Village of the Gods

BY : Village-Giants-Fan
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Big Fred gave a wave to the little teenagers, as he and the other giants headed back to the theater. The goo had definitely enhanced his package under his toga. His cock was now over 6 ft long (1/5 his height!), and his balls were easily the size of beachballs now. Course, as he saw his tanned girlfriend Merrie ahead, Fred strode up next to her, smiling at her, and admiring her bosom, which had also grown in size, to what would surely be twin basketballs if she were normal size. “Hey honey,” smiled Fred, looking into her blue eyes, as their footfalls thundered below them. “Enjoy that dance?”

“Of course I did, Freddy~” she giggled, also taking note of that six foot monster hidden beneath the toga her boyfriend was currently sporting. “I only wish I had a little more fun with our new toys~” she says, nodding the small teens.

“Well, maybe I don’t want them to have all the fun,” replied Fred, feeling his cock getting stiffer. “Besides, like Pete said, this is our world now. You’re a big girl, and big girls should get to play with big boy toys.” (He looped an arm behind her back, his right hand playfully caressing the sode of her swollen bosom, that had been enhanced by the goo)

Merrie grinned in response, bumping heat hip against his stiffening cock. “Maybe a big girl like me needs a real man to fill her” she whispers breathily into his ear.

“Well, as God told Noah, ‘be fruitful and multiply,’” smiled Fred, giving her a playful squeeze. “If this is gonna be our world, we better start populating it. Besides, Hainesville seems like a nice place to settle down in, and raise a family.”

“As long as our kids don’t destroy everything before -we do-” she smirks, grinding against her giant boyfriend as he squeezes one of her massive breasts.

*Big Fred Smiles, as the teens squeeze back through the entrance of the Hainesville Theater, and make their way to the stage. The girls smile up at their beau’s, as the eight giant teenagers, begin to undress, as numerous curtains and long strands of chiffon lay on the stage, as the giants look like kids playing with doll furniture. Slowly, enormous breasts tumble out of straining tops, and enormous penises and balls are revealed from under togas. Fred and Merrie are in their own part of the stage, as Fred cups one of his balls, overflowing out of his hand, as his 6 ft penis stands erect, pointed at Merrie! “That Genius kid really hit the jackpot,” he smiles. “I think that stuff made me hornier than usual!”

Merrie licked her lips at the sight of her hung, giant boyfriend. Her massive slit began to wetten, possibly staining the stage permanently as the groped one of her enormous tits. “And I’m the lucky girl who gets every inch of it~” she gasps, a little breathless. 'Maybe we can force Genius to make -more-’ she wondered, idly playing with herself as she imagined it. For now though, she only wanted her massive boyfriend.

Big Fred came forward, his hands squeezing and kneading her huge, and even more impressive bosom, still the biggest of the other girls, possibly the biggest in the world…and he was squeezing her magnificent mammaries! “And I get to enjoy your body as well,” says Fred, leaning in, his lips finding her, and hearing her giggle as he kissed her deeply.

Merrie smiled into the kiss, locking into the passionate kiss as she reached down to return the favor~. Her hand reached for Fred’s massive cock, easily the biggest in the world, and began to tease his head, as well as playing with his enormous balls.

Big Fred squeezed a bit firmer into her tanned boobs, as Merrie lay down, and they smiled at each other. “Know anyone who makes condoms for 30 foot giants?” He smiles mischievously into her face.

“No,” she smiled back, nibbling on his neck as he continued his attention to her rack. “Why~? Does BIG Fred want to fill his big girl~?”

“Well, these balls are aching to fill something up,” he smiles back to her, his hands kneading her bosom. “Given my size, I wouldn’t be surprised if in 9 months, you have a lot of little ones popping out of you.”

Merrie grins. “Nobody’s going to stop us, make me pregnant, big boy~” *she moans, helping him play with her massive breasts, her other hand reaching down to play with his six foot shaft. “Not even our kids would be able to be stopped~”

*Big Fred feels her left hand, grasping his thick shaft, and guiding it’s head into her waiting pussy. Slowly, he pushes deep into her, as her body arches, and she gasps from his 'new size’ filling her. Surprisingly, she takes all of him, and this Fred begins to undulate his hips, pumping in and out of his huge girlfriend, her giggles, moans, and gasps a symphony of horniness to his ears!

“Yesssssss~” she groans, feeling that thick, hard shaft fill her completely. “Ohhhhhh yeah~” Merrie, in turn, tries clenching around Fred’s huge invader, eager to please. “Mfff, come on Freddy- harder, faster~ , pleaaaaase~” she moans, nibbling on his neck again.

“As you wish,” smiles Fred, and begins to pump faster, her blond hair beginning to bob more wildly, as his hips buck back-and forth, his torso rubbing against her well-toned one. There is also the sound of flesh slapping, as Fred’s balls slap against his girlfriend’s giant thighs.

Merrie screams in pleasure, not caring who heard her. Her giant boyfriend was fucking her hard and fast, and she didn’t give a damn who knew. What were the townspeople going to do, anyway? “S-so big, so full~” she shudders, taking every inch of Fred’s cock as he pounded her like no tomorrow

*Big Fred kept pounding into Merrie’s pussy, reveling in the giant fuck-fest, as she gasped and and moaned loider and louder, as around them, the lther couples were also about to climax, and sure enough, there was an almost universal moan from the guys, as all four unloaded into their 30 ft girls. Fred heard Merrie sigh, as gallons of his giant spooge filled her innards.

Merrie squealed as she felt his massive cock fill her womb with what felt like over a gallon of his virile sperm. “Do you think this is enough to get me pregnant?” she smirked to him.

“Honey, I came so hard, I’m surprised you’re not burping it up,” he smiled, kissing her lips, as she giggled at his saying.

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