Spiderman: Too Close To Home

BY : JohnTom10
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Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. All characters are over the age of eighteen. I do not own the character Spider-Man or the company Marvel. No Money was made from this fanfiction.

**This is fanfiction. All characters are over the age of eighteen.**

Maybelle Parker was waiting patiently at the kitchen counter top. After a comical amount of indecision, she finally decided on herbal tea. She closed her eyes as the kettle rumbled to a boil. She was feeling soft and fresh after her evening bath. Under the open belted robe, May chose the simple comfort of her favourite thin-strapped tank top and a pair of silk shorts. The heated floorboards under her toes made her think of Tony. She remembered the day when the crew of workmen wearing Stark uniforms poured into her apartment and went to work. One of them had slipped her an unsigned note -- obviously from Tony himself -- explaining the generous upgrades her home was about to receive. She had been quite perturbed about the men tearing her apartment to pieces, but within a few hours, and with the help of Stark technology, the place was looking better than ever. New windows had blocked out the sounds of the city -- when they were shut at least.

May's lips curled into a faint smile. It was exactly the kind of brash, obnoxious thing that only Tony could have gotten away with. She sniffed the pink, silk robe. Another gift from him. Her fingers burrowed down her shorts. He had been a good man and a fine lover. The kettle clicked off. She always felt a little bit better knowing Tony was around to protect Peter. But Tony was gone forever, and so worries about Peter getting hurt, or even worse, flooded her mind once again. The elastic waistband snapped as she withdrew wet fingers.

"Fuck it," she muttered, taking a wine glass down from the cupboard.

New York -- and now the world -- loved Spider-Man. But May had begun to think that Peter's serendipitous duty was no more than a cruel curse.

She tilted the bottle of Merlot and red liquid tumbled into her glass. As alcohol went, red wine was about the only type she allowed herself to have. That, along with her regimented workout routine and strict diet, May was determined not to look anywhere near her 49 years of age. She always believed that not having kids took ten years off her. A happy accident, she supposed.

"Here's to you, Tony," she said, raising her glass to the cupboards in front of her and drinking. "My Iron Man."

May heard the familiar whoosh and thump coming from the adjoining living room. She didn't need to turn around to see who it was. It was his favourite way of arriving home. Whether it be in the middle of her lunch, a work-out, or even a post shower stroll, she'd simply gotten used to his random entrances. Superheroes didn't exactly clock in and out like most people do. On this occasion, however, she really didn't expect Peter to be home until much later. Perhaps morning even.

"Home already?"

Her night robe flung open as she spun around to greet him. She hung her long, dark hair over her chest to hide her poking nipples.

"I thought you'd be out partying tonight after finishing up the exams?" she said.

"Hey, Aunt May," Peter said. "Yeah...ugh...we finished up a little early. MJ was feeling a bit tired."

May rolled her eyes. 'That little bitch,' she thought.

"You know, Peter, you're still allowed to enjoy yourself. God knows, you of all people deserve it."

"It's okay. We can do it some other night," he said, heading for the hallway.

"Well, at least have a drink with me?" she said, casually tucking some hair behind her ear and away from her chest. "Unless I'm not cool enough...or something."

Peter stared at the woman for a few seconds.

"Yeah, okay. Though you know I'm not quite 21 yet?" he joked.

"So, you're a year away. Big deal! I'm pouring you a glass anyway. I guess I'll just have to live with being a really bad aunt!"

They both chuckled.

"Cool. Be back in a minute," Peter said as he disappeared down the hallway. "Just gotta take a piss."

May turned the corner lamp down low, and set their wine down on the glass table. Sinking into the sofa, she pondered on his words. He never usually cussed. She crossed her smooth legs. Feeling quite amused, she figured he must have had a couple of beers before coming home. 'Good for him.'


She let her robe fall open. In her relaxed state, she didn't feel any immediate need to cover up. Peter's eyes stayed on her as he returned from the bathroom.

"So, you mean to tell me, that in all those Avengers' parties you never drank so much as a beer? C'mon, now. Don't lie to a girl."

Peter swallowed a mouthful of wine before responding.

"I mean sure...maybe I had one or two beers."

May anchored her elbow to the sofa back and rested her head in her palm. With a raised eyebrow and a wry smile, her poor nephew could do nothing but continue his story.

"It's not fair. Steve, you know, Captain America -- "

Still wearing the smile, May nodded her head.

"He can't even get hangovers. But I'm sure I've seen him drunk."

They both drained their glasses. Peter spoke as he filled them again.

"I remember, one time, Natasha got so drunk that she started to..."

May let him stress for a moment before gently squeezing his arm.

"It's ok, Peter. You don't have to tell me about everything that goes on there. Sounds wild. Sounds fun."

Peter's eyes were doing what most men's eyes had done over the years. May had worked hard to maintain her figure, and she was glad that men still found her attractive. Her cleavage was a trap that most of them fell into. Tony certainly did. She placed a loving hand on Peter's darkening stubble. He had gone through so much in his short life. She hated that so much responsibility was thrown onto the young man's shoulders. May slid a little closer.

"Is she frigid?" She asked.


"Mary Jane. You should be with her tonight."

Peter fortified himself by taking another swig.

"I guess she's a little slow to express her more physical side, but I love her, and I'm happy to wait until she's ready."

May stared at him over the rim of her glass.

"She knows you're Spider-Man, right? Oh, Peter," she said, resting her hand on his leg. "You're far too young for love. I'm sorry, but I just don't understand that girl. I mean, you helped save the fucking world! I admire your loyalty, but what more does she want!"

Upon hearing her words, Peter stared blankly into space. He stretched his arms and then rested one on the back of the sofa -- just behind his aunt's head. Still beaming at him, May could tell that he was beginning to relax. They gazed at each other for a while. May figured the wine had stained her lips the same ruby colour as his. She had no problem with his amorous eyes wandering down her body. She sipped from her glass again before sliding her hand from his leg up under his t-shirt. His crotch just happened to get in the way. Peter winced at her touch but didn't oppose. Her fingers massaged his rock-hard abs.

"I'll never understand that girl," May whispered.

She smiled as a warm hand found her knee.

"You have such an amazing physique Spider-Man."

Calmly rolling his dark, V-neck t-shirt over his head, Peter tossed it aside and relaxed back into the sofa. On closing his eyes, his hand travelled further up her thigh. May marvelled at his body. Beautiful; sexy; but too scarred for such a young man. Heavy breathing sounded as she ran her hands over his abs and chest. It was as if she could feel every exquisite fibre of muscle. 'How can he be so skinny, yet so ripped?' She explored the thick masses of muscle that were his shoulders. May quivered as bandit fingers slid under her shorts. She was glad, as it gave her licence to return to his stiff crotch. Peter moaned at her touch. His eyes opened directly on her chest.

"You've always had nice boobs, Aunt May."

"Thank you, Peter," she said, peeling away the robe.

She flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"Go ahead. Touch me."

His hands roamed freely over her breasts. The tank top might as well have not been there. She was glad she could comfort him. Of all the conquests and achievements he'd had as Spider-Man, there was still so much he didn't know. Perhaps there was some wisdom for her to share after all; not as an aunt, but as a woman. His eyes were hungry, and Mary Jane had done nothing to satiate him. She pinched his fly zipper and slowly dragged it down. Slipping a hand inside, she fondled her meaty prize. It didn't take long for her to fish out his throbbing cock. With her tank-top half pulled off, she stroked him slowly.

"You see what that girl does to you?"

Peter moaned his response.

"More like what she doesn't do for me."


May sucked the wine from his lips. His fingers had almost reached her moist pussy when she cruelly pulled away. Kneeling between his thick legs, she squeezed his cock and smothered his balls with kisses. She slowly ran her tongue up his fat shaft. Both hands went to work on his abs as her lips surrounded his wet cockhead. It was a deliberate pose of worship befitting of him. Peter moaned loudly as she sucked. It stung when he scrunched her hair.

"Aunt May! Fuck!" he gasped. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry...sorrrr-"

May's eyes widened as he filled her mouth. Like some sort of demented fire hose, his cock popped away from her and continued its creamy spray. Though she swallowed what she could, his cum still doused her face and chest.

She clambered back onto the sofa to regain her breath.

"I came too fast, didn't I?"

She let out a chuckle at his innocence and placed her hand on his chest.

"You came, and that's all that matters. Take your time and we can try again...if you're up to it."

Sliding his hand between her legs, Peter rubbed her cunt through her shorts. She gazed at his rigid cock and was reminded that he was no ordinary man. She stroked his renewed vitality and smiled at him.

"All those times you landed home while I was just out of the shower. They weren't accidents, were they?"

He answered her with a kiss. Rising from the sofa, he pulled her into his arms as if she were a feather. She stroked his cock as he carried her to the bedroom.


He didn't toss her onto the mattress like she hoped he would've. Instead, she found herself stood before him at the foot of the bed. His smooth body made her aware of how clothed she was. Their eyes remained locked as she shimmied her shorts off and kicked them aside. She pulled his hand towards her sex and moaned as he pushed inside.

"Oh, Peter!"

She stopped him from dragging the thin straps down her arms.

"Is it ok if I leave my top on?"

She had to stand on her tippy toes to whisper in his ear.

"I like wearing your stains."

Peter grinned as he caressed her face. May threw herself backwards onto the bed and opened her legs. She motioned for him to join her. Her trimmed bush marked his destination. A naked Peter crawled on all fours towards her; his eager manhood impossible to hide. Hovering over her, he paused.

"Are we really going to do this?" he said.

"It should have been Mary Jane. But it's not. Her loss. It's me, Peter. Maybe it was always destined to be me."

"But you're...you're my aunt. I don't want to mess things up between us."

May guided the tip of his cock onto her wet pussy lips. His giving hips made it far too easy. They both exhaled sighs of pleasure.

"Tonight, I'm not your aunt. I'm just a girl, laying in front of a boy, asking him to fuck her."

May wondered if superhuman abilities included decision making. Surely it must have. Either way, it didn't take long before she felt his virgin cock sliding through her fingers and into her body. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed his ass as he sank deeper. She ran her fingers through his messy hair. His humping groans were becoming low and harsh. Craning her neck, she brought her lips to his ear.

"Easy, boy. It's not a race. Take your time."

Their chests pressed together as pelvis' knocked into each other. May rubbed the knotted muscles of his side. Her touch became more and more aggressive as her cries grew louder.

"Tell me how much you like my dick inside you!"

"It's so fucking big!"

"I've always wanted you, May!"

Her pussy tightened around his girth as heavy balls slapped her.

"Oh, Peter! You're...you're making me cum!"

Her whole body weakened as she lost control. Peter kept pounding until his roars filled the room.

"Fuck! Yes! Spider-Man!" May screamed as he warmed her with his load.

Knowing eyes locked as her nephew continued to pulse inside her.

"Congratulations, Peter. You're a man now."


She wasn't quite sure what had woken them. All she knew was that sunlight filled the room. She knew that she was in his arms. She knew that she was happy. The intruding sound blared again. It was the annoying whirr of the police radio he'd kept in his room. 'I should have poured fucking wine over the damn thing!' Peter stirred beside her.

"I gotta go," he said without opening his eyes.

"You don't have to," she said, squeezing him tightly. "Stay here, with me, where it's safe."

Her hands fell away from him as he rose from the bed.

"I have to. Remember what Uncle Ben said?"

Tears welled in her eyes.

"Ben left. He didn't come back. Don't do that to me again, Peter. I'm begging you!"

He let her hair dangle between his fingers for a moment and then walked out of the room. May fell back into the pillow and cried.


An almost fully-suited Peter returned to the bedroom. He held his mask in his hand. May propped herself up on her elbows. It allowed the bedsheets to fall away from her bare breasts. His eyes were on her once again. She pointed towards his crotch.

"You don't seriously think I can let you leave with one of those?"

She watched him staring down at the massive bulge in the blue fabric. She licked her lips as he came towards her.

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