The Naughty Chariot Ride

BY : supernova222
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Brea was in shock and amazement staring up at the foreign face of the skeksis skrollkeeper lord staring down at her from the carriage that nearly ran her over. It‘s face was dominated by a long beak topped by multiple pairs of small glasses. Upon discovering her royal designation, skekok insisted on taking her aboard. A part of her wanted to resist the lord’s outstretched hand, full of long, thin pointed fingers. However, his intense eyes were transfixed on her; there was something alluring, almost pulling or drawing that she could not fight, compelling her to accept and climb up. As he helped her up, she briefly felt his hand linger, roving over her body in a suspicious yet electrifying way. She was introduced to the repulsive and whining collector lord skeklach and quickly formed a connection with the scrollkeeper over their shared love of reading.

It would still be a long ride before they reached the citadel. She soon felt a rising heat within her upon noticing the hungry eyes of the skeksis lords fixed on her; almost leering. Sitting beside her, skeklach leaned close, risking her leaking pustules invading the gelflings space. She hunched over and brought her hand to cup the Brea’s face. She brushed her fingertip against brea’s lips as if prodding them; nervous and overwhelmed, she slowly parted them. Skeklach’s finger entered her mouth, prodding and rubbing and, acting without thinking, the naïve young princess began to suck on it.

“hehehe, good gelfling” skeklach smirked

Skekok leaned closer, his eyes unblinking and his breathing heavy, its heat reached to spread across her face. Skeklach reached her other hand to force its way under brea’s dress, caressing her bare body; the princess had never known such a mix of fear and exhilaration. So involved was brea in her books was that reading them was her only previous experience with intimacy. She was not naive to the concept though; her sister tavra was well known, and heard, to consort with the female paladins on a regular basis. And Seladon, well, she’d fallen into a different lot in life as the future all-maudra; her body was regularly used, and accepted, as a diplomatic offering. Many a night the whole citadel could hear her older sister moaning out in pleasure while in the company of a dignitary from one of the other clans.

She felt the taloned fingers find her nipple and pinch it hardly, causing her to moan; she had never known such a pleasure before. As skeklach’s hands continued to greedily grope at her body, she felt a shadow fall over her as the lustful skekok drew closer to her. His large claws were quick to seize and discard her of all her garments. She was pulled to slump in her seat and looked on in fear of the scrollkeepers large beak enveloping her lower body. Despite her brief fears she was about to be devoured, she squealed as his tongue made a meal of her lower lips, lapping and tasting them vigorously. Her small legs were hoisted up by her head, bending her in half to give the scrollkeeper better access.

Overwhelmed with pleasure, she looked up with discomfort and horror as the disgusting face of the collector fell onto hers; the collector was certainly one of the more depraved of the skeksis lords.  The skeksis pressed her beak around the small gelflings lips in a very awkward kiss, forcing her tongue into brea’s mouth. The vile thing was so big I encompassed most of brea’s mouth, and wriggled like a serpent out of water, mixing its saliva with hers. She squeezed her eyes shut, as to open them would mean the collectors vile, oozing pustules would encompass her vision.

“mmmmmm, as I thought, princess does taste better” skekok smiled

Brea was suddenly overtaken with new ecstasy as the scrollkeepers tongue abandoned her pussy lips and invaded her rear hole.  

“oh my, I’ve read about that” she thought

She was overwhelmed by this all new, even more intense pleasure, the skeksis lord’s tongue seeming to never stop penetrating deeper and deeper into her tight ass. Losing herself, she seemed to return the collectors oral attack with passion, moaning into her mouth, which skeklach returned with glee. She seemed almost sad as the collector pulled away, streams of saliva stretching between their separating mouths. The skeksis pulled open a section of her robes to reveal a vile, fleshy mass. Brea could not even comprehend what it was until it twitched of its own volition before bulking up and swelling outward. It was three long, thick dark red organs protruding from the collector’s waist that brea recognized as analogous to male cocks. The skeksis lords’ were obviously quite bigger, besides the fact that there were three fleshy shafts protruding from the same base in her skin. They were thick and slimy looking, ridged and bumpy and overall alien looking to the princess. She was met with a strange new feeling as the members were slapped onto her face hardly. The collector giggled as she thrust her waist slowly, dragging them across the princesses face, covering it with their sticky contents. Nervous but intrigued, she stuck her tongue out, as she imagined she was expected to do, lapping at the members as they ran along and encompassed her whole face. The taste was vile and reeking yet somehow bearable, even enjoyable as she continued. The sensation made skeklach moan out in pleasure, instinctually beginning to gyrate faster and grasp wantingly at the gelflings body.

The scrollkeeper began alternating his tongue between her holes until finally Brea cried out in pleasure as her first ever orgasm rocked her to her core. She was left shaking as the lords licked her juices and groped at her small body.

“if mother could see me…” she thought.

Her mind briefly drifted to how devoted a servant her all-maudra mother was to the skeksis lords; had she also been in such a position; sticky and sore and overwhelmed; giving her bare, willing body over completely to the desires of the skeksis to be defiled; maybe even while father was still alive?   

“Fun time now” she heard the collector cackle.

She was pulled off her seat onto the floor of the carriage and turned to rest on her hands and knees. As the thrill of her orgasm faded, rationality and fear began to creep in. It intensified when she not only saw the collector stimulating her cocks again, but the scrollkeeper also released his own.

“do you want…?” skekok started

“move, I get good part” she groaned

The collector shuffled around to be behind the gelfling and began to finger and fondle her holes. The scrollkeeper however moved to be in front of her, his organs dripping and inchers from her face, twitching. He too prodded her mouth with his finger, appearing to almost be measuring it. Her eyes went wide as the thrust lightly, presenting his thick members closer for her.

“Start with the middle one, it taste better I hear” he smirked

She slowly and reluctantly parted her lips, only to have the cock in question forced into her mouth. Its size was beyond what she could handle as it filled almost all her mouth, its tip threatening to activate her gag reflex. Its two brethren pressed against the top and bottom of her face, brushing off their gooey contents. Thankfully, she thought, the taste of the scrollkeepers cock was not so rancid or ill tasting as those of the collector. With little ceremony or reserve the scrollkeeper seized her head and began thrusting in and out of her mouth, cawing with pleasure as he did. A new feeling a fear then arose as she felt a similar presence at her back end. Skeklach grinded her members against the gelfling’s holes, preparing them for what was to come.

“not all at once again, skeklach?  Remember the last one?” skekok spoke up

“no fun, this better anyway. She can take it, I can tell..,” skeklach responded

She started lining her members ups with the gelflings small, virgin holes, making the princess sweat and worry.

“baaa, will split difference then” the collector whined

With that, brea was overcome and almost passed out instantly at the mix of shock, pain and pleasure. The collector thrust in, forcing two of her cocks into brea’s tight cunt together, while the third was recklessly jammed into her even tighter anus. She had to refrain from biting down on the scrollkeepers own cock, fearing the possible repercussions. With a rapidly slipping grasp on sanity or rational, she fell into a lustful craze as she was mercilessly railed at both ends of her body. The scroollkeeper finally reached his limit and cried out as he climaxed, yet did not remove his member from her mouth. With no clearance or ability to move, his sticky disgusting seed emptied down her throat and spurted out her nose while his other two shafts sprayed an equal amount all over her head and upper body. She had little time to breath as he withdrew his member, only to replace it with another, still spurting one. Aside from the moaning, both hers and the skeksis lords, and the wet sloshing of meshing genitals, the only noise she could make out was the confused crowd. Outside, gelfling onlookers puzzled at the sight of the large passing carriage, which shook violently as it went along. Skekok, after having emptied all three of his members into the young princesses throat, feel back, breathless and sated for the moment, leaving brea coughing and spitting his seed while still being ruthlessly humped by the collector.

The collector made no such attempts at grace or granting the princess a rest, endlessly pumping her holes until filling them with sticky seed before continuing on again. they constant streams of seed emptied into her depths began to ooze and run out between the fleshy shafts, running down her legs and onto the floor. The gelfling felt moisture, liquid, pool on her rear; was it the collectors love ooze or face ooze she tried to wonder. Brea, with her mouth free again for the moment, was able to vocalize her pain and pleasure. Ahead, aboard his landstrider, captain Orodon turned back. He could hear moaning and crying and squealing from the rocking carriage he led. He shook his head with a frown, realizing he should have tried harder to keep the all-maudra’s daughter from joining in the carriage.

“and so the lords corrupt another” he lamented

Skekok was quick to silence the gelfling, forcing all three of his members into her mouth at once, though squished together, they could only go in halfway. For the entirety of the ride to the citadel the two skeksis constantly switched ends for which to violate princess brea. They filled and coated her in their seed and drove the gelfling to the brink of insanity, forcing their overly large shafts into her every orifice, driving her though an endless string of orgasm and spasms. Both eventually, in their age, found themselves spent; violating gelfling maidens was an easier task in their youth they thought. Their carriage was a mess of bodily fluids and their passenger lay limp and breathless on the floor, oozing from every part of her body. Skekok smiled, having enjoyed the experience to have the company of a princess. Skeklach however, savoring and loving the sight of the weak but attractive princess; she wanted more. Skeklach plopped into her seat and pulled the sticky princess up to straddle her lap. In a daze, brea was only roused by the electric sensation of the collector licking her breasts, even lapping up the sticky seed that covered them. The collector firmly grabbed her butt cheeks, rubbing and squishing them to her hearts content, with a wandering talon prodding the gelflings rear hole.  She felt the trio of sticky, fleshy organs reacting to her body; two were under her, which hardened against her lower lips while the third pressed against her stomach. Brea, still weak, looked into the skeksis lords yellow eyes with a bit of shock and reservation.

“my lord, a…again?” she asked breathlessly, but not entirely unwanting

Skeklach responded by pulling brea’s head forward and locking them in another, though more intense and passionate kiss. Brea was not shy to meet the lord collector’s tongue this time. The collector adjuster herself, preparing to line herself up, intending to squeeze all three of her members into the gelfling’s tight, comfortable ass, which brea braced for. Suddenly there was a rocking to the carriage which made skekok look out the window.

“uh uh skeklach, we’re coming up to the citadel now. Playtime’s over”

Skeklach groaned as she slid brea of her lap.

“oh, I never get to have any real fun” she whined as she sniffled

They were quick to clean off the shell shocked princess and redress her, taking their time and again savoring her small body. The three disembarked the chariot, and were quick to close it to hide the mess within. The skeksis marched along to meet the all-maudra, with a meek and nervous brea following behind. She looked up and saw the scrollkeeper turn and smile at her.

“our little secret, right clever princess?”

“”yes, of course my lord”   

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