Raya And The Last Dragon

BY : GhostDragon
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Raya and Sisu went Spine to take one of the stones from chief of the Spine Tong. When they they reach at the gate of Spine, Sisu knocked the gate. Before Raya can intercept Sisu's action they got in a booby trap set by Spine and it knocked both Raya and Sisu out unconscious. After a few minutes Raya opened her eyes and she found out that she was being tied up with each hands and legs to each corner of the bed and her clothes were gone. Also there is no sign of her belonging and Sisu in the room. Raya felt so ashamed of the situation she got into. She tried to free herself but the rope tied so tight and it hurts her wrist. She can feel something bad is going to happen to her. Soon she heard the door open with a bang. Raya tilt her head a bit and saw a giant size man coming towards her. It was Tong Chief of Spine. Tong came near the bed and looked at Raya being tied up naked. Raya was terrified of the idea what he could do to her. She didn't want to show any sign of she was being afraid. She put up a brave face and said "Release me now if not you will face consequences". Tong laughed at Raya and removed his clothes. Soon he completely naked and his long cock erect waiting to enter into Raya. That was the first time Raya saw a cock. She hasn't seen one in her life. During her journey whenever she felt urge for sex she would finger herself. She also like to look at her own pussy while fingering so always shave her hair pussy and kept it clean. Never in once her life she thought having sex with others. "Like what you see" Tong tease Raya after he noticed Raya staring at his cock. Raya came back to her situation . Tong started to slide his right hand from her feet to above her leg. "Look let me go if no..." before Raya could finish her sentence Tong's right hand grabbed Raya's pussy very hard. Raya screamed in pain and begging for help and begging for Tong's mercy. Talon keep smiling and climb on top of the bed. Tonh release his hand and sit on Raya's stomach. Raya can feel the weight of Tong on her stomach and it was very painful for her and she couldn't move her body. Tong with full force grabbed both of Raya's boobs and twisted it. Raya was screaming even more. She never felt this much of pain. "Please stop I am begging you! " Raya cried in pain. Tears started to come out of her eyes. Tong while twisting Raya's boobs lean towards her face and licked tears coming out of her eyes. Raya felt disgusted and turned her face away from Tong. Tong release his left hand and grabbed Raya's face and forcefully turn towards him and he start to lick Raya's tears again. Raya who was a daughter to Chief of the Heart and protector of the Dragon stone is being raped by Chief of Spine. A mere thought of the first sexual experience that she was having turned out to being rape makes Raya feel disgusted. Tong release his right hand. Now Raya doesn't feel pain anymore but she still could feel the itchiness coming from Tong's toungue. Tong licking Raya's face like a dog. Tong released his left hand from Raya's face keep licking from her face to her chest and reached her pussy. Tong started to suck Raya's pussy very hard. At Raya felt uneasy of this but soon without realising she started to enjoy it. "Please stop... Please... OH!... OH! Don't stop, OH!" words just came out of Raya's mouth. She felt betrayed by her own body. She can't believe that she started to enjoy that someone is raping her. Hearing those words from Raya, Tong starts to suck her pussy even faster. Raya wanted to scream for help, use her strength to try free herself but the pleasure coming from this torment betrayed her mind and put at ease. After a very long time she found herself relax at least her body is. Suddenly her body is becoming tense. For the very first time in her life Raya is going to have orgasm. Tong noticed it and stop sucking her pussy. "Wait don't stop" Raya said. Tong crawl back to Raya's face. " Shut up bitch I know what I am doing." said Tong. Then Tong kissed Raya and pushing his tongue into her mouth. Raya want to protest at first but again her mind betrayed her. Raya kissed him back with full of passionate. She knew that this isn't love and this is wrong. Tong is raping her and Raya is enjoying it. Tong pull back his face. Soon Tong's cock entered into Raya's tight pussy. Raya once again starts to feel pain but this time she enjoys that pain. She can feel Tong's cock tearing her pussy. Tong entered his cock harder and faster. He didn't care about Raya's pain. Soon Tong entered his full cock and started to stroke very fast and hard. Raya started to scream again but this time with pain, pleasure also can sense in her scream and her face. Raya's scream and face reaction makes Tong to go even more harder and faster. Raya reached orgasm for the very first time in her life. It makes her really happy. The guilt that she felt was long gone. At the same time Tong cum inside Raya. His cum sprayed like a fully pressured water coming out of pipe. Raya enjoy the heat of the cum spreading inside of her. After fully release his cum Tong untie Raya and lie next to her. After got released Raya checked her wrist. There was red mark around it. "Hey slut what is your name and what do you want with Dragon gem" Tong asked. Raya wrapped her arm around Tong and started to speak.

I am Raya from heart and I need the gems to...


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