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BY : Mikey
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Disclaimer: I neither own Star Wars nor Pink Five, there locations or characters. I do not make money from writing this story. This work is of pure fiction. None of those events have really happened.

“I am always ready for a good hard cock. I am getting wet just thinking about it, and wetter when I suck upon one. But what I really like it when it goes straight in too – either in the upper or lower hole whether I am lying on my back or on the four. The tiny thingy is to find a partner who knows what he has do to alleviate MY sexual tension.”
– Stacey May Rareath confessing about what she likes.

Like Coruscant, Hosnian Prime has none natscapes. I pilot my second-hand – maybe fifth or sixth-hand truly, but it’s almost like an unused – landspeeder through the maze of streets of Republic City. I have been on my own since I have thrown my gratz hat in the air. No more Prudence around. Yay!

Even though I am working my ass hard – not literally –  to get a suitable lifestyle, I still find some time to spend with my… FwBs – you know, Friends with Benefits. That is what is about to happen right now. One of them is following me in his own speeder, and I am very excited at the idea of fucking him or the other way around.

I stop my landspeeder in an unpopular alleyway, and he does the same. Al fresco fucking is my favorite. I might get caught while doing it and it turns me on. I would really like to be the witness of affs too. Voyeurism stimulates me as much as actually doing it.

He steps out of his vehicle and I do the same – only after removing my bra… Wait! I wear no bra. I am disarmed by his charming smile, looks, and swag. As we walk toward each other, I look at him lustfully – he likes it.

“Hey gal”, he calls out. “Life has been good on you since last time?”
“It has been, lad.”

We know each other’s name but we never use it – it is the same for all my FwBs, a kind of unwritten rule. If I am his gal, he is my lad, and if I am his babe, he is either my chap or my dude.

I put my arms on his shoulders, he puts his hands on my hips and we tongue kiss… hard. Very soon, his hands move to my butt while I mingle my fingers in his hair, disheveling him slightly. My heart races – I really like this guy.

As we kiss, he walks me to the front of my speeder on which he help me sit. For a few ticks, we stare in each other’s eyes. His hands are on my thighs which I spread to welcome him in between. In the motion, my skirt is pulled up and I notice him noticing my crotch-less panties.

“You are a very, very bad gal.”
“Be a good lad and… spank me then”, I reply with a seductive pout.
I melt as he flashes his smile and says: “On the four then.”

He is very directive, but also very respectful and sweet. If I obey, I get good treatments. If not… well, it never happened. So I get on the four on the hood of my speeder. I arch my back so that my ass rises slightly.

I feel my skirt being pushed up and a waft of warm air on my exposed rump. I am sure he is smiling right now. Mere seconds later, his hands spread my ass cheeks and I feel his lips and tongue upon my shown vulva. Hahhh. I bite my lower lip as I look behind me. His head is moving up and down as he kisses and licks upon and in between both sets of labia. At the sight, yet another Hahhh escapes from my mouth – I really like to watch.

From time to time, his nose almost brush against my anus. I am glad I do not feel like farting right now. Even though it is quite pleasurable, it does not last long enough. I suppose that the angle might have given him a neckache.

“I have brought surprises too”, I say to tease him. “Look on the passenger seat.”

He walks to the side of the speeder and – still on the four – I watch him through the windshield. He grabs the bag, looks inside, and looks at me.

“You really want me to do that?”

He pulls out the vibrator – some prophylactics tumble out of the bag in the motion. He seems quite eager to use it. He likes to have control over the pleasure he gives me. I feel the rod going in easily for I am soaked already. Hmmm. It is a bit awkward for he feels nothing so he goes along what he thinks is right. The stimulation in bearable but soon – oh so soon – I really want to feel his throbbing cock inside me.

“I want you in, lad. Deeply in.”

Even though he has heard my plea, he keeps fucking me with my own vibrator. Suddenly, he finds a spot – it is obviously luck. Hmmm. Oooh. I squirm my ass as I try to match his pace.

Hit it again, I say to myself. Again. Again!

I feel the tension throughout my body. I want more. I want him. I bite my index as I look back and see him having his fun with me. He likes to watch too. I put my hand to my mouth to muffle a loud Haaan. I am so aroused.

There is a sound of unbuckling. I smile. I feel the vibrator sliding out of me. I contract my inner walls to push it out. It falls, hits the hood then the ground – I’ll have to wash it.

“On your knees, gal.”

I get down of the hood and get to my knees. He hands me my vibrator with a cleansing wipe. I look at him questioningly as I wipe my love juice and the dirt from it. He pulls his penis out – which is quite hard already – and starts stroking.

“Tell me dirty things, gal.”

That’s HIS thing. I have never had his penis inside me actually – except in my mouth. I quickly realize that I won’t get off… Again. But this time, I have my faithful buddy in hand. I waste no time and plunge it deep inside me. He wants a show, then he’ll get one. I activate it and start thrusting up and down. With my other hand, I pull the bottom of my pull-over under my arms, and proudly expose my salient Bs.

“I want your hot throbbing cock in my mouth.”
“Oh yeah! You want it gal.”

His hand moves really fast. I have to hurry. I push buddy deep in me so that the vibrating protrusion remains upon my clitoris. This makes the whole thing tremble.

“Hahhh, yes. I want it. It’s so tasty. Hmmm.”
“Hmmm”, he moans.

Hahhh. Saying those things turn me on too. I am desperate to squeeze the shaft between my lips, and let them trail up to the glans.

“It makes my mouth so full when I…”

Too late. Ugh. Spurts of his cum jettison from the urethra, and land on me… I now understand why I have been able to swallow it easily before. It is almost as if it is liquefying at the touch of air.

I look at him and try to not to focus on the moon jockey he is but on how I would use his penis to please myself. As I do so, I bring myself very close to orgasm… but I can’t get to it.

We kiss each other and, without a word, we go our separate ways. I know deep inside that all he wanted was too awkwardly thank me for the few moments we spent together. I might never see him again…

And it is better that way.

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