In Charel's Hands

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The whistle blew to signal the end of P.E. class, and 16-year-old Kees Van Woude rushed to the Boys locker room to be the first to change. He wanted to get there before Charel, the athletic, blonde, blue-eyed deviant could corner him there along with his cronies. Kees nearly burst through the door and already had his white t-shirt off before he reached his locker. The dark-haired shy boy slipped out of the black pants they made the boys wear in the gym but was confounded when he opened his locker. His clothes and bookbag had vanished!

The other boys in his P.E. class poured through the door and began to change as they laughed, goofed around and chatted. The lockers in gym class didn't have locks on them, only the lockers in the hall did. Students were supposed to leave each other’s stuff alone during gym as an unwritten rule, but since when did high school boys play by adult rules? Kees redressed in his red sweater and skinny jeans and instantly searched the garbage cans in the locker room, wondering if Charel had dumped his stuff in there as he’d done on a few other occasions. All the garbage cans were basically clean.

Kees hurried into the showers to check there. The showers were in a U-shape hallway so people in the locker room couldn't watch others bathe. Sometimes students smoked cigarettes back there or cut class because no one ever went into the showers; there simply wasn't enough time after P.E. class to shower and get changed. Back in the deepest part of the shower, someone grabbed Kees pale neck and slammed him against the wall. Kees knew by his attacker's strength and boldness it was the boy he desired and feared-Charel.

Charel’s a tall, handsome, Dutch boy who had a deep almost devilish fixation with Kees, and he didn't know why. Kees had barely spoken two words to Charel before he started bullying him weeks ago. His favorite thing was to grab Kees cock through his pants and squeeze it. He was so strong, it would leave a painfully eroticized sting on Kees, sensitive cock for days. Charel shoved Kees against the shower wall and squeezed his crotch through his cotton pants.

"Looking for something Dorky Kees?" Charel growled in his ear as he grabbed Kees groin, making him gasp.

"What did you do with my clothes?" cried Kees attempting to maintain a defiant stance.

"Why, did something happen to your clothes? What about the clothes you have on?" Charel grabbed the waistband of Kees pants and briefs and yanked the nerd’s bottoms down hard, tearing them and leaving him bare ass in the shower where thankfully no one could see. Charel liked to pull Kees underwear down in the locker room and make everyone see his black bush and flaccid dick. The jock pushed his long, powerful fingers up Kees asshole, making the boy wince through clenched teeth.

"Please, noooo stop," whined Kees as Charel fingered his tight and sacred little asshole. Charel shoved his two fingers up Kees ass as deep as they would go and began to play with it. Pre-cum dribbled out of Kees cock head as he gasped. Charel laughed as he saw the pre-cum dripping onto the shower floor. Then she pulled his fingers out of Kees asshole and shoved them around his wet cock. Charel was so aggressive as he violently fingered him and forced the class geek to get aroused.

"Why you wet, huh Kees? You like boys? You like when boys touch your dick?" Charel goaded him as he force-fingered him from behind. Kees panted and gasped as Charel fucked his vulnerable, virgin ass. Charel spun him around and slammed him against the wall again. Kees hand moved through Charel's impressive bush and touched his warm hardened meat. Charel was face to face with his prey, towering inches above him, looking down. He was so alluring and intimidating, like a Nordic god with his golden hair shining in the sun.

"You like when boys play with your cock?" said Charel as he continued to fuck him. Kees winced and shook his head feebly. Charel planted his mouth on Kees and forced his tongue inside. Kees cried and moaned into the bully’s open mouth as Charel fucked him in the shower.

"Get on your knees, bitch," said Charel after he stopped kissing him. For a moment Kees hesitated in disbelief, so Charel punched him in the stomach with a vicious thrust, making Kees gasp over and over as he tried to regain his composure.

"Knees, now!" Charel barked, forcing Kees to his knees. Then Charel slid down his pants and briefs to reveal a huge cock so much bigger than Kees.

"Suck my cock, you little creep." Charel thrust his manhood towards Kees who nearly flinched away.

"Suck my cock, or I'll beat your fucking ass!" seethed Charel as he grabbed a fistful of black hair and shoved Kees mouth onto his sweaty penis. Kees cried and tried to resist, but Charel was much stronger than him.

"If you don't suck my cock, I'm going to fuck you up for real," growled Charel as he tightened his grip in Kees hair. Kees composed himself enough to lap at Charel's mushroom tip, finding the head of the bully’s cock with the tip of his tongue. Surprisingly, he started to like the taste of it. Charel was sweaty from exercising outdoors, and his penis tasted like spicy chips.

"You're all mine now. Open your mouth!"

Kees obeyed like a loyal bitch and opened his mouth. Charel lifted his cock up to reveal the bright pink head that contrasted with his white hips and dark pubes. Kees kept his mouth open as a stream of warm cum fired into it. Charel came in his mouth and made a little toilet out of the shy bookish boy. He was too captivated and scared to move and swallowed Charel's cum out of fear he’d be beaten if he didn't. Charel continued for some time, releasing cum on Kees face and hair, soaking it in. Kees could feel his sense of self breaking like a glass window.

"Take your clothes off."

Kees was more passive and compliant after drinking Charel's sperm. He removed the rest of his clothing and stood naked in the showers with his hands at his side. Charel stared at his body with a wolfish grin, biting his lip.

"Fuck, you're cute for a scrawny geek," he said, grabbing a big handful of Kees balls. The arrogant heartthrob kneaded his fine, silky smooth testicles like dough and let them swing into place.

"Now walk, my little bitch." Charel planted a nasty slap on his small butt that stung afterwards. Kees yipped and slowly marched to the locker room. To his surprise, the other boys had left, and they were all alone now.

"Lay on the bench."

Kees laid on the tiny bench between the rows of lockers. He was completely naked, and Charel had complete control over him-as he often fantasized. Charel took his iPhone out of his locker and took a picture of his naked body.

"Putting this on a sweet porn site," he said as he tapped the screen. Kees heart raced out of exhilarating fear.

"Now you're going to be a good little bitch and eat my ass out." Charel slid off his pants to reveal a full, stunning butt that almost looked like it had tan lines. He squatted over Kees face and sat on his like a seat cushion. Kees stuck his tongue out and found the folds of Charel's asshole.

"Eat, sweet bitch!" Charel shouted as he turned and slapped Kees bare ass hard. Kees tongued at his asshole like a good slave, planting kisses and pushing his tongue deeper into it.

"Fuck, good and deep man! Fuck my ass with your tongue." Charel leaned back and stroked his cock as Kees ate his butt. Kees ceased to exist as a living person in those moments. He only lived to belong to Charel’s whim. Charel had broken him down and enticed him until he had little to no self-esteem left. The taunting and humiliation had all led to this. He was an introverted closeted nerd being controlled by a strong, dominant blonde god. Charel had given him what he craved, and now he felt cherished and desired.

"Ohhhh, fuck, keep going," moaned Charel as he worked harder towards a fresh orgasm. Kees did what he could, fucking Charel's asshole with his little, pink tongue, until Charel cried out. Afterwards, Charel collapsed to the floor and pulled Kees in to spoon him.

"You're my boyfriend now. You got that?" said Charel as she gently groped the adorable nerd again.

"I'm your boyfriend," Kees managed to mutter out with Charel's hand wrapped around his cock while another ran up to his throat.

"Good boy." Charel kissed the side of his head and pulled his arms around his skinny, dirty nerd.


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