Forbidden Love

BY : NightLover145
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Deloris van Cartier couldn't help but to press a steaming kiss to her younger lover's lips as the woman was biting on her lips with her teeth. "Leave the biting to me, honey." She spoke softly to Sister Mary Robert. She moaned as she wasn't expecting Deloris to tease her with her words. Deloris gave her a small smirk as she crawled on top of Sister Mary Robert. She's mine. She thought as she still couldn't believe it. Sister Mary Robert had given herself up to Deloris and now, Deloris had Sister Mary Robert right where she wanted her. "Princess," she whispered in the woman's ear as she jolted because of the nickname. Deloris nipped at her lover's soft skin, leaving love bites all over the younger woman's body. 

Deloris couldn't believe that she was marking Sister Mary Robert hers as she bit and sucked on her neck. The moaning woman refused to fight the woman giving her a hickey and so, Deloris kept her in her tight grip. She loved the sounds that the young woman was making just for her. I can't believe that it took me forever to figure out why the hell I wanted her in my arms. Deloris couldn't believe it as she shook her head at how silly she was. Of course, she was in love. She just couldn't figure out with who and now, she had her answer. Sister Mary Robert was the innocent woman that Deloris always to protect from harm, but she had always ignored her own feelings for the young nun until she had admitted it to Deloris that she was feeling something for the fake nun. 

It was very obvious to Deloris that Sister Mary Robert had been kicked out of the convent for expressing love for the same gender, but she didn't care as she took Sister Mary Robert into another large kiss as she kissed the young woman's misery away as she confessed to her. 

For some reason, the heat was getting to both of the women that were kissing each other. Deloris doesn't even remember who was naked first, all she knew was a steaming hot kiss that both she and Sister Mary Robert was particupating in. "Princess." She mumbled the nickmane to the former nun once again and the former nun felt sparks run up her spine as she couldn't how good Deloris was. She's so good at this! She thought as Deloris had driven her into another orgasm that she had to ride out on Deloris's body. She knew about Deloris's first lover, Vince, but she was sure that he couldn't have taught Deloris how to drive her insane. 

She moaned out Deloris's name as Deloris claimed the woman that she loved. "I love you, Deloris!" She screamed out for Deloris and Deloris smirked at her lover.

"I love you too." She spoke gently to the woman that had just rode out her last orgasm for the moment. 

"How are you so good at this?" She asked Deloris. Deloris smiled at her lover and she placed her hand on her thigh. 

"Instincts, I guess." She answered the former nun. "When did she um..." Deloris trailed off when she remembered that her former nun girlfriend was just kicked out of the convent. 

"She would have kicked me in public if it wasn't for the fact that she knew that I love you." She answered Deloris and she kissed the pink lips that was presented to her. 

"To save face, she let you go quietly." Deloris guessed. The former shrugged her shoulders, not knowing the answer, but not caring at the moment. She had who she wanted beside her and she knew that Deloris would stay forever. 

Deloris was happy with her girlfriend being with her together forever. 

This is just a small one-shot to get back into the style of writing. This is a small story for Deloris/Sister Mary Clarence x Sister Mary Robert. No flames, but I will take constructive crictism, since I wrote this on a whim when I shoud have been sleeping. 

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