Graduation and an Announcement

BY : FlameWolf
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Author’s Note:  Hold onto your stockings.  Poor Ellie has some explaining to do~


Graduation and an Announcement

By: FlameWolf


    Staring out at the crowd, she could tell her mom was confused by the blonde man sitting next to her and admiring her daughter.  Lowering the mic and ignoring the raucous calls of her name, she began a speech she had spent hours practicing in the mirror and in front of her patient partner.  “I am no one special.  Just another person like all of you,” came her beginning lines before she easily fell into the routine of speaking.  Before she knew it, the ceremony was over and the students were flooding into the crowd to greet their family.

    Climbing of the stage herself, she let out a quiet squeal when she was suddenly lifted into the air and spun.  Looking down to see her lover, Ellie couldn’t help the smile that spread over her face.  “B, put me down so I can introduce you to my mother,” came a weak protest.  Thankfully, he acquiesced; albeit reluctantly.  Then she was looking over at her stunned, confused and slightly hurt mother.  Before now, she had always shared everything with the older woman.  Now, they had both gone to great lengths to make sure she wouldn’t freak out when she first met a certain bio-exorcist.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Few Hours Before the Ceremony~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    “You sure this will work?” she asked for what felt like the 100th time, her nerves clearly showing.

    “Babes, if I can make Chuck and Deliah Deetz see me I can certainly make myself visible to a crowd and your mother,” he responded with a bemused grin before sweeping her into a hug and planting a kiss on one of her cheeks.

    “I’m just happy you’re allowing me to come.  Introducing me to your mother is just icing on the cake.  I mean, let’s face it, I’m not the type one brings home to their parents,” he continued, joking slightly as he set her back down.  He wasn’t shocked that she was still skeptical.

    Unoffended, he spun in place, far too fast for the human eye to see.  Before she could even take a breath, he had stopped again; his appearance unrecognizable.  His wild hair was combed back neatly.  His pale skin was now a rosy peach, his mold and dirt spots gone.  His filthy suit and mud caked boots were replaced with ablack suit with a red shirt and black tie.  The only thing that assured her he was the same was his wild, green eyes sparkling merrily down at her.  Almost as if her reaction was amusing him.

    Gesturing to himself, the bio-exorcist smiled in a cocky manner.  “Clean up pretty good don’t I?” purred his mid-tone while she tried to decide how she felt about this look.  If he had been alive, this is likely what his appearance would have been.  Yet, it still didn’t feel quite right to her.  It almost felt like she was cheating on him with a twin brother.

    “You... certainly look different,” she attempted weakly, ‘Fluffy’ rolling his eyes at their shenanigans.

    ‘If mistress does not like it, simply say so.  The abomination is used to such insults,’ the eldritch canine grumbled, its many eyes narrowing.

    Flushing a deep red, she turned to glower at her familiar while her lover broke into deep laughter.  “Oh babes, that’s a first.  Most women would fall over themselves for this version for me,” he pointed out before he spun and turned back to normal.

    “I’m not most women.  I thought we had established this when we stopped an Old One from destroying reality,” she chided semi-seriously before wrapping her arms around him and resting her cheek on his chest.

    Guilt currently bubbled inside him as she allowed herself to be comforted by his touch.  She had yet to tell him, having planned to tell both him and her mother after introducing them.  The hardest part had been forcing ‘Fluffy’ to keep her secret.  In the end, she had to command him not to say anything about it; as much as she hated it.  The look on his face certainly hadn’t helped, resembling that of a kicked dog.  Pushing back all of this, she turned her attention onto the ichor dripping beast.

    Knowing what she wanted, he gave her an annoyed glance before starting to tear off hunks of his black, gooey flesh.  She was about to run forward to stop him when she saw the ebony fur underneath.  After a few graphic and upsetting moments, he had torn off his outer skin to reveal an otherworldly black canine.  Even without his Eldritch form, you could tell he wasn’t a breed seen on Earth.  The closest she could equate him to was a feral looking Anubis, with his thin limbs and nearly skeletal structure.

    Twitching his tall ears, the canid almost seemed disgusted with his current appearance.  “This will be the only time I use this,” he spat before closing his eyes and seeming to concentrate.  After a second, the floor beneath them began to rattle and shake.  Black goo began to seep up through the spaces in the floorboards, floating toward the creature and coating it once more.  Only feeling slightly better, Ellie nodded while nibbling her lower lip.  The questions that had been haunting her for nearly a month came back with a vengeance.  How would B react to the news, how would her mother?  How would her mother even react to her being in a relationship?  Let alone being with a ghost?


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back in the Present~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    “Mom, this is Bruce Juician.  I met him before I left for college.  Sorry I never told you.  I just...  I wasn’t sure you would approve,” she murmured, looking over at the taller blonde to her right.

    In that moment, she was grateful his magic made him seem a bit older than her.  Maybe, just maybe it would be enough of an excuse.  Indeed, her mom was already frowning slightly but simply shook her head slightly.  “I can see why you would be concerned but I raised you not to hide things.  Still, as long as you’re happy,” the older woman conceded before shifting her gaze to the dog by her daughter’s other side.

    “Though, it seems I’ve missed a lot lately,” she concluded with a hint of concern in her voice.

    ‘You don’t know the half of it,’ her mind provided, nerves welling inside her as they walked to a very familiar green roadster.  Thankfully, Betelgeuse had been able to disguise the animated car.  The vehicle had even been working on his aggression toward canines for this day.  Still, she felt a fair bit of apprehension as they got closer.  All she needed was for the car’s dark side to rear its ugly head.  So, it was with great surprise that she opened the door to let Fluffy in with no incident.  Taking her own seat, she buckled her seatbelt while the engine revved to life.

    As they drove, her mother of course had all sorts of questions.  How long had they known eachother?  Were they planning on getting married?  Where did Bruce work?  All harmless small talk that passed the time until they pulled into the driveway.  Staring up at the house while her ‘dog’ hopped out of the car, Ellie swallowed a lump that was forming in her throat.  It would be fine, right?  Rubbing her arms, she could only hope it would be.

    Heading inside, she got an annoyed look from her ‘pet’; telling her his patience was wearing out.  Nodding and taking a deep breath, Eleanor decided to get one part of this whole mess over with.  “There’s something about ‘Bruce’ I have to tell you,” she whispered, wincing at the instant concern on the matriarch’s face.  Taking a breath, she gave a nod to the pair of supernatural creatures.  In unison, they resumed their true forms, her mother going more and more pale.

    “Wh-what...,” she stammered out while backing away, her gaze moving from the Eldritch horror to the rotting corpse.  Then her eyes were rolling up and she was fainting, he body collapsing limply to the ground.

    Maven awoke after what felt like a Hell of a dream.  Yet, as she focused on the unfamiliar ceiling above; dread filled her stomach.  What had happened couldn’t have been real!  No, none of this was happening and she would really wake up at any moment.  “You okay mom?” asked a voice as the face of her daughter came into view.  The face of that... man was right beside hers, making the matron sit up rapidly.  No, no!  This was the last thing she had ever wanted to happen.

    “Mom?” came the voice again but all she could do was shake her head in denial.

    “You can’t...  No, I won’t let you be dragged into this any further!” she spat out, eyes wide and frantic as she dug into her purse.  What she pulled out made the three in the room take a step back in horror.  It was a copy of ‘Handbook for the Recently Deceased.’

    ~Before any of them could stop her, she was flipping through to a certain passage.  With a speed unknown to her daughter, the woman was rushing forward, tearing off a shirt button before stepping back.  Holding up the button like a ward, she began to speak.  “Hands vermillion, start of five,” began the chant, a thick tingle of magic flowing through the room.

    “Bright cotillion, raven’s dive,” she intoned, the magic whipping up into a wind as Fluffy began to snarl.

    “Mother, please stop!”  Ellie begged, lunging toward the other woman,  this only resulted in her dodging.

    Giving her daughter a sympathetic glance, Maven murmured a soft spell under her breath, making several motions with her hands before continuing with the exorcism.  “Nightshade’s promise, spirits strive,” she whispered, Betelgeuse having long been frozen to the spot.  Attempting to stop her mom yet again, Ellie found herself completely unable to move.It seemed she wasn’t the only one keeping secrets.

    “Mom, please!  He’s not dangerous,” she pleaded, only to have her words fall on deaf ears.

    “To the living, let now the dead come alive,” commanded the other woman, watching as the poltergeist in front of her flickered in and out of focus for a few moments before seeming to solidify.

    Bristling, Fluffy began to pace, as if unsure of what to do.  His instincts screamed at him to attack the woman but his mistress would never allow it.  The glower she sent his way told him he would be next.  Growling, he allowed himself to dissolve into a shadow, hiding in the silhouette of Eleanor.  Staring down at her feet, the young female glared softly before meeting the near frantic gaze of her matriarch.  “As sudden thunder pierces the night,” Maven continued, the wind around them slowly turning into a howling gale the more words she spoke.

    “We love eachother.  We want to live together,” Ellie attempted to reason, desperation welling up inside her while her gaze moved from her lover to the woman who gave birth to her.

    “As magic wonder, mad affright,” the other femme intoned, ignoring everything her child was trying to say.  She had her reasons for doing this.  She had to stop all of this before it got any further.  Before the soul slumbering inside her daughter was stirred.

    Helpless to stop any of this, Betelgeuse felt his body begin to float, painful electricity flowing through his body.  The moment the first words had been spoken, he had been bound.  “Rivers asunder, man's delight,” came the next passage, agony pulsing through him as he felt like he was slowly beginning to rot.

    “Stop, please!  You’re killing him!” came a scream that tore at his heart.

    “Our ghost, our corpse and we rise to be,” sounded almost like a thunderclap, a soft grown drawn from his lips as he felt his form briefly shift.

    He felt his muscles starting to decay as his skin suctioned to his body, his skin slowly flaking off.  Gritting his teeth, the bio-exorcist focused all his will on not changing into his true form.  A task that was growing harder by the second.  “As flies the lizard, serpent fell,” continued the horrible rites, his mouth opening in a silent scream as agony became his world.  He could feel himself switching between his true form and his human disguise and he was helpless to stop it.

    Ellie had long ago slipped to her knees, descending into incoherent screams as she tried to avoid looking at what was happening.  Deep down, she knew she would never see him again.  That the child she now carried wouldn’t have a father.  That she would never be able to look at her mother again after all of this.  “As goblin vizard, at the spell,” Maven read out, her heart lurching for just a second when she saw the obvious love her daughter had for this... thing.  Yet her resolve stayed steadfast.

    “Of pale wizard, sinks to Hell,” she yelled over the maelstrom, the sound of demons howling becoming clearer the more she recited.

    “The buried, dead, and slain rise again,” she finished, lightning striking outside and causing an immediate, loud boom of thunder.

    For many moments, everything was still.  Then all Hell broke loose.  The entire house lurched with a groaning creak, dust falling from the ceiling.  A second after that, it began to shake violently, knocking Maven off her feet.  Falling backward, she hit her head on a table on the way down, knocking herself out.  Freed from the binding spell, Ellie dove for the handbook, desperate for some way to stop this.  To her horror, she read that there was no reversing this.  That his very soul would be shoved into a horrible limbo he couldn’t even reincarnate from.  “No...,” whispered out of her as she looked up at his decaying form.

    “R-run,” gasped out of him with great effort, the house shaking even more violently around them.

    Shaking her head, Eleanor wrapped her arms around him and held on.  Even as it seemed like the house would simply collapse.  Then, he was gone; the only thing left behind being his filthy, striped suit.  Gathering up the clothing, she let out a heartbroken howl as her tears began to flow.  She would never get to tell him about their child.  Even worse, she would have to deal with the Eldritch without him.  Looking over at her unconscious mother, she wondered just what the woman knew.




    Searing, burning, unbearable pain lanced through him as he vaguely became aware of confused voices.  “He.... he was exorcised!  He’s supposed to be...,” protested a male voice, interrupted by laughter.

    “Did you really think something like that would kill him?” responded a smoke wrecked voice, making him smile despite the agony.

    Sitting up slowly, he held his throbbing head while his body sang a hearty protest to his movement.  “Juno’s right you fucking bag of wind.  I ain’t gonna be got rid of so easy,” he hissed, getting to his feet and swaying in place.  To his shock, a certain caseworker was at his side, steadying him.

    “Come on, lets get you to the waiting room,” she urged, earning an irritated glance from the bio-exorcist.

    “Jesus wept, you’re right here!  Yer tellin’ me ya ain’t gonna let me skip in line?!” he snarled as she steadfastly led him out of the back office.

    “No one is above protocol,” she quipped with a small grin, leading him down the hall and back past reception.

    Glaring at Juno, he turned to glance over the full lobby.  With how things worked, he would be here for a very long time.  Something he really couldn’t afford.  Ellie was likely beside herself even now and there was no way to tell her he was fine.  Any other ghost would have died so it was unlikely she would send ‘Fluffy’ to see if he was alright.  He couldn’t even hope to get a better place in line, a lesson he’d learned the hard way.  He was basically stuck here until his number was called.  Something that could take months, if not years in the living realm.




    Groaning, Maven opened her eyes while her head throbbed in time with her pulse.  Sitting up slowly, she turned her head to see the disturbingly emotionless visage of her daughter.  “We need to talk, mother.  How did you know about the handbook?  Why do you have a copy?  How do you know magic?  What are you hiding from me?” she whispered, the horrible dog forming out of a puddle of darkness on the floor.

    “E-eleanor...,” she began, only to be stopped by a harsh snarl from the abomination.

    “Mother, we are both tired and after this night, I never want to see you again.  You owe me these answers, especially after you killed the father of my child,” Ellie hissed, eyes narrowing while the low beast to her right snapped its many jaws.

    After a moment, Maven closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  She hadn’t expected something like this and could understand her child’s anger.  “Your father died when you were so young that he didn’t pass on.  He haunted the house until you were eighteen, though you never once saw him,” she began.

    “He, of course, had a handbook and knowledge about the other side.  Over time, we came to find out the truth about you,” the older woman continued, unable to meet the dead eyes of her daughter.  Eyes that now only held pain and deep hate.

    “Let me guess, that some of Lovecraft’s soul was put into me?  That I was destined to be a tool of the Eldritch?”Ellie whispered, her words making the matriarch’s heart stop in her chest.

    “What?  How did you...?” Maven asked, getting interrupted by a sharp bark of laughter.

    “Ever heard of a self fulfilling prophecy?  No matter how hard you try to stop something from happening, sometimes it does anyway.  I met a ghost, I joined a college to become a paranormal psychiatrist and I saw the Eldritch,” the young woman responded, getting to her feet and turning her back on the woman that gave birth to her.

    “You went...,” the other woman tried to ask, stopped by a low snarling from the monstrous dog.

    “Just... get out,” Ellie whispered, her tears starting to finally fall.  Opening and closing her mouth, Maven could only hang her head and obey.

    She had no idea how her daughter had gotten to the Eldritch or how she now had a low beast familiar.  Yet, she had no right to know any longer.  She had done something unforgivable.  She had destroyed a family while trying to protect her daughter.  Even now, she new she would never see her daughter again.  Let alone the child she was carrying.  Walking out the front door, Maven got into her car and drove away; tears slipping down her pale cheeks.

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