Full Moon Out Tonight

BY : WritingDude
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“You guard the fort, Mr. Weenie,” Bobbie said as she placed the dachshund in the RV, “Mama’s gonna take a dip.”

After Bobbie closed the door, Mr. Weenie commented, “That’s good. Mama’s getting kind of gamey.”

“Come on, Bob,” she said to her husband, “There’s gonna be a full moon out tonight.”

Eagerly, Bob followed his plump wife to the lake before they stopped at the shore. Once there, Bobbie pulled her shirt off before pulling her pants down. As she bent over, Bob made a heart shape with his hands and looked at his wife’s ass through them. Bobbie undid her bra while Bob unbuttoned his shirt before pulling his pants down. Now with both of them completely naked, Bobbie dipped her toes in the water and gleefully quivered.

“The water’s cold tonight, Bob,” Bobbie commented.

Bob took his glasses off and replaced them with goggles before running towards the water and cannonballing into it. Bobbie shuddered and giggled as a splash of water covered her body. Bob then held a thumbs up as he popped up to the surface.

“If you say so, Bob,” Bobbie said as she slowly entered the water.

Bobbie then dived in head first into the water and swam about before coming up for air. She brushed her wet hair off her face before looking down at the lake bottom.

“Hey Bob,” she said, “I think I see something shiny.”

As Bobbie bent down, Bob smiled greatly as he gazed at his wife’s plump ass. He slowly swam up to her with only his head being above the water. As he approached her, he slowly raised his hands up high before clamping them on her asscheeks. Bobbie shot up out of the water and yipped in surprise before chuckling.

“Oh Bob,” she said, playfully, “You little scamp.”

Bob smirked and bounced his eyebrows before burying his face in Bobbie’s ass, much to her enjoyment. Bob smeared his tongue on his wife’s anus, making her giggle as his mustache brushed against it. As Bobbie moaned blissfully, she bent down placing her hands on her knees whilst keeping her head above the water.

“Enough teasing, Bob,” she said with a smile, “Let me have it.”

Bob cracked his knuckles before grabbing his rock hard cock and pressing it against Bobbie’s asswhole. He then slowly shoved it inside her, making her moan loud and proud. 

“Oh Bob,” she cooed.

The strong silent husband then began thrusting his pelvis at a steady pace. The sounds of the water smacking against their bodies were overpowered by Bobbie’s gleeful moans. 

“Oh yes!” she moaned, “Oh yes, Bob!”

Bob spanked his wife’s left asscheek, making her yelp with joy.

“Hit me harder, Bob! I’ve been a BAD girl!”

Bob then smacked her left asscheek with even more force, causing her to yelp louder with excitement. 

“Give more of that meat, Bob!”

Bob fucked his wife harder, making her moan louder. The water smashed against their bodies as Bob continued to fuck her in the ass. Bobbie’s heart then began to race as did her husband’s. His cock began to expand as he was ready to blow his load deep inside her. 

“DON’T STOP BOB!!” she yelled, “I’M GONNA BUST A NUT!!!”

Bob then pushed his cock deep into her ass as he shot his load deep inside her. All the while she bellowed out in ecstasy as her knees shuddered. Bob rubbed the sweat from his forehead with his arm as Bobbie took deep breathes.

“Oh Bob,” she said, drearily, “That was...amazing.”

Bobbie then fell forward into the water before Bob dove in to grab her. He carried her to the shore and placed her down gently before covering them both in a big blanket. He then kissed her on the cheek and slept by her side for the rest of the night.

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