Reviews for A Senator's Ascension (Star Wars)

BY : EnigmaticOutlander

  • From Jeda26 on July 30, 2019

    Hot damn, this is an absolutely brilliant and stunningly erotically kinky start to what promises to be an utterly awesome peice of star wars erotica. Loved what you done so far with regards to the intial corruption and ruening of Padme into the utlimate slut and sexbomb to see to the needs of all that are granted the priviledge of enjoying her new and improved hot body and how you gone about it so far.

    Particualry with how all of it has been done either by droids or very rare and unusual pairings when it comes to Padme with regards to Dooku and futa Ventress so far and allowed to get their rocks off and enjoy the slutty changed nature and body of whore Padme. Which is very kinky to see for the variety and uniquness of said pairings. Also eagerly looking forward to what perverted and kinky body modifications the Sith have instore for Padme and how that will change and reshape her into the perfect slut.

    It is also great that like all great written erotica stories that it has an overall plot and end goal to which, every bit of porn and smut is leading the protagonist to and itts is no surprise at all that everything that happens to Padme is part of another Diabolical scheme by Sidious to break and turn Anakin to the the dark side, earlier than in cannon,

    Love reading each and every sinfully delicious and wicked wanton and depraved word and chapter of it and eagerly looking forward to reading more of it. Keep up the great work. 

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