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Somehow miraculously she had fallen asleep. The cramps in her muscles from being confined to such a small space eventually faded into her subconscious as exhaustion took over. She was curled up in a near fetal position, head resting against the crook of her elbow. It was sometime around midnight that she awoke to the sound of a door being unlocked. She jolted awake only to absentmindedly hit her head against the top of the metal bars. She could hear him let out a brief snort of laughter, dread began to form at the pit of her stomach. There was a metallic taste in her mouth. She could smell the dried sweat and grass on her skin. 

She managed to pry her eyes open, dried tears caking her lashes together. She rubbed at her eyes blinking few times. She could make out his silhouette in front of the dim light in the hall. He leaned against the door frame arms folded across his chest, just watching her.. He continued to watch her for what seemed like an eternity before he began to walk towards her cage, she instinctively jolted back causing the bars to rattle.

“ Shhh…” He cooed, as he stopped in front of her kneeling down in front of the kennel.

 “ Don’t go banging your head against anything else, you’re apparently already dumb enough…”

He stood and began pacing his way across the room. Her eyes focused on his the black dress shoes he wore, the deliberate clack of his heel against the hard wooden floor. He had apparently long since changed out of the officer’s uniform, he was clad in jeans now. Her heart was thumping wildly within her rib cage, each beat causing her hands to shake. She knew why he was here.

 “ I just wanna know… what did you think was gonna happen…. there’s not another house around here for miles…” 

She tried desperately to steady her shallow breath, as she grew lightheaded, a panic attack was surely it's the way. He paused directly behind her. There was silence before he sighed, before continuing making his rounds around her place on the floor.

 “ I thought  we were making progress here… I tried to make you comfortable.. I tried to …please you…”

She felt her stomach lurch at the last statement

 “no no no…”  she chanted squeezing her legs together. 

“You see, Luke wants me to kill you… you know that right?”

God I wish you would

“I told him .. no.. I cant do that.. I like you..”

She began visibly shaking now, images from the night before flashing through her mind. 

“ I like you more than the other girl.. Whats her name? Nancy…? “ 

He’s silent for a moment, and she’s trembling, fighting the urge to gag, bile and air rising in her throat.

He knelt down in front of her now “Shhh… It’s okay…. Im gonna let you out of here. I know this cant be too comfortable.”

Maybe if she could reason with him…

“Abraham.. please..” She started

“Shut up…. “ he growled, giving a swift kick to the cage. He began rifiling through his pocket, pulling out a set of keys. 

He unlocks the kennel reaching in and placing a firm hold at the nape of her collar, taking a good chunk of hair with it.

 “ Now here is whats going to happen… Im going to unlock the cage and you’re not going to run.”

He draws her our completely. She stumbles, forward the pins and needles in her legs rendering her almost immobile. She struggles to stand. He switches hands, one grasping her firmly around the waist, the other buried in her hair, keeping her close, he murmurs against her temple as they exit the room.

 “You’re not going to make a sound to wake up mama… We’re gonna keep walking until we get to my room. Im going to lock the door. And you’re going to to everything that I tell you to do. Do you understand?”

They’re already halfway up the hall now, and she nods choking back a sob. 

The tears were streaming down her face now. Fully aware of the pain in her muscles, the ache in the pit of her stomach. The sore spot in the top of her shoulder where Luke cracked her with the baton earlier. Despite all that she could feel the dampness between her legs, the dull ache deep from within. She hated herself, almost as much as she hated him. 

They entered his room and he shoved her back onto the bed, quickly locking the door behind him.

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