The Jewel of Atlantis

BY : greenwizard
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That morning as the sun was hovering above the horizon Captain Jack Sparrow looked down at his compass with a wide grin. “Nearly there,” he said mostly to himself.


“Nearly where, Jack?” Barbosa was standing beside the captain examining a map of the area. “Not that I don't trust you and all, but you have yet to tell even me where it is we're going. All I see on this map is open water for days. We're not near anything.”


Jack seemed slightly amused rather than irritated. “We're not going anywhere that's on a map. We're going to a place that can only be found if you know where it is.”


“I see,” Barbosa nodded and folded the map to set it aside. The man had sailed with Jack for a few years now, and he had learned quickly that asking questions wasn't going to get him anywhere. Captain Jack Sparrow somehow seemed to know things that few others did, and he didn't like to share his secrets. “Your orders, then?”


“Pull the sails down, we're in for a wild ride shortly.”


The morning sun was lighting up a clear blue sky, so the orders made no sense at all, but that was just one of things one had to get used to when sailing with Jack. Barbosa made sure the orders were followed, just when they were prepared for a storm that didn't seem likely, Jack pulled what looked like a small horn made of opal out of a small trunk he kept near him at the wheel. He blew it, the sound loud and bleating. “Hold on!” Jack shouted from the wheel.


The sailors were a bit confused until the sea starting rolling violently under them. Those who did not have anything solid nearby to grab were thrown like dolls around the deck, frantically trying to keep themselves from falling overboard. Ominous thunder rolled in the sky overhead, but there were still no clouds to be seen.


Just when it didn't seem like things could get any stranger, a forceful wall of wind propelled them forward, almost like a gunpowder blast shooting a bullet from a gun. The sea seemed to calm then, and as the sailors settled themselves they gazed up in awe at the rainbow that towered over them like some sort of gate.


The only one who didn't seem at all surprised by any of this was Jack. From their vantage point Barbosa could see a shoreline. Jack seemed to be steering them toward the mouth of a river. “Since we've now arrived, would you care to tell me where we are?” Barbosa asked his captain and friend.


“That, my dear first mate, is the entrance to Atlantis,” Jack made a dramatic motion.


“The sunken city of legend?” Barbosa was rather surprised. They had found treasures before that had seemed lost to the world, but this seemed a little far fetched. Still, very strange things had just happened, and when he turned to look behind him, the open ocean where they had just been was obscured by what looked like some kind of thick haze that served as a barrier.


“Indeed,” Jack confirmed. “Just think of it, all the gold anyone could ever want abandoned by people trying to save their own skins. After this we can roam the high seas for the love of it because we'll be the richest men in the world.”


“And we just sail up this river?” It seemed too easy. “Such treasures are usually guarded.”


“As I said, the city sank,” Jack seemed rather sure of himself. “Anyone who didn't make it to the boats bound for Egypt is dead.”


“I've heard tales of dead men.” Barbosa wasn't as confident as his friend. At times Jack seemed to be a bit too reckless. Somehow the man had a natural charm and grace that kept him safe, but Barbosa feared that one day that luck would run out.


“Has anyone ever told you you worry too much? By nightfall we will all see a sight no one has seen in quite some time.”


“If this city is under water, how are we going to get the treasure?”


Jack only shrugged. “I haven't quite figured that out yet, but there is always a way.”


Barbosa decided to leave Jack to it, but he would also keep an eye out for danger. “Two ships ahead!” the sailor in the crow's nest shouted about three hours later.


“I thought there was no one left alive on this island,” Barbosa gave Jack a questioning look.


“There isn't,” Jack continued to insist, but he pulled out his scope to get a better look at what lay ahead. There was a blockade of three ships ahead of them. They looked heavily armed, and Jack could make out several men standing on the decks. “Or maybe there is,” he admitted.


“Have we been beaten to the treasure?” Barbosa wondered out loud.


“I wouldn't have thought so,” Jack answered while he looked to see what flag the ships were flying. It was a brilliant and deep sea green with what looked like a white diamond shaped eye. “It's not a flag I recognize.”


“What now, Jack?” Barbosa asked his captain. “Three to one odds aren't odds I like very much, and there could be more where they came from.”


While Jack was thinking a warning shot of sorts came in the form of an arrow that flew over Jack's head, brushing the top of his hair. The pirate turned to see the arrow tip deeply embedded in a wall behind him. “Something tells me the shooter didn't miss. Run up the white flag!” he shouted the order.


“You probably just got us all killed,” Barbosa grumbled. “We shouldn't have come in the bloody first place!”


“No unpleasant thoughts until we see what we're dealing with.” It was easy to tell that Jack wasn't finished with his quest just yet.


It only took minutes for one of the ships to move forward and close enough for its crew to board the Pearl. They seemed well coordinated, speaking to each other in a tongue Jack had never heard before. It wasn't until he was standing face to face with one of them that he noticed the pointed ears. “Elves?” he was surprised at that.


“Were you expecting ghosts?” the man seemed amused. “You are the captain of this vessel, yes?”


“You can speak English?” Jack found that rather curious.


Now the man was annoyed. “We can in order to communicate with intruders such as yourselves, but it is not our native tongue. Now would you care to answer my question?”


“I am Captain Jack Sparrow, yes,” Jack gave a little dramatic bow with his hat. “And it seems like we've come to the wrong place. I do apologize. If all of you would be kind enough to return to your own ship me and my crew will be out of your hair quickly.”


“I don't think so, Captain Jack,” the man folded his arms. “We will eventually find out whether or not you found us by accident, but either way, I can't allow you to leave.”


“All we did was sail up your river,” Jack argued. “I give you my word we haven't taken anything, and I no longer intend to.”


“Doesn't matter. Since the only way to get here is to breach our security measures, our back up security measure is to make you our guests until we decide what to do with you.”


Each sailor on the Pearl was tied up and roughly escorted back to the other ship. Jack tried not to watch as his beloved ship was thoroughly searched. The crew were taken below deck to holding cells, but Jack was kept on the deck. He very carefully examined his surroundings, hoping there might be a way he could escape, but these elves were smart. His hands were bound so tightly he was feeling a slight tingle in his fingertips. An equally secure rope was tied around one foot, and the other connected to one of the elves who was watching him like a hawk while the rest of the crew turned and headed back up river.


They hadn't been sailing long when Jack spotted an intimidating looking stone wall in the distance. “That city isn't under water,” he mumbled softly to himself.


“So you aren't here by accident,” the elf in charge at the wheel smirked slightly. “Getting the truth from you wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated. This city is our capitol. The one at the bottom of the crater you obviously came to plunder was once the human capitol clear at the other end of the island. Although, perhaps you should consider yourselves lucky to have run into us before having to contend with the drow and the orcs.”


“I don't understand,” Jack was becoming a little confused. This was supposed to be a fairly easy find, and now he was hearing talk of orcs, creatures of legend. Of course elves were also supposed to be creatures of legend and he was surrounded by them.


“Typical human way,” the elf rolled his eyes. “You had to dominate the planet. Except for this little patch of land, our ancestors had little choice but to let them.”


“I didn't dominate anything,” Jack was offended at the comment. “What's going to happen to my ship?”


“A crew will be sent to sail it to our dock for safe keeping.”


It seemed nothing was going according to plan. No matter what precarious situations Jack had found himself in he seemed to always manage an escape. Not this time though. Unlike every human force he'd ever dealt with these elves were extremely well trained. The ship was also quite impressive. He loved his Pearl, and nothing would ever change that, but the ship he was on would easily put the pride of the British Royal Navy to shame. It was heavily armed, more so than any ship he had ever encountered before, yet it navigated the river waters smoothly and with astonishing speed.


The dock soon came into view and more orders were shouted in their strange language. There were a few more ships like the one they were on, as well as merchant cargo ships and fishing schooners. All activity on the dock came to a halt as all eyes turned to watch the prisoners be escorted off the ship.


Jack went first, his escort keeping a vice grip on his wrist. They walked at a brisk pace toward a raised gate in the high stone wall. Jack looked up only for a moment to see more elves on the top of the wall watching them, long bows at the ready. “You blokes keep yourselves so well hidden from the world, but from the looks of things you're armed to fight off a massive invasion,” the pirate voiced his observation.


“Better to always be prepared than to be caught with our proverbial pants down,” his escort replied without looking at him.


They were led down the pathways of a massive complex toward the gate of the biggest castle Jack had ever seen in his life. If he wasn't a little worried about what was going to happen to him here he might have plotted out how to take a few of the riches that those walls surely held. The elf in charge stood in front of the gate guard, crossed his right arm over his chest, and gave a little bow.


The guard bowed back. “Well met, Captain Damon. King Aleksander and the lords have already assembled, and are awaiting you and our new guests.”


“Guests aren't bound,” popped out of Jack's mouth, and he received a sharp elbow to the ribs from his escort.


Captain Damon seemed to pay no mind. “Thank you, Calais.”


“Quite a mess you got us into, Jack,” Jack heard Barbosa's low tone from not far behind him. Like the rest of the crew, Barbosa was bound to an escort.


“I don't think we're supposed to speak,” Jack replied as he was forced through the door and down a maze of hallways.


For probably the first time in his life Jack Sparrow felt true fear deep in his heart. These elves were not people to mess with. After what seemed like ages they stopped before heavy metal doors. A guard stood at each side, and with slight nods they opened those doors. Jack couldn't help but look around in awe as they were taken into what looked like a court room setting. The high chamber ceiling and the massive windows let the afternoon sun illuminate the room and highlight the golden tone of the walls and the calming blue hue of the floor tiles.


There were at least a dozen well dressed elf men seated in high backed wooden chairs staring at the humans being brought before them. The raven haired elf seated in what looked like an ornate metal throne at the front was clearly their king.


Damon crossed his arm again and bowed before his king. “Your highness. Lords of the realm. These are the trespassers my men and I have apprehended.”


“And flying the flag of pirates I hear,” one of the men in the row directly behind the king spoke. “I don't know why we all had to take time out of our day for this. The law is quite clear. They must be executed.”


The king held up his hand to quiet the speaker. “Thank you for your input, Uncle Cadmus, but I think we should continue to be fair and at least hear their side.”


“I agree,” a blond elf nodded. “Our laws exist as they do for a reason, to keep us from sinking to their level. They have the right to argue for their lives.”


“I do admit to being after treasure,” Jack somehow managed to find his voice. “But I didn't think it belonged to anyone. Had I known about all of this...” he gestured around the room. “I would like the opportunity to clear up this little misunderstanding.” He searched for a face in the crowd that might be understanding. That was when his gaze locked onto two emerald eyes watching him very intently.


“I can't speak for our captain, but the rest of us poor souls were only following orders,” Barbosa spoke up. “So if you really are intent on being fair, it's Captain Jack here who broke your laws. He didn't tell the rest of us anything, and I'm sure we are all quite willing to leave immediately and not mention any of this to a soul.”


“I see,” a smirk of amusement appeared on the king's lips. “No honor among thieves. That doesn't bode well for any of you. If your own captain can't trust you...”


The elf with the green eyes rose. “I wish to make a proposal. While the rest of these men are escorted to the dungeon for the time being, I would like a private word with their leader.”


“Grandfather...” the king began to protest, but it was his turn to be silenced with a wave.


“Aleksander, I somewhat agree with my cousin that this entire show is a waste of time. I will interrogate this Captain Jack myself, and then report back in the morning.”


“Are you sure that's wise?” the elf beside him asked.


The green eyed elf flashed a cocky smile. “Niko, we have known one another our entire lives. Do you honestly believe I have any reason to fear one human? In my own well guarded home even...”


Niko chuckled. “As always, you have a point. Very well, I second Prince Marin's proposal.”


King Aleksander sighed. “The two of you couldn't just settle quietly into retirement. Alright, who approves?” Aleksander turned his attention to the council, and nearly every hand was raised. “Very well, motion approved. Grandfather, I do hope you know what you're doing.”


“And if not, I'll figure it out at some point,” Prince Marin seemed rather pleased with himself as he stepped forward. The elf who was escorting Jack bowed slightly as he handed over the rope lead. “And just like that, you're all mine for the evening,” Marin said to Jack as he led his new charge out of the room.


Jack glanced behind them a few times to watch as the rest of his crew was escorted in a different direction. Then his attention turned to the prince. Nothing more was said as they walked through the hallways, and the elf's features weren't giving much away. Jack had to wonder if he was going to make it through the night alive.

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