A Simple Procedure

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Title: A Simple Procedure
Author: Rene Westmorland
Pairing: Irulan/Ghanima
Rating: NC-17
Author Notes: This story takes place during Children of Dune, after Ghanima is found unconscious in the desert. This is my first NC-17 fic, and my first fan-fic so any feedback is appreciated. Hopefully there will be more to come in this woefully underrepresented fandom. Everyone I know says i look like Irulan (Julie Cox) from the first movie so i sort of did it from her point of view.
Disclaimers: Dune and its characters belong to Frank Herbert and the Dino De Laurentis Corporation. I decree that no profit shall come from this story, but It does belong to me. Of course I donít really care what anyone does with it as long as itís all legal.
Warnings: Female/female sex

The Princess Irulan gazed at her charge lying peacefully on the large bed before her. Her relief at seeing Ghanima alive nearly drown out her sorrow that Leto had not been found. But now Ghanima was unconscious from her ordeal in the desert, and her protectors could not ascertain what had befallen the twins. Despite the best efforts of the healers in Sietch Tabr, the royal heir remained in a coma.
"You may leave us now; I will try to wake her." She told the assembled Fremen.
Stilgar gazed into her eyes for a minute, piercing her with his spice blue gaze, then nodded and led his people from the room. In the years since Irulan had become the protector of the children, Stilgar had come to trust her almost as much as if she were Fremen herself.
I certainly have picked up enough of their ways, She mused silently.
What she was about to try, however, was an ancient Bene Gesserit technique for inducing consciousness in coma victims. She walked to the door and locked it, assuring her the privacy she needed for the ritual.
Leaning over Ghanima, Irulan gently brushed a strand of hair back into place, then trailed her hand downwards to the tie of the simple shift covering the girl. Untying it, she drew open the shift. The paused to admire the two perfectly formed globes of flesh before her. Knowing what she needed to do caused a fluttery sensation in the pit of Irulan's stomach. She had not ever performed this sort of technique, and was not very sure how to proceed. On an impulse, she lowered her own simple desert dress from her shoulders, exposing her breasts to the cool night air of the sietch. She gently moved her hand in a circle over Ghanima's right breast, causing the nipple to harden visible, much as her own had just done.
With her free hand Irulan began to massage her own firm chest, causing the fluttery sensation in her stomach to grow stronger. Under her touch, the girl on the bed before her started to breathe harder, and a slight moan escaped her lips.
Itís working. Irulan thought as she echoed Ghanima's moan.
She continued exploring both of the girl's breasts, but was not getting anything beyond a few small reactions. Irulan's own excitement was growing and she decided to take the procedure to the next phase.
She trailed her hand down Ghanima's amazingly smooth stomach to where the shift was belted at her waist. Before she went any further, Irulan stood from where she had been sitting on the bed. The motion caused her dress, which had been bunched around her waist, to slide sensuously down her legs to the floor. The feel of the rough desert fabric sliding from her skin caused the Princess to gasp slightly.
Completely naked, she moved around to the foot of the bed and climbed over Ghanima on her hands and knees. She untied the belt and drew aside the rest of the shift, leaving the girl's lithe body open to her eyes. She smiled as she self-consciously compares herself to the girl-- young woman she corrected herself-- before her. She felt her confidence grow a little as she noted only miniscule signs of age in herself. The kind of signs only a Bene Gesserit would pick up on.
She trailed her hand across Ghanima's creamy thighs and caressed her womanhood. Ghanima let out a moan and instinctively spread her legs as Irulan's fingers brushed her lips. Almost losing herself to the sensation, Irulan ran a finger along her own slit. Checking Ghanima for any more signs of life, and finding none, she lowered her head between the young woman's legs and gently began licking along her legs. When she dove her tongue inside Ghanima's sex she pushed first one, and then two fingers inside her own. Using her finely honed Bene Gesserit muscle control, she synchronized her tongue and finger thrusts and soon both women her moaning in time with one another. Her rhythm became faster and finally she moved to Ghanima's clit and the young woman gasped and cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body.
Ghanima's eyes flew wide open in shock and she looked down to find a naked Irulan tonguing her furiously. Acting on pure sexual instinct Ghanima grabbed Irulan and forced her to continue. She bucked her hips in time with the Princess's thrusts and came a second time, even more powerful than the first. As her lust subsided slightly she released Irulan and lay back on the bed, exhausted, but awake....

Days later...

"Must you insist on sneaking away like this?" Irulan asked, striding up to where Ghanima sat in the Imperial Garden.
"I still feel him Irulan, his presence. Some times I even think I can hear his laughter in the wind," came the wistful reply.
Irulan sat, and studied her young charge. They had spoken little since Sietch Tabr. She sensed that while she herself felt that what had happened was only a scientific procedure, Ghanima felt embarrassed about it. She assumed the young woman wanted to forget the whole thing and chose not to mansion it.
"Mocking your decision to marry Farad'n I hope." She said looking away.
Ghanima looked intensely at the Princess.
"Why should he mock it?"
"I will not stand by and let you be used as a pawn in Alia's schemes."
"Is that what you think? That I'm being used? That I've agreed to this marriage as part of some conspiracy with Alia?"
"No. But I know you Ghani, there is more to you decision than anyone else may guess."
"Alia wants my grandmother back, Farad'n is simply the means."
"But what do you want?" Irulan asked, staring into Ghanima's eyes.
"Farad'n's blood on the wedding sheets, not mine." She said with deadly calm, letting fall the flower pedal in her hand.
Irulan looked away, still afraid for the safety of the royal heir, then rose and turned to go, but Ghanima's voice stopped her.
"And something else."
Irulan turned to find Ghanima standing mere inches from her. She ran a hand down Irulan's cheek.
"I would like to repay you for what you did in the sietch."
"Ghani--" Ghanima cut her off by placing a finger on Irulan's lips. With her other hand she caressed the Princess's right breast through her shirt, feeling the nipple harden under the fabric. She silenced any further protests by kissing the older woman. The kiss sent shockwaves through Irulan's body, straight to the apex of her legs, causing her to shudder with pleasure.
Ghanima's hands tugged the shirt free of the long skirt Irulan wore, and tugged it over her head, bringing Irulan's now fully aroused breasts into view. She took one nipple into her mouth as Irulan arched her back, making her breast more accessible to the young woman. She swirled her tongue around and around, causing Irulan to moan uncontrollably. Ghanima busied her hands undoing the Princess's belt, dropping the skirt to the ground.
Ghanima laid the other woman down into the soft grass, still planting soft kisses on her breasts. The soft imported Moritani Grass caressed Irulan's back and buttocks as she lay looking up at Ghanima's smiling face. Ghanima continued smiling as she loosened the dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the grass. Laying on top of the Princess she kissed her again, this time with more hunger, and rubbed her sex against the older woman's. The sweat glistened from both their bodies as they thrust against each other, their hands exploring and caressing, their nipples pressing against each other.
Just as Irulan though she could stand no more Ghanima broke their kiss and, with her tongue, traced a line down from the Princess's magnificent chest to her naval, and finally down to her center. The older woman cried out in pleasure as Ghanima latched on to her clit, and the young woman began to slide her fingers into her own womanhood with increasing urgency. The pair's moans reached a crescendo as they both came simultaneously, their bodies writhing in time with each other, their hips bucking and thrusting.
Sated, Ghanima brought one of her hands back to Irulan's breasts. Never missing a beat with her tongue, she grasped a piece of wood from a Ginaz Salamander tree. The piece was smooth and without splinters, and was all the wood of that tree. She let up with her touge and placed the wood at the entrance to the princess's opening, and pushed it in a little at a time, each time putting more it. Irulan, aroused again, began to run her hands over her own breasts. Ghanima pushed it all the way in, and seeing that it still had much of its length outside the older woman's body, got a wicked idea.
Holding the wood firmly with her hand, she sank down on top of it, and began to thrust it in and out of both womenís bodies. Riding Irulan as if she were a man, Ghanima began to increase the pace. Each time both women would thrust their hips would meet and their clits would rub against one another. They both began to buck and squeal with manic intensity and finally a gushing burst of nectar erupted from both women. They cried out in unison, and then sank down in the grass.
Still keeping the piece of wood inside both women, Ghanima laid herself gently on top of Irulan and kissed her, propping herself up on her elbow.
"We should do this more often," Irulan said, trying to regain her breath.
Ghanima idly traced Irulan's breast and said simply, "Are there any more Bene Gesserit techniques that I haven't heard of?"

The End

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