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"Where's Christina," Michael yelled in rage as he jumped out of the car. He had just returned from the city, where he had met with a friend for dinner. In the fast food, he'd seen the fateful video his stepdaughter had released with her band.

Michael would not even have noticed, because he was sitting with his back to the screen if Lynn, the waitress, had not made him aware of it when she brought the drinks. "You're certainly proud of the little one," she said, but then Michael had already rushed out of the restaurant angrily.

On her deathbed many years ago, Christina's mother, had told her about him, Christina was just seventeen at the time. He was Christina's father, an immortal, a vampire.

Star told her daughter that he often appeared to her in her dreams, she longed for him, even though she would never admit that to Christina's stepfather.

Star did not tell her daughter her father's name, but she just could not forget about him, all about this man was magical, his voice, his smug grin, his enormous protector instinct towards her - Star missed him and his blood brothers since that fateful night of the year nineteen seventy-eight!

He was her first love, but she did not realize that until it was too late. It was her fault that he had lost his life, she had betrayed him and his blood brothers.

Christina, of course, was convinced that her mother was no longer clear in the head, something like vampires, there were only in horror movies, but still - this story had never let go of the young woman.

After Stars' funeral, Christina asked Michael, her stepfather, for her birth father, since she even didn't know his name. She knew for a fact that Michael was not her father, he never missed an opportunity to remind her. But her questions had been a real big mistake. Michael bet Christina for the first time. So far, she has always "only" endured his insults and humiliation and now he beat her too.

Star's whole story started with her leaving behind a quarrel with her single father and finally coming to Santa Carla. She had saved some money and was able to finance a cheap room in a motel for a while that she paid weekly.

She accepted various jobs and earned some money. It was not much, but at least she felt better than many of the other runaways, and she did not have to go hungry or search for food thrown away in garbage cans.

One night, on her way to the motel from work, Star was ambushed. All her money was stolen by the man. The rent in the motel was due two days later, Star could not pay for her room and tried to explain why. However, this did not interest the hard-hearted innkeeper in the least and he threw the young woman out of the motel.

All she could do now was find a place to sleep outdoors. Star was already glad that she had the opportunity to wash in the beach showers, which were completely free.

One night she had gone to sleep to a remote spot on the beach. She was awakened by the sound of several engines and looked around sleepy and astonished. A young man sat grinning beside her, his motorcycle standing behind him with the engine running, and around the two stood three more machines, each with one person sitting on it.

"What are you doing out here alone in the middle of the night?" The young man asked. Star did not answer immediately and got scared. The young man and Star looked at each other. She had never seen anyone with such blond hair and ice-blue eyes and looked down, a little intimidated.

"You do not need to be afraid of me," the young man assured her, then two of his friends began to laugh, the third motorcyclist made a face and only watched closely what was going on. The young man looked annoyed at his friends, then turned back to Star.

"Looks like you don't have a place to sleep," he remarked, grinning. "Oh, how rude of me, by the way, I'm David," he added, extending his right hand to Star. She hesitated a moment and finally took his hand.

He was charming and somehow Star trusted him. Finally, he offered to come with him and his friends. "We really have plenty of room, and it's dangerous for a young woman out here alone," he explained. One of his friends laughed again. The young man looked sourly at his friend. "Paul, shut up," he hissed and looked at Star again. He noticed her hesitation.

"Hey, you're really safe with us," he promised. "We do not expect anything from you for our hospitality, and no one will harm you in any way," he promised, getting up and holding out his hand again to help her to her feet.

David and Star were a couple for almost two years, but then Star met Michael and turned away from David, she meanwhile knew the secret the Lost Boys shared. She didn't want to be what they were.

David was smart, of course, he had noticed what his woman was up to. But instead of keeping Michael away from her, he invited him to join his gang; he has always had his own methods.

Star tried to warn Michael because the Lost Boys were vampires, but he did not believe that there was blood in that damned bottle and so fate took its course. The story ended with the Lost Boys being destroyed and the house where Michael lived with his family was in ruins.

Michael and Star moved to a small town in the state of Washington, where he was given the opportunity to take on well-paid work and to finish school extra-occupational. His mother, Sam and even the grandfather left Santa Carla, there was nothing left for them after the house was almost destroyed.

Christina's band called themselves "The Immortals," and immortality, as well as vampires paired with melancholy and gothic metal, was their music. In this first video of the band, which they shot themselves and which only was uploaded on Youtube, was about a woman's love for a vampire.

Michael knew, of course, that the video was about his long-dead wife and that asshole of a vampire. That made him so angry that he completely lost control of himself.

"Where's Christina," he yelled again as he ran into the house. The young woman was busy distributing food for her siblings, fourteen-year-old Robin, and twelve-year-old Denise on their plates.

Michael did not give his stepdaughter the slightest chance of any explanation, he gave her a resounding slap in the face. "What were you thinking about making such a shit out to the public?" He yelled angrily at her and struck again.

Christina fell to the ground, completely perplexed because at that moment she did not know what Michael was talking about. "Dad, stop," Robin shouted, jumping up from his chair as Denise ran out of the room in horror.

The boy rushed to his father to pull him away from Christina, but he just pushed him away. In his anger, Michael kicked his stepdaughter's ribs once more. Robin noticed that his father smelled of alcohol, which explained why Michael treated Christina so brutally.

Christina cried, she had a laceration on her face from the slaps, and her ribs hurt a lot, she could barely move. Michael often behaved very unfairly and meanly to her, and actually, the young woman had the desire to find her own flat, after all, she was almost twenty-nine years old.

But she had once promised her mother to help Michael with the younger siblings, and Christina loved the two more than anything else. Well, she did not have a lot of friends, because Michael taught her from the beginning that she was useless and that it would have been better if she had never been born.

Christina was rather insecure and shy, yet she had persuaded the Immortals to record this video. She knew that she had a beautiful voice. She had received an offer from Dean, the bandleader, to go on tour with the band, but Christina made it clear to him that she did not want to be on stage in front of so many people. She was sure she could not do something like this.

That, in turn, led to a fight with the band members, but Christina did not care. She did not need these people. They drank too much and also were on drugs, the young woman did not like it.

When Michael drank whiskey, it made him aggressive, and that always got to Christina. When she realized that he had been drinking, she usually just went up to her room, but this time she was completely unprepared.

Michael looked at her hatefully as she tried to get off the floor. "I want you to pack your things and get out of here before I completely forget myself," he yelled at her.

"Where shall I go?" the young woman whispered. "I do not give a damn," spat Michael. "Just piss off, I've endured your sight long enough!"

Robin looked at his father in horror. "Daddy ...," he began, but Michael cut him off. "Stay out of this, young man," the drunken man grunted. "It's none of your business, she does not belong here, she never has!"

Christina swallowed and cried again as she slowly got up in pain. Suddenly, Will, one of Christina's few friends, was standing in the kitchen with Denise. "What do you want here," Michael shouted at him.

Will helped Christina to his feet with a horrified face. "Denise called me, she told me what happened." "Piss off both of you," Michael yelled, upset and stormed out of the kitchen. Will looked at him angrily. "Christina, you can stay with us for a while," he offered. Christina nodded, relieved.

Christina stayed with Will for a week, living in a shared flat with a buddy. She decided it was time to leave her family to find out who her father was and what had happened to him. She would move to Santa Carla.

The young woman only knew that he was destroyed before she was born, even before Star knew that she would have a baby, as well as his three blood brothers.

Christina did not know what to make of her mother's story, an immortal, a vampire was her father. She loved vampire movies and books about supernatural beings, but those were just stories.

And even if her mother had talked so convincingly about her time in Santa Carla at that time, Christina was sure that her mother, unfortunately, had completely lost her mind.

On the other hand, there were Christina's little secrets that she had never told anyone. So it happened at that time almost every night that she woke up at some point and instead of lying in her bed just floated under the ceiling. The moment she woke up there, she fell down.

That's how she had hurt herself a few times. When she fell off the ceiling again and asked about the noise in her room, in the middle of the night, she lied that she had fallen out of bed. As she got older, she just locked her room door. Once she even had a laceration on her forehead, which had to be sewn. If you looked closely, you could still see the small scar.

Then there was the thing with her teeth, which often hurt terribly, especially the incisors, but her dentist could never find a problem. However, she wondered, if her mother's story was true, could it be possible for some teenagers, like the Frog Brothers and Sam and Michael, to destroy four established vampires? So she decided to go in search of the truth.

On her deathbed, Star had given her daughter a casket in which she kept everything she had received from Christina's father and his friends. Michael knew nothing about it. The box contained some jewelry, two keys, and some cash. The one key belonged to a house on the outskirts of Santa Carla, and the other belonged to the BMW, which stood by Will's parents in the shed.

The house and the car belonged to Christina's father and his brothers. Michael had insisted then that everything that came from Christina's father, disappears from his house. But Star did not bring herself to part with it, so she set the car down with Will's parents, with whom she had made friends, and hid the casket in the house.

From the house where Star had a cozy two-room apartment, Michael had never known anything. Star had made clear to her daughter that under no circumstances could Michael learn about these things.

After Christina had decided to leave the city, she had phoned Robin and told him the hiding place of the casket. She asked him to smuggle them out of the house and get them to the shed, and he should definitely bring Denise.

The young woman let Will drive her to the shed after telling him about her plans; she had, however, kept the story of the vampires to herself.

He smiled then. "Chrissy, the car is almost forty years old and just confessed, do you think he'll take you somewhere?" "Well," replied Christina, grinning. "I've spent most of my money in this car lately, and Jacob, a friend of a friend, fixed it for me, and now it's running like a baby pussycat, you obviously did not even realize he was in your shed."

Will looked at her in astonishment. "No, since I finished my bike last year, I have not been there, why did not you just buy a small car, that would have been cheaper?" "Oh, you know, Will, I just like the car pretty well," she answered dreamily.

She did not say the car was of high value to her because it was all she had from her father. Robin and Denise were already there when Christina got out of the car. The two children came flying in their arms.

"Are you well again?" Whispered Robin. Christina nodded. "Are you coming home now?" Denise asked hopefully. Christina had tears in her eyes as she explained their plans to them. "I come in between to Will," she said. "Then you come to visit me here and I write to you on Facebook and of course you can always visit me during the holidays in Santa Carla if your dad allows it."

Although Denise burst into tears, both children nodded, because they knew that Christina wanted to endure Michael no longer. The farewell, however, was very difficult for everyone, and many tears flowed.

Thanks to the cash from the casket, Christina did not have to worry, and not even in her old home to get clothes or something like that. Her personal belongings, such as her diary and her favorite CDs, had been taken out of the house by Will days ago. On the outskirts, she stopped briefly again, because the sadness about the farewell to her siblings and friends broke out of her.

After she calmed down, she continued her journey. She knew it would be a long and exhausting journey, but she had to go through it now. There was no turning back, she wanted to get out of this sleepy town and away from Michael.

It took almost two days before Christina reached her destination. She was half the way when she stopped to stay in a motel. She needed a rest. However, there was no question of restful sleep because she still had pain from Michael's attack and was plagued by bad dreams and woke up several times during the night sweaty and crying.

When that horrible night was finally over, she took a long bath before packing up her few things. After breakfast, she paid fifteen dollars for the room at the reception and continued her journey.

It was already dark when she passed the town sign of Santa Carla. At a small gas station, she stopped briefly, refueled the car and asked for the way while she paid her petrol.

There were two young men with motorcycles at the petrol station, one of them opened the door with a smile when she left and looked at her with interest as she walked back to her car.

The two rode behind her all the way, slowing slightly as she parked the car at her new home. She watched at them for a moment, then for the first time she entered the house where her parents had spent some time alone. Christina went to the second floor, unlocked the front door, stripped off her jeans, cuddled up on the sofa in her sleeping bag, and immediately fell asleep.

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