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Rey/OC "Pairing".

This chapter contains threat, slavery, objectification.

'This' means someone is thinking.

Italics alone means the name of something. Also a flashback.

Horizontal ruler (a line across the page) means a page break or large timeskip.

-X- means small time skips (like a few minutes) or a scene change, i.e. we start with Rey in a Bacta Tank, then we go to slavers in their ship cockpit- a scene change from a Bacta Tank to a spacecraft.

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Disclaimer; I do not own the Star Wars franchise or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non-profit-I am not making any money from this.

Jakku, Daytime...

Parsecs from the centers of power, wealth and influence, lacking desired minerals like Kyber crystals, Tibanna Gas or Doonium, the world of Jakku was considered nothing, nowhere. A mass graveyard for a failed imperial remnant and fools and broken relics of an era that would never come again.

No one thought anything would ever come out of Jakku. Most in the galaxy didn't even know the world's name. But on this ugly, arid, crime-ridden, brutal, dirty, pitiful excuse for a world covered in wreckage of hundreds of spacecraft boasting leaking radiation, pollutants, rogue military droids and unexploded munitions...

Life existed.

And the Force did its inscrutable work;


ISS Interrogator…

A once mighty, now fallen, Imperial II class Star Destroyer. Once an iconic symbol of the First Galactic Empire's economic dominance and military might, now it lay half buried in polluted, rad-saturated sand. At a distance, the metal monster looked like it could take off on a whim and wreak mayhem. Up close however, the Battleship/Carrier/Assault ship hybrid was a sorry sight; it's turbolasers, ion cannons, tractor beam emitters, deflector shield emitters and sensor devices (the ones not beneath the ship and likely crushed into useless tin scrap) had been ripped off by the decades of looters. The vessels colossal 1.6 kilometre long hull was covered in holes both from its final battle in space against the then newly-formed New Republic, joined by seams ruptured from the massive crash of the gigantic warship into the hot sand and hard stone, and smaller, more recent holes had been opened up by looters plasma cutting or blasting their way through airlock and escape pod hatches.


While she knew the vessel had been picked over countless times over the three decades since it fell during the battle of Jakku, the young human female scavenger known only as Rey expertly slunk through the ruined warship husk, braving the innumerable hazards of the derelict to seek technology and materials for her next meal.

The scavenger was dressed in her usual baggy, dusty, frayed around the edges desert gear (that didn't quite hide an athletic feminine form), filled with concealed daggers, lockpicks and electronic overrides. Her usual desert hood and goggles were down, showing an attractive, resolute set of defined features that humans and several other races considered desirable. With an expression flowing between determination and wonder her hazel eyes scanned the dusty, dead warship easily carrying an already full backpack and cumbersome quarterstaff.

Rey always felt… happy in these places. She felt… connected to something…. Or maybe being busy stopped her from feeling alone…

Walking along a dusty corridor, she realised someone had been here recently…

'I have a bad feeling about this…'

Were the last conscious thoughts she had before torpedoes of unimaginable pain blew her mind to pieces;

She couldn't even scream, her throat and tongue taken away as it felt like every micron of her body was hurled into a hypermatter reactor! Every cell in her skin, her blood, her bones, her organs, her brain... superheated- no, blaster fried to dust and scattered across time and space! All of her senses; sight, smell, taste, touch... shut off and focused on one thing only;

Extreme and unimaginable pain!

Until she blacked out, less than five seconds after the electric current overwhelmed her; she didn't feel herself hit the deck in a thump as the electroshock landmine she triggered did its job.

Minutes later, alerted by the Mandalorian trap they'd laid, several mismatched figures appeared and circled round her fallen form.

They were of the Kanjiklub interstellar criminal cartel…


Rey floated in semi-consciousness… she was lying on her side? On something hard, like a deck? She heard people talking… angry… about her?

"A human?! They breed like Womp rats in forests! They're everywhere! A Twi'Lek! Or Togruta! They, we could sell for real money!"

Rey felt hands over her body. She couldn't move, but she felt it.

"She's not even shapely! Sand rat is shaped like a squishy protocol droid!"

Distantly, Rey felt insulted by the remark before she fell back into deep unconsciousness...


In their cargo landspeeder, the Kanjiklub leader, Slezz, considered his options; they had made port on this ugly dustball to repair damage they'd suffered in a brawl with idiots from Crimson Dawn. While waiting for their ship to be fixed, they'd gone out to acquire 'merchandise' for one of their operations. As no one was stupid enough to poach in Jakku's murderous capital, which they were heading back to now.

The pickings were slim though, all they'd gotten was this unimpressive human girl, leading the aspiring criminal mastermind to adapt… modify his original plan…

They crossed the ten thousandth ugly sand dune-

'Damn, I'm sick of desert worlds!'

-and looked upon their destination; the Faded Glory, fallen Super Star Destroyer and unofficial capital of Jakku.

Faded Glory…

Originally known as the 'Eternal Glory' the Executor class Star Dreadnought, or "Super Star Destroyer" served as the flagship of the Imperial Remnant that gathered around Jakku for… who the hell knew what reason. It fell into the planets gravity field and being unable to operate in a planetary atmosphere due to it's colossal size it crashed and broke near in two on one of Jakku's expansive mountain ranges.

Due to its size and the promise of the huge arsenal the vessels cavernous bays carried, opportunistic criminal groups made a claim on the ship and it became the unofficial capital city of Jakku, a den of crime and corruption. Later, losers and deserters of the war between the New Republic and various Imperial Remnants would take refuge in the ship-turned city.

Prostitutes, drug-addicts, slicers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, rogue droids, slavers, war criminals, fugitives of all races made their home in, on and around the titanic fallen ship.

One of Slezz's goons had been here before. Following his directions they travelled through the deconsecrated ships city-sized interior via rail-jet and foot, finally arriving at one of the 19 kilometre long dreadnought's multiple medbays, each the size of a developed world hospital.

The head of this place, an unsettling Abednedo dubbed 'Doctor Dark' by his customers looked over the captured woman.

Doctor Dark had been a doctor on Cantonica before being caught doing several… 'unnecessary surgeries' on his patients. And several beings who were not his patients. He had fled to Jakku to avoid imprisonment or a possible death sentence for his many crimes, and frankly the slavers found the guy downright creepy. But he was the best at what he did.

"Not the most appealing catch ever." The tan coloured alien rumbled through dangling mouth tendrils and two fleshy nostrils.

"We need you to do some… upgrades…" One of the slavers grinned.

The alien looked at the slaver placidly (or what his species considered placid). "Tell me what you require, then we talk price."


Dim lighting (taken from a power grid supplied by hundreds of solar ionisation panels repurposed from TIE fighters) flickered on and off reflecting against stocks of chemicals, some translucent, some alarming colours like red and purple and obnoxiously bright green and orange stacked on jury-rigged shelving.

Throughout the dungeon-like place, disturbing hissing of repeatedly repaired, modded and rebuilt machinery of mismatching colours, ominously joined with alarming bubbling sounds within the cavernous room where an atrocious act was about to be carried out.

Stains of blood from several species spattered across the floor, dried against the deck plating.

In the center of the unsettling room, emitting the bubbling echoes, stood a large, modified Bacta tank with a single occupant within.

This one room originally held dozens of such Bacta tanks (small considering the ship originally carried 280,734 personnel), most had been looted or cannibalised.

Dr Dark shuffled around his lab, manipulating myriad controls as his 'patient' floated serenely within his specially modified Bacta tank. Her unappealing, flat face was partially obscured by a respirator Facemask, feeding her oxygen and other chemicals for the upcoming medical procedure. Otherwise, she was naked, the only things on her body were a shoulder harness holding her upright in the bubbling fluid.

Dr Dark glowered at his assistant droid, a rebuilt imperial R2-Unit. R2-Q10 was the prickly machine's designation.


"I know what they paid for!" He growled.

He pressed several buttons on a console (part of the original medbays design but… retrofitted).

"First we inject the subjects…"

He tried to remember what the word was for those ugly, chest-attached fleshy things species like humans and Twi'leks had.

"…mammary glands with the DNA mutagen to trigger dramatic physical changes including vast increase in mammary gland size and continual increased production of milk." 'As specified on contract.'

The disgraced doctor watched as thick, translucent cables were carried down from the tanks roof by disc shaped, small medical droids that scuttled down the tank sides on crustacean-like legs. The cables ended in shockingly large, syringe-like points. Obeying Dr Dark's pre-programmed instructions, they sought out then pressed the needles against, then into, both of the humans nipples atop the woman's modest breasts.

An alarming red liquid from large vials outside the tank, flowed from their containers into the tubes within the Bacta Tank. Via needles they entered the female scavengers body, flooding into her. Abednedo eyes watched in growing fascination as his female subject twitched in involuntary, unconscious discomfort, no doubt, her unconscious mind feeling her body being invaded and overfilled.

Her breasts began to expand. Visibly increasing in width, height and sheer volume. On a screen, medical scans showed beneath her stretching skin (aided by the Bacta fluid) her milk-producing body systems, were growing in size as well.

The female's breasts expanded, so swiftly and spectacularly that if she wasn't immersed within the regenerative and mutagenic properties of the Bacta Tank her strange pink skin would have ripped open, as would her milk glands beneath.


"-and then we inject semigel and growth mutagens into subjects buttocks because… some species find large, balloon-shaped buttocks attractive for some reason." He grumbled at the droid.

Droids outlined like misshapen discs, barely the size of one of Rey's hands, scuttled from the bottom of the tank, up the human's legs and seized hold of her flesh. They stabbed into her posterior with viciously large syringes where fangs on an animal would be.

Much like with her breasts, the human woman's buttocks began to expand, alarmingly, unnaturally. And fatally if not for her immersion.


He sighed, but didn't look away from the spectacular, if trifling operation taking place. "And we inject muscle and bone mutagens inside her hips and thighs and back to hold increased body weight."


Yet more droids continued their work through the night; drilling into her bones and injecting a cocktail of bone strenghteners into her legs, hips (subtly and slightly changing her skeletal shape), and even dangerously into her spinal column and shoulders.

About an hour in to the procedure, a manipulation of the harness holding her up was required. The device pulled Rey's back to press against the tank. Her breasts had become so large they had been pressing against the tank, they now floated up inside the liquid in what the doctor considered an absurd and grotesque spectacle.


"And the neurological alterations to human erogenous zones to make her more… responsive… or whatever…" He mumbled through chewing something he found lying in the back of his fridge. A painkiller of some kind?

His head slightly spinning (definitely/probably a painkiller), the Abednedo doctor pressed several more buttons, jumping as electrical surges flowed through the Bacta Tank to be absorbed by the strange devices on the scavenger girls shockingly enlarged mammaries and buttocks. He noted the supply of mutagenic chemicals being dripped into the subjects specific body parts.

'Maybe a bit much?' He couldn't remember with his head spinning.


Inside the tank, within the body of the human female, hours earlier;

A pressurised stream of mutagens entered through pierced nipples entering the human woman's lactiferous ducts. The chemicals penetrated cells of her mammary lobules, altering the young woman's DNA. As more and more of the foreign chemicals poured into her, her milk ducts expanded alarmingly. Bacta Tank cells had also infected Rey's skin causing unnaturally rapid cell growth as the epidermis covering her breasts was pressured by dangerous expansion undergoing beneath.

Inside her defiled breasts, the mammary lobules (whose function was to produce milk), had changed enough to commence rapid expansion, pushing outwards further pressuring the muscles and skin surrounding and causing visible unnatural breast growth.

Though her conscious mind didn't register them, alarms bleeped to signal unnaturally massive expansion of mammary lobules and lactiferous sinus (milk ducts) with all surrounding and supporting skin and muscles matching the growth spurt. The human spasmed in the tank despite being unconscious. Fortunate, given that the pain of this procedure was indescribable to those awake (as the doctor knew from experience).

As her breasts widened, pulling on the attached nipples, the Bacta cells forced them to grow in size, wider and proportionately longer, slightly pushing the attached tubes away, though they stayed attached, pumping yet more mutagenic growth chemicals into her changing body.

Inside her ass, a similar procedure took place; though simplified since the procedure here was to administer several injections of a sizeable amount of liquid into the humans backside, that would harden to a gel-like state, permanently enlarging the human girls backside. Mutagens surrounding the initial gel sites would trigger cell growth to further expanding the subjects glutes and thighs, resulting in a ridiculous shape in the Abednedo's eyes…


The next day...

Parsecs from the centers of power, wealth and influence, lacking so many of the things the 'civilised' galaxy needed to thrive, the world of Jakku was considered, nothing, nowhere. A mass graveyard of a failed imperial remnant, fools and broken relics of an era that would never come again.

The harsh sun rose on Jakku starting a whole new day that promised cruelty and harshness.

No one had ever thought anything of consequence would ever come out of Jakku, and no one noticed the latest horrible, seemingly random event, on a seemingly random, horrible planet, as the medically twisted, innocent young woman known as Rey, was cruelly hauled off by interstellar slavers.

The desert world native, Rey never saw her homeworlds harsh star, as the prisoners warped body was carried unconscious (and naked) to the Kanjiklub's ship, placed in the cargo hold and chained to a pipe.

Most in the galaxy and even that one planet, didn't know or care about the scavenger or life or name. But with this small, practically vagrant, now enslaved young scavenger from a world of dust and wreckage and criminals.

The ship took off from its makeshift landing pad atop the Faded Glory. The cruiser-sized Teroch-class Mandalorian cruiser looking like a fly against the massive Dreadnought-turned city, before it launched into the upper atmosphere, entered space, cleared the planets gravity well and entered hyperspace to points unknown…

Life continued.

And the Force did its inscrutable work…




Faded Glory; Originally known as the 'Eternal Glory' an Executor class Star Dreadnought, or "Super Star Destroyer" that served as the flagship of the Imperial Remnant that gathered around Jakku. I've always liked the Executor as one of the best 'big, scary, iconic bad guy ships' and wanted to emphasise its sheer size and complexity without reciting numbers like how many meters its length is so I turned it into a city. I was thinking of both canon Jakku starship graveyard and Roanapur from Black Lagoon when trying to describe the dreadnought/city.

Abednedo; Canon alien race.

Teroch Class Mandalorian cruiser; I first saw this on Fractal Sponge's website (check him out it's awesome), the ship is 399 meters in length and used in the Prequel/original trilogy era. The one the bandits used was captured by the Galactic Empire, sent to an Imperial scrapper yard to be disassembled, then hijacked by Kanjiklub.

Gravity wells; If anyone didn't catch it, I decided to go with the original canon (and legends and Rebels) lore that gravity DOES affect and impede jumping and travelling through hyperspace. There's a lot of 'new canon' lore I'm going to ignore.


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