Jabba’s Treat

BY : AngelFoxboi
Category: Star Wars (All) > Slash - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, nor the characters from it. I make no money off of writing this story.

Drake Shadren had been serving Jabba the Hutt ever since he could remember. He couldn't complain, because compared to the other slaves, he was treated quite well. One night he was summoned to The slugs private quarters to deliver some eels for Jabba to eat. a gommerrean guard grunted as he opened the door for Drake to enter. Drake was somewhat surprised to find Jabba alone, even more so when the door behind him shut with a thud. Drake gazed at the Hutt's vibrant orange eyes, which were locked in a stare upon him. "I-I brought you the eels Lord Jabba." The giant slug smiled and beckoned Drake over. "M-me Jabba?" Asked Drake. "There is no one else in the room boy." the Hutt replied. "Come forward. I want to get a good look at you." Drake promptly obeyed. He stood in front of Jabba, somewhat confused. The Hutt then gestured at his shorts, which is the only thing young Drake happened to be wearing besides the underwear beneath. "Take them off." The Hutt growled. Drake blushed but obeyed, pulling the shorts down until they tounched the floor, then picking them up and setting them down by his feet. The slug then grinned a grin that Drake instantly knew was a grin of lust. "take that off too" Jabba softly purred. "J-Jabba.... I'm not sure I unde-" "Isn't it obvious young Drake? I want to have sex with you." Drake blushed intensely at this. He had never had sex before in his life. He began to feel slightly uneasy at the thought. "But Lord Jabba.. I'm a bit nervous..." The Hutt chuckled "You shouldn't be nervous about having sex. It feels amazing! come here and let me show you.." Drake obeyed and walked closer to the Hutt until he was only 1 foot away. The slug then extended his arm and pulled Drake in so that his bulbous slug-like body was touching Drake's small and lithe body. The skin of Jabba felt warm and soft against him. Jabba's warm breath wafted against Drake's face. Jabba licked his lips and then pulled Drake's cheek in so that it touched Jabba's wet, slobbery mouth. "O-oh Jabba!" Drake gasped as He felt the big soft, warm, and slippery texture of Jabba's huge tongue brush against his cheek. Drake turned his head and Jabba used this opportunity to push his tongue into Drake's open mouth, kissing and licking inside as Drake's own tongue was softly lolled around by Jabba's. Once they parted lips Jabba tore off Drake's underwear. Drake blushed as he knew that his penis was now exposed. Jabba again licked his lips and then spoke "Lay down next to me." Drake again obeyed. Jabba then oozed his slug body lower and manuvered until his face was right next to Drake's penis. "Here comes the best feeling you will ever experience" Jabba chuckled before he grabbed Drake's penis and let his giant tongue loll out and slick and slide along Drake's dick. Jabba was right! This felt incredible! Jabba's tongue carressed and licked all around Drake's quivering shaft. Cradling it in a soft, wet embrace. As Jabba's tongue swirled around Drakes penis, Drake breathed heavier and heavier as his penis throbbed more than ever with each touch of the giant slug's tongue. By the time Jabba began sucking on his dick, Drake could barely contain his overwhelming pleasure. As Drake moaned with his dick being sucked and squeezed inside Jabba's maw, he felt a feeling of intense euphoria as cum spurted into Jabba's mouth. Jabba continued to slither his tongue along the dick until every last drop of semen was swallowed by him. Drake panted as Jabba slithered next to Drake and cradled him in his warm and moist arms as he drifted off to sleep.

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