A Brother's Love

BY : Ganymede1135
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"Hey Brandon, have you seen my camera?"

The blue-eyed brunette 16-year-old didn't even look in the direction the voice came while lifting weights as his 12-year-old brother Mikey walked into his bedroom.

"Yeah, but I’m not telling ya where it is," the muscular teen said as he put the weights down on the floor and pushed his body upright sporting a smug grin.

"Come on, I just need it for like half an hour," Mikey said. "Mom and Dad won't-don’t gotta know."

"Your ass nearly fell in the fire last time you took it out, I think they'd notice something like that."

Mikey pouted as he sat down heavily on his brother’s bed, purposefully coming into Brandon’s line of sight.

"Hey, that was an accident, it's not like it would happen again," the boy said in a ditch attempt to validate his deed.

"It doesn't matter, you're gonna follow the rules this weekend whether you want to or not."

While he rarely showed it, Brandon loved being the older brother to Mikey. Though in some areas he wasn't much the wiser, and the two often got themselves into jams they oftentimes had to get the other out of, but Brandon had developed into the more responsible Walsh son. Mikey was way more impulsive and generally rebellious; two months since they’d discovered One-Eye Willy’s lost treasure and Mikey already been grounded for getting caught smoking. It was a good thing Brandon could get the spitfire twerp to listen to him sometimes or who knows what kind of trouble he'd get in to. To be fair Mikey could mostly take care of himself and when he did something stupid he usually learned from it.

This Friday was the start of another weekend in Astoria where Brandon would have to try keeping him on leash, so to speak. Their parents would be gone until Sunday and Brandon, rarely, really didn't want them to think they couldn't be left on their own for a couple days.

"It's always rules with you," Mikey said. "You never want to have any fun."

"But when I do want to do something I don’t have to worry about getting busted," Brandon countered.

Mikey could see that he wasn't getting anywhere with his brother and abruptly changed tactics.

"You still like Andy right?" he asked, referring to one of their girlfriends friends who Brandon did indeed have a crush on.

"I never admitted to that," Brandon said warily wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his left hand.

"Whatever. I'm just saying that I wanted to call her up so she could come over for a while. You'd like having her around, wouldn't you?"

Brandon stayed silent since he actually did kind of like it when Andy hung around them. He could’ve sworn even before their epic adventure she was at least a little interested in him too, even though at the time it might have been wishful thinking.

"You could always try asking her out while she's here," Mikey added.

"Okay, now I know you're making things up 'cause you're constantly telling me how chicken I am with girls. And you know I wouldn't even do that anyway."

"Well it'd be kind of weird if you hooked up with someone I kissed." Mikey shrugged. "I just think it might be worth a try in this case. She'd probably say yes if you asked her."

That made the teen hesitate as his palms grew clammy. Brandon didn't think Mikey was lying which meant that he might have a chance with Andy.  His brain vainly trying to convince himself he wasn't desperate, not exactly, but Brandon wasn't rolling in girls either.

"You mean that?" Brandon asked.

"Of course I do. She probably would’ve said something to you already if she thought I'd be cool with it."

Mikey knew he had his brother now, Brandon could tell by that look of triumph that the boy could never felt ashamed to hide from him. Partly just because the elder had seen it so often.

"Fine," Brandon said, giving in to inevitability if not defeat. "But I'm calling the shots and you're not arguing that one."

Mikey leaped off Brandon’s bed and wrapped his arms around him in a surprise pho-wrestling match.

"See, you're the best brother ever. What are we waiting for, can we go right now?"

"Give me a couple minutes, Jesus."

Mikey practically bounced out of the room as Brandon leaned back and sighed. Now he'd have to be even more on his toes to make sure nothing went wrong, or he'd be getting rightfully blamed as an active participant. Still, there was a chance that it could turn out to be worth the trouble.


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