A slaves life (shmi skywalker)

BY : Warmerwaters
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Shmi laid in peaceful bliss, dreaming of a time long forgotten in the realms of reality. Only visited in her dreams. a time when she was free, the world at her fingertips with endless possibilities suddenly! The skies turned black the water ran out to nothingness, the green grass turned to sand and stone Shmi opened her eyes and was brought back to the grim reality of being a slave. With a gasp she said oh no! We are late ani wake up……. With a mad rush they both quickly ran out the door as anakin said watto is going to be sooooo mad .
Watto a Toydarin was not known for their patience “ where the hell are they” he said has he flew back and forth at an angry pace when anakin yelled out checking in watto, where were you boy i have been waiting half an hour has watto raised his hand ready to strike the boy, shmi stepped in im so sorry master the fault of our lateness is mine  and it won't happen again. Scratching his scruffy chin he angrily said fine then shoving a box to anakin. These compactors won't fix themselves get too work has ani walked to the garage he looked over his shoulder and saw watto storming to his office his mother in tow with her head held low. He is probably going to yell at her still the slimball bug. Setting the box on the table he began to work when sebulba walked in with an evil smirk he began to mock the boy what do you want anakin replied where is your master boy, he is in his office. sebulla started to walk to the office has he shoved the box of compactors to the floor, slimball ani angrily said, slave boy sedulla returned,,,,
Has sebulla opened the door he saw watto sitting at his desk shmi was on her knees with her head bobbing up and down at wattos waist slurping and sucking sounds can be heard throughout the office sebulba pulled up a seat and waited has he watched shmi expertly suck a dick. She was not a bad looking woman he thought for a human, she had a motherly appearance with the heart of a slut.( no doubt has a result of years of training under the hutts)
Her face and body showed signs of aging but still not bad for a woman of 43. I imagined she was very beautiful like a goddess in her early years. Watto began to moan, shimi started to pick up the pace when watto placed his hand on the back of her head the sucking sounds got louder and faster has shmi nose bounced  off wattos stomach with each thrust, his hips started to buckle and twitch shmi knew he was close with a final jerk of his hips watto climaxed into shmi mouth. Like a pro she kept his cock there until he was spent when she pulled his cock out a little bit of cum escaped down her chin the rest she quickly swallowed… thank you master was her only reply she stood up wiping her mouth with her sleeve and retreated to the corner waiting for her masters instructions.
Sebulba my friend what brings you here so early. Cut the shit watto where is my delivery,,, ah ah watto looking for an excuse said he will have it tomorrow …. Not good enough sebulba said has he slammed his fist on the desk. wait wait now watto said i can sweeten the deal for you my slave can satisfy you to make up for the lateness of your package, sebulba gave an evil grin fine he said,.
Shmi was used to this treatment of being whored out. 2 years ago when watto bought her and ani he said what he wanted and what she will do and if she didnt keep him happy he would torture and kill anakin in front of her eyes then pimp her out to the lowest dregs of society in every galaxy, the fear of that alone kept her submissive to whatever her master wanted.  Five minutes later shmi was once again on her knees her tits hanging out at the top part of her dress sebulba was fondling them with his feet that acted like a second pair of hands his other hands held the back of shmi head guiding her in deep, sebulba was larger then watto but she sucked his cock all the way to his balls she lost her gag reflex years ago under the hutts. 15 minutes later he began to pump his hips forcing his cock deep into her throat as he climaxed this time she didn't lose any cum when she pulled his cock out of her mouth   thank you sebulba she said has she fixed her dress and stood back in the corner..
Has shmi left wattos office she yelled over to ani i'll see you at home be careful and i love you.. Anakin yelled back i love you too mom has she  walked home… 
The streets were crowded even for this time of day as shmi made her way home she was given specific instructions to go home and clean up which of course means watto and his friends will be riding her all afternoon. She still had the taste of them in her mouth. Thinking back she can't even remember how many species of cocks she has had. Just the other day watto sent her to ody mandrell’s house  her asshole still hurt from the 3 hour session. She ended up spending most of the night on the toilet shitting out the blue cum. Her son anakin had no idea the treatment his mother received, nor will he if she can help it . Has far as he knew she tinkered with gadgets, did maid work and acted as a secretary for watto. In a twisted way she felt grateful for watto he didn't prance her around in pleasure slave attire at least not in public. He would fulfill his perversion behind closed doors and only to a small group of clientele, he provided them a home in the slave quarters keeping them well supplied in food and other essentials. He didn't beat them unless he was extremely angry and even then shmi knew how to calm him down. Finally home…… ugh! This heat from the two suns you never get used to it she thought, as she started to prepare herself.
Back at the shop:
Anikin help yourself to the leftovers. Has you clean up my office watto said, keep an eye on the store until I get back, yes sir, Anakin said in a sarcastic way little did he know what watto planned on doing while he was gone to his mother..

Shmi just finished cleaning up when watto barged in with sebula and trek in tow shimi closed her eyes and grunted when she saw trek he was a rodian and there cum always left a foul aftertaste that no matter how many mints you took it never washed out 
Has the 3 of them sat down drinking and laughing. Watto called out hey my whore  yes master shmi replied she hated being called that especially in front of other people but that's what she was a whore she was a whore for the hutts now she is a whore for watto.   
Dance for us and strip has you do it the other 2 started to cheer and whistle… Shmi started swaying her hips from side to side with her arms in the air running her hands down her sides and back up the front towards her breast.. Even without music she was very good she learned from the twi'leks while she was a hutt slave. Lowering her hands back down She crossed her arms grasping the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifting her shirt over her head in a seductive way her breast popped out in all it glory she was very large not as firm has it was in her youth but dam near perfect for her age she always wore baggy clothes so no one can really see the perfect tits she had ( a better chance of not being raped) has she grabbed her right breast she stuck out her red tongue and slowly licked her nipple in a circular motion. A small hole was barley visible on her nipple where she used to wear piercings under the hutts.  Her body was paler in color compared to her face wearing a long sleeve top and a skirt that went to her ankles. It protected her skin from the two suns, keeping her skin soft. She can tell it was turning the 3 on has she swayed her hips she moved her hands down clasping the sides of her long dress with her thumb and index fingers pulling them down to reveal the trimmed bush  of her womanhood she twirled around showing the men her beautiful ass has she bent over spreading her cheeks to show the men her puckered asshole looking over her shoulder she ran her tongue across her lips at the men the men cheered her on. Shmi was starting to get aroused herself. Laying herself down on the floor She gave out a soft moan as she ran her fingers around her clit she felt the wetness of her pussy.as she ran her fingers in and out.afterwards She put her finger in her mouth to taste her own wetness with a satisfying mmmmmmmmmmmm.
It didn't take long for the men to strip themselves with cocks in hand. Sebulba immediately went down to lick her pussy savoring the taste. has shmi turning her head stuffed wattos cock into her mouth swishing her tongue around in a slow motion with just enough play not to make him cum too fast with her free hand she reached out and started stroking trek she started to moan and gravitate her hips has sebulba hungrily licked and sucked her pussy causing her head to jerk forward pulling more watto’s cock down her throat. both watto and trek reach out a hand to massage her boobs sebulba stopped licking and lined his cock up to the entrance of her pussy using his thumb to part her pussy lips,with a hard thrust he pushed it all the way in shmi let out a scream surprised at how hard and fast he went in that wattos cock fell out of her mouth she turned her head and looked up at sebulba whose expression was of pure bliss as he started ramming her ugh ugh ugh shmi started panting has sebulba balls were slapping against her ass the pace picked up faster and faster in long deep thrust shimi started to reach her own climax and moaned out ohhhhh! Ugh ugh and shortly after sebulba let out a howl has he started pumping shmi full of his seed. 
 his seed was already dripping out of her by the time he pulled out. shmi breast moved up and down has she tried to catch her breath watto reached out and grabbed her by the hair pulling her up on all fours shimi immediately took wattos cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head and sucking hard watto put both hands on the back of her head pushing up and down as shmi deepthroated his cock trek got behind her on his knees running his hand down the backside of her pussy collecting the cum to lubricate his dick he then started pushing his dick into her ass slowly shimi knowing what he wanted lifted her ass higher in acceptance of his cock has her head kept bobbing on wattos cock. In a mix of pain and pleasure shmi started to moan as trek was humping her ass sticking the full length of his cock deep inside. Shmi was used to anal sex next to blowjos it was watto’s favorite and he would ride her regularly liking the tightness compared to her used pussy. sebulba who was already hard again with his acrobatic ways crawled under shmi and pushed his cock up her pussy shmi moan and grunted wildly as both trek and sebulba fucked her two holes. With her master cock still in her mouth sebulba started sucking on her tit shmi started to pant and thrash wildly as she reached her second climax sending a wave of cum down sebulba cock pooling up onto his stomach. When the smell and sound of sex proved too much, all 3 men started to dump there seed at the same time watto spurting cum which shmi quickly swallowed she felt the cum drip from her ass and pussy when they pulled out of her. all four of them laid on the floor trying to catch there breath  Staring at the ceiling.

Anakin wondered what happened to watto he was gone a while probably gambling on cards he thought 

Shmi was in the back room cleaning the cum off her. each man had her suck them off before they left yuck she said still tasting rodian cum
After getting dressed she started making dinner for her and ani the one part of the day she looked forward too when the comm link that watto gave her started to buzz.. It was watto ani will be home in about 20 minutes my friend is coming over now for a quickie so you better get him off fast my little slut if you don't want ani walking in on you ha ha  a depressed sigh left her mouth has she was about to protest in her reply a knock came on the door she quickly replied in defeat ok master 
Has she opened the door to her surprise and horror stood waldo hey mrs s she quickly said ani is not here yet.  waldo replied with i know watto sent me for a quickie but don't worry i wont tell ani anything as he pushed his way through the door
I hear you give good head,  he then sat down at the kitchen table…. Oh my! I just can't do this. You are my son's best friend I I I I just can't. I'm old enough to be your mother and you're just a boy...should i go back and tell watto you refuse? Maybe I'll run into ani and tell him what you have been doing. Will he look at you the same? What will watto do to him in his anger???her eyes now wide open in disbelief for a long moment she couldn't think of a single thing to say she was a slave that had no choice of her own. But wald was just a boy the same age as her son, maybe even younger and here he was demanding to be pleasured. time is ticking mrs s waldo replied snapping her out of her long trance when all of sudden the door opened  and ani walked in hey mom hey waldo what cha doin? nothing much waldo said then whispered to shmi too late in a disappointing look. With a look of defeat and pleading eyes she grabbed waldo by the arm and whispered please go into the back room and I'll be in there within a moment please please she said. fine Waldo said this better be worth it.  Waldo yelled out to ani hey i'll be back later i have to do a few things now but i'll be back fine ani said has he fidgeted with the electronics on c3po..
Shmi peeked in on her son and saw him working on that damn droid she knew she had some time before he came out asking for dinner.
She made her way to the back room, her heart pounding for what she was about to do. She walked in seeing waldo propped up on a box with his feet dangling off the edge  she slowly closed 
And locked the door behind her.
Her hand clasped  together to keep them from shaking with a cracked voice she asked the boy what would you like.
Waldo looked up at her with big black eyes and simply said “ blowjob” shmi diverted her gaze to the floor and slowly nodded her head yes. Never in her past did she ever have to service a boy, not even the hutts were so cruel has to force that. But she was a slave and she had no choice. That's what she told herself has she walked over to the boy kneeling in front of him the box was big enough she didn't have to bend over much with her hands she unfastened the front of his pants exposing his member he was already rock hard from the excitement he was feeling he watched her closely in anticipation has she started to slowly stroke his cock. Looking down, Shmi was surprised the boy was about 7 inches very large for a boy his age but rodians developed faster then normal. Shmi cleared her mind and started to focus on her task, taking a deep breath and clearing her throat she bent down running her tongue the length of his cock a bit of pre cum dribbled onto the tip of her nose. she pulled herself up and put the whole cock deep into her mouth. A burst of energy waved through waldos body has he gripped the sides of the box he was sitting on tightly  he can feel the bumps on her tongue and her warm saliva covering his cock he can hear the sucking sounds coming from her has she bobbed her head up and down and twirling it while working the base of his cock with her delicate hands 10 min later Waldo hips started to thrust wildly the first shot of cum hit the back of shmi throat she immediately tightened her lips around his cock and milked him with her hands he shot 4 more times coating the inside of shmi mouth with a circling motion and a pop shimi lifted her head looking up to the boy and opened her mouth to show him his seed when she closed her mouth waldo can hear a swallowing sound and even saw a bulge go down mrs s throat. Will that be all sir shmi said. for now waldo replied then he stood up, fixed his pants and went out the side window.
Shmi fixed herself then went to prepare dinner. Her mind was going in so many direction of what happened she barley spoke to ani during dinner. Has she paced around the kitchen with a dead stare ani spoke up mom are you ok? Yes yes shmi replied i just have a lot on my mind. Its almost time for bed, ani who would have protested going to sleep seeing his mother in this state he didn't want to make it harder on her simply said ok mom

Lying in bed that night she couldn't even close her eyes or shut out the thoughts that raced through her head. She felt disgusted by it. She felt disgusted she got aroused over such a taboo. She truly felt dead inside.
Throughout the night it plagued her every thought she didn't sleep a second when the morning light shined through the window  she felt she had to talk to her master about this she cant wait any longer she quickly made breakfast for ani leaving it on the table and ran out the door heading to wattos house she didn't even close the door on the way out she left so fast. Wattos house was not far away just outside the slave quarters. The streets were empty this early in the morning as shmi hurried along.

Reaching wattos house a sleepy eyed watto opened the door shmi was surprised to see watto sporting morning wood. Wtf? What time is it? What are doing here said a confused watto. Shmi started rambling about waldo watto rubbing his head he told her to shut up in his angry voice which instinctively made shmi bow her head and remain silent. Watto then told her to get inside and we can talk. Shmi walked in as watto shut the door.

At home a sleepy eyed anakin walked into the kitchen to see his breakfast on the table and the door wide open he sat and wondered where did his mother go in such a hurry????

Creak creak creak! Ugh ugh awwwww mmm ugh ugh ugh shmi panted  as she leaned against a rocking table watto behind her pumping his cock into her wet pussy his hand reaching around fondling a tit that was hanging down from Shmi’s lifted up shirt. He had to get rid of his morning wood somehow he smiled to himself shmi trying to keep with her masters pace started to squeeze her pussy walls tight with a few hard thrust watto quickly pulled out of shmi pussy and spun her around just in time to shoot his load all over her face has the cum started to drip down to her chest shmi said thank you master. He ordered her to keep the cum on her face as he started to explain the deal with waldo. It was his sick way of keeping her in check reminding her of what she is.

He told her he owes waldo a life debt. The reason for the debt is not your business just know from here on out waldo owns half of you he is half your master shmi couldn't believe what she was hearing you sold me? No no no only half shares im still your main master for the time being just until this life debt is sorted he is also a master and you will listen but what about ani? What about him? This has nothing to do with him, nothing changes just that waldo is now partly your master and you will do what your told has watto’s hand slapped across shmi face. She bowed her head in acceptance 

On her way home shmi mind was going in a million different directions. How did she end up in this mess? Then she told herself i am just a slave and i have no choice. She picked her head up and walked through the door to a smiling ani the most perfect boy in her world he leaned in to give her a kiss as he said good morning mom then backed away fast saying yuck you smell funny wattos cum shmi thought. I'm sorry ani i was running errands early to get a head start on the day.let me go clean up fast.   
 As she made her way back into the kitchen saying there all fresh her demeanor dropped when she saw waldo sitting at the table talking to ani  she forced a half a smile and said good morning waldo.  her blank  expression and eyes gazing into nothing has ani said well i got to go before watto tans my hide for being late see you later mom love you has ani ran to the door leaving his mother and best friend alone in the kitchen.   Waldo was first to break the silence i guess watto explained everything to you already? Shmi nodded her head looking down. That's not good enough waldo chirped i said did he tell you already? With a sound of defeat, Shmi said yes master. Good waldo said as he moved his chair closer to shmi he started to rub her arms up to her shoulder. Shmi feeling a shiver remained still as he did this. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to mentaly block out what was happening,he moved his hand up her shirt and started to play with her hard nipples. Shimi let out a soft moan, he ran his hand down her thigh pulling up her dress he ran his hands between her legs feeling the hairs of her womanhood he felt the warmth that came from her pussy after he explored and molested shmi body he moved his hand and gently stroked shmi cheek then circled her ear with his thumb before grabbing her by the back of the neck and pulling her towards him.
 Moments later: 
Slurp slurp slurp gargle slurp slurp slurp awwwwwwwwww mmmmmmm were the sounds that can be heard throughout the empty house suck suck suck slurp slurp slurp has wald looked up at the ceiling oh yes that's it work that tongue suck harder and deeper.. Yes oh it feels soo good suck slurp gargle slurp awwwwww came from waldo has he unloaded into shmi mouth. Waldo heard gulping sounds as shmi swallowed his cum. thank you master she replied he liked the sound of that “master” sitting back upright in the chair shmi used her sleeve to wipe away cum that dribbled onto her chin i'll be back later slave has waldo left the house. At this point shmi just sat there and came to the conclusion of accepting her fate but told herself she will do everything she can to shield her son from all that happened and will happen in the future.

Shmi spent the morning cleaning filters and running errands for watto she felt exhausted from lack of sleep her mind was clouded with worry from all that's been happening. Seeing all this watto approached and told her to come into the office with a sigh she raised herself and walked into his office she saw jal sitting in the corner he was a dog like creature that preferred to walk on all fours although highly intelligent beings he spoke several languages and are known to be ravaging lovers that can fuck for hours, oh my i dont think i have the energy for this shmi thought to herself. Watto reached into a drawer pulling out a bag of green pills he tossed it to shmi and ordered her to take one obediently upon hearing the orders from her master she popped one into her mouth and swallowed. Within seconds the pill worked its magic. She smiled immensely when a wave of energy flowed through her body made her give out a giggle. Everything around seemed clear and safe like in her dreams she even felt highly aroused by the feeling she touched herself which immediately sent a shock through her body of pure pleasure Shmi watto yelled pulling her out of her auroric state she smiled and said yes master. Go get us a bottle of grog from the cantina  right away master has she skipped out the door she felt like a teenager again.

Was it wise to give a highly addictive drug to a slave? jol said

Ah no worries i have a truckload of the stuff it only works on humans so its in low demand.

Handing her master the bottle of grog shmi said is there anything else master?  Let me see those beautiful tits of yours. With a smile shmi lifted her shirt over her head showing off her 34DD teardrop breast. Wattos cock started to rise at the beautiful sight shmi seeing her masters arousal gave a seductive smile raising and lowering her eyebrows she pumped her tongue into her check and moved a half closed fist in front of her mouth simulating a blowjob. Ah my sweet whore you know how i love your mouth around my cock. Shmi giggled has she walked around the desk to kneel in front of watto mmmm yummy she said has she looked at his blue cock with a purple tip she placed her hand on the base and started to stroke it as she moved her tongue in circles around the tip allowing her saliva to run down the shaft of her masters cock mmmmm savoring the flavor of his pre cum she put the tip in her mouth teasing the underside of his cock with her tongue. She then pushed the 

Entire cock deep into her throat and started to suck hard as she slowly pulled it back causing her cheeks to push inwards her tongue lapping around every inch of his cock all the way to the tip she then closed her lips even tighter around his cock as she pushed it back down her throat. Using her own saliva has lubricant she repeated this process over and over again picking up the pace each time. The office was filled with slurping and sucking sounds has shmi bobbed her head back and forth she twirled her hand at the base of his cock in rhythm with her mouth and fondled his balls with her other hand. Her tits jiggling with the faster pace. Ohmy watto thought i should have gave her the drugs a long time ago. She continued to suck at the same pace while he started to cum filling her mouth it started to overflow out the corners of her mouth she pulled back with a pop when the dick left her mouth mmmm has she swallowed the load she ran her hands down her breast rubbing the little bit of cum that dripped down to her chest.. She looked up at her master with a smile and said thank you master she ran her tongue along her bottom lip trying to lap up whatever cum she could she then stood up and walked around the desk to her original position my turn jol said has he jumped down off the chair to the floor looking at her master for approval watto said yes it is. With a giggle and a smile she looked to jol and said would you like me to suck your dick? I want to ride that beautiful ass of yours she smiled at him and unfastened her buckle allowing her skirt to fall to the floor stepping out of it she moved towards jol and dropped on all fours spinning around so her ass was facing jol she pressed her cheek to the floor and held her ass up high in a welcoming sight. She started to wiggle her ass encouraging him to fuck her. He wasted no time in mounting her while his slimy  red and purple cock protruded out its hairy sleeve. The slime acted has a lub making entering her puckered asshole easy shimi made bitch sounds of moans and grunts as jol started to hump her he could feel his own cock getting bigger with each thrust. shmi breathing got heavier  has she felt jols cock going deeper and deeper into her gut with each thrust. She felt no pain like she did when people fucked her in the ass before instead she felt nothing but pure pleasure. It felt so good she reached her orgasm yelling out oh yess! Ah ah ah fuck my ass fuck my ass. Watto was happy his office was sound proof or the whole town would be having a good show he laughed to himself. Shmi orgasm was so filling globs of her own cum started to ooze out of her pussy and dangle to the floor jol at this point was making his own animalistic grunting sounds jol grabbed the back of shmi neck with his mouth and started to hump her harder deeper and faster shmi suddenly felt jol cock starting to pulse has he shot glob of warm cum deep in her bowels triggering another orgasm her body started to quiver with pleasure jol kept his cock in her for a few moments making sure he deposited all his seed deep in her when he pulled out he fell backwards to the floor feeling spent and satisfied shmi fell to her side her stretched out asshole oozing cum she started to squirm on the floor running her hands all around her body feeling pulses of pleasure 

After catching there breath shmi picked up her clothes and retreated to the bathroom to clean herself up she emerged several minutes later fully dressed with a smile from ear to ear. That will be all for now watto said  yes my master shmi replied then turned and left the office..she ran into ani on her way out  running up behind him she gave him a big hug and a sloppy kiss on his cheek i love you son she said wow your in a better mood she smiled and asked if he was hungry no mom im ok. Alright hon ill see you tonight. Bye mom anakin said has shmi made her way back home. 


That night she prepared a big dinner and cleaned her entire house life for her felt great at night she slept peacefully returning to her dreams..



The next morning shmi woke up sore and stiff her head felt 10 pounds heavier as she made her way to the kitchen watto gave everyone the day off so she slept longer then she should have ani was already outside playing with his friends. Shmi crawled to the bathroom where she took out the bag of green pills and popped one into her mouth closing her eyes waiting for the drug to take affect.

She came out 10 minutes later freshly washed and dressed for the day. 

Ani walked in hey mom me and guys are going to the track to play around., ok hon just be careful shmi said has the gang left wald and his friend gab stayed behind with gab’s frogdog.

 Rex was a beautiful dog with black and brown short hair on his body with a head of a frog. Gab was a sneevel in species standing about 3 feet tall. 

Sneevel’s stop growing in height at a young age but their heads continue to grow with age making the older generations heads oversized compared  with their bodies. Good morning master shmi said with a smile. As she turned to the counter to pour the kids a drink she popped another green pill there she thought this should get her through the day. Handing the kids their drinks wald motioned for shmi to sit on the floor at his feet like rex was doing at gabs feet, shmi obediently compiled propping herself up with her left hand hooking her feet to her side. Staring intently at the wall she quieted her mind waiting to hear her masters orders. Wald placed a collar around her neck similar to rex then began to talk to gab, sipping his drink and  occasionally  patting shmi on the top of her head. The boys continued laughing and talking when gab produced a holotape he found under his parents bed. Pushing a button pornagraphic images and clips appeared. The boys  eyes glued to the holographs moving about on the kitchen table. Wow!thats hot said wald as his hand started falling from the top of shmi’s head down the side of her face before changing direction at her neck moving his hand slowly down her chest and through the top of her shirt finding his mark he began to fondle shmi breast and pinch at her nipples as his eyes stayed glued to the images he was witnessing. Shmi’s face showed no expression still staring at the wall. With his free hand he undid his pants springing his member to life he began to stroke himself faster and faster has the images appeared before his eyes. He removed his hand from under shmi shirt grabbing her under her jaw he moved her head to face his own then moving his hand to the back of her head he pulled her down to his throbbing cock shmi obediently opened her mouth and started to suck her  little master. Knowing the boy would not last much longer she  kept the same pace. In her mind she still felt disgusted by the act but her body started to quiver in pure ecstasy wald started to moan his slave was by far the best dick sucker in the galaxy.bringing him to climax he grabbed her head and pushed down as hard has he could, jamin his cock deep in her throat dumping his seed directly into her belly. Looking up at the boy she said thank you master. Gab watching shmi expert work has he stroked  his own cock in his hand. Go help gab out wald ordered yes master shmi replied crawling over to gab he stopped her with a wave of his hand and told her to strip. Shmi obediently complied pulling her top over her head then allowing the long skirt to drop freely to the floor she then positioned herself over the boy and lowered herself over his throbbing cock. With the boy being so small she had to brace herself holding the sides of the chair. Pulling herself up and freely falling back down the length of the cock feeling her pussy twitch with each inch of cock she took. Her nipples hard as rock a sensation started to build up deep within shmi a mixture of disgust and pleasure. She started to girate her hips as her breathing got heavier. She bite her lower lip so not to make too much noise with her moaning and groans. Within moments she felt gabs cock pulsating shooting globs of warm seed deep within her coating the walls of her pussy triggering her own climax. After standing up A mix of cum started to run down her thigh and onto the floor. Thank you gab was what she replied as she started to retreat to the bathroom. Where do you think your going slave stopping shmi in her tracks. Have you ever fucked a dog before? Yes master shmi replied they were shocked by her response. The hutts had there used up older slaves to service the pets thinking it would make them run faster at the track or fight harder in the pitts. The boys joked as shmi was on all fours rex mounted behind her pumping his cock deep within her pussy at a blinding rate letting out a growl as he too dumped his load deep in her pussy. The boys started to cheer. Waldo gave shmi permission to collect her clothes and clean herself up in the back. While in the bathroom she popped another green pill when she emerged from the bathroom fresh and clean she saw the boys have already left. They grew bored and wanted to check out the track.     

Shimi enjoyed her quiet afternoon making dinner and doing the errands around the house. 


Making her way through the street of the late afternoon traffic shmi after receiving a call from watto was heading to meet him at the shop. Watto was feeling good after winning big in dice and was feeling lucky for the fights at the arena. I decided to take my slave with me to the arena watto said . I even bought you a new dress for you to wear tonight, go in the back and put it on. Yes master shmi replied.

20 minutes later shmi emerged from the back room her face wore makeup. a black eyeliner gave her a seductive look along with lightly powdered cheek and bright red lipstick, she wore a silver metal collar a little uncomfortable but she had worse, her shoulders were bare down to her red and black bikini top that really only covered her nipples, down to bare belly she had a silver belt around her waist that matched her collar with a narrow red silk fabric running down to her knees giving little privacy to her womanhood behind. In the back it was a little wider but of the same length enough to cover her ass from view she wore sandals with straps that weaved up halfway to her knee. And a band matching her sandals wrapped tightly around her left bicep. Nice watto replied as he clasped a silver chain to shmi collar. Shmi knew these arena nights were all about showing off to the other vehicles as much as it was about the fights going on in the pitts. But still she felt humiliated having to prance around in pleasure slave clothing meant for a much younger person. Yes yes watto replied i'll have you wear this more often methinks. Watto’s hover vehicle was decked out like a club with a long bantha skin couch in the back with plenty of room to move about it had exotic lighting much like in discos the hutts owned. the windows all had dark tint that made shmi happy so she wouldn't be seen by anyone outside the vehicle

Lets go has watto pulled the chain tugging shmi into the vehicle. We are ready watto said to Bic.  the driver said yes sir as he looked admiring Shmi sitting cross legged next to watto… yes yes let's go he said it was an hour drive, for most of the way watto would make business dealings into his comm link occasionally rubbing shmi inner thigh as he talked. The old driver stealing glances at shmi every chance he got which was easy considering he was in auto pilot. At one point watto positioned the comm to only show his face he then pulled shmi hand to his semi erect cock she slowly started to stroke it from the base to the tip all while staring down at the ground expressionless. Before watto took the next call he whispered something into shmi ear. She kneeled on the floor directly to watto’s side, she then leaned over his leg and put watto’s cock into her mouth slowly working her way to the base then slowly bring it back to the top pulsating her lips all the while  she was being careful not to make to many sucking sounds so as to not disturb  her masters call. watto started patting her on the head has he made his dealings, the driver had a perfect view of shmi sucking watto’s dick. Shmi moved so graciously as she savored the flavors of her master's cock. She continued this routine for a straight 20 minutes without stopping to the drivers amazement. Has watto ended the call the driver spoke up saying we will be there in a few minutes watto pulled shmi off his cock and put his finger under her chin putting her head up to look at him. Alright we are almost there  make me cum., I want to cum in your mouth and I want you to show it to me before you swallow it. Got it? Yes master she replied as she immediately went back to working his cock. She moved faster and sucked harder this time, her head bobbing up and down as she worked the base with her hand in no time at all. Watto's cock was pulsating, coating the inside of shmi mouth with his seed. She tightened her lips around his cock catching every drop. As she pulled his spent cock out of her mouth she looked up at watto and opened her mouth, watto can see his seed all over her tongue pooling up at the base of her mouth. Swallow he said she then closed and with a single gulp she opened her mouth to show it was now empty. Mmm good girl watto said pulling her once again to sit next to him thank you master was shmi reply.   Once there watto wasted no time bringing in clients shmi was used as distraction in hopes to get her master a better deal, she was told to sit a certain way and look seductive at one point watto put his hand under shmi’s loin cloth and fingered her at another point she would dance. It worked most of the time.right now he was in a heated exchange with a draulhete named ma’ket who grew up in nar shaddaa and knew all the tricks to the trade. Shmi didn't pay much attention to the dealing nor the pitts. She remembered this place all too well under the hutts. It was a place of sadness here slaves were forced to mate with animals.  she lost many people she had liked over the years when they were used as props or fed alive to the fighting beast. Shmi reached down to her sandals and wiggled out a green pill she kept between her toes popping it into her mouth when no one was looking in hopes to drown out this place and all the horrible memories it brought. Watto tugging on the chain brought her out of her trance like state. Be nice to our friend here as shimi got up moving over to ma’ket sitting across his lap with her arms wrapped around his shoulders. She started to slowly kiss his cheek then with her tongue licking and nibbling on his ear. You drive a hard bargain. I always liked the older well trained  slaves they gave the best blowjobs. In the hutt empire older slaves or slaves that had children and added a little belly fat were mostly used primarily as suck sluts and fluffers, their pussy and ass was used to service the pets or lower class dealers. The ongoing joke was that if you saw an older slave woman or an ugly one you can guarantee she has more cum in her belly then food.shmi still nibbling on ma’ket’s ear felt his hard erection push his pant into the side of her leg shimi whispered into ma’ket’s ear. Do you want me to suck your dick and swallow your cum...mmm ma’ket moaned as he undid the clasp behind shmi back, dropping her string bikini top to expose her rock hard nipples shmi snaked her way down to the floor when ma’ket stood up directly in front of her smiling down at her with his crooked teeth. She slid her hands up unlocking his buckle then unzipping his pants. She pulled out his hard member, ma’key’s body shuddered as shmi soft palms slowly fondled the entire length of his cock. Pulling up on it to stand it straight up, she leaned forward, her pink tongue slipped between her red lips and licked his bumpy appendage from his ball sack to the tip of his cock. A little bit of pre cum oozed out of his cock, creating a long, glistering string from the tip of his cock to her upper lip as she drew up.  Drawing herself closer, she rose up on her knees so her head hung directly above his cock. Opening her mouth wide, she dove on it running its entire length into her wet warm mouth. Ma’key groaned as he felt the bumpy taste buds of shmi tickling the sensitive flesh of his hard cock.reaching down he placed a hand on the back of shmi head, he helped her head bob back and forth, side to side. Shmi expert tongue swirled around his cock with each thrust while tugging at the base of his cock with her hand. She then began to deep throat the entire cock. Sucking and squishing sounds can be heard throughout the vehicle, after nearly 10 minutes of this ma’ket can feel his dick throbbing for release. He gripped both sides of her head and thrusted his hips he started to face fuck this whore. It only took a few jerks for his body to lock up as the tip of his cock exploded into the back of her mouth. Shmi relaxed her throat and swallowed the onset of his seed, but slowly withdrew it out has his cock shot his last bit of seed onto shmi face, looking up at a smiling ma’ket as her to tongue ran along her face, seeking out every last bit of cum as strands dangled from her chin, shmi stood up clasping her bikini top back on has she moved to sit next to her master who handed her a towel.   

Ma’key fixing himself said you have a deal as he exited the vehicle.

Watto, very pleased with the dealings, diverted his attention to the window watching the fighting in the pitts.

a little while later watto hanging out the window screaming you just cost me a 100 credit you worthless fuck at the man whose head was just riped from his shoulders by his opponent. Shmi was sitting next to the driver, jerking him off occasionally, sending droplets of saliva from her mouth to the tip of his dick to act as more lubricant. Soon he was sending spurts of cum flying in the air in all directions while the majority just dribbled down around shmi hand. Without a word she cleaned herself up and moved to the back of the vehicle to sit next to a bothered watto. Let's get out of  this shithole watto said to the driver, and they started their way home. 

The driver had a hard time keeping the vehicle moving straight from all rocking going on in back.

 A completely nude shmi on all fours resting on her elbows with her ass in the air gritting her teeth shmi let out a scream as an orgasm shook her entire body, watto directly behind her holding her hips thrusting his cock deep into shmi ass, feeling his own climax coming he let out a groan as his cock started dumping his seed, shmi feeling his throbbing cock dumping warm seed into her gaping asshole triggered her into another orgasm.


Walking into her house a little past 10 fully clothed with her costume underneath has been instructed by watto. She checked on her sleeping son. she immediately put herself to bed. tomorrow was going to be a hard day because she had to work off the 100 credits watto lost, watto hated losing any money and made shmi work back whatever money he lost.


The next morning; shmi walked into watto’s office a sleepy ani in tow. Anakin plopped himself down on a chair while his mother took a slave pose standing with her hands clasped while looking at the ground. A life habit she will never be able to break. 

Shmi today you’ll be cleaning the pipes of the evaporators make sure you dress accordingly watto said, yes master was her reply as she left sneaking around the building to an adjoining shake.

Shmi knew “cleaning the pipes” was watto code word meaning she will be sucking dick today at the glory hole watto operated. Shmi after folding her clothes neatly in the corner now wearing her slave attire from last night sat on a chair waiting for her first customer. The room was plain, she had a stool to sit on in the back, along the outer wall there was an empty bucket to relieve herself if need be along with a full bucket to drink or wash herself, she also had a tin of mints and some towles. To the opposite on the inner wall simply laid a pillow on the floor directly below a hole in the wall just big enough for a cock to pass through in the adjoining room held a stool, various nude pictures hung on the wall of nude hot women. A sound barrier kept each room from hearing anything in  the next room over. On the outside it looked like nothing more than a simple storage shake. But everyone knew what it was for including anakin he just didn't know his mother was the star attraction. Watto has this setup for several reasons one being that if any customer realised they were being serviced by a woman in her 40’s they would demand to pay less then the already cheep 5 credits. Secondly watto recorded everything happening inside to use later has blackmail to sweeten a deal or sway an opinion in his favor even though it was a tactic he barely used he kept the files just in case. And finally the most important reason was because a percentage of all money made was paid to the hutts in the form of a “tax” that stayed out of the hutts long view meaning watto kept all profits. He just couldn't run this on a daily basis. Has watto put a special disc into the recorder he gave an evil smile when the guest door opened.

In walks ani smiling ear to ear. I can't believe my luck, he said. He was about to receive his first blowjob from a twi’lek that worked in the cantina “at least that's what watto told him” ani could barely contain himself for the pleasure he was about to experience. Jumping up on the stool he quickly dropped his pants to his ankles he took a deep breath and stuck his small cock through the hole.

Seeing the cock shmi sprang to action kneeling down to the hole she started to stroke the small cock with two fingers. Know this is a very young boy . with her morals long gone she thought to herself i am a slave and i have no choice. As she puckered her lips around the small cock gently moving from side to side she let her tongue do most the work 5 minutes later ani was proud he lasted this long but could hold himself no more he let out a cry as he shot his load.

Ani pulled his pants up heading to the door while shmi swallowed the salty cocktail then retreated to the chair waiting for her next customer. Throughout the morning watto checked his computer watching shmi do her task she was on her 21st customer when watto flipped the switch closing up the shake. Shmi waited for the signal all clear before leaving the shake holding her clothes. She darted across the lot into the secret passageway that took her directly to watto’s bathroom. When shmi emerged still wearing her slave attire smiling from the effects of the green pill she just took. She saw her master looking at his computer jerking his cock. He looked up at shmi has she jerked her hand in the air while moving her tongue snake like simulating a blowjob nodding her head looking for approval. Watto crooked his finger for her to come over she gigaly skipped over to him.

It was a little past 2 in the afternoon, Watto at his desk and shmi on her knees sucking profusely. Watto was watching the event from this morning of ani first bj. the arousal from the taboo. Brought him to climax pushing down on shmi head he shot his seed directly down her throat. You may go home, watto said as he gasped for air. thank you master shmi replied. 

2 hours later shmi was on her back naked her legs spread wide as wald thrusted his cock into her pussy the boy was still small his head not even reaching her breast that were jiggling in semi circles with each thrust within a few minutes the boy was groaning has he shot his load into shmi pussy. When wald pulled out his spent cock shmi rolled off the bed onto the floor to a waiting rex “wald was watching him for a few days” the dog gleefully stuck his red slimy cock into shmi ass and began humping her.

Rex shot 4 loads into shmi tired ass before they both left. Shmi cleaned herself and got dressed in time for ani to walk in for dinner.

Not feeling like eating herself she kissed ani then headed to bed early completely exhausted from the days work.




Waking up the shortly before first light. An aching shmi crawled her way to the bathroom already sick from withdrawals she threw herself into a panic when she realized she was out of the green pills not knowing what else to do she ran to watto’s home stopping half way to throw up alongside the building. Being that she had little food in her system she was throwing up the cum she swallowed the day before. 

When sleepy eyes watto opened the door, shmi immediately fell to her knees, bathed in tears and she cried out. Oh please master i beg you im out of pills she started to kiss his foot as she pleaded. Come in watto said wait in the parlor. When watto came from the back room he was holding a tray with a green powder and a straw. Here he said snort this, it's the same as the pills but will work faster. Holding the straw to her nose and closing the other nostril has instructed she sniffed all the powder on the tray. She immediately jerked her head upwards as the powder worked its magic. Her pain, her sick feeling instantly went away, she felt calm again she felt normal. Watto handed her two bags one of green powder and one of green pills. Thank you master she said with love in her voice she felt a sense of gratitude for her powerful master that she felt the urge to bow before him. She even started to feel watto was more important to her then her own son.  One of the side effects to the drug no doubt. Watto smiled for the more she needed the drug  the more he would have her and closer to his ultimate plan.  Shmi waited on the floor with her head bowed for her masters command. Watto sat on the couch with his feet propped up on shmi back using her like a piece of furniture as he wondered if he should fuck her not. Watto then reached out pulling her dress to her hips exposing her ass rubbing a cheek he then reached for a jar siting next to the couch scooping out a jelly like substance, he then smeared it all over shmi asshole.

Shmi knowing what her master wanted moved her ass much higher with her face to the floor she then reach out her hands grabbing each ass cheek spreading them apart exposing her well used asshole.watto with his cock in hand lined the tip up with shmi ass pushing the head in shmi let out a moan when the cock entered her watto began to hump her going a little deeper a little faster each time, by the time he was half way in her shmi was letting out grunts and groans with each thrust. Even has wattos cock was stretching her ass she felt no pain only the electric pulses of pleasure at this moment he was all the way in her thrusting his cock from tip to base at a faster pace.

With each thrust in it caused shmi to tighten her stomach has the air was pushed out of her body causing her to heave rapidly, then quickly suck in air loudly ugh ugh ugh! He kept this pace for a good five minutes. But the tightness of her ass and the hard way he was fucking her proved too much he quickly pulled his cock out squeezing the base he quickly pulled her hair causing her head to jerk up placing the tip of his cock within an inch of shmi open mouth he started to ejaculate some of his cum hit her bottom lip then dribbled down her chin dangling has it made its way to the floor he then pushed his cock into her mouth has she started to milk and suck at his dick with just her mouth she even relaxed her throat and swallowed the cum while the cock was in her mouth a trick she mastered years ago.when watto was satisfied he pulled his cock causing a popping sound as he left her mouth. Thank you my master shmi said.  Siting on her side propped up by her arm she pushed the cum on her chin with a finger up to mouth sucking in when it reached her lips and swallowing the remains fast. You can go now my whore watto said as shmi collected her things and left happy that she had her loving green pills and powder. Shmi smiled has she looked in on her sleeping son. Let him sleep a little longer she thought while she prepared breakfast. Her plans came to a halt with a tapping on the window, seeing waldo outside she opened the door to wave him in with a whisper she asked him to wait in the back room. NO! The rodian shouted back causing a shocked shmi into  her submissive slave pose. I tell you what to do not the other way around, yes master shmi replied grabbing ani stepstool next to the counter and his slave with the other hand he pulled shmi to the side room placing the stepstool just outside ani door he peaked around the corner to see a sleeping ani snoring. Then with his back to the wall he pulled shmi to face him, placing a hand on top of her head and pushing her down,has she went to her knees she said to herself please don't let ani wake up. She began to unbukle the boys pants pulling the boys half erect cock out immediately plunging it into her mouth licking and sucking it hard she then employed every trick she knew to get him off fast she started to deepthroat the cock slurping and sucking the entire length in and out within a few minutes the boy was holding her by the sides of her head thrusting his hips forward face fucking shmi when the boy started to shoot his seed she once again swallowed his cum with a cock still in her mouth looking up at waldo she said thank you master. He slapped her on the ass as he left just in time as ani started to stir awake.   


Shimi was working the front desk when watto jerked his head motioning shmi to come into the office. She put a droid to take then sneaking a peak at ani working. She went into the office and shut the door. Watto looking at his slave pointed to the collar on the table that should be the only thing you're wearing right now.has shimi began undressing watto started to speak, that dealing with boy should is over that whole life debt thing has been taking care of. Shmi felt relieved to hear this.

Now fully nude with the collar on she walked over and sat straight on the couch next to watto who handed her a tray and straw with more green powder it two thin lines she happily snorted both lines one in each nostril. The magic of the powder coursing through her body put her in an aroused state. She opened her legs allowing her master access to her pink pussy has his finger started to penetrate between the fold of her pussy lips feeling the wetness and warmth of her womanhood he put his finger deep into her slowly in and out shmi looking down can see her master's finger going in and out she pulled up her left tit and started to lick her own nipple you have been a good slave my old whore. Thank you master i love your cock shmi replied, watto smiled knowing the drugs were working

With her legs spread wide and her bare feet touch the floor watto climbed onto her thrusting his cock deep into her pussy then began to slowly hump her shmi looking down can see her masters cock going in and out of faster with each thrust until his balls started slapping loudly on her ass she let out a moan has she breathed heavy it felt like his cock was going to push through her belly. Her own wetness started to drip down the crack of her ass and pool up on the couch she reach out with her hands grabbing watto by the waist she started to pull him into her has she girated her hips, she let out a scream has she reached her climax ooooooh fuck me master fuck me she yelled out her whole body shakking with pleasure has she moaned out. Watto reaching his own climax pulled his cock out in which shmi reached out, jerking his cock as his seed exploded out the tip covering her tits and belly. Stay like that watto ordered, has he moved to sit at his desk pouring himself a hard drink shmi laid down on the couch and continued to play with herself while locking her eyes on watto with lust. Watto sat and admired his cum covered whore. Throughout the day he would regularly fuck his slave shooting his cum each time all over her face and body by 2:00 she had cum everywhere including her hair watto finally let her wash herself up and get dressed he then sent her home as he made his way to the card games. 

As shmi was cleaning off the table from diner ani asked if he could work on c3po for awhile shmi smiled and said of course as shmi felt her comm link buzzing she opened it to receive wattos message. Shmi called out to ani, i’ll be back in a little while the evaporators are offline and watto’s going crazy over it they need to be cleaned ok mom ani said. Shmi hated lying to her son but she wanted to protect him from the grim reality of a slave. She then went into her room to put on her collar and slave attire. Peaking around to make sure the coast was clear she snuck out the side door. She felt humiliated walking around dressed like this but she had to do what her master told her lucky for her it was already dark outside. Just before going into watto’s house, Shmi pulled out a vial, popping the cork and snorting the green powder inside. Watto clasped the chain to her collar and pulled her into the living room where he was in the middle of a card game with a few of his friends including sebulba.  she sat herself on the floor at watto’s feet until he was finished with his call. Looking down at his slave he started to rub her chest with his foot running his toe through her cleavage, how may i serve you master? Shmi asked, she spent the night mostly on her knees or serving drinks to watto's friends. All the hype was about the boonta race tomorrow watto joked about a bet he placed with a jedi. Shmi heart dropped, her son was racing tomorrow but her feeling was quickly replaced by another orgasm triggered by the hard thrusting of sebulba’s cock in her ass.  Then the convo shifted to the beautiful girl that was with the jedi, a good price on the market that one would bring, one said, indeed watto replied with a smirk..


The next morning everyone met at the track in preparation of the race watto flying over to ani jokenly said you better control your friend i might end up owning him and his party, looking straight at padme as he said the last part he then turned to shmi motioning her to follow him. Before entering the bathroom she checked to make sure no one was looking as she closed the door.

 Ani was pulling his pod to the track. At the time his mother was breathing heavily bent over the sink, her hands looking for anything to grasp as watto pumped his cock deeper into her ass. Moments later shmi walked out of the bathroom meeting up with the jedi as they both walked to take their seats. Watto walked out heading to his box.


The race was a close one with many exciting thrills but ultimately ani proved victorious. Watto stood in disbelief partly cause of the thousands he lost but mostly because of  all the hard work he put in preparing shmi for his ultimate perverse plan of mother willingly fucking her son. The drugs he pushed her to take even going as far has getting a local boy to fuck her, to break her mind of it being a taboo, All the orgies he had planed all the shows he would have put on making tons of credits all gone to shit over a dam pod race, ah fuck watto said has he saw the jedi aproaching him……..


Later that night shmi stood in the doorway watching the stars wondering which one her son was heading too. Watto standing behind her still in thought of the day's events finally relented in his fate he thought no matter i already control shmi i'll think of something else.

Watto yelled out come on whore i want my cock sucked, yes master shmi replied as she closed the door.




To be continued in part 2 A slaves life “shmi skywalker”

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