A Crepuscular Visit

BY : Jim_Jenkins
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Disclaimer: The film "Chronicle" and all its characters are property of Max Landis. I do not make any profit from this story.

Standing in front of the window, 16-year-old Andrew Detmer looked out into the clear cool night. Patches of clouds float through the starlit sky. He watched as a patch approached the nearly full moon. Andrew closed his ocean blue eyes and took a deep breath. The air had the smell of freshly fallen rain. That always relaxed him somewhat, especially after his embarrassing moment with Monica. He opened his eyes and brought the glass of water on the bedside table to his lips.


Andrew took a sip in the light of the re-exposed moon and sighed quietly as a lazy cool breeze floated through the opened window. The breeze gently caressed his dark cotton t-shirt and blue PJs and teased his freshly showered skin.


He placed the glass on the sill and held the curtain up. Just as the curtain was securely tied to the side of the window, the moonlight hid behind another patch of dark cloud. Andrew took a deep breath again and closed his eyes, wanting to forget that humiliating moment. He listened to the sounds of the night coming through his window.


The blonde boy nearly cried out as he felt a warm pair of full lips at the nape of his neck. He felt strong hands touch each of his friend’s arms. Then Andrew felt his lips touch the side of his slender neck for another soft kiss.


“Hi.” His unlikely friend, the hero jock of their school, Steve Montgomery, whispered quietly in Andrew’s left ear.


Andrew didn't respond verbally, instead he leaned back slightly. He felt the taller black teen’s warm hands leave his arms and touch his hips.


Steve felt Andrew lean back towards him. He leaned forward a bit to support the quiet boy against him. He touched Andrew’s hips with his hands but decided to hug him instead. Steve slid his hands over from the introverted nerd’s hips and clasped his hands in front of Andrew. He then kissed his right shoulder.


“Hey man, what’re you looking at?” Steve whispered quietly while breathing in his scent.


Andrew wasn't sure if it was the warmth, his voice or the strength of Steve’s presence or a combination of all three, but it felt unbelievably good. He found himself closing his eyes and leaning his head back. Andrew’s right hand moved from the curtain to touch the side of Steve’s handsome face.


The muscular young football player felt his cool, soft hand on the right side of his face. Steve kissed Andrew’s shoulder again but this time he continued to kiss Andrew. His lips moved from his shoulder up towards his neck. Slowly, his warm breath trailed its way along Andrew’s smooth cool pale skin. He seemed to relax under the touch of Steve’s hot lips, pressing softly against him. Steve unclasped his hands and moved his right hand back to his friend’s hip. He placed his left palm gently on Andrew’s stomach.


Andrew felt his warm, almost hot, hand touch his stomach through his t-shirt. He felt himself shiver with a sense of anticipation. His hand, still touching Steve’s face slid up into his cropped hair as he felt his lips move up to his neck, massaging his milky skin.


Steve kissed him slowly and stopped as his lips reached the area where Andrew’s neck and shoulder met. He took a deep breath and lifted his lips from Andrew.


He softly whispered, “You smell really good, Drew.”


Andrew shivered again as Steve whispered. He decided he was really feeling something, the feeling he wanted to experience with Monica. It was all triggered by his comforting whispering voice. By the jock’s gorgeous lips. By his sincere touch. Andrew felt Steve’s right hand travel up from his hip, slowly, almost teasingly. Andrew body responded to his moving hand by making him move slightly; leaning back, pressing himself against the jock.


Steve felt Andrew’s back press against his front. His hand moved past the side of his chest, barely touching his fingertips against Andrew. He moved up under the white boy’s right arm. He lowered his lips to the spot between the supple nerd’s neck and shoulder, carefully resumed his kissing. His lips opened a little, kissing and massaging the skin on Andrew’s neck. Slowly Steve moved up the side of his neck. His right hand, palm slowly sliding against the smooth skin of Andrew’s arm moved towards his elbow.


Andrew arched his neck towards the left as he felt Steve’s hot wet lips move up the side of his neck. He let a soft sigh escape him as he felt that large right hand caressing his arm. Andrew didn't even know his skin was so sensitive there. His body moved. His legs shifted as he tried to steady himself. Still leaning against Steve, he wanted to turn around and kiss him.


Tingling from the crackling sensation, Steve felt Andrew shift as his right hand reached his wrist. Andrew was still leaning against him partly and partly against the window frame with his right arm. His hand gently grabbed Andrew’s wrist as his lips moved away from the side of his bare neck.


“Don't rush it man...” he whispered teasingly into Andrew’s right ear, “relax.”


Andrew shivered and opened his eyes. He felt Steve’s right hand on his wrist, gently press his hand up against the window frame to show what he meant. The mute blonde nodded and felt Steve’s lips close over the side of his neck again. Andrew sighed as he felt Steve’s lips gently suck on the skin of his neck.


His lips touched Andrew’s skin again moved along his neck. Steve stopped just below his ear. He slowly sucked gently against Andrew’s shimmering skin. Lightly, he began moving his left hand along the stilled boy’s stomach. Steve felt the smoothness of Andrew’s skin through his t-shirt as his left hand stroked his stomach.


Andrew felt a breeze from the window then and realized that all he felt until this moment was his hands and Steve’s lips. His mind concentrated on his every movement and his body responded to each. Waves of surging electric pleasure ran from Andrew’s neck down his spine where Steve’s lips touched, and his mouth gently sucked. Shivering anticipation rolled in and through Andrew from his stroking left palm. Immediately a gentle reassuring feeling filled him with the way the jock’s right hand held his hand against the window frame.


Steve continued to tease Andrew’s neck with his lips, sucking slowly and gently kissing. His right hand released the novice boy’s right wrist and slowly trailed down Andrew’s right arm. Again, his right palm moved lightly along his skin. His left hand continued to stroke lightly against Andrew’s stomach. Slowly, he moved his stroking left hand up.


Andrew shivered as Steve’s lips sucked on his neck. So close to his ear that Steve’s breathing seems to whisper to him. He felt that strong right-hand glide from his wrist and the tingling sensation of his palm touching Andrew’s skin ever so lightly. Andrew also felt his left hand moving slowly up from his stomach. Steve’s left hand hot through his shirt against his cool skin. On contact, Andrew arched his neck more to the left, trying to feel more. His alluring eyes closed even tighter, trying to concentrate on those blessed lips.


Steve felt Andrew shiver as his lips sucked. Slowly he sucked on the trembling cutie’s skin. He then released his now hot wet skin and let the cool air swim across Andrew’s skin. Steve saw him arch his neck some more and he leaned forward again, this time his long tongue tip touched Andrew’s neck. His tongue tip circled around the wet spot left by his lips.


Soon the jock’s right hand moved from Andrew’s right arm just as his left hand's fingertips reached just between his pecks. Carefully, his hands both moved to touch below Andrew’s nipples.


Andrew felt Steve’s hands under his nipples over his shirt. He wanted more of the jock’s tongue against his neck. Andrew shivered with each circle of Steve’s tongue tip on his skin. He felt Steve’s breath warming his neck and cooling it as he inhaled. Andrew felt his right hand grip the window frame tighter. He pressed himself against Steve some more, hoping he would take that as a hint. Andrew felt him then, throbbing between him and Steve. He felt Steve pulsing against him as his tongue circled teasingly on his neck.


His hands carefully cupped Andrew’s balls from below. Steve felt the tickled blonde press more against him barely noticing their pants between their skin. He felt his body respond first in his hardness then in his hips as he found himself pressing himself against Andrew. Steve’s right hand gently squeezed Andrew’s right nut as his tongue began to flick lightly down the side of his neck. Steve’s left hand gently moved from under Andrew’s left nut and down to his left arm.


Andrew felt Steve press up against him. He felt himself move against his muscular friend. Slowly to feel the heartthrob’s hardness against him. Slowly so Andrew could feel the way it throbbed. Slowly so he would not miss the way Steve’s tongue moved against his neck. He felt Steve flicking his tongue down his neck. Down from the cool wet circle under his ear. Andrew murmured as he felt Steve’s left hand on his left arm. He felt his left hand being raised by his wrist as Steve’s left hand gently grabbed it. Slowly his tongue began to move up the side of the wincing teen’s neck again. Only this time, his tongue circled up, slowly and carefully. A stunned Andrew shivered as his tongue and warm breath touched his neck.


Steve’s left hand raised Andrew’s left hand up to the left side of the window frame. Carefully he placed his hand there. His tongue circled up the side of Andrew’s neck and stopped below him ear again. Steve lowered his lips onto Andrew’s neck again and took his skin into his mouth. Slowly he sucked Andrew into his mouth once and let go. Steve then licked that spot once and gently blew on it. As he felt Andrew shiver, he gently took his right earlobe in between his teeth.


Andrew gasped as Steve sucked on his neck and then shivered as he blew cool air onto his wet and tingling neck. Andrew felt the hot mouth take his ear in. He felt Steve press his left hand against the window frame as his hardness pressed against Andrew.


Brain swimming wildly, Andrew was about to let go of the window frame as he heard him whisper again.


“Remember Drew, relax...” Steve whispered into his ear.


Andrew could almost see his mischievous smile in Steve’s voice. He held onto the window frame and pushed his bottom up against him. He felt the dark athletic body respond to him by pushing himself and Steve’s hardness against him.


Steve felt himself grind up against Andrew as he ran his fingertips lightly down both his arms. His fingers stopped moving under the nerd’s arm and glided over down to his balls. Carefully, he opened his hands and lightly cupped each of his nuts. Steve pressed his lips against Andrew’s neck, just below his ear and opened Steve’s mouth. His hands slid up from the bottom of the smaller boy’s balls and lightly glided back over Andrew’s nipples with the palms of Steve’s hands through his shirt.


Andrew felt Steve’s hands release his balls as his lips pressed against his neck again. He shivered as the jock’s palms rubbed lightly through his shirt and over his nipples. Andrew held on to the window frame with his hands but wanted to let go. He wanted to grab Steve’s head and press his lips harder against his neck. Andrew wanted to grab his hands and move them harder against his body.


The black beaut continued to run the palms of his hands up and down over Andrew’s nipples. The warmth radiated from his palm through Andrew’s shirt warming his skin. His mouth opened a little more as he began to suck on Andrew’s neck again. This time, he allowed his teeth to touch Andrew’s neck. Just slightly, enough to bite him gently. Steve felt him shake slightly and he pressed himself harder against Steve.


“Fuck yes...” Andrew heard himself whisper.


Steve let his teeth rake softly against Andrew’s neck as his palms glided gently over his nipples. He barely felt Andrew’s shirt as his palms moved slowly up and down. He continued his gentle biting and slow sucking of Andrew’s neck as his hands slowly cupped his balls once more. He felt Andrew’s hardened nipples against his palm. He regretfully let go of his balls and moved his hands lightly up. His hands moved to Andrew’s neck.


His hands touched the sides of Andrew’s neck as his lips released his neck, but not before his teeth slowly raked the blonde’s skin lightly. His hands gently guided Andrew’s head slightly forward.


Andrew felt Steve’s hands move up his neck. He felt Steve’s arms around him and under his arms. The aspiring filmmaker felt his body, hot against his back. Andrew felt Steve’s hardness throbbing between them. He felt those luscious lips touch him once more, sending a wave of electric pleasure through him again.


Steve’s lips touched the back of Andrew’s neck. Slowly his lips kissed, slowly he moved up the back of the skittish boy’s neck. He moved his hands gently down the sides of Andrew’s neck to his shoulders. He started down the back of Andrew’s neck again with his lips as Steve’s hands slid down his shoulders and then up under his arms. His lips opened wider as he kissed Andrew. His tongue snaked out to touch the precious geek’s skin.


The dazed blonde felt his tongue tip moving down his neck in little circles. Steve’s hot breath warming the way and a cool moist trail following. Andrew shivered at this and shivered again as his hands stopped just short of his elbows and started moving down again. He felt his hands continue down past his underarms and to the sides of his hips.


Suddenly Steve’s hands stopped just at the sides of Andrew’s hips as his tongue moved down past his neck. He moved his tongue slowly, ever so slowly in tiny circles. He let his tongue tip move down past the top of Andrew’s neckline.


The mewling boy could feel Steve’s tongue on him even through the material of his shirt. He almost gasped in disappointment as he felt the dreamboat shift away from him.


Moving slowly down Andrew’s back, Steve’s tongue moving still but every now and then he would kiss his back. His hands still gently touching Andrew’s sides under his arms started to move down, keeping pace with his tongue and mouth. His hands rested on Andrew’s fine hips.


As his tongue reached the bottom of Andrew’s neckline, Steve’s hands gently squeezed his hips. He slid his hands up under Andrew’s shirt to touch his soft skin. His hands gently moved up along Andrew’s sides again, this time his skin touching his skin.


Steve’s lips then touched Andrew’s skin then as his hands traveled up his sides. Andrew’s shirt lifted with the movement of his hands. He felt Andrew push him back up against him slightly as the jock started to kiss his skin. Steve kissed up his friend’s back stopping just about halfway up as his hands slid downward to gently cup his balls. He squeezed once and released.


He started to move back down Andrew’s back again, this time, his tongue snaked out and touched the smooth naked skin of his back. Slowly Steve’s tongue moved down, sliding slowly. He let his fingers move lightly over Andrew’s nipples as he moved his hands down and away from his balls. Steve slid his hands lightly down Andrew’s sides again and stopped where his shirt and PJs met.


As he felt Steve’s tongue touch the top of his briefs, right above his bottom, Andrew shifted his bottom back. He wanted his mouth to ravage him from behind. Andrew didn't want to wait. He felt Steve’s hands move from his sides, his hips and slowly down his bottom. He felt the stunner’s tongue moving down past the top of his briefs. Steve’s hot breath warmed Andrew’s skin through his underwear as his hands moved towards his mouth. He stopped as his thumbs neared his cheeks. Steve gently squeezed Andrew’s cheeks and held them apart slightly. His tongue flicked once and started moving down.


Andrew shivered as Steve’s hands squeezed his butt cheeks and again when the jock moved his tongue down from the top of his briefs. He tried to push his bottom back as Steve’s tongue flicked slowly down.


Steve stopped his tongue as soon as he felt them start down the indentation between Andrew’s cheeks. His hands released Andrew and he kissed his left cheek once. His hands moved over to the boy’s hips again.


Andrew felt the cool wetness of Steve’s tongue trail along the back of his briefs. He heard Steve shift behind him, his talented hands gently pressing against his hips for support.


He leaned forward again and kissed the back of Andrew’s left cheek. His lips kissed slowly down to Andrew’s leg. Slowly Steve’s soft lips touched and sucked the reddening skin down the back of his thighs. Steve’s hands gently squeezing his hips every now and again.


Through clenched teeth, Andrew shivered again as Steve’s lips touched the back of his thighs. He was annoyed that Steve was making this effort to touch and tease so many of his sensitive areas. But he was so overly excited. Almost too excited to let him continue teasing her. He felt his legs weaken slightly but was glad for the window frame support. Andrew leaned slightly forward.


Steve’s lips touched the back of Andrew’s knees. Carefully, he flicked his tongue across from right to left once and then back from left to right. He let his hands slide down from Andrew’s hips and to the side of his legs. Steve’s lips then gently kissed the back of Andrew’s knees, taking care to carefully suck slightly. He moved down from there, slowly kissing down his friend’s left calf.


He let his hands slide over from the sides of Andrew’s legs to the back of his thighs. Steve felt the smoothness of his skin and found himself gently stroking up and down the back of Andrew’s thighs. His lips reached the bottom of Andrew’s calf and he pulled away.


Andrew felt Steve stop kissing his leg and opened his wonderful eyes. He felt Steve’s hands on the back of his thighs stroking. Andrew felt Steve sliding his hands down from his thighs to the back of his knees.


“Spread your legs...” Steve whispered from behind and below him.


Andrew shifted his weight onto his arms as he slowly spread his legs. He felt Steve’s hands holding his legs, guiding him.


“Sweet,” he whispered to Andrew.


Andrew stopped moving legs apart and Steve’s hands slid down his legs to his ankles. Steve moved his left hand from Andrew’s ankle and placed it on the ground. He shifted again and leaned forward. His right hand gently stroked Andrew’s right ankle.


Andrew felt the charmer’s head between his legs. He felt Steve’s breath inside on his right ankle before his lips touched him. The nerd shivered again as his tongue snaked out and ran lightly around his ankle once.


Steve moved his tongue slowly up from Andrew’s ankle. Making sure he slowly stroked Andrew’s skin with his tongue tip. Slowly up, then back down. Then slowly up some more of the slim boy’s leg and back down again, slightly. He moved his tongue up past the back of Andrew’s right knee. Always stroking Andrew with his tongue. As Steve neared the back of his right thigh, he shifted again as he moved his tongue in towards Andrew’s inner thigh. His tongue stroking slowly up. His breath now seemed hot against the squirming darling’s skin.


Shivering as he felt Steve move from behind his knee towards his inner thigh. Andrew shifted his legs wider a little more so he would have more access. He felt his knees shake as Steve’s tongue trailed up along his inner thigh. His tongue moved so slowly, so teasingly across Andrew’s skin. Andrew felt warmth of his dick pulse in anticipation. He wanted to push Steve down and sit on his tongue. He felt Steve’s left hand on his left leg now as the jock’s tongue continued up his right inner thigh.


As he neared halfway up Andrew’s inner thigh, Steve shifted to kneel on one knee. His tongue flicked more than stroked now. Still, he moved. Slowly flicking his tongue up Andrew’s inner thigh. Slowly Steve’s tongue flicked down his inner thigh. He stopped as he reached about two thirds up Andrew’s inner thigh.


Andrew nearly screamed in frustration as Steve stopped. The barely conscious blonde looked down and saw Steve between his legs.


His green-white letterman jacket cast to the floor; Steve was about to move when he saw Andrew looking down at him. Steve wasn't sure if he saw correctly, but it looked like he was pissed. He smiled at Andrew and winked as he shifted. His hands ran up Andrew’s legs and gently cupped his bottom. Steve shifted some more.


Entranced, Andrew watched as Steve moved, or rather wiggled himself to a half crouch half below him. He watched as the flirtatious looker leaned his back against the wall below the window. Andrew felt Steve’s hands on his ass. He moved as he felt Steve grab him and gently pull him down. Andrew slid his hands down from the sides of the window. He placed his hands on the windowsill as Steve’s hands stopped him moving down any further. He looked at Steve and saw that his head was directly in front of his briefs. Andrew shivered as he saw his pal’s head move forward. He closed his eyes and waited.


The eager visitor watched Andrew as he leaned forward. As his eyes closed, Steve moved his head slightly altering his course and placed his opened mouth on Andrew’s inner right thigh. He took in some of Andrew’s skin as Steve sucked his thigh.


Andrew was about to open his eyes when he felt Steve’s lips on his bud’s thigh. He lost his train of thought as he shivered while Steve sucked on his inner thigh.


Carefully, Steve released Andrew’s thigh and gently flicked his tongue up Andrew’s inner thigh. Slowly resuming where Steve had left off before moving, his tongue started flicking again. Closer and closer he moved.


Steve moved his hands slightly up forcing Andrew to lean forward slightly on his hands again. He slid his left hand from Andrew’s right cheek. Steve let his fingers trail down slowly under him.


His tongue flicked up Andrew’s inner thigh to where his briefs started. His flicked slowly a couple of times and he moved his tongue tip in a small circle once. He then placed his lips on Andrew and slowly sucked. Steve had kept his lips wide so he could flick his tongue tip along the euphoric boy’s skin as he was sucked into his mouth.


Andrew felt the warmth of his cock pulse wetly as he felt Steve sucking on his upper inner thigh. So close. Andrew felt his fingers trail along underneath him. He felt himself pushing down as Steve’s fingertips ran over his anal lips. Andrew smirked at the hardness of Steve’s fingers through his briefs and the softness of the jock’s lips against his skin. Slowly he felt himself move his hips as Steve’s tongue stroked his cool skin trapped in between his lips. Andrew let out a little moan as those thick fingers traced over his crack once and headed back down beneath him.

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