Luke's Final Gift

BY : Kirajenlove
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Rey was preparing for bed on her second night on Ahch-To. Her spartan hut had only the basics, and a very uncomfortable bed. But she was used to sleeping in such conditions - she lived in an AT-AT, after all. A small fire was burning in the hearth in the middle of the hut. It would keep her warm at least until morning.
Soon, a knock and a voice could be heard at her door. The only other human on the island, of course, the venerable Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. She had been thinking about him a lot lately. How lonely he must be out here on this island, in a lonely ocean, on a lonely planet. Not even the Lanais seemed to be much company. They kept to their own kind.
"Come in."
Luke opened the door to the small hut, entered and looked around, allowing his eyes to adjust to the light of the campfire.
"Rey, I'm retiring for the night. Do you need anything?"
After some thought, she asked, "Can we talk?"
Luke nodded his head and came into the hut, closing the flap behind him. He took a seat on a nearby stone bench.
"What would you like to talk about?"
"I'd like to get to know you a little better. Can I ask you some questions? Some personal questions?"
"It depends how personal," he said, giving her a raised eyebrow.
Rey had studied Luke's facial features and expressions ever since she arrived on the island. She could see that yes, he had many wrinkles and moles, his cheeks were sunken and weather-worn, his hair was greasy and tangled, there were the remnants of old scars on his cheek given by some wild animal long ago, an obviously missing right hand, and he had put on a little weight, but she could see into his eyes - those beautiful blue eyes that still caught the sun just right to make them translucent at a certain angle - and during her first lesson when he raised his eyebrows at her after she made her first mistake - she could see the face and humor of a younger man hidden under all that. The eyes never change, someone had once told her. She imagined that in his youth he must have been quite good-looking. A man who was much less cynical and bitter than the one standing in front of her. This was a man who had been through a great deal of pain.
"Luke, how long have you been here?"
"15 years."
His answer struck her like lightning. She couldn't imagine living on this rock for a month, let alone for 15 years. She imagined that this would cause any ordinary man to go certifiably insane. But Luke was no ordinary man.
"Forgive me for being impertinent, but before that time, did you ever have a wife or a girlfriend?"
Luke was taken aback. That was a strange question for a student to ask her Master...
"It is forbidden for the Jedi to have relationships." He had turned his eyes downward, not wanting to make eye contact with her. "Rey, I know where you're going with this, and this is not an appropriate question for a student to ask her teacher."
"But you're not teaching me, remember?"
Luke looked surprised. Well, she had a point...
"Luke, I have lived alone my whole life. You have been alone all your life even when you were surrounded by people. You and I are here, now. We are alone. I know relationships are forbidden to the Jedi, but I'm not looking for a relationship."
She came over and sat down next to him on the bench, placing her right hand on the flesh of his left hand. "I just want to relieve our loneliness."
Luke felt a great temptation rush through him. She was a very beautiful girl...the setting was just right. They were all alone. No one would ever have to know....but...but...
"You don't want me," he said. "I'm old, and you're..." he looked her up and down, "...a beautiful young woman."
"I don't care about that," she said. "You're still a man, aren't you? You still have the needs of a man?"
"Yes, but..."
She knew that what she was about to do would be the point of no return. If he rejected her, she would have to leave the island to save face, and her mission would fail. But if he didn't...
She leaned over and gently touched her lips to his, lingering a few seconds to prolong the feeling. His lower lip was surprisingly soft. She felt the tickle of hair from his upper lip.
Luke couldn't remember the last time he had kissed a woman. Was it Leia? Although he secretly admitted to himself that he enjoyed that kiss, he shuddered to think it had been his own sister...but this young, beautiful woman kissing him now was definitely not his sister...definitely NOT...
"No one must know," he whispered. 'This is only between you and I."
"My lips..." she brushed her lips against his again, "...are sealed."
Luke reached up with his flesh hand to caress her cheek as he reached in for another kiss. She melted into it. He could feel his arousal stirring. There was no going back now. He slid his gloved hand slowly down her back until they reached her smooth, round rump. He gave it a gentle squeeze. She moaned lightly.
Luke shrugged off his weatherproof overcoat. She paused to shed her vest. She began to shed the remainder of her clothes, when Luke stopped her.
"Wait," he said. "I want to do this another way."
He gestured for her to stand up, then placed both hands on her hips, then gently turned her around.
She obediently sank to her knees, facing away from him. He joined her, kneeling on the floor behind her.
He flipped up the edge of her tunic, then pulled down her grey leggings, exposing most of her ass, and her panties that he noticed were now quite wet. With his flesh hand, he stroked her through her panties, eliciting a sharp gasp from her. He kept stroking her through the thin fabric, making her squirm and moan.
He hooked two fingers around either side of her panties at the waist and slowly pulled them down, exposing her pink flesh underneath, untouched by any man, and wet with arousal. Her breathing had increased.
He stroked her folds with his flesh hand, paying particular attention to her hard little nub. She gasped again with each stroke. When she was thoroughly wet, he inserted a finger, then two, moving them in and out. She yelped and moaned. She was swollen and ready.
He reached forward and gently pushed her head down.
"Don't look," he said. "Just feel."
She obediently kept her head down, wondering what he was planning next. She heard the rustle of his clothing as he still kept one hand on the back of her neck, pushing down. She could feel his proximity to her rear end.
Then she felt something warm and smooth come into contact with her entrance. He slid it up and down the opening a few times, and across the sensitive nub. The sensation drove her crazy.
He pushed it in, but it only went an inch or two before meeting resistance. He paused.
"You're a virgin," he stated. "You know, you really should save it for -"
"Break it," she said. "I only want you to take it."
He shrugged, then a second later she felt herself being completely filled, then momentary pain, which passed, but the feeling of being filled did not go away, in fact it was almost overwhelming. It took a few seconds to adjust.
Luke closed his eyes. Oh, stars, she is so tight, he thought to himself. After giving her a few seconds to adjust, he began rhythmically thrusting into her. He buried himself all the way to the hilt. She moaned so loudly he thought for sure the Lanais would hear - but he knew they wouldn't. They were down in their village at the water's edge.
Rey was gasping, trying to collect her breath, but all she could feel was the overwhelming sense of being filled, and the friction and the pleasure it produced was exquisite. All she could do was hang on for dear life and try not to scream, but she couldn't help but moan and whimper. She could feel him slamming into her even harder and faster now; it was becoming more urgent, and she could hear his breathing quickening. She was going to give the poor guy a heart attack at this rate.
Luke moaned as his seed filled up her insides, the cream leaking out between their bodies. But Luke wasn't finished yet. He was still hard as a rock, and continued thrusting, even harder than before. Rey braced herself against the floor. She knew that muscle failure was imminent. With her rear end coated in the sticky white cum, she could now hear the smack-smack-smack of his thrusting against an already-wet surface, and she could feel something round and soft constantly and gently beating her sensitive nub with every thrust.
His thrusts became faster and harder, as he finally moaned AAAUUUGGGH and thrust deep into her womb a few last times, completely saturating her insides. If she had been ovulating (and she wasn't totally sure that she wasn't), he definitely would have impregnated her. He gave her enough of his seed to fill a sarlacc.
His breathing finally slowed, and he removed himself from her, returning his member to its place inside his clothing. Then he gently pulled her panties back up - which would now be glued in place thanks to him...which she found strangely erotic.
"Take my babies," he whispered. "It's the last gift this body can give you."
He slid his live hand across her rump and gave it a light slap before standing up and turning to leave her hut.
"Thank you," she whispered.
"Take care of the baby," he said as he was leaving. "Give him lots of love. Don't abandon him. Find a good man to help you raise him. That Finn, he's a keeper." He winked at her, and was gone.
A smile crept across her face as Rey placed a hand on her lower abdomen. Oh, I hope so, she thought to herself.

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