The Flames Which Consume Us

BY : Angel Marie
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The Flames That Consume Us
By--Angel Marie

--This is a fiction based off the movie with slight alterations. I took some influence from other POTO fanfic's but unlike them, and true to the movie, I don't use le Phantome's real name. The pov changes quite rapidly so I'm sorry if its confusing. But after a bit you should become accustomed to it. This takes place after the song Angel of Music and ends before the scene with the Notes. This is what could have happened had Christine been a little bit more mature with things. It has some adult themes but not bad enough for me to rate it NC-17, so I give it a R rating. Enjoy!--
A soft song played, stirring the sleeping girl on the bed. The song came from a toy monkey set on a jewelry box, tiny cymbals clanging with the sound of a bell. The room was in a dungeon but was decorated so that it felt warmer, no cold and scary. The bed was a large gold bird with red bedding and a black lace curtain hung around it. The girl's eyes began to flutter open, taking in her new surroundings. Now the story begins.
*where am i?*Christine wondered, looking around herself at the ornate red bedding and delicate black curtain.*that song...where is it coming from?* Looking up she saw a gray cord hanging near the curtain. Sitting up, she wrapped her around the rope and gently pulled down. The lace curtain slowly pulled up, revealing a clear image of the room.
*so last night wasn't a dream* Christine thought looking at the room trying to recall everything from the night before. Standing up, she found a small musical monkey playing a sweet melody, sitting atop a jewelry box.
*how precious a treasure* Christine smiled, *so my Angel of Music is kind and gentle* Her thoughts trailed back to the night before when his hands had held hers, hands run across her body. Shivering at the memory of her body pressed against his, his voice whispering in her ear, his breath warm on her neck. The memories stirred feelings that he had awoken in her, making her long for his touch again.
Walking through the door Christine found a large underground lake with candelabra glowing above the water. Looking around, she saw the boat that her Angel had brought her here on. Searching farther she found her Angel, sitting at his desk. Just as she noticed him, he turned to her.
A small smile on her lips, Christine walked the path to him coming up behind him. Laying one hand on his shoulder the other cupping his cheek, he leaned into her touch, savoring the sensation. Her one hand rubbed his shoulder as her thumb trailed along his neck.
'What are you working on?' Christine asked, looking at the paper covered in writing on his desk. Sighing into her hand he kissed her fingers gently.
'Just writing a few notes to my managers and such,' he murmured.
Nodding her head Christine laid her head on top of his. She felt his muscles tense under her hand on his shoulder, but slowly they relaxed. Her Angel placed his hand on his shoulder atop hers, twining their fingers. Gently squeezing her hand, he reached behind her to pull her to his lap.
Sitting gently on his lap Christine fixed her robe so that her legs were somewhat covered. Slipping her hand inside his tuxedo jacket she wrapped her arm around his waist. Her Angel straightened in his seat, unsure of what she was going to do. Moving her hand from his shoulder to his face, she traced his jaw line and the bottom of the mask with her fingers. His breathing changed, coming now in small shallow gasps.
Leaning her forehead against his, Christine whispered, 'Don't be afraid. I am not going to hurt you.'
Lightly she kissed his mouth. His body relaxed against hers, his lips gently kissing her back. Her Angel's hands came to life, one sliding across her stomach to hold her hip, the other cupping her face.
Breaking the soft kiss, her Angel looked at Christine's face.*how can a creature so beautiful be able to look at me without revulsion?* her Angel wondered. Looking him in the eye, Christine stroked the side of his face gently with her fingers.
'I'm not afraid of you,' Christine said, 'nor what hides beneath your mask.' Her fingers moved softly across the cover of his mask. She wondered what was hidden beneath but was in no rush to find out.
'Do you want me to show you?' her Angel asked, his voice laced thickly with fear.
Kissing his lips gently, Christine answered, 'Only when you wish to my Angel.'
He ran his hand through her hair, amazed at how silky it was. His hand stopped at the nape of her neck, his fingers tangled in her hair, to pull her mouth to his. Holding her head gently his mouth ravaging hers, his blood raced at the feeling of her so near to him.
Christine deepened the kiss, her tongue tracing her Angel's lips before sliding inside his mouth. She felt him shiver and she knew that she would be his first, and most likely his only.
Slowly his tongue began to imitate the movements hers did and Christine sighed in contentment. Her Angel broke their kiss to look at her in alarm, worry in his eyes. Her thumb brushed across his cheek, a smile playing across her lips. Kissing him quickly and lightly at first, Christine tried to show him she was fine. Nibbling his lower lip, she turned her eyes up to look at her Angel's eyes. His eyes were wide and concentrated on what she was doing.
'I know this part of life is unknown to you,' Christine murmured into his lips, 'but let me show you the joys of it.'
He gasped and said with complete awe, 'You mean to show me the..'
Christine finished his sentence, 'Yes, the joys of the flesh. Only if you are willing to let me, that is.' Her cheeks flushed slightly, the thought finally occurring to her that *she had only been intimate with raoul.though she was not well versed in means of the flesh she knew them better than her Angel did.*
Placing his hand under her chin, he tilted her face so he could look her in the eyes.
'I only want you to if you do it for yourself, not out of some duty you feel,' her Angel stated.
'Would I have come to you and kissed you and offered my body to you so openly and straightforward had I felt it my duty?' Christine fumed insulted that he thought of her that way.
Getting up to walk away, she was prevented by his hands on her hips pulling her back to him. His arm wrapped around her waist, a look of apology and hurt on his face.
'I'm sorry, my love,' he pleaded, 'insult was not intended but I had to make sure.' Kissing her wantingly, her Angel tried to make amends for his error. She returned his kiss, her hands roaming across his chest and inside his coat. Her Angel broke the kiss only so that he could readjust Christine so that she was straddling his lap. Her robe shifted, allowing her legs to move, causing it to fall off her shoulders down to the floor.
Her Angel stared at his love's ivory flesh, covered now only in a damned corset.*her flesh was so perfect, like that of marble, so smooth and warm not cold and rough like the stone.* His hands tracing along the back and bottom of her corset he leaned his head down to kiss her tender shoulder. Her flesh had a taste of sweetness, vanilla with a hinted flavor of citrus. Kissing along her collarbone he felt her body respond to his touches. Her hands stopped at his sides, her fingers curling into his shirt. As his kisses traveled along her collarbone her fingers grip tightened around his shirt. His lips moved down to the tender flesh above her corset, lightly touching and caressing the flesh.
Her breath caught in her throat, a soft gasp escaped from her lips. Her Angel's eyes looked up but did not remove his lips from his kisses. His tongue flicked out to moisten his lips and accidentally licked her flesh. When her back arched to his mouth, he was taken slightly aback. Interested in her response, he licked the soft flesh coming out above the corset. Christine moaned softly, her hand reaching behind his head to hold his mouth to her breast. His mouth opening, he took as much flesh into his mouth as he could, licking, sucking and massaging it. Her other hand traveled inside his shirt, sliding along his chest and shoulders. Her hips moved against his, his need pressing against her surprising her. He moaned into her flesh as his lips caressed her chest and collarbone.
One of his hands moved to the small of her back, bracing her as he bent her backwards. His other hand traveled up her stomach to her breasts where he traced the outline of her breasts on the material of her corset. Her Angel's fingers slid between her breasts, causing a shiver to snake down her spine stopping at her center. His hand came to rest on her chest, keeping her perfectly arched, so that he could bend down to assault her flesh again.
Christine lifted her head up so she could see what he was doing. His mouth at work on skin, she slid a hand behind his head, cupping the nape of his neck, holding him to her. Her other hand slid between their bodies to brace herself against his chest. When she felt him move to assault her breast from the outside of her corset, she had to lay her head back from all the sensation flooding her mind.
While his mouth teased her breasts, his hand traveled down her stomach, touching her heated flesh beneath her corset. Pushing her up with the hand on her back, he crushed her body against his. Her arms weaved behind her Angel's neck, her lips crushing his. He wrapped his arms around her back, pulling their bodies even closer. One of his hands found her ass, which he grasped and pulled her towards his hips as hard as he could. Feeling his need pressed against her heat again made her moan into their kiss.
His hands moved along her back playing with the strings that held her corset together. With one small tug her Angel had unknotted it and began to loosen the strings. Breaking their kiss long enough for him to slide her corset over her head, Christine pressed her naked chest against his partially exposed chest, and kissed him deeply. Her hands slid into his coat, gently pushing it off his shoulders. He shrugged it off and tossed it across the room. Leaving his mouth she kissed along his jaw and down his neck. His hands explored her naked flesh, scorching her with his touch. His hands were so warm compared to the air that she got goose bumps.
'Are you cold, my love?' he whispered, his breath hot.
Leaving his neck she murmured into his ear, 'Yes, my Angel.'
Lifting her up gently, her legs wrapped around him automatically, her Angel carried her to his bedchamber.

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