Starting Over

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Disclaimer: I do not own The Fast and the Furious, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Starting over

Author: Maribel

Rating: NC-17 (sex, language, drugs, violence)

Disclaimer: I do not own any character from the movie The Fast & The Furious, however all new characters are mine
and I do hold copyrights to them as well as the story line. (thank you very much and enjoy your day)

Feedback: Always welcome, but be gentle it’s my first time.

Notes: After the incident with the truck heists, Dom flees to Mexico until things cool down in LA. Mia and the rest of the
team hold down the fort, except Jesse who after being in a comma for months recovers and goes to live with his dad
only visiting the team from time to time. Letty is also very saddened by the events and Dom’s absence she decides to
move back to Puerto Rico with her family.
These events take place 6 months after.

Original Charas: Ds: Dominic Torreto, Mia Torreto , Brian O'Connor, Leon, Vince, Jesse and Letty .
Introducing : Mini Lardieri, Coco Fernandez, Lisa Johnson and Eva Santiago


Chapter1: In too Deep

Brian sits in the back of the room which looked like a classroom/Alcoholics Anonymous room, while the man in the
front talks to everyone about going back into the real world after being in too deep. After thuck uck heist the only way
the FBI was going to let him off the hook was if he attended these classes. It consisted of police officers who went under
cover and lost touch with reality.

‘Just two more weeks of this bullshit’ Brian thinks to himself. He had been attending for 22 weeks straight. And all
the while he just wanted to get out and get in touch with Mia, explain to her why he did it and how he fell in love with her
in the process. As he looks out the window his mind drifts to the night they went to the ‘Cha Cha Cha’ Restaurant and
when they made love afterwards, but one thing he couldn’t get off his mind was the look on her and Dom’s face when
they found out who he really was.

‘I have to make it right... I will make it right’ he thought to himself almost saying the words out loud.


Boca Raton, Mexico*

‘Brian I have to find Jesse before they do, I’m all the kids got!’

‘I’ll call the Feds they’ll pick him up before they can find him’

(shout gun cokcs) ‘Move your car!’

“Dom I’m so sorry I don’t know what I’m doing’,

(Dom throws the shot gun on the floor) ‘ Jesse where you’ve been”

‘Dom I’m so scared’
(Motorcycle motors are heard in background)

ratatatatatatatat! Mia yells out “NO!”

'Blood all over, all I can see is Red................ Jessee no!'

Dom wakes up in a cold sweat his heart pounding so hard it felt like he was gonna have a heart attack, the same dream
had been haunting him since he left LA.
Since the incident he felt like a totally different person. The guilt had consumed him so much he just didn’t know how to
go back and face everyone. He had let everyone down including Jesse. He didin’t even know if he had survived the gun
shot wounds.
When Dom turned around to look outside he saw the most beautiful sunrise, it almost took his breath away.

‘A new dawn, a new day. Funny how you take things for granted’ Dom said underneath his breath. And for the first time in a long time everything became clear to him. ‘'It’s time’

************************************************************************************************* to be continued


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