Pre battle jitters

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The eve of a world changing, or ending, battle was rarely an easy one. The Na’vi had made every possible preparation for war with the humans under Jakes leadership.  Trudy knew he was special, but she never realized how much one person could really change a world.  She was glad she had gone to the tree of souls with him, or rather his avatar, for what was being called a grand celebration.  She clung to his large alien body as they flew on his winged steed.  She would much rather have been on her ship but understandably, the natives were not so welcoming of it.  This was actually her first time she actually touched a na’vi.  The smooth thick blue skin felt good and she pulled closer to jake, making it seem like she was nervous but just so she could feel the skin on her cheek. 

Overall, na’vi were impressive specimens, she might even say attractive.  Unfortunately, as far as she knew, they didn’t have the typical reproductive equipment her mind often drifted to.  All she knew about their intimacy was that they connected their ponytails in some weird organic way. 

“shame” she thought

They suddenly dove strait down as they came down to outer part of the sacred territory, which many of the na’vi had relocated to. They landed with a thud as the creature perched and shook dirt from itself.

“you can quit hugging me now” jake smirked in his gruff voice

“finally, I would have preferred riding in my baby” she huffed

“yeah well, gotta save her juice for tomorrow”

“oh she’ll do her job” she smirked

“I know it will, and you too.  Thanks for…y’know, sticking with us”

“yeah well, the RDA are all assholes, and let’s not get all sentimental yet. Tomorrow night, if we’re still alive, we’ll see” she smirked

They hopped off and headed towards the tree. 

“jake, you okay, you seem…off”

“I feel a little off, not sure why.  Must be the stress finally getting to me”

They passed hundreds of na’vi camps and groups as they got closer.  As they walked, Trudy noticed the other na’vi seemed off as well. She, again, did not know a whole lot about them but they did seem overly affectionate, very touchy feely and downright amorous.  Some even looked drunk or drugged.  As they got closer to the tree, the intensity of the natives began to grow. They were both alarmed, but at the same time jake also seemed to be getting agitated.  She began to worry that whatever had happened to them was happening to him. They began to pick up speed as they jogged and it was then that something very out of the ordinary caught her eye; breasts.  The na’vi women suddenly appeared to have full sets of boobs rather than their usually flat chests. Their bodies now seemed to show more common female features and curves.  More so, some of the males, under their humble cloths or loincloths, appeared to now be sporting cocks, and quite large ones by human standards she noticed. The two hurried more as their eyes darted about nervously at the increasingly lewd activity.

“jake, what the hell is going on here?! What did you drag me into?”

“I don’t know” he got out

She noticed that he was getting exhausted and a little shaky.  Finally they came unto the rise of the crater where the tree sat.  Neither was ready for what they saw. Despite what either knew of the na’vi, all those present in the crater were writhing, jerking and moaning in what was clearly a massive alien orgy. Jake pushed through the shock and disorientation to rush down to meet is lover Neytiri, who stood on the rise under the tree.  Against her better judgment, Trudy hurried to follow him in pushing through the sea of otherworldly carnal sex. As she did she felt the constant brush of bare body parts and sweaty skin.  The air was filled with a symphony of moaning, grunts and cries of passion.  An endless parade of anonymous hands constantly grasped at her ass, crotch and breasts as she pushed through to keep up with jake, who was dealing with the same issues.  She couldn’t help but watch with amazement. No porno or internet sex party could ever come close to what she was seeing.  The erotic, untamed passion of a race unchained by social norms or the insecurities that mankind had developed.  Hundreds of massive, heaving blue breasts and uncountable bright blue cocks disappearing and reappearing in and out of almost glowing slits.   

Finally they breached the crowd and got up to the rise with the tree where Neytiri stood.  Like the others she seemed just as newly endowed in figure.  And as jake approached her she pounced into his arms and pressed her lips against his in a passionate display of love that he returned.

“hey, lover boy, c’mon! what’s going on?”

Jake fought to break the kiss and he spoke with her in their native language for a minute.  She fidgeted about him as he talked like a cat in heat. He seemed genuinely shocked by whatever she rather casually said to him. He turned back to Trudy, visibly unnerved but still apparently succumbing to whatever was happening. Neytiri slinked up behind him slowly and sexily and ran her hands over him from behind as he talked.

“Trudy, it’s a mating moon!”

“a what?”

“apparently this happens once every few months for the na’vi.  This one night they go absolutely nuts and horny.  They go into a mating frenzy or something and their bodies just swell up with the pressure”

“so that’s why they look more…sexual”

“yeah, the tits and the cocks and asses and everything fill in I guess when this happens.

“but what about tomorrow, the assault, the battle how is…”

Trudy cut herself off in shock as jake moaned, Neytiri having crouched down onto the ground and come around to free his now developed cock. She backed away, seeing jakes eyes glass over in the pleasure. He was now overcome to.  She watched, shocked and also rather aroused as jake bore his teeth and began furiously thrusting into her mouth.  She thought it was too bad that Norm had not come.  A scientist like him would have found this all “fascinating”; hell, fucking an alien women was probably a nerdy fantasy of his.  Unsure if it was pheromones or something in the air or she was just enjoying everything, but she began to lightly brush her breast through her thin tank top.  Jake fell backwards to the ground as his lover pounced onto of him like a predator and they began to 69. 

Trudy felt hot and horny all over as she slowly popped open her pants button and slid her hand down to rub her clit through her military underwear.  She continued to watch and rub herself, and her legs started to get weak.  She pulled one of her boobs free out the side of her shirt so she could clutch it hard, pinching her nipple between her fingers. She finally let herself plop down into a sitting position and holding herself up with one arm to watch.  She brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them and jerked the front of her cargo pants open further before her hand pushed her panties aside to finger her hungry pussy.  The otherworldly light of the tree of souls made her sweaty caramel skin glow.  She grunted to herself as she achieved her first orgasm. She watched the alien lovers as they finally got into fucking for real, grunting and jerking like mating beasts. 

She then saw that barely a few feet away, another hardcore session was taking place. A much older na’vi female was pinned with her back against the tree itself and was moaning loudly as she was getting absolutely railed by a younger male.  It was in fact the high priestess, Neytiri’s mother, and she was getting fucked hard by the chief, Neytiris former lover.  The frenzy aside, it is good that the na’vi don’t share the same social structures and opinions of humans or that scenario would be uncomfortable and even scaring.  The mother and daughter were even making eye contact as well as bearing their teeth and hissing at each other, as if it was a contest for best fuck between them.  It didn’t last long as the chief pulled out, spun the old women around, bent her over and started fucking her again.  Jake and Neytiri likewise changed positions and got right back into it, constantly exchanging either dirty talk or sweet nothings in their language.  She had just had likely her third orgasm when she suddenly found that a group of male na’vi had come up to surround her.  She was yanked to her feet and quickly stripped of her cloths, all the while she jacked off the two closest dicks. Her mind was misty and any thought or caution was gone; she wanted big blue alien cock now.

 It was a good thing she was standing because with their height, she would need to be to get their cocks in her mouth.  She bent her head down and took the first one in.  They were thick and very long and she could barely get it to the back of her mouth.  Being in heat, her physical limitations were hardly a concern and the male simply took her head and forced it in deeper, the blue cock ramming all the way down her throat over and over as he skull fucked her.  She could feel the hands of the others all over her body, boldly exploring every inch and every orifice.  Finally she got used to the thick cock in her throat enough that it wasn’t a strain anymore, or a risk of gagging or throwing up, when she suddenly felt it expand and swell before her throat filled with liquid.  The male grunted as he withdrew and she gagged and sticky luminescent goo poured from her mouth and nose. It had been a long time since she’d sucked a cock and she never remembered it being quite that exhilarating or intoxicating.  She barely had a second before her head was yanked over and claimed by a new cock.  This cycle continues for near ten minutes of her face being passed around to different cocks to be shoved down her throat, all the while anonymous hands caressed and pinched her breasts until they were sore, and long fingers explored and stretched her pussy and asshole, preparing them for what was likely soon to come.

Finally a warrior lay down and pulled her down to him.  She straddled him cowgirl style and barely had a moment before he jammed his cock deep into her pussy, not waiting for her comfort before he began to thrust furiously.  She grunted and screamed in pleasure, adding her own voice to the wave of other erotic noises surrounding them.  His tail snaked its way up to wrap around her waist. The cocks were not painfully thick but long and larger than any other cock or dildo she’d ever had.  She suddenly cried out in pain and pleasure as another warrior squatted down behind and thrust into her ass hole full force.  She rocked between them madly, losing her senses in the pleasure.  She felt the warm sweaty skin of the other male pressed against her back as he hunched over her and thrust into her ass.  She fell downwards as she was hit by what had to be her tenth or eleventh orgasm.  They didn’t slow at all and she pressed her lips against those of the male beneath her, exploring his pointed teeth and leathery tongue with her own.  She then felt the back male withdraw, only to be quickly replaced with another. 

The previous tenant of her asshole then came around and yanked her head up by her now loose and messy hair so to force his cock down her throat. They continued in a seemingly endless rhythm of carnal pleasure and she lost track of time and orgasms as she became a mindless constant source of alien pleasure.  She got the briefest of pauses as the males switched positions.  She was pulled over onto another male but now she was lying with her back on his chest and her legs held out.  He positioned his cock to enter whatever hole it found first when she saw that her sweating aching body was now facing up and bare to the lustful aliens.  Her heaving healthy breasts, her mouth drooling blue cum and her used and wanting pussy all displayed for them.  A random, amorous female na’vi suddenly appeared over her and her tongue snaked out and briefly invaded her mouth before hungrily licking at the cum splattered across the humans face.  She had barely started before she was pulled away and bent over by another male. Trudy looked up as they all crowded down and closed in around her from every angle until the stars disappeared and all she saw was sweaty blue flesh as it pushed against every inch of hers.

“give me all you got” she thought weakly before her mind and senses were complete overwhelmed

Jake had been going continuously with Neytiri; she seemed insatiable.  He felt exhausted yet his body just kept going.  He was sure he had fucked his writhing lover in every way possible and still she wanted more. He realized some time ago that as he was not wholly na’vi, his senses weren’t being completely overwhelmed, so he could enjoy the act far more than he thought they were.  He did somehow get off watching what he knew was the taboo of Neytiri being in what appeared to be fuck-off with her mother and former lover.  He had to admit he was turned on more as he watched her mother getting fucked by his rival for Neytiris affection, who had now been joined by some of the other warriors in group fucking the mature priestess.  Her aged voice screeched out as she was overwhelmed from every angle.  It was then that he remembered seeing Trudy being overwhelmed by large males too and looked to see she was okay.  All he saw was a massive pile of large blue bodies on top of each other, and a stubby pair of attractive caramel legs sticking out of it and bouncing limply as the mound gyrated.  The toes could be seen weakly twitching or curling every few seconds. He worried it might be too much for her when he was overwhelmed by the pleasure of emptying yet another huge load of  thick cum into his lovers depths and she cried out in pleasure before falling on top of him and thrusting her hips downwards to begin a new session and he fell back in to his daze.

Trudy was nothing more than a mindless slab of fuck meat at this point, in body and mind.  She lay limp and exhausted yet enthralled as she was overwhelmed.  The male beneath her was deep in her ass while two separate cocks were sharing and stretching her pussy beyond its natural limits.  The heavy weight of another male rested on her stomach as he furiously rubbed his cock between her tits.  At the end of each limp arm she held another cock in her hands and weakly jacked them off.  Her head was pulled back and held in place as the final cock gracing her body was thrust in and out of her throat. He was bigger than the others and the cock literally was going all the way down her throat; with light grunts and squirts of cum emanating each time he withdrew slightly. Suddenly she felt her breaking point as what seemed like all of them cumming at once, their cocks swelling and emptying into her.  The pleasure and strain was too much and she suddenly realized she was blacking out. As things went dark and she barely, felt the cocks pulled from her holes and replaced by new ones and saw the cock limply fall from her mouth and spew cum across her face.

“I wonder if this is what heaven is really like” she thought before she finally passed out

Trudy awoke with a jump as she realized it was morning.  Her whole body hurt and was nearly numb.  She hoped it wouldn’t affect her flying during the battle.

“the battle!” she suddenly realized

She scrambled to her feet but was too weak and fell back over.  She struggled more as she realized she was in a na’vi tent.  Jake suddenly rushed in, followed by Neytiri, and they helped her onto a stool. Her head hurt and things were still kind of hazy but she still remembered EVERYTHING that had happened.  A part of her regretted passing out and missing the rest.

“that was a hell of a night” she snickered

“Trudy, I am so sorry you were dragged into that, I didn’t know”

“its okay Jake.  It wasn’t your fault.  And if im being honest I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. I can only hope I dont have a few dozen blue babies in me”

“you’re all good.  Norm told me na’vi and human reproductive aren’t compatible”

“you told norm?”

“don’t worry, no specifics”

“thank god. Tell me the truth jake, after I passed out, how long did things continue?”

Jake hesitated, ashamed.  It was obvious what she meant.

“I’m not sure. Me and Neytiri were still in the heat of things and I noticed how limp your body seemed.  I don’t know how long you were out or how long they had kept going with you but I quickly broke of and scared them off.  Then…” jake trailed off.

“go on, I can handle it” she nodded

“it is okay my jake, you were not in control of yourself, and she is your friend” Neytiri smiled

“you came around a little…but you were disoriented, dazed”

“and what happned?”

“you…put my dick in your mouth”

“are you shitting me?”

“you must have thought I was one of the other males.  Neytiri encouraged me to follow my na’vi instincts, so I went with it”

“so we…?”

“briefly, only once before you passed out again.  Once you were done sucking I got behind and got right down to business.  In your condition you were fairly inviting, and welcoming of Neytiris pussy forced into your face”

Trudy looked in shock to the na’vi, who simply smiled innocently.

“it was quick but pretty intense.  Since Neytiri can’t understand me I want to let you know you have a much better feeling pussy than hers”

“gee thanks.  So what happened afterwards?”

“I took you to the chief’s tent to rest.  By the time I came back, Neytiri had ditched me and blended in with the sea of other writhing bodies to satisfy her lust. I…finished the reminder of the night…with her mother”

“you what?”

“yeah, she was one sex starved old women.  I think she may have even been wilder than Neytiri”

“jesus Christ jake”

“I know.  Again, I’m so sorry.  I know this is the worst time but we have to start getting ready; Quaritch will be on the move soon”

“right…right.  I gotta get my baby all prepped”

Neytiri said something she couldn’t understand before she left the tent. 

“for joining us, the clan insist on marking you and your fighter with their warriors paint, as a sign of honor”

She smiled and nodded. She stood and weakly tried to walk, her ass and pussy stretched and sore beyond description. Before she left she turned back and pressed her lips against jakes, or rather his avatars, in a heated and passionate kiss. She pulled away and gave her usual cocky grin.

“thanks for the great night hero boy. Maybe we can try it again some time”

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