Giving in to Temptation

BY : Mikey
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Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, its locations or characters. I do not make money from writing this story. This work is of pure fiction. None of those events have really happened.

Malachor V is a waste. Since Ezra touched a pillar that protruded from the ground, he, his Jedi mentor, Kanan, and Ahsoka, a rogue Jedi, have fallen underground. Soon after they realize they are among Force wielders turned into stone, they are attacked by the 8th brother. Since he cannot defeat them all at once, the inquisitor uses explosive to separate the group. Ezra falls further underground while both Ahsoka and Kanan chase the fleeing inquisitor.

“My head! Ohh. It hurts”, Ahsoka says all of a sudden, crumbling to her knees.
“Ahsoka! What’s wrong?”
“Not again! Stay back, Kanan.”
“Haan! Haan”, the Togruta whines while she holds her head in her hands.
“Are you okay?”

Much affected, Ahsoka does not answer him and gets on the 4.

“Hahh. Hahh.”
“What happened!?”
“I’m fine.”

She rises to her feet and says Okay. Let’s go. Then, she walks a bit further and turns to face Kanan who has not taken a step yet.

“Come on, master Jedi, she is waiting.”

Kanan walks past her and they walk a bit further.

“Aaah”, Ahsoka screams.

Kanan turns to face her and sees her unhooking her lightsabers.

“Kanan... do you... like me?”
“What the...”
“Do you LIKE me”, Ahsoka asks again, this time closing the distance between them.

Ahsoka drops both hilts on the ground and undoes her body armor which she also drop on the floor – underneath, a strapless bra hides her breasts.

“Hold me, Kanan”, she says, hugging him tightly.
“What’s wrong!?”
“Hahhh. Hahhh! Hurry... hurry”, she urges as she puts her hand to his crotch and kneads purposefully.
“Make love to me! Kanan, I want you!”

A reddish silhouette, obviously a dark side spirit, strobes behind the half-naked Togruta.

“Who’s that”, Kanan asks aloud.
“Huh? Jedi don’t like girls!?”

While he is distracted, Ahsoka drops to her knees, undoes, his pants, and pulls out Kanan’s penis. She starts stroking with eagerness.

“No, Ahsoka. Stop!”

He tries to push her away but she is awkwardly strong. She looks up at him. Her yellowish eyes are lustful. Then, she opens her mouth and sucks on him. She displays much lewdness, spitting on him, and soiling her face with the froth of her slobber.

She stops for a second to remove her strapless bra which she throws away and resumes her sucking.

“That’s a nice Jedi cock.”

Slurps and pops echo in the nearby area as Ahsoka gives head with much devotion.

“If it reflects your strength in the Force, you must be... powerful.”

Yet again, she spits, and sucks, and strokes. Then, she rises, drops her pants to her knees and bends over a rock.

“Fill me, Jedi.”

Still awestruck, but now much more motivated, Kanan steps behind her. His eyes too have turned to the yellow spectrum. He angles his hard penis to Ahsoka’s entrance and pushes slowly. Then he retreats and goes in further. Once the Togruta’s vagina has sucked him in. He puts both hands on Ahsoka’s hips and bones her.

There are claps of skin on skin as Kanan fucks Ahsoka without frills. HmmmHahhhHmmm. While she moves her hips in small circles to make sure that Kanan’s penis rubs everywhere, he keeps pounding her straight.

“Yess, Kanan. Spread me!”
“I’m going to fill you with my cum.”
“Haaan! Yess. I want to feel it trickle from my mushy pussy.”

Kanan puts his hand on Ahsoka’s shoulder and pulls toward him. His penis goes deep inside her. Each penetration is stronger than the previous. Hahhh. Ahsoka is panting while Kanan is groaning, almost grunting. HaaanHmmmHaaan!

“Keep going, Kanan. It feels so good.”
“I can’t... hold back... much longer.”

Ahsoka looks back and locks stares with Kanan. She smirks evilly. He is about to cum, she can feel it. She is disappointed for she is not yet close to orgasm but she intends to enjoy every remaining seconds of this.

“Fuck me deep, master Jedi.”

Hohhh. Kanan’s face gets numb all of a sudden. He feels a squeeze in his testicles. He does not want it to end for it is so alleviating. But he cannot fight the urge. He cannot hold back his much hoped for orgasm.

A thrust, then another, then a last. Kanan’s semen is jettisoned inside Ahsoka’s womb. As this all happens, the Presence is forced out of Ahsoka who slowly comes back to her senses.

Kanan, panting, takes a few steps back while Ahsoka rises from the stone and turns to face him.

“What happened”, she asks even though, deep inside, she knows she has yet again been possessed by the dark side as it has happened 17 years ago.

Kanan is about to answer but she closes her eyes and shushes him.

“I don’t want to know.”

Kanan feels awkward too about this turn of event. He feels tainted. Kanan puts his sluggish penis back in his pants while Ahsoka gathers her belonging. Walking with Kanan, in the search for the 8th brother, Ahsoka feels Kanan's cum trickling from her mushy pussy.


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