Reviews for By Halves

BY : Jake Collins & EGBFan

  • From EGBFan on April 11, 2020

    I agree with everything my co-author Jake Collins has said in his review. Also, I like how at least one thing came about by complete accident i.e. we are shown the inevitable small annoyances in Hayden and Jessica's relationship on both sides (post-bathroom drying habits vs. taste in music). Emilia/Chris is an aspect of the story I hadn't anticipated coming into development, and it certainly adds a lot; Chris is clearly a very nice guy (which includes being a considerate lover), and I too am sure that their relationship is destined to continue off-screen. Kevin and Oscar's interactions in this story are of course entirely consistent with every other time we've seen them, and as for Lars, his journey through this story is both compelling and amusing. Though readers may not know it, he is responsible for some references that I find hilarious!

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  • From Jake Collins on March 13, 2020

    I really love this story and one reason is that I think it's truly the most collaborative piece of work we've ever done together; it's so completely integrated and flows so well. I know we both enjoyed writing it enormously and the meticulous teamwork we did along the way has really paid off.

    The other reason I love this story is that I really like all the characters and everything they do and say! I'm now a very enthusiastic Hayden and Jessica shipper, Lars was an absolute pleasure and a right laugh to write, and Emilia makes perfect sense as the practical and emotional fulcrum to get everyone back together.

    The bulk of the porn is really a showcase for Hayden and Jessica and I absoluetly love all the scenes of those two having sex in various highly titillating ways. Other characters having sex and/or masturbating complement these scenes very well. I'm particularly enthusiastic about the relationship between Emilia and Chris, which has turned out to be so close and so supportive that I seriously doubt they'll want to bring it to an end when it's time for her to go back to England in the summer, and we'll be looking at some kind of international arrangement leading on to something more settled in the future, exactly like Hayden and Jessica.

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