good morning, beautiful."

Toby was not quite fully coherent, though, he certainly enjoyed this sort of wake up call, and he smiled dreamily, "Morning," and blinked; Jareth sat up beside him, licking his own lips, and reaching for a goblet beside the bed, which he offered to Toby. Without hesitation the boy drank, and never realized anything had changed at all; he had been, lately, so happy, that as he drained the cider, the draining away of the new small sorrow that had come with the view in the crystal seemed unremarkable, entirely. Finished, Toby placed the empty goblet on the table again, and snuggled into Jareth's embrace, back to him, only a moment of discomfort as he was penetrated from behind, and then only the essential rightness of it all filled Toby's mind as his beautiful lover thrust into him. As essential and perfect as the ocean tide, the thrusts, and the muffled cries of ecstasy, and Toby was once more, only happy, only aware of bliss, as he tumbled off the edge of another climax at the same moment as Jareth reached that fulfillment himself.

"All mine, Prince of the Goblins," murmured Jareth to the boy, holding him, and now, Toby could only agree, knowing there was nothing else, for him, but this, "All yours. I love you," he softly replied.

"And I love you, my Toby," said Jareth. The sun above, though it would never glare and glow like the sun of earth, brightened in measured course across the half dark sky, for the only god in this world was now fully happy; Jareth looked upon what he had wrought, saw himself, alone, in Toby's heart, and found it good.

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