Object of Obsession

BY : Demona_Andariel
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A fake witch jumped up, cackling through a terrible voice box, causing Gretchen Carter to jump and let out a small scream. Hugging her books closer to her chest she let out a sigh, trying to calm her heart. The damn witch always scared her when she left the public library. She hated the month of October, she hated Halloween and she wasn’t a fan of Haddonfield. But for the fact, that her boyfriend lived in town, she never would have moved. Not that she was staying for very long. Once Brandon figured out what he wanted to do she’d join him. Twenty-two and already financially independent due to her parents dying and her inheriting a bunch of money. It left her with the unique ability to live wherever she wanted and do whatever she wanted.

Nearing her car, she pressed the key fob to unlock her car.

A hand wrapped around her waist and twirled her around, causing her to shriek in delight. “M’lady?” her boyfriend Brandon said as he tipped a non-existent hat. “Will you be joining me on an adventure tonight?”

Her heart jumped at the thought as she leaned up to kiss him. “It is not an adventure we planned?” she asked.

His eyes twinkled. “Can I help you?” he asked as he grabbed the books from her hands. She gulped, not entirely comfortable with it, but didn’t fight him letting him take half the pile. “Learning to cook?” he teased.

She smiled. “I mean, I gotta learn how to be a good housewife right?” she teased back.

He gave her a look then shook his head. “You’re far too independent to be stuck at home all day long,” he commented. Opening the back door to her back seat, he placed the books he had into the backseat and then turned to grab the rest of them. Setting them down, he cocked his head to one side and picked one up. “The Occult World,” he read.

She shrugged her shoulders as she took it from him and set it in her backseat. “It’s almost Halloween and I always get in the mood to read about the supernatural.” It was a half-truth, half-lie. Halloween wasn’t the only time she liked to read up on the occult.

He smiled, taking her words at face value. He rarely questioned her. “Yeah, Haddonfield loves Halloween. As you can tell. You’d think we’d hate it after all those murders years ago. But I don’t know. I remember my mom saying that a mayor wanted to make some money off the tragic events and decided to embrace the Halloween theme. She doesn’t think it’s right since she remembers. She was just a kid then. But, people like making money off tragedies.”

She nodded then shuddered as chills ran through her body. The myth and legend that was Michael Myers. Part of it was based on a true story of that she was sure. He had killed his family as a child, and when he was all grown up, he’d escaped from the mental hospital he was kept in and went to finish the job by trying to kill his sister. While getting to her, he killed multiple other people. He’d been shot and killed, but the locals claimed they never found his body. And his sister disappeared, leaving town to never be seen or heard from again. There were other rumors of sightings of the masked man holding a knife.

Her mind seemed to travel and suddenly she was in a forest area filled with a dense fog. The leaves danced with a sudden breeze and whispered. Danger. She looked up and there he was. He walked out from the fog wearing coveralls, a shiny clean knife in one hand, white mask over his face. The Michael Myers of myth and legend. And he was walking straight for her. She gasped in surprise. The ground was slippery from the morning dew and she slipped on it as she was trying to get away from him, falling on her ass to the ground. Somehow he’d easily walked the distance between them in moments. She looked up as he raised his knife over his head to plunge it down into her heart-

“Gretch?” Brandon asked with concern as he gently pushed her, snapping her back to reality.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” she asked. She hated her imagination. It always brought her to places she didn’t want to be.

“You’re looking a little pale. Are you feeling alright?” he asked as he gently cupped her face.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

He searched her eyes. “You know, we don’t have to go through with it tonight. We can do it tomorrow or next month. Or any day.”

She looked up at him, using her hands to roam his body till she could get under his shirt and touch his skin. She rubbed his sides. He let out a cough.

“I want us to have sex tonight. I’m done waiting. You, me, your car, virginity gone!” she demanded.

He gulped, lust entering his eyes. “Then I shall pick you up at 8,” he said, grabbing her hands, he brought them up to his mouth and kissed them.

“And don’t forget to dress up,” she called out. “We’re going to Michaela’s costume party tonight.”

He smiled and blew her a kiss before briskly walking away.

She was glad he left. She wasn’t sure she could control herself much more. Although they’d been dating for a year, they didn’t actually meet in person till this past summer when she’d come up to see him. After that, it was her getting her finances in order, finding a place to rent, and figuring out how to move. She’d been living in town for a little over three months and they still hadn’t done the deed.

Sighing, she got into her car and started the engine. It wasn’t that she was against sex. She just never found the person she wanted to have sex with. But when she met Brandon she knew he was the one. Her soulmate. Her mind had immediately taken her away into a vision of sorts. They were in his car, kissing, touching, petting. They were going to have sex. They both knew it. They both were ready.

A shiver ran down her spine as the idea of what she knew was going to come slowly clouded into darkness. She let out a sigh. Her brain was a funny thing. It liked to tease her about things, but never finish them. But tonight, oh tonight. She was going to finish what her brain started. She felt her stomach flutter at the thought.

A rumble overhead caught her attention. She looked up and frowned as a storm started to take shape.


The sound of people laughing and celebrating grated on him. He wanted to kill them all. He had no reason for it. It was just what he was supposed to do. He watched a group of people in costumes walk along a road as they made their way into a house that was much too loud. Unfortunately, too many people. For now at least. He could pick them off, one by one as they left, most likely drunk and too stupid to notice he was there until he dealt them the killing blow.

But, it wasn’t quite Halloween. Not that day or time mattered, but this time he wanted to start out slow and progress. The town of Haddonfield had made a mockery of him. He was going to make them fear his name. His hand clenched around his knife.

The wind rustled around him. And he looked up toward a hill situated a little bit outside of town. His breathing deepened. He knew that place. The kids called it Lover’s Lane. During his wanderings, he’d seen a car or two parked up there. Young teenagers were fucking. Easy targets.

His body moved automatically as he tried to control his breath. People were wrong in thinking he didn’t feel. He did feel emotion. Butterflies fluttered in his chest at the thought. He was going to start his killing spree again.


Gretchen stared out of the window of her car as Brandon drove them. It was going to rain, she could smell it in the air, she’d seen it in the clouds earlier. Not that it mattered. It wasn’t like they were going to fuck outside.

Brandon looked over at her, putting his hand on hers and squeezing. She smiled as she looked over at him. She hadn’t talked much since he’d picked her up. He’d arrived dressed as a knight, and she had dressed up as a princess, making sure that her costume had two separate pieces and a loose enough long skirt to hike up in case she got impatient.

She let him drive her car since her car had the biggest seat of the two. But after they had kissed and headed on their journey she’d been quiet. It wasn’t that she was having second thoughts. Something was bothering her, and she was trying to figure out what.

She’d packed an overnight bag with some extra clothes and she wasn’t exactly sure why. She had a feeling she would need it and she had learned to listen to her feelings.

“Is this it?” she asked excitedly as he turned down a hard-to-see dirt road. The first words that were spoken since they started their journey.

A smile crossed his face as he winked at her.

Her heart skipped a beat. This was it. She couldn’t wait. Before her parents died she’d promised that she’d wait to have sex till she was eighteen. Once she hit eighteen she figured she could wait some more till she found the right guy. She wasn’t in a rush. Looking at Brandon, his wavy short dark-brown hair, dark eyes, and handsome features, she knew she’d hit the jackpot. She shook her head at her silly thoughts. It didn’t matter that he was handsome, that was a bonus. He was kind and gentle, and most importantly, they were connected.

He pulled up to a clearing and parked the car to overlook the town. She let out a gasp as she looked at it from above. It did look quite beautiful.

“You look beautiful,” he said as he looked at her dreamily, running a hand through her long brown hair. His brown eyes met her hazel ones. She caught his hand and planted a kiss on it, looking up at him through her eyelashes. “Fuck,” he whispered as he leaned over to kiss her.

She felt her cheeks go red as she blushed, greedily kissing him back.

“How did I ever get so fucking lucky?” he finally asked, pulling away.

“The gods smiled upon you,” she teased as she pulled down her strapless top. Her breasts popped out and he bit his lip while groaning. She reached out, locking her fingers behind his head as she pulled him into a deep kiss, her tongue demanding his. He obliged. His hands ran along her sides till he reached her breasts. She let out a moan as he flicked her nipples and played with them. Why in the world had she waited so long?

She couldn’t wait much longer. Her hands traveled down his body onto his pants, feeling the bulge. She could feel a tingle in her pussy. She was getting wet. Her hands found the button and zipper and she quickly freed his cock. Breaking free from their fondling she looked at it, a smile crossing her face. He was hard and ready for her. He grabbed her hand as she reached for him.

“Uh, Gretch,” his cheeks blushed a deep red. “You got me really hot and bothered earlier today. I don’t think I can last much longer. For right now that is.” He breathed heavily.

“Oh,” she said. Thinking quickly, she climbed over the front seat into the back and slid her underwear down. He quickly joined her, rubbing up against her as he felt for her sex while kissing her again.

Her heart thumped in her chest and she moaned as his fingers found her clit. She let out a giggle as her body filled with intense emotions.

“Are you sure you want to do this here?’ Brandon asked her in concern as he lay over her. “I mean, your apartment.” She nodded then shook her head in answer to his questions. Her mind went back to the images she had when she first met him. They’re in the car. He’s over her. They’re going to fuck. She knows it. Her soulmate- A frown crossed her face as her thoughts turned into darkness once again.

“Gretch?” he asked, noticing the change in her face.

She shook her head, banishing the dark cloud away. This was a good thing. She wanted to lose her virginity to Brandon. He was her soulmate. Her destiny. Her future.

“It’s nothing,” she said, leaning up to kiss him. Her heart pounding with anticipation and- fear?

“This might hurt a little bit,” he said with a shaky voice. “What I’m told.”

“I’m not an idiot,” she grabbed her purse from the back of her seat, digging through it till she found a condom and pulled it out as well as a small bottle of lube. “Safety first! And lube it up, let’s go.”

He let out a chuckle then his breathing deepened as she slowly tore the condom package while looking at him. One of his hands vigorously rubbed one breast, while the other went under her skirt and played with her ass.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he growled.

Her eyes danced with mischief. “I know,” she replied. Suddenly, she grew shy again.

She handed him the condom and lube for him to put on. He rolled his eyes as he let her go to roll the condom on. “You’ve done this before,” he commented. It was true. She’d given him blowjobs and handjobs before with and without condoms. But this felt different. For some reason, she felt shy and timid. She wanted him to take charge right now. He’d had sex before. He knew what to do. She wanted him to lead her.

They weren’t exactly comfortable in the backseat of his car. She moved her skirt up, wishing she hadn’t worn her costume. She should have taken the whole thing off, but she was worried that someone else would come along and see her naked.

“Oh wow,” he said, staring at her pussy, making her blush again. He kissed her again and she eagerly returned his kiss, his hands wandering her body, fondling her breasts. She moaned as she moved her hands under his shirt. They had on too many clothes, her brain complained. Deep down she knew it would be way easier with fewer clothes, but they could get real naked another time. Right now, she wanted to get this done. Finally, pulling back he nodded toward her. “Ready?” he asked.

She nodded and looked down to watch. She could feel him staring at her. She could feel the love in his eyes as he started to enter her.

Her senses screamed danger. “Brandon… Brandon!” Gretchen screeched, pushing him away from her, but accidentally toward the danger she saw. Her eyes widened in terror, pressing herself back into her door, quickly covering her body.

Lightning flashed as thunder struck while at the same time the car window busted as an arm with a knife came through, slashing Brandon’s back. He screamed in pain and turned. The hand not holding the knife unlocked the door and threw it open. He didn’t have much time to react as the knife plunged into his leg. Gretchen screamed as she grabbed Brandon, trying to keep him from being dragged out of the car. It was useless. The man pulled Brandon out with ease and he landed with a hard thump on the wet ground. The skies broke and water poured down.

Gretchen screamed as the man pulled Brandon up by his neck with one hand. Brandon started to struggle to escape and to breathe. But the man didn’t seem bothered and barely even moved by Brandon’s effort. Instead, he slowly and deliberately put his knife through the fake knight’s armor, into Brandon’s chest.

Gretchen covered her mouth with her hands in horror as the man waited till Brandon stopped moving. He let the body go and stared at it for a moment as it dropped in a heap at his feet. Her Brandon was dead. Her future was gone. The killer’s body had no real features that she could latch onto. He was a shape in the rain. Slowly, he turned his head and through his mask, looked back at her. Coveralls, a bloody knife, a white mask, emotionless eyes. Michael Myers was real.

Her fight or flight instincts kicked in as she pushed the passenger door open and toppled onto the ground. There was no time to grab her shoes, not that they would have helped as they were high heels. She ran, slipping in the fresh mud, ignoring the pain as she stepped on rocks and twigs. If she made it to the main road she could get a car to stop. Maybe… No! They might not see her with the new downpour. Her mind showed her the way. She had to go into the woods. Michaela’s house was only a mile and a half away if she took the shortcut through the woods.

She had to make it. The trees were within reach. She could make it! She let out a scream as a hand grabbed her hair, pulling her back. How in the world had he caught up to her? She fell to the ground at his feet. The knife was inches from her face. She looked up at him. Was this why the images of her future were dark? Was this how she died?

She could see his eyes through his mask. No emotions. A killer. His hand reached down to grab her neck with one hand while the knife was raised up with the other. He wanted to kill her like he killed Brandon. No! She wasn’t going to die like this. Quickly, she bit his hand, surprising him as he pulled back. She tried to get to her feet and run. This was her moment. His fingers grabbed at her, and she felt a sharp stinging pain as his knife sliced her somewhere. Her feet slipped in the wet grass without having her arms to save her as she was struggling to free her hair from him, she fell. Pain shot through her head and she couldn’t move as the wind was knocked out of her. He stood above her. Brandon’s blood, still coating his knife, slowly dripping down thanks to the rain. So, she was right after all. Brandon was her soulmate. Her blood would soon join his. Damn, she should have had sex with him months ago. It was difficult for her to keep her eyes open. She wanted her killer to see the anger, the defiance. If she became a ghost, she was going to make sure she haunted his ass. The last thing she saw was his knife raised above her and then her world went dark.

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